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Chapter 42: Asura (6)

TL: Yoni

Edited: Yoni, Myoni

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Muyoung opened his eyes.

Since he already had his eyes opened, it was misleading but he had awakened to observe the six worlds of the Devils.


A message appeared one step behind.

However, Muyoung already knew. No, he realized.

If he learned this skill, one of his chances of learning a skill from the Sky Library and the Talisman of Asura would be lost but even if the cost was multiple times that, it would be insignificant in front of the ‘Six Paths’!

He was captivated by Six Path’s unlimited potential.

If he could just fully manipulate the six worlds, he could reign as the true king of the Devils.

He didn’t know this when he earned the Death Lord class.

While using the skill, he thought of its usefulness and his thoughts had become more positive towards it.

However… the Six Paths was different.

He couldn’t waste this enlightenment.

Like dust floating in the air, he was unsure when he would be enlightened or if it had come and left.

However, Muyoung was confident right now.

He didn’t know what this enlightenment really was but he knew it was very beneficial and that he must grab hold of it.

It was close to an instinctive desire for strength.

‘I will learn it.’

Muyoung looked straight into Asura’s eyes.


He was a figure who was recognized as the bad or the good god depending on the origin.

There was a story that once a person collected the Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism, Buddha will descend.

It was a classified information that only the Five Great Clans knew about and they believed that that the descent of Buddha will be the only way to get rid of all the 72 Demon Gods and save the world.

‘Was it joking with me?’

Muyoung’s eyebrows slightly went up.

‘What do you want, Asura.’

Muyoung tried to understand Asura’s motives with his deep gaze.

He didn’t just give it to anyone.

He meant that he would provide enlightenment if one fulfilled a specific condition.

Asura’s six eyes started to shine all at once.
― Kill ‘Sakra’s Vassal’!

― Then I will prove how I’m superior.
A voice ringed inside his ears.

His massive existence also sounded out.

Muyoung smiled.

Sakra was a god who protected the Buddha’s teachings and also called the god of dance, ‘Indra’.

Muyoung didn’t study a lot about Buddhism but he knew that the word ‘Asurajang[1]’ originated from the fight with Asura and Sakra.

However, from what Muyoung remembered, Asura had never won against Sakra.

Did he want to win by even using a substitute to fight for him?

Sakra was the owner of the Deva, the first character of Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism[2].

Also, they were both converted into gods under Buddha.


‘Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism…’


There was a high chance that the vassal would have something similar to the ‘Talisman of Deva’, as he was the first of the Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism.

He thought it was going to be simple but it wasn’t a simple reward.

It was one of the stories that were essential to the creation of this world.

He could say that he was following the right path.

“Is there a way to know who Sakra’s Vassal is?”

Muyoung spoke with a voice filled with curiosity.

It seemed like Asura himself had descended onto his statue.

And if he could figure out who Sakra’s Vassal was, it would allow him to be a step closer in collecting all Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism.

He was able to get closer to the reason why the Five Great Clans were so secretive about it.


― You will naturally know when you meet him.

― When you become my vassal it is your destiny to bump into each other!

― I will prove that I’m most superior among the eight Deva.


He couldn’t tell who the vassal was.

But, from how Asura spoke, it seemed like the vassal was already in the Underworld.

The owner of the heavens.

If it was someone Sakra had personally selected, that person wouldn’t be ordinary.

It had to be someone who was in or close to the top 10 humans, or… one of the strong who wasn’t known yet.

Since the Underworld was large that there was a still a possibility that there was someone strong who wasn’t well-known.

As of now, Muyoung couldn’t do anything.

Muyoung’s fighting strength was completely different than that of a beginner’s but there was still a large gap compared to the people who have established themselves in the Underworld for 50 years.

At most, 10 years of fighting experience.

It was an extraordinary development because it had only been less than 2 months since he had returned but this was only when he gave it his all including all his undead.

He did massacre the 5,000 harpies but that was only because harpies weren’t powerful monsters.

And there was a significant amount that died in the confusion as they cut through each other’s wings to kill each other.

In short, they destroyed themselves.

Either way, even if it was like this, Muyoung alone fell short by 10 years.

From the start, if a person survived 10 years of the Underworld, it meant that the person had that much skill.

Even if a person could live safely around the city, the variables of the Underworld could not be ignored.

Even if Muyoung said ‘at most’ they were not opponents to be taken lightly of.

They could only adapt to all sorts of circumstances, unlike the rising stars who grew up protected.

Since Muyoung’s irregular attacks didn’t really work on them, it was hard to say anything above that.

But, it was still okay.

Asura never gave him a deadline.

It meant that he just needed to complete the condition someday.

Muyoung slowly opened his mouth.

“I will kill Sakra’s Vassal for you.’

That was enough.

He wanted to ask him in detail but Asura’s eyes slowly lost their light.

He felt like he needed to reply before the light disappeared.

He wasn’t too sad.

It was enough that he grabbed hold of a hint on collecting all the Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism.


Right after Muyoung replied, a strong gust of wind blew.

Asura’s hand was holding Muyoung’s body tightly.



All kinds of malice and screams stirred up his soul.

Muyoung’s vision was blocked and his eyes turned black.


An image intense as lightning.


Inside that image, there was a world.

Only crazy Devils existed on Asura’s path!

The moment he glanced it, Muyoung lost conscious.



“…ister, Mister!”


Someone was violently slapping Muyoung’s cheeks.

Muyoung opened his eyes.

He saw a lot of clocks and Suzy’s relieved face.

“Whew, I thought you were dead.”

Muyoung lifted his body.

“Where are we?”

