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Chapter 206: Truth, or (3)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Sephtair

Screech- Screech-

With a sound of metal being scratched, the spiders spewed out their threads.


Everything touched by the threads was melted, and from the mouth of the spiders, a powerful ray of fire that destroyed everything shot out.

“Where did such monsters pop up from?"

“Where are the garrisons? Where did they go?!"

The people couldn't help but be confused. Before the invaders arrived at the Great City, the garrisonsshould have stopped them, or notified them of invaders, but there were no signs of either.

The spider monsters that suddenly appeared destroyed the walls and climbed up them to attack the people.

Their numbers were in the hundreds. There seemed to be about 500 of them.


“Run away!"

There were more than 100,000 people living in the Great City. Among them, more than half were able to fight when they were needed.

But, their attacks didn't work against the spider monsters.

They were helpless.

But, within the Great City, there were many guilds.

In the past, the Great City had quickly recovered and strengthened their defense after suffering a lot of damage due to the appearance of the Sky Devil.

Soon, many people wearing the identical jackets appeared.

“Long-range attack team, forward!"


The very first to act was the Luminescent Guild.

With their blue jackets bearing a symbol of light radiating, they appeared and started to deal with the chaos after quickly analyzing the situation.

The long-range attack team of 300 people stood in a horizontal line and prepared to attack.

“Bahamude! The Luminescent Guild has arrived!"

“Even the rising star, Kim Taehwan came!"

The people who weren't able to run away cheered. The Luminescent Guild was one of the guilds who developed rapidly after they were faced with the Sky Devil's Trial.

The guild master of the Luminescent Guild, Bahamude, shouted as he raised his greatsword from his shoulder.

“Destroy them all, Wolves of the Luminescent Guild!"

500 guild members who held short-ranged weapons quickly moved.

Their teamwork was also good. The melee warriors distracted the spider monsters, while long-ranged attacks bombarded them.

It went smoothly, as if they were one body.

It looked as natural as breathing.

You could tell how hard they had trained from how this scene played out.

The last two years. After the Sky Devil's Trial occurred, the Great City was clearly divided between those who progressed, and those who were unable to cope with thechanges.

And the results of this progress showed.

“Pl, please save me…!"

A woman fell on the ground and screamed out loud. The spider monsters didn't distinguish between men or women. They killed humans as soon as they saw them.

A spider that saw the woman on the ground was approaching her.

The monster grew more terrifying as she saw it rip humans apart with its eight legs as if they were toys.

As the spider was about to tear the woman into pieces, a man appeared.


The man crashed into the spider with a loud sound.

Due to his huge silver shield, the spider was repelled.

“Are you okay?"

“Th, thank you…"

“Please get away from this place. Have trust in us Wolves. Go!"

The woman forcefully held her sprained leg and stood up.

Then, the blue-coated Wolves surrounded her.

“Captain Taehwan. I think they are using the immune skill."

The man called Taehwan got up with his huge shield and looked at the spiders again.

Behind him, 100 members stood in rows.

‘Immune skill.'

The man, Taehwan, observed the spider's movements.

It seemed to absorb other people's attacks and was recovering.

‘Why does only my strength work on them?'

Taehwan quickly thought about this.

The strength he could control.


It rejected illegitimate power.

Naturally, this power was extremely pure.

Taehwan looked at the battlefield.

It wasn't that people's strengths weren't working on them at all.

Natural types of skills. Although it wasn't much, they definitely hadan effect.

“Everyone, lose your magic weapons!"

“What do you mean?"

Get rid of their weapons?

The team couldn't help but be confused.

The veins on Taehwan's neck bulged.

“Impure powers don't work against them!"

Taehwan quickly discovered the spiders' weakness.

If one were to count those who worked the hardest over the last two years, Taehwan would definitely be on the list.

However, Taehwan was still unsatisfied.

This was because his goal was too great. There was no time to waste if he was to catch up with the man that was still firmly embedded in his mind.

The team replaced the weapons that had all sorts of magic.

And held just swords, shields, and spears made purely of metal.


The spider that fell back quickly moved to attack Taehwan.

But, it couldn't pierce him. Taehwan was a rising star who was known as the 'Shield Guardian'. He got the title because even if his opponent's ability surpassed his, if he was holding his shield, nothing could pass through.


In the blink of an eye, the spider was bounced back.

‘Who is it?'

Taehwan frowned.

Two people suddenly appeared and started throwing spiders around. They didn't belong to his group of Wolves.

A woman, and a man with a large build, both wearing masks!

They looked like they were enemies of the monster spiders. Like an intense wind, they ripped spiders apart.

While doing so, the masked woman looked at Taehwan.

As their eyes met, the woman bowed her head down, then stomped on the ground and flew up into the air.

“Who is she?"

“A master with a mask?"

The team also didn't seem to know.

There was no information about two masters wearing masks.

Taehwan thought about the woman's eyes for a moment.

“Don't doze off!"


There were still a lot of spiders.

Suzy bit her lips.


It was a face she hasn't seen in a while. It seemed like at least 5 or 6 years since they saw each other last.

But Taehwan was the same as she remembered. Besides having slightly more muscles and a hardened expression, it was still the same Taehwan in her memories.

He had settled down and was now leading 100 members.

And so, she wore a mask.

As she didn't want to be a burden to him.

