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Chapter 202: Hell King (3)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Sephtair

The people couldn't unite.

They couldn't cooperate, and couldn't trust each other.

After Reign Gun's death, the increased punishment and chaos created a wall amongst themselves.

From the beginning, the Reign clan going their own way about Noble Castle also didn't help. They only knew how to build their own clan, they never did anything in the interests of the whole Noble Castle.

Also, it was the first time that Noble Castle had been invaded from the inside.

This was something that had originated from the heart of the city.

More than anything, they needed to quickly react, but the speed with which Muyoung acted was too fast.  

Looking at the horrific scene that was in front of him, Alan shuddered with his whole body.

‘It's hell. This is hell…'

Endless screams were heard.

There were sounds of buildings burning and collapsing as they turned to ashes.

The world was red, and even the towers that reached the sky seemed like symbols of a curse.

Even the paladins, who had experienced all kinds of training, were lost for words.

What could they say?

The monsters didn't kill those who kneeled. However, those who didn't were ruthlessly slaughtered, without any hesitation.

Seeing the abdomens of the resistors split open and their intestines and other internal organs pouring out didn't seem real to the paladins.

It seemed more like hell than the real world.

“Shouldn't we… help them?"

Alan tried his best to speak from his heart.  

He felt like he needed to help. He was a rank 1 priest, and followed the holy words to always live by helping others.

However, his feet didn't move, and he was barely able to get the words out.

The paladins weren't too enthusiastic either.

“It is better to return to Mulalan and get their help."

“I don't want to admit it but with just us, it wouldn't be much of a help."

It was obvious for the paladins to be dissuasive.

Trying to beat a rock with an egg?


They weren't even eggs. If they could compare it, it was more like trying to beat a rock with bubbles.

If you were to hit an egg against a rock, there would at least be traces left, but bubbles just popped. They couldn't leave a trace.

“How can we leave this place and ask for relief?"

Alan's voice sounded as if there was no hope.

They couldn't even leave. They were trapped inside a tower. Even if they were to try and leave, they would need to fight against the monsters.

“At least… the kids. I would like to save at least the kids."

Alan defined the man with the six wings as evil.

He started the war and was currently carrying out a massacre.

Mercy to those who kneel?

Just because he showed that one mercy, doesn't mean what he did could be justified.

Either way, he was an invader. That truth didn't change no matter what reason he might have.

The monsters only let live those who kneeled. Besides them, they didn't differentiate between an adult or a child. It was the hurdle of simple commands.


“I won't tell everyone to follow me. Even it's just me, I'll go."

Priest Alan tried to do what was right.

His duties as a priest of Mulalan, as an adult.

If he didn't do it himself, it would really become hell. Without any hope, order, or affection towards one another.

He didn't want it to become that sort of a world.

This was what all the priests of Mulalan wanted.

Even if there was only evil in this world, he wanted to be good.

This desire was the essential virtue of priests.

‘I will not abide by evil.'

Alan moved.

Muyoung also didn't like just complying and accepting.

This was also the same.

He wanted the Reign clan and the other clans to resist and to fight back a bit more.

Only then could he feel that the idea of becoming everyone's enemy was worthy.

‘Raising their desires.'

Desires were hope.

It was possible to become strong at a tremendous speed if the desire to live was combined with the desire to become stronger.

Did Muyoung become stronger because he was Muyoung?

No. He made that much of an effort to become strong.

Of course, one couldn't overlook the amount of information he possessed, but there were plenty who had lots of information like Muyoung.

This happened because they didn't share what they knew, and tried to pursue their own gains.

Muyoung was planning to rectify this malign sentiment.

To do this, small moves weren't enough.

Even if this was extreme, there needed to be someone like him.

In the past, Dragon Lord Hansung had that sort of role, but he failed.

‘Hansung, his heart wasn't tough enough.'

If he was a bit harsher.

If he knew how to withstand things a bit longer.

Hansung would have succeeded in the transformation.

He would have united humanity and gained the strength to fight against evil.

However, Hansung wasn't harsh enough. He wasn't willing to start a war against other humans, and through their blood, walk the darkened path.

On the other hand…

‘I'm different.'

Muyoung would walk that path.

Consequently, he was planning to become not just the demon gods' enemy.

Everyone's enemy!

The path Muyoung wanted to walk was long and dangerous. It was the path that no one would recognize or care to take, a path he would walk alone.

As it was something only Muyoung could do.

‘The first thing I need to do is release the knowledge.'

The Noble Castle was especially closed up.

The amount of information that was concealed in this place was beyond one's imagination.

That was how places like the Advance clan's Six Sages were created.

There was so much information that even they didn't know all of what was inside.

Therefore, the first place Muyoung headed to was the Advance Clan.

As he stretched his hand, with a zap like sound, he was able to smell something burning.

The Advance Clan had activated a barrier.

A comprehensive defensive barrier.

‘It's funny.'

However, to Muyoung, it just seemed like a cute act.

It could be easily removed if he called Seo Eunsae. Her extensive ability to analyze enabled her to be the first to find out about the 45th tower and Hell Path.

