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Chapter 205: Truth, or (2)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Sephtair

A completely unexpected name popped up.

For a moment, Muyoung wondered if he heard wrong, but he himself knew that that wasn't the case.

However… it was strange.

Wasn't Solomon someone who originally sealed the Demon Gods of the 72 Seats and provided different systems for humanity?

The fairies, the talismans in different areas, the Masters of the Darkness, and Merlin.

There was no place where Solomon didn't have an influence.

Through Solomon, humanity gained the power to endure.

But, what was this scene that was in front of Muyoung's eyes right now?

There was also something else that was strange.

‘If Earth was that much destroyed, how did people come to the Underworld? And without having any memories of war?'

– Solomon is the King of Wisdom. However, the answer he provided was sometimes cruel.

Luciferre didn't say anything besides this.

It seemed like he knew a lot more. However, he didn't try to talk about it.

As if it was an unwritten rule, he seemed reluctant to discuss it.

Soon, in the scene, the man who was believed to be Solomon opened his book.

The book was Lemegeton. The book that was believed to now be in the hands of Baal was in Solomon's hands in the scene.

Solomon opened Lemegeton and chanted a spell.

Also Paullina.

The magic that summons angels of time.

It was different from the Alseu Paullina the demon gods were dying to find.

From what he knew, the angels of time who were asleep within Lemegeton were all killed after demon gods appeared.

Then, did that mean this was a time before the demon gods were summoned?

[ Stop the time. ]

Solomon spoke. Then, as if time was a lie, the world stopped.

And in the areas that Solomon destroyed, another world was revealed.

The Underworld.

Surprisingly, the remaining places became a part of the Underworld.

It became the path to the Underworld.

The rest of the world started to become contaminated.

And within the stopped time, one by one, people were sucked into the Underworld.

The playback of the scene stopped there.

Immediately afterward, another message popped up.

Species Destroying Weapon.

A powerful tool that destroys the species of a set species value.

Muyoung couldn't help but think about all this with extreme confusion.

‘If it is Merlin, he should know more details about this.'

Solomon and Merlin were in a collaborative relationship. It was clear that he would know a lot more about this.

However, there was no way to reenter the Blue Temple once exited.

For there to be a way, he would need to destroy the 'wall' that protected the Blue Temple, but to do this, he needed to learn the transcendent magic of Lemegeton, Ars Nova.

There could also be another gateway connecting Earth and the Blue Temple.

Muyoung shook his head.

If Solomon was behind all this…

‘I just need to get rid of him as well.'

All of Solomon's power was divided up in the first place.

From Lemegeton to Ellarsigo.

If he appeared as an enemy, Muyoung decided to get rid of him as well.

With a firm expression, Muyoung spoke.

“I will set the species value to one."

The exact number of Ellarsigo was 32,642.

Each one of them a high level of fighting power even among other high ranks.

If you released them all at once, a few cities would disappear in an instant.

However, what Muyoung wanted was to instill 'awareness' in humanity and to remain as an absolute enemy.

He was going to let them know that the Underworld was not a safe place right now.

As when they thought that it was safe and stayed dormant, it was really the end for humanity.


As an advance team, he prepared 1,000 Ellarsigo.

As he set the species value to humans, they would attack whenever they found a human.

Among them, he sent half to the Great City. He arranged it so that 300 would go to Mulalan and 200 to mid-size cities.

‘Only pure strength will work against Ellarsigo.'

If their powers weren't pure, they wouldn't be able to pierce through the Ellarsigos' barrier.

If humanity realized this, they would try harder to gain and raise their pure strength instead of other means.

And such 'purity' was also deadly to demons.

Muyoung was done conquering the Noble Castle.

As he had gained everything he wanted, there was nothing more to see here.

He started to move with the rest of his army… about 40,000 specters and 30,000 Ellarsigo.


However, the intense atmosphere they gave off was completely deadly.

The Great City was still active.

The 'beginners' who entered every month and the established groups. As well as the people in between who harmonized and kept the balance.

“Ahh, you're here. I was waiting for you, Fighting King!"


“Follow me. Horan is waiting for you."

A bald muscular man.

The man called Fighting King entered a glamorous 12-story building.

A scent permeated the building. The Fighting King frowned as the scent made him feel like he was going to lose consciousness.

Women wearing light clothing tempted the Fighting King with their slender wrists and arms.

There was no woman who wasn't beautiful, and they all had their distinct features.

It was the best entertainment place where they sold woman and their talents.

However, as it was strictly regulated, not everyone coul enter this place.

Unless they were of similar rank to the children of the Nine Guilds or the Five Great Clans, it was impossible to enter.

However, the Fighting King was an exception. As he was one of the top 10 strongest people and was well-known, his fame was at another level.

“It is here."

The man who led the Fighting King to the 12th floor made a slightly sad expression.

Although he was quite talented, enough to be the guard, he wasn't able to enter this place as he pleased. As he could only enter this place once in a while, his sadness was understandable.

