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Chapter 203: Hell King (End)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Sephtair

Besides a few items that he needed to take from the library, Muyoung didn't really need the rest of the knowledge. Most were things he either already knew of, or couldn't use.

However, it would have a different meaning to humanity. At the very least, if the library of the Six Sages were to be opened up, you could say that would be an advancement of 10 years.

10 years. To humanity, 10 years was truly a great number considering how dormant it was.

Since he had left it to Alan, it had now left Muyoung's hands.

There was something else which Muyoung was truly after.


The ancient weapon, Ellarsigo!

It was a weapon containing a great many hidden secrets. So, Muyoung was planning to take it for sure.

To do this…

‘Reign Clan.'

Muyoung eyes turned to the direction of the Reign Clan.

Reign Clan. The number one group of the Noble Castle. Their scale was massive, and they had numerous strong men and women.

Certainly, compared to other places, the Reign Clan's resistance was stronger.

The specters weren't able to easily move forward, and their feet were tied.

However, after the rank 1 specters headed towards the Reign Clan, the situation slowly improved.

Rank 1 specters.

The nine-tailed foxes, chunglangs, and songsongis!

There were three kinds of specters that were considered rank 1 among the specters Muyoung controlled.

The two chunglangs and three songsongis had overwhelming force, and had different skills from the five nine-tailed foxes.


Chunglangs. They were huge blue wolves.

Wherever they went, they spread blue flames and looked like gatekeepers of hell. They were so fast that even Muyoung admired their speed.

Songsongis looked like normal orangutans, but their strength was on another level.

If they were to aggressively smack their body, a few buildings would get destroyed.

If they were that strong, they could easily overturn a mountain.

From afar, Muyoung just watched the Reign Clan slowly fall.

Already, those who weren't dead in the Noble Castle were all kneeling.

They asked for mercy and turned their eyes away from the specters.

All that remained were the Reign Clan and a few others.

However, as they weren't able to unite and fought separately, the future was already foreseeable.


While the battles continued, Muyoung witnessed an outpouring of darkness.

It wasn't from where the Reign Clan was located. It was from completely the opposite side from that place.


This feeling was familiar to him.

Someone had awakened.

Although the current level of darkness was weak, its concentration was different.

If there was that much concentrated strength, the future was clear.

Muyoung gained a bit of interest.

He spread his wings wide and headed towards the darkness.

“…Ahhh! Ahhhhhhh!"

The young man was screaming from between half-destroyed houses. He seemed at most 18 years old.

In front of him, were what appeared to be the corpses of his parents.

Among them, there was also someone who Muyoung was well aware of.

‘Old Sword Jinyul.'

Old Sword Jinyul. He was an old man who was so strong that, although he wasn't among the top 10 people, he was still among the top 100 people.

However, he lived in a small house after retiring due to old age.

Even in the past, he was famous for his unyielding personality, and so no one was able to easily meddle with him.

It seemed that personality had also manifested in front of the specters.

Muyoung could see that he had rebelled fiercely from his broken up sword, and blood that was scattered around him. A few dozen specters were also rolling around on the ground as they became ashes.

And the young man seemed to be his child or pupil.

Although Muyoung didn't know Old Sword well enough to know anything more about him, seeing how the young man was crying while holding his body, he could tell that they had a deep relationship.

And throughout the young man's entire body, 'darkness' was flowing out.

‘A wrong awakening.'

If a person proceeds down a wrong path at the time of awakening, they would become unstable.

If they are unable to handle the energy, they would explode. One hundred percent, everyone would.

Then, they overflow with power before becoming unstable.

“I'll, I'll kill you all! The enemies of my father and mother…!"


He ground his teeth as he stared at the specters.

There were hundreds of rank 3 and rank 4 specters surrounding the place.

The young man grabbed the broken sword of Old Sword.

The order Muyoung commanded his specters to follow was very concise.

– Those who don't declare defeat, those who have not kneeled, kill them all!

The young man didn't acknowledge any of those things.

The specters moved to kill the young man according to Muyoung's orders.

Specters with numerous tentacles, and specters that floated around in skull form.

However, the dark energy that was within the young man's sword blocked all the specters' attacks.

As if he was possessed, the young man wielded his sword.

But, as he did so, his life source was depleting more quickly.

By the time he killed all the specters, he would use up all his energy.

‘It's a waste to let him go.'

Muyoung saw potential in the young man.

He didn't understand how such a talent hadn't bloomed in the past. At least to him, the young man's face was unfamiliar.

However, if he was about to bloom with that much darkness through a wrong awakening, you could say that his talent was extraordinary.

Of course, it would be a waste for him to die right now.


Muyoung landed on the ground.

Instantly, the young man's sword turned towards Muyoung.

Although he was blinded by revenge, it seemed like he instinctively knew that Muyoung was the cause of all this.

Clank! Clang!

However, his skills were too embarrassing to compare to Muyoung.

Muyoung calmly stopped his attacks and then started to counter him.


Anguish stabbed his side and pierced through his leg muscle.

Then, a powerful curse permeated the young man’s body.

Anguish had the powers of corruption and curse.

And the powers were much more powerful than the darkness the young man possessed.

By using the power of corruption and curse, Muyoung gathered up all of the young man's power of darkness and sealed it all in his heart.

