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Chapter 208: Truth, or (End)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Sephtair
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Seraphina was in a hurry.

She wanted to go and confirm it herself. If he really was Muyoung, why was he doing this?

This was because, to Seraphina, Muyoung was the only angel in the Underworld.

‘There are no angels in the Underworld.'

Perhaps, just like everyone said, Muyoung wasn't an angel?

‘I need faith. The faith to find the real truth.'

Seraphina closed her eyes.

She shouldn't jump to conclusions. She needed to find the truth that was hidden within.

The truth, or if it was a lie, she needed to confirm it with her own two eyes.

As there were many times when god's will was hard to interpret for humans.

Apart from her, one more person reacted.

The woman who reacted strongly to the name Muyoung, Hyacinth, was thrilled.

‘He came. Finally, he came to me.'

Hyacinth had no memories of the past.

She just felt like she needed to wait.

When she heard the name Muyoung, her world changed.

A savior in the dark. The object of her fear, and the person who owned her affection.

She was certain.

That the person who she longed for and waited for was Muyoung.

She thought that Muyoung would take her with him once he appeared.

She felt like she could finally leave this boring place and find her true self.

That was what she thought.

Although it wouldn't take long to realize that this was not true.

Hyacinth didn't care what Muyoung did. To her, the fact that he appeared was most important.


Everyone looked at Hyacinth as if they found her behavior strange. Hyacinth rose from her seat and suddenly started to head out.

While barefoot.

‘I need to quickly make myself more beautiful.'

‘So that when he comes, he will see my most beautiful appearance.'

Hyacinth was also in a hurry.

Kking! Kking!

Kking Kking cried. Even though it was the Emperor of the Shrewmice, he cried with his small body that was only the size of two fists.

It was doing its best for its fallen master.

Beside it, even the Fighting King was there.

“The injuries were all healed, so what is the problem?"

Later in the evening.

Bae Suzy was groaning under the bonfire.

However, she was still unconscious. Although her energy levels were higher than before and she had no wounds, she was still unable to wake up.

"Is there a psychological issue?"

He couldn't feel any presence of a curse either. Then, the only possibility seemed to be related to the mind, but there were so many things that could be the cause.

However, Suzy was a child with a strong mentality.

If this wasn't the case, her mentality would have crashed much earlier. When she found out her father had died, or even before then, there were many events that could have influenced her.

Suzy overcame all of it.

Even the Fighting King even admired her.

“No, no…."

As if she was dreaming, she murmured.

“What are you saying no about? Speak, speak."

The Fighting King was very frustrated.

It had already been two days since she started to sleep as if she dead, because of this, they were unable to get far away from this place.

Suzy suddenly disappeared while hunting the spiders after saying how she found the 'host of the spiders'. Then, the man called Muyoung appeared and attacked the Great City.

The Fighting King thought Suzy had died.

So, that was why he moved to kill Muyoung.

Of course, he couldn't kill him. To do so, there was too great of a difference in their 'level'.

It was a feeling the Fighting King couldn't even feel from most ancient dragons.

Then, he pulled himself together and searched for Suzy.

Although it was a huge relief when he found out that she was alive… but with her condition like this…

“Please don't go. Dad, mister. Don't go."


He clicked his tongue.

And dropped his head.

The truth that the Fighting King kidnapped her didn't change. At the time, he was so crazy for vengeance that he did so but now, he felt like he needed to atone for what he did.

As she couldn't even confirm her father's death and could only touch his dead body, it would have traumatized her.

“I'm sorry."

After growing old and accepting a pupil, his urge for revenge has become small.

Suzy had basically changed the Fighting King.

That might have been why he gave everything he could to her. Everything about Mystery Door. He was teaching her all of what he had learned and realized.

He thought this was the only way he could atone for what he did.

By giving her the strength to live in the Underworld.

But, he probably wouldn't be able to cancel this debt for a lifetime.

‘The mister she is calling out is probably the man she talked about.'

Whenever she had a chance, Suzy talked about 'mister'. How he was an amazing person. That he was incomparable to the Fighting King.

Where would such a person exist in this world?

Even when he thought about all of humanity, there wasn't anyone who could say such a thing to the Dragon Lord Hansung, or the Fighting King.

So, he laughed. Whenever he did, she always said 'you will regret it later'.

Even now, he couldn't believe it.

He thought there could be no 'human' who could greatly surpass him.

That was what the Fighting King always thought.

Of course, he understood that this mister played a big role in Suzy.



Suddenly, Suzy raised her upper body. As if she'd had a nightmare, her body was covered with a cold sweat.

Instantly after she got up, she looked around. After finding the Fighting King, she quickly asked.

“Where, where is mister?"

“What are you saying after sleeping for two days?"

Suzy made a serious expression.

“Two days… has passed?"

“Yes, exactly two and a half days have passed. What in the world happened to you?"

Suzy grabbed her forehead.

And she spoke after breathing deeply.

“I met mister."

“The mister you always talk about?"

“Yes, I'm certain. Even if his appearance has changed quite a lot, I can tell."

“Where is this mister you are talking about?"

“…I don’t know. I don't know what's going on. Why he was controlling the monsters from behind."

The Fighting King knitted his brows.

“Are you saying that he is the main culprit behind this?"

Suzy nodded her head.