It was different from what he saw after he completed the high ranked room and was about to enter the Room of 8 Ghosts.

This was a different place as no dead harpies were lying on the floor.

As Muyoung asked, Suzy thought for a moment and spoke.

“Umm… It said this was the top ranked room. All of a sudden the room changed and it became like this.”

The room itself had changed?

It seemed like the high ranked room had moved to the top room right away.

However, no trial was given.

The surroundings were silent and Suzy was already holding a book.

‘Lineage of Light’.

Muyoung thought he heard it before.

He couldn’t remember the exact details but he thought he caught a glimpse of that name among the top ranked skills.

And before Muyoung knew, a book was placed on top of his body.

‘…Eye of the Sky!’

He didn’t even choose it yet but how was it already found?

He didn’t even tell Suzy.

If Suzy even found this with her senses, her senses weren’t only good but she was born with mind-reading abilities.

It was impossible unless she peeked in his heart.

“Did you bring it?”

Suzy shook her head as Muyoung looked at her with doubtful eyes.

“It just appeared when we entered. And there is no way to move around in here. It kept saying how you can leave when you learn the skill.”

It meant that Suzy just didn’t learn her skill yet because she didn’t want to leave this place without Muyoung.

‘Maybe this was why information about the top ranked room was limited.’

Information about the top ranked room was one of the top secrets of every group.

As Muyoung only learned information through other people’s Status Viewers, he didn’t have exact information.

The histories only offered ‘what they learned from the top ranked room’ and no details about ‘what was there and what devices were there’ were given.

It seemed like it gave away what the person wanted the most or what it believed was best suited for the person.

In fact, there were no books or bookshelves near them.

All it had were all different kinds of clocks.

This was why information about the top ranked room was limited even if people wanted to know more about it.

It was worth handling it as top-secret.

Muyoung held the book. Afterwards, as he slowly opened it, he felt like the book was being sucked into his body.

With this, he learned two skills from the Sky Library.

He turned his Status Viewer to check information about them.


Skill Title – Six Paths (The first path.)

Description: The enlightenment of the six worlds the spirits and the Devils live in have been placed inside. When you overcome the first path, the world of awareness will increase and you will be able to step inside another world if you overcome the first path. When you capture spirits and devils into the world of awareness, the characteristics and power will change depending on their type. The descriptions of the six paths are written below.

Asura Path – The world of crazy Asuras where they always fight.

Hell Path – ???

Preta Path – ???

Animal Path – ???

Human Path – ???

Deva Path – ???


Skill Title –  Eye of the Sky (F)

Description: An all-inclusive skill about the information inside the Sky Library. As you increase your rank, the amount you can see increases.


The Six Paths and the Eye of the Sky.

He was still unable to picture what kind of skill the Six Paths was at all.

It seemed like he needed to reinforce the skills with ‘???’ to know.

On the other hand, Muyoung knew a lot about the skill, Eye of the Sky.

‘You can read the skill or the equipment your opponent is using.’

The man with 108 eyes, Golem.

He was the one with the most observation type skills.

And out of the skills, Eye of the Sky was the most special skill.

And as it had a broad spectrum of uses, he used it extensively.

Muyoung found out about this skill through the assassination of Golem but when he thought about the situation back then, he smirked.

The process took a good 6 months.

It because Golem avoided all the traps and stakeouts to protect himself.

Muyoung remembered that he wasn’t very powerful but he was very particular.

Muyoung had to use his pure abilities to oppress him as he dodged most of the skills.

‘An achievement effect has also been added.’

If his eyes weren’t wrong, there was really another effect added.

He checked it right away.
Achievement Effect –>

Gremory’s Anguish (A, +3 to all abilities)

Soulmate (B+, From now on, if you commune with an undead, the undead’s stats will slightly increase permanently.)

Asura’s Vassal (A, The strength to deal with spirit’s and Devil’s power, Spirit Ability increased by ’10’.)

Class Effect ->

Death Lord (Lord Class, Ruler of Death)

Class Effect –> None

Strength 80 (54 + 26)

Agility 71 (53 + 18)

Stamina 77 (49 + 28)

Intelligence 48 (30 + 18)

Wisdom 48 (30 + 18)

Fighting Aura 50 (32 + 18)

Magic Resistance 30 (12 + 18)

Spirit Ability 38 (10 + 28)

Special Note: Fighting Aura has been awakened.

Equipped and Invoked Equipment: Anguish (Strength +5), Herculean Strength Leather Armor (Strength +3), Lunatic Sovereign’s Set (All Stats +15, Stamina +10)


Spirit Ability!

A distinct stat had been found.

Looking at how it was classified as an A rank, the Spirit Ability seemed to be the main stat for the ‘Six Paths’ skill.

Meanwhile, his stats had greatly improved and as he gained what he wanted, he could say he was progressing smoothly.

“Mister… b, but your head… I think something has changed.”

Then, Suzy moved a step back.

Muyoung frowned.

What did she mean by changed?

If there was a change, then it could only be because of one reason.

Six Paths!

It could only the result of the enlightenment of the crazy worlds Devils lived in.

However, Muyoung couldn’t tell what had changed.

Since she specified it was his head, that meant that most of the changes happened on some part of his head.

As he lifted up his hand to touch his head, he could feel something.

As Muyoung completely wrinkled his face, he looked at himself using the back of his Status Viewer.


Even Muyoung couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

His hair turned completely white…


A horn was created.


[1] Asurajang – means chaos, mess, madhouse, turmoil in Korea. I’m not sure if it is true but I think the author mentions it because it sounds like Asura.

[2] The first character of Eight Deva Guardians of Buddhism (天龍八部) is 天 which means Deva or heavenly.

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