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Chapter 207: Truth, or (4)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Sephtair

Kking-! Kkinng!

Muyoung noticed the presence of a small animal within the woman.

It was a mouse the size of two fists.

It wasn't just the Emperor of the Shrewmice.

The chunglang tried to show its teeth but it couldn't.


Muyoung spoke quietly.


The chunglang was enraged. In the distance, the nine-tailed foxes had also transformed. This meant that the woman in front of him had that much skill.

However, the chunglang didn't stop.


Muyoung grabbed one of chunglang's tooth and crushed it.


“I said stop."

The chunglang was completely surprised as it quickly backed off. Then, as the chunglang's eyes met Muyoung's, it quickly lowered its tail.

Muyoung slowly came to a realization.

‘Killing isn't the only way.'

He had immersed himself in his role as humanity's enemy too deeply.

This meant that he was still doing things the wrong way.

He had found himself, but Muyoung was still developing both internally and externally.

What was certain, was the fact that Muyoung couldn't defeat all the demon gods alone.

You couldn't kill all the demon gods just because you were strong. Certain conditions were needed. For example, in the case of Dantalion, you needed to see past the lie and find the truth, and with the famous Demon God Amon, you could only face him with pure magic.

There were several demon gods with these kinds of special conditions.

And it was impossible for Muyoung alone to satisfy these conditions.

So, Muyoung united humanity and tried to cultivate their powers to fight against them. So they wouldn't forget their fundamental reason for fighting.

All Muyoung needed to do was make them gather and stimulate them appropriately.

But that didn't mean his role was to just show up and kill them all.

‘Bae Suzy.'

Her half-ripped mask exposed her face.

Was she now in her teens?

The girl's face was laid bare.

Although her appearance had changed quite a lot, she still looked very familiar to Muyoung.

Bae Suzy. The child he saw last at the Sky Library.

The girl who collapsed was really Suzy. He had never expected her to grow so much that she could pass by even the chunglangs and nine-tailed foxes, but Muyoung remembered what Suzy had.

‘The Lineage of Light had laid its foundation.'

The power that was closest to the source!

Although it grew slowly at first, it was a power that developed uncontrollably once it bloomed.

Her power, that seemed to be condensed into a core, emanated outwards. It felt like the sun rather than holy.

Additionally, it seemed like she had received another fortune as well.

That would explain why she had developed so quickly.

‘Divine Blessing.'

From Muyoung's hands, intense light spilled out. The divine blessing was an absolute healing skill that could revive a person who hadn't died. As it was a healing authority bestowed by Gabriel, a few parts that had been bitten off were completely healed.

Then Muyoung, who rose from his seat, spoke towards the nine-tailed foxes.

“Destroy this place. Get rid of their walls, and let them know that no place is safe."


The nine-tailed foxes, who transformed back into their human forms, kneeled as one.

Muyoung turned around.

And once again he thought about his role.

Muyoung didn't want humanity to go extinct. To destroy the demon gods, humans were indispensable.

Although he knew the conditions to destroy a few demon gods, he still had no idea about one in particular.


The demon god in the 1st seat.

However, he kept guessing.

That the way to defeat Baal, was for humanity to unite after destroying the rest of the demon gods.

“Let's go."

Muyoung turned around.

To do this, Muyoung would destroy their walls.

As even though the walls provided them with safety, it also made them become passive and divided.

Everyone stopped.

Even the spiders stopped what they were doing.

Instead, they turned around to see the outside of their city.

A sun. A sun was being created.

To be exact, it was a sun created by a huge ball of flame.

“What… is that?"

“What in the hell is going on?!"

The people panicked.

A strong power that could be felt through their skin!

It drew the holy flame to its peak.

Rumble! Ruuumble!Black lightning struck as well.

The power of black lightning within Anguish was awakened.

The power of black lightning was added to the holy flame. The flames looked like they were about to burst with the fury of a nuclear explosion.

Then, the huge ball of flame started to head towards their walls.

“We need to neutralize it! Use all your long-range attack skills!"

“Stop it!"

A few hundred types of attack skills poured towards the ball of flame.

However, there were only a few people who could be truly called 'magicians' in the Great City.

An archmage was one who realized the essence of magic through Amon’s trials. If the ‘tower of wisdom’ he had created was here, the story may have been different, but unfortunately, it was on the other side of the Great City.


The ball of flame slowly consumed the wall.

Eventually, all of the walls were disintegrated.

The flame only destroyed the walls. Beyond the devastated walls, everyone could see a man with six wings.

However, for some reason, he seemed familiar. A few people couldn't help but find it odd.

“That person is…?"


Those who knew Muyoung from 2 years ago, when the Sky Devil's Trial occurred, murmured as if they couldn't believe what they were seeing. They never expected Muyoung would be the one who had sent spiders to destroy their walls.

With a serious expression, Muyoung spoke.

“The war has already begun. You are given five years. Prepare to fight for the survival of humanity. If you continue to cower behind these walls, you will perish.”

From the beginning, this was his goal.

To convey these words, and to instill vigilance in them.

