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Chapter 204: Truth, or (1)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Sephtair

The head of the Reign Clan was an old man.

There were so many wrinkles that you wondered if he had any strength in his body, his skin so thin that you could see veins throughout his whole body.

He seemed too shabby to be the absolute ruler of the Noble Castle.

You could say he was someone who had been ruling for a long time, and who had not let go of his greed.

A slave to his own authority.

It was ugly.

Muyoung couldn't understand if authority was really that good of a thing.

“Are you the cause of the disturbance?"

The old man spoke.

Muyoung nodded his head, and made the nine-tailed foxes leave.

The nine-tailed foxes politely bowed as they left the room.


At that moment, Muyoung drew Anguish.

Even if he were to ask, the old man wouldn't answer.

Muyoung wasn't planning to ask him nicely either.

The age of the Reign Clan would end here.

Muyoung was planning to consume the monster of authority himself.

It wouldn't be too late to get information about Ellarsigo afterward.

“What would you gain by deceiving everyone and causing a commotion in the Noble Castle?"


Tsk tsk!

The old man clicked his tongue.


Thump! Thhhump!

Then, four huge pillars were created around the room.

The pillars seemed to represent a 'seal'.

“You won't be gaining anything. You will die here."

The old man asserted.

Then, from in between the pillars, shadows emerged.

The guardians that only protected the head of the family. The 18 warriors who were called the 18 Disciples.

Many things that were thought to be impossible were resolved by them, and the head of the family trusted them more than even his biological children.

Their skills were unquestionable.

If these eighteen people were to unite, there wasn't an enemy who could win against them.

The 18 Disciples suddenly surrounded Muyoung.

They completely blocked off all opportunities for offense or retreat.

“Child, it was a big mistake to face me alone. Or, would you like to beg for your life now?"

The old man was relaxed. As if expecting something like this to happen.

The old man said it was a big mistake for Muyoung to come alone, and let the nine-tailed foxes leave.

The four pillars could only be deactivated by the head of the family. Until then, no one could leave this place.

So, from his point of view, Muyoung was cornered.


However, a smile formed on Muyoung's face.

Then, a huge horn rose from Muyoung's forehead.

As the world slowed down and the old man was about to close his eyes.

Before the 18 Disciples could raise their weapon to react.

Muyoung moved. There was a huge difference in their skills but what wasmore, Muyoung spedd up to become 64 times faster. Everyone there seemed slower than a snail to Muyoung.


First, Muyoung pierced through the disciple who was to the right of him.

He pulled out the sword but no blood spilled. There wasn't a scream either.

In the world that was 64 times faster, everything proceeded slowly.

He sprang up from the ground and turned Anguish and stabbed their hearts, one by one.

When Anguish had touched the hearts of all of the 18 Disciples, Muyoung stood in the middle.

As he put Anguish away and the horn disappeared, the 18 Disciples all spouted blood at once around Muyoung.


Instantly, Muyoung's whole body was wet with blood. The 18 Disciples all fell to their knees at once.

Cold dead bodies. The 18 lives all perished together.

This all happened in a blink of the old man's eyes.

“…what the?"

The old man was taken back.

He who was the owner and ruler of the impregnable fortress was shaken.

The 18 Disciples who he trusted so much.

But, in front of Muyoung's fighting power, they were no different than a tiger moth.

To win against Muyoung, it was better to have countless men, or one truly strong person.

If you just had 18 decently strong people, they would only become Muyoung's prey.

The old man couldn't accept this reality. He could never in the world have expected to lose so easily.

However, this was because the old man's eyes were closed.

He was arrogant. He didn't need to keep others in check. As the impregnable fortress called the Noble Castle had never been shaken before, he thought Muyoung would be the same level as those who he had faced in the past.

This was his biggest mistake.

If he had the eyes from when he was in his prime, he wouldn't have made such a mistake. Of course, even if that was the case, the results wouldn't have changed.