However, the Fighting King didn't relax his expression at all.

Instead, he gave off a deadly aura.

Due to this, the man who guided him couldn't help but smile.

“Gah, hmm. Horan, the Fighting King has arrived."

“Please let him come in."


There was no time for the guide to even open the door for him.

The Fighting King just kicked the door wide open and entered.

There, a beautiful woman in her thirties, sitting on the other side wearing a dress with numerous roses, caught his attention.

She was Horan, the owner who managed this place.

The heroine who had made this place from the ground up by combining oriental and western beauty.

There wasn't anyone nearby who didn't know about her.

Also, her hidden identity was that of the head of the Heavenly Maid Clan.

Although the clan wasn't part of the Five Great Clans, they were still known to have as much power as them.

“What is the Fighting King doing here?"

“You bitch, don't try to play games with me. You should know that I came to find my pupil. I even told you in advance when I would come by. But, what did you say? Why am I here?"

“If you are talking about Sparkle…"

The Fighting King interrupted her.

“Don't call her that ridiculous nickname. The reason why I entrusted my pupil to the Heavenly Maid Clan was so that she could learn your unique delicate movements. I never entrusted her to you so that she could become a courtesan."

“She is far from learning all our skills. And, it is essential for her to be taught at this place as well."

“No, she has already learned it all."

The Fighting King spoke with certainty.

Then, the woman, Horan, frowned.

“It is true that Sparkle's talents are amazing but, aren't you disregarding us too much?"

“I'm not disregarding you. I am just saying that my pupil's talents have already reached the sky."

Horan couldn't speak any further.

As what the Fighting King had said was true.

She was a true talent who was able to absorb their abilities so quickly in just a year.

Horan tried her best to hide her talents. As if she didn't, she would have lost her to the other large clans.

“Either way, I am going to be taking my pupil. Where is she?"

“At this hour, she would be drinking…"

“She wouldn't be pouring drinks to men, correct?"

The Fighting King's gaze was scary. A strong will by him could be felt that, if she was to speak incorrectly, he would destroy the whole place.

However, Horan shook her head.

And continued to speak.

“She should be drinking liquor."

Inside a storage room filled with liquor, a girl in her teens sat on the floor.

The girl spoke as she gulped down all of the liquor in a glass, as well as a few side dishes.

“Ah, it's delicious. Burrrp!"

She was so drunk.

Then, she let out a sigh.

“They say life's bitter like liquor but this is sooo sweet. It means that my life isn' that harsh right?"

Her tongue was so twisted.

There was already several empty liquor bottles rolling next to her.

Then she spoke, as she looked at a picture that looked like it was drawn by a child.


Suzy knew that her birth father had already crossed the path he couldn't return.

Although it was news the Fighting King had told her, the 'feeling' that only families could feel made her feel this way as well.

After asking around for more and more information, she finally went to the Twilight Village.

There, the girl, Bae Suzy found the 'shell' with the same shape as her father.

They said her father became assimilated by a monster and attacked the village.

And that one man had defeated the monster.

She believed her father had died then. Suzy asked them for his shell in order to bury him.

“Dad, I'm livin' vary well. I want to see Taehwan-oppa as well but I don' have the courage. Taehwan-oppa is doin' sooo well that I don' want to be a burden to 'im."

Suzy's shoulders drooped down.

“I also wanna see mistah Muyoung. But, he also wenta the same place as you. I'm doin' well on mah own."


Then, a window opened.

When Suzy turned to see who it was, a familiar bald man was there.

“Uh, it's my teacher."

“Although I asked them to teach you their skills, it seems like they taught you how to drink."

“A drink is life's friend."

“Did I say it wasn't? But, it is still too early for you to drink."

As he forcefully took the liquor glass away from her, she made a sad face.

“I'm all grown up though."

“I know you spent two extra years in the Ancient Ruins. But, you are still in your teenage years."

While she was exploring the Ancient Ruins, Suzy had been confined there once.

It was a place where time had stopped. Suzy spent two years trapped there.

After coming out from that place, Suzy's attitude towards the Fighting King had changed. She at least treated him like her teacher.

Suzy stopped being drunk. Her red face instantly turned back to normal. Her twisted tongue also come back to normal.

“I think my skill is similar to yours already."

“You are arrogant. You are far from surpassing me."

“Then, would you like to duel?"

"First, let's…"


At that moment.

A huge explosion was heard.

A commotion started outside, and the two tried to listen.

“What is it? What's happening?"

“They say the wall has been destroyed!"

“The wall? Did something invade?"

“I don't know! Some spider-like things…"

Thud! Crash!

The commotion didn't stop.

It was certain that there was a huge occurrence.

Suzy lifted her head.

“Should we compete with that instead of a duel?"


The Fighting King nodded his head and left the storage room.

Suzy followed him after covertly taking one of the bottles.

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