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Chapter 198: Hell Path (6)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Sephtair

Rahora was nothing more than merely a stepping stone.

From the beginning, Muyoung went all out and, as a result, he was able to kill Rahora.

As the corrupted strength consumed her, her existence was erased entirely.

This part was unexpected but… maybe she became 'extinct' because she could't be corrupted any further.

Muyoung expected that that was the reason.

As Rahora disappeared, the five nine-tailed foxes accepted Muyoung as their new owner. Although they were obviously sad, as they had been preparing for this day, they were able to act quickly.

Afterwards, Muyoung gained speed.

Everything is hard at first.

He went to war with the owners of the towers and continued to win.

The nine-tailed foxes were desperate to make Muyoung the new king of Hell Path. The information they gave him was certainly useful. It had been the right choice to take the time to fulfill Rahora's wish.

‘The owners of the towers are indolent.'

Rahora had said the owners of the towers were similar to her.

They just tried to hide it.

Her words seemed to be true to a certain extent.

The owners of the tower were idle. There were some who didn't do anything even when Muyoung had invaded the heart of the tower.

At least to him, it didn't feel like they were actively handling the crisis.

Then, when their towers were conquered, they would ask him to take their lives.

As it continued to happen, Muyoung realized one thing.

‘They are treating this as if they are playing a game.'

Maybe it was because they lived for too long time.

It seemed like they were thinking of this war as a game.

Worse, a game that wasn't even realistic.

Muyoung didn't like their way of thinking.

That was why he sped up his invasion, until the owners of the towers started to unite.

Just like now.

“King of Asura Path! You are truly great. This is the first time that five towers have united since Hell Path was created. Be proud!"

A monster that looked like a huge starfish with horns all over its body spoke.

Joining him were five hundred thousand specters, led by the owners of five towers.

However, they were one step too late.

They should have united earlier if they were planning to do it.

Muyoung had already conquered over ten towers in the past 10 days.

There were already one million troops that existed behind Muyoung.

Not only that, they were strengthened by Muyoung as well.


The holy flame enveloped Muyoung.

In that state, he unfolded Gabriel's wings.


Pow! Powpow! Powpowpow!

The 7,777 feathers destroyed the enemy's formation.

As the feathers carried the holy flame, the enemy's formation instantly became a sea of flames.

It was a combined technique Muyoung had designed. Only Gabriel's feathers were able to withstand the holy flame.


While in the air, he took out Anguish.

“Kill them all."

When Muyoung spoke, the war started.

The way to conquer the towers was simple.

When he touched the nucleus at the center of the tower, that was the end.

That was how Muyoung was able to conquer five more towers in an instant.

With this, Muyoung had conquered 16 towers.

‘A link between Hell Path and reality…'

If what Muyoung thought was correct, the towers in Hell Path woul pop up in the Underworld. Although he was unsure where they were located, the power would be tremendous if he could bring in up to 1,000 specters per tower.  

‘It should surpass most demon kings.'

If Muyoung combined the specters from Hell Path, the Ellarsigo that slept in Noble Castle, and his undead, he could easily surpass most demon kings' armies.  

Although it would be smaller than a demon god's army, it would still be greater than a demon king's.

Depending on how he controlled them, it was enough military power to eliminate most enemies on his own.

It would definitely be possible for him to give humanity a sense of alarm, and help Demon God Gremory to attack the weakness of other demon gods.

Although it was a pity that he couldn't take all the specters in Hell Path, it was already a great thing to bring beings from another world.

“Now you need to attack the 40th tower."

"The owner of the 40th tower is a specter with the appearance of a Haetae."

“His name is Uratan."

“He leads an army of 250,000. He has the 3rd largest army."

“Have a duel with him. Although recent rumors were weird, since he is so full of pride, he'll give you the tower if you win a one-on-one match with him."

The five nine-tailed foxes were not calling Muyoung their 'king'. Since they couldn't think of a proper title, they were going to just serve him.  

“Let's move."

He quickly aimed for the next target after the war.

However, the oldest nine-tailed fox shook her head.

“You can't continue."


“The sun is already setting. Tomorrow is a special day when all the specters can fall 'asleep'. If you fight that day, all the specters will hate you."

They could sleep?

Now that he thought about it, specters didn't sleep.