You could dare to say Muyoung was the strongest and worst enemy.

Not just the Noble Castle, but Muyoung knew about all the clans and cities, and was cold and decisive.

Muyoung was the one who could most easily and quickly destroy their foundation.

As he now had an army to support him, you could say that the Noble Castle was unlucky to be the first one he attacked.

“What sorcery did you use? The 18 Disciples… how?"

“Accept it."

Muyoung continued to talk.

“You lost, and I won."


Anguish cried, and the ruler of the Noble Castle lost.

Muyoung raised his head.

The huge door that sealed Ellarsigo.

‘It won't open.'

Although he tried to open the door using the handle, as expected, it wouldn't just open.

He tried to burn it with his holy flame, but it didn't even leave a mark.

‘It can't be opened with normal methods.'

Muyoung rubbed his chin.

As he turned his head, there was the head of the Reign Clan.

Muyoung turned him into a living dead, and made him reveal all the information he had about Ellarsigo.

And so, he was able to safely reach where the seal was placed.

However, the Reign Clan hasn't been able to access Ellarsigo for a long time.

Now, Muyoung had to do it.

Through the devil's actions in the past, Muyoung knew a way to release this seal.


Muyoung woke Luciferre up. After sensing the things that were on the other side of the sealed door, he spoke.

– I could feel a great sense of danger. Are you planning to awaken such things?

‘Aren't you interested?'

– A strong devil placed the seal himself. He seems to be closer to a demon god than a devil.

For some reason, Luciferre was talkative.

It meant that he was interested in the seal and Ellarsigo.

However, he never knew a demon god had placed the seal himself.

Muyoung just thought someone from ancient times placed the seal.

‘Which demon god?'

– He isn't a demon god of the Lemegeton. Hmm… I'm not sure. He seems familiar, yet also different.

For him to not be one of the Demon Gods of the 72 Seats.

However, Dantalian spoke as if he knew this place. To be exact, it wasn't Muyoung's words but something Seo Eunsae had said. However, didn't she say that Ellarsigo destroyed Earth?

Muyoung was planning to find out the truth about this as well.

‘Help me remove the seal.'

Either way, he needed to open the door in order to confirm these things.

Muyoung asked for Luciferre's help.

Luciferre pondered for a moment, then spoke to Muyoung.

– Although I don't like your tone, I am quite curious as well. For a demon god's strength to exist that I don't know of….

Luciferre was originally one of the Nephilim. He was also of the highest order. And that was why he should know what was on the other side of the door.

If Luciferre didn't know, you could say that the power on the other side of the door was truly unusual.

Soon, an enormous amount of darkness formed on both of Muyoung's hands.

Strength on a different level.

It was Luciferre's godliness.

In that state, Muyoung grabbed the handle.

And started to pull with all his strength.



The door that hadn't budged easily opened after Muyoung added Luciferre's strength.

After opening the huge door, he moved swiftly.

When he entered, he saw a huge room that stretched further than he could see.

Within, there were endless rows of weapons in the form of spiders.

‘Ancient weapons, Ellarsigo.'

They were those things.

Those spider-like ancient weapons were Ellarsigo.

However, the Ellarsigo didn't move at all.

They were all in a dormant state.

But, for some reason, Muyoung felt like he knew the way to activate them.

It was a thought that instantly entered his mind when he came in.

‘There are six parts.'

The Ellarsigo could be activated when the user was recognized.

Muyoung moved, and placed his hands on top of the marbles that were in each corner of the room.

When he placed his hand on a marble, a line was drawn around the room with a bridge of light.

In total 6. After the hexagonal shape was drawn, the room was filled with bright lights. Also, in the middle of the room, a few dozen, then a few hundreds of different languages appeared.

There were literally all the languages of the world. The languages spoken on the Earth, and by the Underworld creatures, as well as some languages that Muyoung didn't even know of.

Among them, Muyoung tried to read the words that he could comprehend.

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