A temporary measure.

Muyoung didn't remove the darkness inside him.

As that power of darkness could actually become his strength.

His heart beat as if it was going to explode but instead, he regained his consciousness.


“You're weak. Both internally and externally, too weak."

“I'm… I'm not weak!"

“If you weren't weak, why couldn't you protect them?"

The young man got up again.

He wielded the sword uncontrollably at Muyoung.


However, Muyoung didn't accept the young man's tantrum.

As Muyoung kicked his chest, the young man rolled on the ground.

“You couldn't protect them because you are weak."

“Mother… father… kuhh! Kuhhh!"

His eyes rolled back.

He was crying bloody tears.

It was a phenomenon where someone who is psychologically stressed becomes unable to contain their emotions.

Muyoung approached the young man and touched near his heart.

Afterwards, he forcefully synchronized his energy and spoke.

“The reason why your parents died and the reason why you are in this state is that they were all weak. It happened because they weren't able to face me."

Muyoung gave him a goal.

Even if he synchronized his energy, if the young man didn't have the will to live, he would die.

The young man barely lifted his head.

Then, looked towards Muyoung.

“Jin… Jagun. I will… kill you."

The young man's name was Jin Jagun.

He spoke his name, and declared he would kill Muyoung.

Muyoung also introduced himself.

“I'm Muyoung. Also, as I'm the King of Hell, if you want to face me once more, you need to become much stronger than now."

The power of darkness, corruption, and curse all dominated his heart.

However, because he mixed a bit of holy flame inside him, it neutralized the effect.

What now remained was what the young man needed to do. If he was able to successfully awaken and develop his strength, he would have the fighting power to even be stronger than the top 10 humans.

And Jin Jagun seemed to certainly have the potential to surpass everything.

The eyes that were filled with revenge.

Muyoung was the villain, and Jagun truly fitted to be called an avenger.


Muyoung finished performing emergency measures and once again spread his wings.

And flew towards the Reign Clan.

Jin Jagun continued to chase Muyoung, even while his whole body bled.

'It's a demon king's attack.'

'Perhaps a demon god made his move.'

'However, the seven bone dragons that flew in the sky seemed somehow familiar.'


The opinions were divided. But, they weren't in any situation to discuss it.


“Stop them! We can't let them break through any further!"

The specters continuously moved towards the Reign Clan.

As tens of thousands of specters burst in at once, the Reign Clan wasn't able to respond effectively.

The result was this.

If they were to continue like this, the specters would be able to reach the head of the family.

However, the specters couldn't help but stagger.

It was because the Chanter of the Reign Clan, Reign Chung, has raised his favorite weapon, the 'Hyanglee Sword'.

As one of the top 10 strongest people, he was like the last prince of the clan.

“Come! You freakish monsters!"

Whenever the Hyanglee Sword flashed with light, one of the specters lost their head.

Specters didn't leave a body when they died. They became ashes and left a bit of a trace on the ground.

He was strong. Most specters couldn't even reach him.

“Ahh! The chanter is making a path!"

“Follow him!"

The remaining men also followed Reign Chung and clenched their weapons.

Reign Chung was steadily pushing the monsters away and recovering the Reign Clan's territory.

“Destroy the monsters!"

“Push them further!!"

Their spirits suddenly rose.

The men who were dispersed started to join together, and the picture began to change.

They were now seeing hope.

The hope they could get rid of monsters like this!


It was then that a chunglang appeared.

A huge blue wolf.

When it appeared, it instantly killed men with its bite. With its sharp teeth, it pierced through their necks, and no weapon could pierce through the chunglang's skin.

“You bastard!"

Reign Chung wielded the Hyanglee Sword.

Certainly, unlike the other men, his sword was able to injure the chunglang's skin.


The chunglang let out a snort.

But it didn't step back. It rushed and began a head-on match with Reign Chung.

The chunglang was slowly pushed back, but it wasn't that simple.


It was because another slightly smaller chunglang joined in and completely changed the situation.

“Gaaackkk! You bastards!"

Reign Chung's shoulder was ripped off.

Reign Chung lost his left shoulder.

It was fortunate that he wasn't bitten on his neck, but if it continued like this, the result would be obvious.

“Let's help the chanter!"

“Protect the chanter!!"

The strong spirited men joined in.

They were elites. If they were to use their strength together, they should be able to drive away two chunglangs.


Thud! Thud!

One by one they started to kneel.

The cause was unknown. They suddenly lost their strength, and their eyes became drowsy. From afar, with swooshing sounds, people walked towards them.

Five beautiful women who looked like fairies. The odd scent produced by them took away all the strength from their bodies.

And in the middle of them, a man who looked like a devil with six wings!

Reign Chung recognized Muyoung.


It was definitely the legitimate child who returned, Banya.

However, seeing the current situation, he didn't seem like Banya.

That appearance was not of a human.

The person who created this whole situation…

“Hell… are you really the king of hell?"

Muyoung didn't even look at him, and just passed him by.

Muyoung was after the family head's room.

He was planning to use the head of the family as a hostage to find out where the sealed up Ellarsigo was located.


After Muyoung passed by, the chunglangs once again started to massacre the men.

Reign Chung just closed his eyes.

If there was hell in this world, this was it.

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