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Chapter 201: Hell King (2)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Sephtair

Muyoung conquered all of the towers in Hell Path.
44 towers. In addition, he had forced the 44 owners to surrender, and stood alone on top.
Then, the top of all the towers started to heat up and produce red light, and shot beams up into the sky.
Afterwards, the view of the sky changed. As he looked up at the sky, he saw the real world. Hell Path was starting to connect completely with the real world.

<'King Slayer's Slayer of Kings' achievement has been completed.>

+ The rank of 'Swordmaster' skill has increased. A -> S
+ Achievement Effect 'Sword God/Sword Ghost's Strength' has been added.
+ Achievement Effect 'Slayer of Kings' has been added.

+ King's Army (Stats of all the soldiers under your command +10)
+ One random equipment currently worn by King Slayer is taken.
+ You have gained 'Knight King's Greaves'.

There were so many messages cluttering up his vision.
Muyoung read each and every one carefully.
That was because there was nothing he could afford to disregard.
First, as he finished the Slayer of Kings, two achievement effects had been added.  
‘Sword God/Sword Ghost's Strength, and Slayer of Kings.'
Muyoung immediately opened his Status Viewer.
Then, as the Status Viewer popped up, he looked at the added achievement effects.  

Achievement Effect ->
Sword God/Sword Ghost's Strength (???, You become a Sword God or a Sword Ghost.)
Slayer of Kings (S++, Intelligence and Wisdom +50, Mantra Effect.)

In the case of the Slayer of Kings, significant stats were added. Although he had just earned two achievement effects, he felt like his body was overflowing with power.
‘It's an achievement effect that hasn't evolved.'
Sword God/Sword Ghost's Strength was an effect that was yet uncertain.
When he becomes a Sword God or a Sword Ghost, the effect would appear.
The problem was that he was unsure whether he would become a Sword God or a Sword Ghost when he is faced with a situation.  
There had been a few continuous achievements like this in the past as well.  
And when those were restored with all their true strength, they obtained an unimaginable effect.
Sword God/Sword Ghost. Like the name, he was excited to see as what sort of form it would be expressed.
As the achievement was added, he would soon be able to exhibit it.
The Slayer of Kings effect was also eye-catching.
‘King's Mantra.'
In short, it was a King's Language.
It seemed like it was a similar effect to the dragon language.
It meant that whatever Muyoung said, would be enforced as if they were the words of a king.  
He never thought he would gain the power of words.
Although he had met a man named Bug in the Underground Arena who had the power of dragon language, beside him, it was a rare strength that not many would have.
‘I have completed multiple continuous achievements at once.'
As he conquered Hell Path, he was acknowledged as the king.
Not a demon king but a Hell Path king.
He couldn't help but laugh.
He couldn't feel any sense of disharmony. Like this, there wouldn't be many people who had a title that fit them that well.
The King's Army effect strengthened specters.
In addition, one of King Slayer's equipments was received.
‘Knight King's Greaves?'
Currently, Muyoung was wearing 'Greaves of Destruction - Baron'.
But, because the Baron's condition for activation was difficult to meet, he was unable to really use it.
In that sense, the newly obtained greaves weren't bad.
Muyoung looked at the greaves that was created in mid-air with an unknown metal material.

Name: Knight King's Greaves
Rank: S++
Durability: Infinite
Classification: Greaves
Effect: They are the greaves the Knight King, King Slayer uses. It is made of 'God's metal'. God's blacksmith 'Oswen' created it.
+ All stats +40
+ It never breaks
+ A token of faith and loyalty. It gives a strong sense of trust to someone.  

It was a completely simple explanation.
However, that was enough.
The importance of 'all stats' was already well known, and for it to have infinite durability meant that he could use it whenever there was a dangerous situation.
He currently didn't have a use for the 'token of faith and loyalty', but it wasn't bad to have such a continuous effect. Rather, he could draw a positive effect while others didn't notice.
It was as if a small snowflake rolled up to slowly become a snowball.
‘And then, King of the World…'
The last continuous achievement.
Become a true king by conquering more than half of the world!
Muyoung rubbed his chin.
It was interesting to see that King Slayer was part of the reward.
It means that he would be able to utilize King Slayer himself.

He never thought he would be able to control one of the Masters of Darkness.
But, to complete this achievement, he needed to beat numerous demon gods.
That meant he still had a long way to go.
Muyoung checked the updated Status Viewer.
It seemed like there had been significant changes, and he wanted to make sure he knew them well.

Stats ->     
Strength 665 (368 + 297)   Agility 619 (357 + 262)
Stamina 629 (371 + 258)   Intelligence 633 (325 + 308)     
Wisdom 648 (335 + 313)   Fighting Aura 551 (313 + 238)     
Magic Resistance 613 (165 + 448)   Spirit Ability 608 (380 + 228)
Evil Tendency 609 (381 + 228)   True.Divine Powers 644 (466 +178) True.Fire Attributes 588 (410+178)
Total Level: 631
Special Notes: Luciferre's strength is sealed. You have succeeded Gabriel's strength. You are creating Muyoung Sword. The God Killing Spear is engraved in your heart.