The main culprit. Yes, you could say he was the main culprit.

But, she still couldn't believe it.

Although the Muyoung she knew was cold and quiet, he was someone who always tried to find the best way.

She thought there was definitely a small amount of warmth within him, and that he wouldn't do something without gaining something from it.

“There must be a reason. A reason why he needed to attack the Great City…"

Suzy tried her best to find the reason.

Currently, she was overwhelmed just from the fact that Muyoung was alive.

‘He wasn't dead.'

She thought he died inside the Sky Library.

She thought she wouldn't be able to see him again.

Didn't she escape alone and cry for a few days and nights?

But… he was alive. Even if his appearance had changed, he was definitely Muyoung.

“I need to look into it."

“Do you?"

“Where did he go?"

“He is dangerous. He is more dangerous than anyone I have ever met."

The Fighting King was already sick and tired of him.

The man who deflected his full-power attack as if it was a joke.

In front of the overwhelming difference in their 'level', the Fighting King felt a wall.

A wall that couldn't be climbed over. He believed Muyoung had reached a level that no human had ever reached.

Perhaps the Fighting King felt this way because he felt like he had reached his limits.

However, what the Fighting King said was true.

Although he had seen numerous monsters and demon kings, he had never felt such danger before.

They shouldn't interfere with him. Especially Suzy. She would be swallowed up by his darkness.

“Then, I'll go alone. Please don't stop me."

Suzy was firm with her decision.

She wanted to find out the truth.

Muyoung was very pragmatic. He would not have attacked the Great City without a reason.

She wished to find out the truth.

The Fighting King no longer had any reason to stop her.

As she had basically caught up to his level, he would need to fight with to the death with her if he wanted to stop her.

“Must you really do so?"

The Fighting King's gaze changed.

Still, he needed to stop her.

The man called Muyoung was far too dangerous a person.

“Are you going to stop me?"

“I would like to stop you."

“Then, stop me."

Suzy got up from her seat.

Suzy's gaze was very aggressive.

She pulled out her sword and got into position.

Try to stop me if you can!

She looked like she would definitely go, even if her life was at risk.

There was no way the Fighting King couldn't read her expression.

“You… won't be able to handle it."

"Who are you to decide my limits?"

The Fighting King stopped talking. It was true. There were no limits with Suzy.

That was something even the Fighting King knew. She possessed a more amazing ability every time he saw her.

However, he couldn't help but feel as if he was leting a child set out on the river alone.

“I'll go with you."

The Fighting King spoke after dropping his shoulders.

No teacher could deny their student. This saying was correct.

Suzy looked at him as if this was unexpected, and put away her sword.


At that moment, a stomach growled. It was heard from Suzy's location.

Suzy shrugged her shoulders.

“Then, let's eat first. Kking Kking, you're also hungry, right?"


Kking Kking got excited and spun around on top of Suzy's shoulder.


The Fighting King shook his head.

She was an amazing child in many ways.

Muyoung moved back.

All of the city walls were destroyed.

There was nothing nothing holding them back now.

The walls symbolized many things, and as it was destroyed, the people realized that it wouldn't be enough to help them, and would search for other means to try to protect themselves.

In addition… the tower was a symbol for them to not forget him.

For five years, the tower would be regarded as an omen.

Muyoung would truly become the incarnation of an omen.

‘I don't care.'

Muyoung walked.

And behind him, numerous monsters followed.

Among them, there was also Tacan.

“What are you going to do now? Are you going to meet the other undead?"

“I'm going to return to the Demon God's Territory."

This was enough.

Muyoung had provided guidance. It wasn't his concern if they follow it or not.

He warned humanity and instilled awareness.

Although he wasn't certain if that would be enough, if he went any further, it would be like upending an anthill. Muyoung didn't really know what was 'good enough'.

“To do that, we need to hunt the Sky Lord. They say the demon gods placed him in the border of the Demon God's Territory to stop Diablo's army from entering."

Sky Lord.

He had heard the rumor.

That an incredibly enormous monster was at the border of the Demon God's Territory.

But, Muyoung didn't care.

No matter what it was, it was just a monster. He didn't plan on strugglling against a monster that wasn't even a Demon God.


However, Muyoung couldn't relax.

Since a while ago, he'd felt an unknown presence.

‘Someone is following me.'

Muyoung's senses couldn't be deceived. They were able to hide without Tacan noticing. It seemed like no one else felt its presence.

Muyoung spread his wings. He flew up into the sky, and sliced a cloud.


With a small sound, the cloud was split in half. Muyoung was able to discover an assassin hiding inside it.



He was an assassin Muyoung gained in the past.

He was able to control snakes, and was a master in killing off his presence.

Muyoung never expected him to hide inside a cloud.

Ataraxia's shoulder had a long cut through it.

However, as if he couldn't feel any pain, Ataraxia landed on the ground and kneeled right away.

But, it wasn't an indication of obedience. There was no feeling that he was bound to Muyoung. Rather, it seemed like he was bound to another person.

Muyoung frowned.

“What are you?"

As Muyoung asked, Ataraxia replied.

“Master Bae Seungmin wishes to see you."

Bae Sungmin.

Muyoung remembered. There was no way he couldn't.

He was Suzy's father, and at the same time, a lich who assisted him closely.

He was an indispensable loyal servant, like Tacan.

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