But, Muyoung didn't call Eunsae.

Instead, he raised his hand and increased the size of his holy flame.


The holy flame became a large sphere.

It's size slowly increased.

Then, a huge seismic change occurred.

He wasn't sure if it was caused by someone, but the ground sprang up and shot towards the holy flame.

In that state, Muyoung threw the sphere of holy flame towards the Advance Clan.


This was the symbol of the Advance Clan. As the protective barrier was touched by the sphere, a huge sound was created.

The barrier that was made up of exactly 37 layers started to peel one by one.

1, 2, 3… In an instant, he peeled off over 30 layers.

The eyes of those who were within the barrier were widened. As if they couldn't believe it.

“Your crime is… being bystanders."

When the world collapsed, and all the heroes were dying off, the Advance Clan didn't do anything.

They remained idle. Although they were smart, they didn't use their knowledge to help the world.

They wasted their time buried in their studies.

He wasn't maligning research itself. However, how could they just bury the results of their research and the knowledge they found without using them?

Because of their findings, the devils were able to gain power instead.

A few demon kings and demon gods became interested in the information the Advance Clan had and took it from them. Humanity had a much more difficult time due to this.

It was better for them to not exist if that was the case.


The 37 layers of the barrier were all destroyed.

However, the sphere of holy flame didn't lose its strength at all. It then crashed into the Advance Clan's castle and annihilated everything in its surroundings.

People, buildings, the ground, and everything.

However, the things that were buried underground remained.

Muyoung dug up Six Sages.

Six Sages. A vault of great knowledge.

Of course, just digging it up wouldn't stop it from being buried again.

He needed someone to be furious about seeing this. Someone who was strong, but also had the confidence of the public.

“Stop, you devil!"

Mulalan's priest appeared.  

It seemed like he lost his temper after seeing the Advance Clan disappear in an instant.

“Are people's lives really that insignificant to you?!"

“It's insignificant."

It was really insignificant.

The thing that's called life, which fades away with just one gesture.

When he was an assassin, and even now, the weigh of life seemed too light to Muyoung.

This weight would be the same for a lifetime.

“Life is sacred! You can't think of life so easily…"

“Are you trying to lecture me?"

Thud! Thud!

Huge foxes with nine-tails appeared

A huge form that seemed to be easily the size of a 5-floor building. No one could stop its destructiveness, as it used its massive strength and fox beads.

There were five of them.

The nine-tailed foxes surrounded Alan and the paladins.


And in the air, seven bone dragons flew in the sky.

The bone dragons helped other monsters to destroy things.

“Aren't you Banya? Well? How could you commit such a ruthless act?!"

Alan realized that Muyoung was Banya.

Although he had probably never seen him before, his deductive reasoning was great.

However, Muyoung shook his head.

“I'm not Banya."

Then, he continued.

“I'm Muyoung."

‘Mu' which stands for nothing.

‘Young' which stands for shadow.

Although at first, he had the name Yuyoung, he had become Muyoung, the shadow of the world.

“Mu… young!"

Alan thought about the name over and over.

“And did you say that I was ruthless? No. All people are cruel and evil."

“That is not so! Everyone always has a good side to them!"

“Really? Then those things underground weren't done by people."

After removing the clan, a few metal doors appeared that lead to the underground.

They were metal doors that could even withstand Muyoung's attack. The things inside them couldn't be simple.  

The monsters opened one of the metal doors.

Then, numerous dessicated corpses were visible.  

“For the sake of battle array research, they confined innocent people in this place."


Screeeech! Thump!

Another metal door opened.

This time the corpses of numerous animals and other species were visible.

“Are only the lives of humans precious?"

“How could this… no, it isn't possible. Not with Mulalan watching!”

Alan shook his head as if he couldn't believe his eyes.

However, Muyoung just grinned.

“The monopolizing of information. That also means that it is possible to conceal information."

The Advance Clan strictly remained as a spectator.

Even so, no one was able to meddle with them.

It was because the information they had was also part of their strength.

Since they knew about other's weaknesses, how could people just easily meddle with them?



The last metsl door.

This time there weren't any corpses.

However, inside it, there were hundreds of thousands of books that filled up the room, as well asd a path to another floor below.

“If it was you, do you think you would use the powers you gained only for good? Information and knowledge are strong weapons compared to others. Such weapons lead a person's mind away and stain it."

“I won't be seduced! I will not fall for temptations of the devil!"

Alan had slightly lost his senses after seeing the genocide.

It was quite a different appearance from a priest who needs to constantly be calm.

“If that is the case, then take them. From now on, it's your fight with me. I'm quite curious if you won't be stained by this power."

Muyoung provoked Alan.

He also placed a small suggestion.

The king's language Muyoung could use allowed him to modify a person's mentality.

Alan would thoroughly disclose this knowledge, and use it only for the people.

Looking at his character, it was very unlikely he would use them for his own benefit.

Muyoung spread his wings.

And then, leisurely headed for another place.

“I won't be stained! I won't become evil like you!"

Alan's veins on his neck were raised as he screamed from the top of his lungs.

Yes, he would be the prosecutor.

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