She even forced the Fighting King to wear one as well. The Fighting King had a lot of enemies in the Great City.

“Eight! Suzy, I think I'll be winning this competition!"

The Fighting King chuckled as he tore the leg from a spider.

Suzy took out the bottle of liquor she hid. She smiled as she poured out the liquor from the ceramic bottle.

“Then, shall I start now?"


The air popped.

The air near Suzy quickly expanded. Then, as Suzy stomped her feet on the ground, the ground sank down.


It was a skill that utilized the exquisite principle of the ten thousand weight hammer, Mangeunchu.

At that moment, Suzy disappeared.

She reappeared on top of a spider.

As she wielded the sword she suddenly took out, the spider's body became like a beehive. And like a canvas, from the holes bloomed cherry blossoms.

The swordsmanship of the Heavenly Maid Clan!

As the Heavenly Maid's swordsmanship utilized increased weight and pure energy, the spider monster couldn't withstand her attack.

“Hmm, you mixed something weird in there."

The Fighting King clicked his tongue as he watched her.

She showed off her new Mystery Door technique as she mixed the principle of Mangeunchu with the movement. As the movement had a good balance of energy, even the Fighting King couldn't keep up with the speed.

At least, in terms of speed, she was in the top 10 of humanity.

Suzy was like a fish in water.

She quickly caught up to the game that started at 8:0.

“I shouldn't be playing around any longer."

The Fighting King smiled.

He now understood how one great pupil was better than ten average pupils.

However, as a teacher, he couldn't lose this game.

The Fighting King also gave his all.

While this was occurring, other guilds started to slowly appear after finishing their preparations.

It seemed like the spider monsters were slowly dying off.



That is, until more spiders climbed up the walls.

“H, how many are there?"

“The wall is collapsing!"


When they were almost done clearing 500 spiders, as if that was just the beginning, more spiders climbed up the walls.

No, they just destroyed the walls.

The people who saw the scene outside the walls couldn't help but be astonished.

Giant spider monsters were endlessly heading towards them.

Muyoung admired the scene.

He couldn't help but admire them.

By what he recalled from 2 years ago, he thought 500 spiders would be enough.

However, the resistance of the Great City was strong. They quickly learned how to deal with the situation and destroyed the spiders.

‘The Great City changed after facing the Sky Devil's Trial.'

This was truly the benefit of a Trial.

This was the hope humanity had.

Not being dormant. Just by this, they had gained much greater strength than they had two years ago.

They collaborated their strength and, unlike the past, they weren't divided. They knew how to fight together against one common enemy.

However, trials needed to be done periodically. For their unity to not die out, they needed a continuous driving force.

‘Why couldn't they do this in the past?'

The past, before Muyoung returned.

Humanity was weak. One would wonder how it was possible for them to be so weak.

It was because of the Forest of Death, as well as the Clans' and Guilds' self-centered interests.

However, everything had changed after the Sky Devil's Trial. The original selfish bastards mostly died or were in critical condition.

Their vacancy was an opportunity for young, idealistic people.

They became hope for the weak.

This was why the present was different from the past.

‘Now it is possible… they can change.'

Muyoung didn't expect this.

He never expected them to change so much in two years.

Muyoung was slightly thrilled.

It had changed. It wasn't just a possibility. It was a result.

‘I'll become an enemy to all.'

As he confirmed the result, Muyoung took the role of villain without hesitation.

At Muyoung's gesture, additional Ellarsigo started to move.

Let's fight. As fighting endlessly was the only way live!

“Someone is quickly approaching."

“We will get rid of him."

Then, the five nine-tailed foxes who were assisting Muyoung started to move.

Muyoung also noticed the presence of something approaching him.

At least in terms of quick movement technique, he was excellent. Someone was breaking past all the monsters and quickly heading towards where Muyoung was at.

Perhaps, they had realized someone was controlling the Ellarsigo.

The nine-tailed foxes swished their tails before vanishing.

Their method of shortening distances was Shukuchi.

Muyoung ignored them all.

Right now, he wanted to give the Great City his full attention.

There was a reason why he stopped so near to the Great City.

By using a bead one of the nine-tailed foxes had left behind, Muyoung could watch the situation in the Great City in real time.

‘The past has changed. We have changed.'

Just like how Muyoung had moved on from his past.

Although they hadn't experienced it yet, they would definitely become different people from the past.


Then, two chunglangs bared their teeth.

It seemed like the nine-tailed foxes were unable to stop the person.

An unknown presence was felt from nearby.

As he turned his head, a woman wearing a mask slowly approached him.



As soon as Muyoung gave out the order, the two chunglangs immediately ran towards the woman.

The masked woman was already covered with wounds.

There was no way she'd be fine after going through all the monsters and the nine-tailed foxes.

However, the woman in the mask even passed through the attacks of the chunglangs.


Muyoung made a small remark as he faced the woman who was approaching him.

The woman, holding a sword, leapt forward to pierce the sword toward Muyoung's front.

However, the sword never reached Muyoung.

This was because, as soon as the woman saw Muyoung's face, she suddenly stopped.



After saying this word, the woman fell on the ground. Blood gushed out from all the wounds on her body.


An enraged chunglang then chomped down on her.

With its teeth pierced into her body, it wanted to eat her.

Seeing this, Muyoung raised one hand.

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