Would it be enough to just tell them?

Muyoung shook his head.

If words worked on idle humanity, they wouldn't have been driven to extinction in the past.

They needed a certain amount of stimulation, as well as a sense of crisis. A cause to awaken them.

Of course, the Great City was in a better state than other places. However, if people believed they were safe, they would usually choose to live in peace.

The only reason the demon gods and the demon kings weren't attacking humanity was thier internal conflicts. Once their infighting was resolved, they would quickly act towards the extinction of all other species.

Muyoung was planning to stop the Great Calamity.

However, to do this, he needed to wait for the demon gods to assult the Underworld.

‘I'll buy you time.'

Five years. He thought that that was the amount of time he could buy them after the demon gods ceased their petty squabbling.

‘Diablo's appearance became a variable.'

Originally, it was normal for them to have more time. However, with Diablo's appearance, the internal conflict seemed like it would quickly resolve.

As an external enemy tends to force warring parties to unite.

More than anything else, by giving them the 'deadline' of 5 years, he had basically created a drive for them to act for at least 5 years. Once a goal and purpose were clear, idleness would dissipate to some extent.

“You baaaastard! What did you do with my pupil?!"

A masked man with a large build jumped up.

After gathering a huge amount of energy, he stretched out his fist.

Although he was wearing a mask, there was only one person who could produce that much energy with his bare hands.

'The Fighting King.'

There was no one else.

Muyoung stretched his hand out.



The air exploded. However, it was the Fighting King who bounced out.

Muyoung countered the Fighting King's power. So that he would be attacked by his own strength.

As Muyoung had already surpassed a total level of 600 and was almost at 700, he had already surpassed the current limits of humanity.

“There are no safe zones in the Underworld."


Muyoung spread his wings completely open.

Then, a huge tower fell in the middle of the Great City.


It was one of the towers from the Noble Castle. Muyoung had summoned one of the 45 towers to the Great City.

As a symbol of sorts.

Everyone looked at the ominous black tower.

By the time they turned back, Muyoung had disappeared.

It wasn't just the Great City.

All cities and villages above a certain size had a black tower dropped from above.

The towers were deeply rooted, and became huge symbols.

It was also the same for the Holy City of Mulalan.

“Following the attacks of the spiders, a black tower… what is truly happening?"

A cardinal inside the basilica let out a sigh.

In this place, all the cult judges, cardinals, and high ranking officials were gathered.

A beautiful woman sat right beside the Pope.

Hyacinth. A girl, who had suddenly appeared one day and became the 'Saintess of Flower', was now a woman.

With the highest strength and authority, she had even gained power equal to the Pope.

Due to this, Mulalan was experiencing extreme internal confusion.

Normally, two kings couldn't effectively rule over one country.

This was the same for any group. There was no reason why Mulalan would be different.

However, in the high ranking officials' eyes, the power had already passed over to Hyacinth. As even the Pope was captivated by the flower's charms.

Then, the Pope spoke.

“Hmm, it seems like it is a similar tower to the ones that appeared at the Noble Castle. Did the devotee we sent, not return yet?"

“Unfortunately, we lost contact with the Noble Castle."

“Haa, but as he said there was nothing inside the tower, it is truly an unknown cause. What shall we do…"

It was an incident that was troublesome to the Pope.

When they were able to finally stop the spiders’ attack, a tower was placed in the middle of Mulalan.

But, there was nothing inside the tower. There was only a strange feeling of ghastliness.

No one could do anything. From the beginning, they didn't have the authority.

They gathered at this place to ask the Pope for his opinion.

But, the Pope was unable to make a decision.

Normally, he wasn't so indecisive.

Seraphina slightly raised her head and looked at Hyacinth.

‘It is clearly her that disturbs the Pope's mind.'

And it was Seraphina who brought Hyacinth to Mulalan.

Not killing her when she first discovered her, and sending her to the Pope, was the source of this trouble.


Suddenly, the door opened, and a priest entered.

“Priest Alan! Did you just return?!"

The cardinal who dispatched the priest yelled as if he was happy to see him.

But, Alan's condition was critical. His clothes were ripped, and bones were visible.

He squeezed all his strength in order to speak.

“He… he is coming. He is coming."

“He? Who is he?"

“Muyoung! The man with six wings! He… he is the Hell King. He is the Hell King who rules over hell! He is coming…"


Having left words that people couldn't comprehend, he fainted.

But, another source of information quickly arrived.

“They say a man called Muyoung appeared at the Great City! It seems like he is the culprit behind the attack of the spiders…"

After hearing this, everyone just blinked their eyes.

Muyoung? It was a name they thought they heard from somewhere before.

However, aside from two people, no one was sure.


The tips of Hyacinth's mouth went up.

She let out a moan filled with an odd delight.

It was a smile she never showed anyone in Mulalan.

Everyone was lost in admiration of her appearance and her sound of joy.

But Seraphina, one of the cult judges, wasn't lost.


She knew Muyoung well.

She had searched for him for two years without success, so why did he appear at the Great City?

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