Most stats were over 600.
Of course, it would have been impossible without the help of supplementary stats, but they were stats Muyoung had earned. Therefore, you could say they were Muyoung's strength.
Even in the past, he had rarely seen anyone with a total of 600 stats.
This meant that Muyoung was truly humanity's strongest person.
Even the Dragon Lord Hansung was no match for Muyoung. Even if his dragon fought with him.
However, he still wasn't transcendent.  
It was because he had not experienced the 'awakening ceremony' to become transcendent.
The awakening ceremony…
Huge guilds and clans said that the way you see the world would change once you completed this 'ceremony'.
All transcendents, or demon gods, also recognize others who had gone through the awakening ceremony.
In other words, it meant that they were approaching the truth of the world.
He sort of knew the reason why he still hadn't experienced the ceremony, even though his stats were enough for him to become a transcendent.
‘Pure stats.'
However, he couldn't do much about pure stats.
No matter how quickly Muyoung became stronger, it wasn't enough to overturn time.
So, he used equipment to become stronger faster.
Now, it was time to concentrate on raising his pure stats.
And that could be naturally accomplished if he walked the path of a king.
It was at that moment.
When Muyoung had checked everything, something unexpected occurred.
In the middle of the 44 towers, a 45th tower had risen.
“Oh, king!"
“The newly appointed true king of Hell Path!"
The nine-tailed foxes were the first to kneel. Then, numerous specters in Hell Path also showed their loyalty.
Muyoung climbed up the 45th tower.
When he reached the top floor, the world changed.


A priest and paladins were in front of him.
Muyoung didn't even pay attention to them.
Instead, his eyes were focused on the sword that was held by one of them.
Although the sword didn't seem unique. Seeing how rusty it was, it seemed like it was really old.
However, another feature was contained in the sword.
‘The power to bring specters into reality.'
The power to materialize the specters and to maintain their power.
In fact, the specters around Muyoung had become materialized, and were pressuring the priest and the paladins. Having a body meant that that much physical power could be wielded.
It was no different than Muyoung earning 44,000 strong monsters.
‘Eat it,'
Anguish ate the sword.

Then, Muyoung turned his gaze to the outside world.
45 towers were rising from different areas of the Noble Castle.
‘The boundary between Hell Path and reality has been broken.'
For the place to even be Noble Castle!
A smile slowly appeared on Muyoung's face.
The title Hell Path King. Like the title, Muyoung was planning to bring hell to the Noble Castle.
He thought about what he was going to do, but then realized that he didn't even need to think about it.
‘I'll take Ellisargo.'
At first, he was planning to go through a process.
By completing the trial of the Advance Clan has given him, he was planning to get closer to the seal of Ellisargo.
However, by going to Hell Path, his plans had changed.
As he had earned the title of the ruler of Hell Path, he no longer needed to be cautious.
This place was Noble Castle. The heart of the Reign Clan.
It wasn't even invading from the outside, but attacking the enemy from the inside.
How could he possibly just pass that up?
It was the perfect opportunity. The kind of opportunity that was hard to come across.
“Who, who are you? Are you a devil? Or…"
“If you want to live, don't look, don't listen, and stay where you are."
That was when Muyoung turned his gaze to the priest.
However, that was all.
There was no need to really do anything to the priest of Mulalan.
Rather, he was the person who could tell Muyoung's story by being the one who witnessed it.
Although Muyoung told him to not look and listen, humans are prone to do what they are told not to.
Swoosh. Swooosh.
Muyoung dragged Anguish on the floor.
With that sound, the monsters started to move.
And Muyoung spread his wings wide.
He went out of the tower and, in the midst of the chaos, he spoke quietly.
“From now on… we will start conquering."


Tacan noticed something different.
No, not just Tacan.
Everyone in Noble Castle naturally looked up to the sky.
A man with six wings.
He was like the depiction of hell.
A huge red star appeared above him.
In the moment he appeared, the sky was hidden.
Instead of the sky, Hell Path was spread out in the air.
The merging of worlds.
Hell Path became reality, and reality became Hell Path.
Monsters emerged from all of the towers.
The number seemed to be at least a few thousand.
“What, what are these monsters!"
“They are all monsters I have never seen before!"
It was the fear of the unknown.
It was more terrifying because they had to face things they had never experienced.
People were hesitant. No one could easily make a move.
Although no one said it out loud, there was one who called for him.
Tacan immediately joined the line while he held his sword.
Then, Muyoung poured 7,777 feathers down from mid-air. His whole body was burning magnificently with the holy flame.
That appearance was enough to make others think of the king of Hell Path.
“Kneel and surrender. I will not kill those who kneel."
He activated King's Language which had a strong force.
It was the Hell Path King's final invitation, and his order.
Although it wasn't loud, everyone heard it.
And they were able to feel a strength that they could not resist.
One by one, the people who were filled with fear began to kneel.

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