They were already dead, so there was no need for them to sleep.

But, it seemed like they were able to sleep in Hell Path periodically.

Also, if Muyoung's memories were correct, tomorrow was a special day in the Underworld as well.

‘It is the week the Devils' Long Night starts.'

It was the same time when the devils lost their consciousness and rampaged, and the monsters became more aggressive.  

Was this just a coincidence?

Did Hell Path also influence the Underworld?

The Advance Clan on their own wouldn't be able to open the doors to this place.

Whatever the method, the doors could only be opened because there was a connection to the Underworld.

Although the influence might not have been big, it was hard to think it was a coincidence because of the timing.

“You also need your soul to be purified once tomorrow. As you have faced numerous specters, your soul will have been stained."

That wasn't the case.

Even though his soul could be stained, Luciferre ate it all up.

However, it seemed like a good idea to take time to rest and look inwardly at himself tomorrow.

'Strike 51.'

He had found a lead to creating strike 51 of Muyoung Sword.

After fighting numerous large armies, it was a very small hint that came to him.

He couldn't just waste it.

Muyoung nodded his head.

After all, the participants' opinions were important.

Muyoung didn't think he was a well-rounded person. Obviously, he couldn't help but have shortcomings, and he was open to hearing about them.

There was a clear difference from when he had just returned from the future.

“I will do as you say."

“All the specters will thank you for your decision."

“Including us."

The nine-tailed foxes seemed quite excited.

Was it that good to be able to 'dream'?


Muyoung dreamt from time to time as well.

Dreams from the time he was part of the Forest of Death.

From times when Muyoung wasn't Muyoung, but Yooyoung.

However, it was still something that happened in the past and at this point in time, it wasn't that important.

As today was more important than yesterday.

That was how he removed his distracting thoughts.

‘Let's make the move.'

Creating Muyoung Sword was a much greater priority than dreaming.

Strike 51. All that was left for him to do was hold onto the lead and cling to it.

To Muyoung, that was training and rest.

It was impossible to create a move in just a day.

He couldn't make the entire move with just a lead.

However, he could make an outline and guess what to place within it in advance.

That was how Muyoung developed the frame of strike 51.

Toong-! Toong-! Toong-!

Then, after a day had passed and the second day arrived, they once again resumed their advance.

As they played the drums and marched forward, their grandeur was amazing.

In total, 1.3 million soldiers followed Muyoung.

But, Muyoung didn't have plans to start a full-scale war.

Muyoung had a separate goal.

Winning against the owner of the tower, Uratan, in a 1-on-1 duel!

When that happened, the specters would change their perception of Muyoung.

‘I need to change their perception.'

It was important to increase his army, and because they were dominated by him, they wouldn't betray him, but this power of dominance wasn't an all-powerful one.  

If their perception of Muyoung changed, their attitude towards how they accept his orders would change accordingly. In short, it was the difference between if they would just roughly follow an order, or if they would give it their best.  

Also, it would allow him to warn the owners of the towers that weren't conquered yet.

For them to properly prepare for him.

From what he heard from the nine-tailed foxes, the owners of the towers were disregarding Muyoung quite a bit.

They had the perception that Muyoung was an outsider who couldn't do anything on his own.

It was a belief that scratched his pride.

It seemed like this sort of perception was created because, besides Rahora, he had attacked the owners of the weaker towers first.

Of course, he didn't care because results were what was important, but now he really wanted to have a good battle.

The nine-tailed foxes all told Muyoung that if he won against Uratan in a duel, the other owners of towers would also become nervous.

‘Act. Become Desperate. Fight Back.'

Muyoung wanted the owners of the towers to become desperate. Only when they really respond to him would he be able to find value in dominating them.

Muyoung didn't really like simple work that could be resolved just by moving.

Trials and struggles!  

Muyoung needed those two things in order to raise his strength.

Up to this point, Muyoung was able to become stronger than anyone else quickly because he had won against those types of trials.

If it weren't for them, he would anywhere near where he was right now.

In addition, this battle was an excellent place for Muyoung to practice.

There weren't many opportunities for him to lead this large of an army in a war.

He didn't have a lot of experience as a commander and so, through this opportunity, he was planning to gain it.

‘From now on, there will be many large-scale fights.'

As Muyoung's path itself was fighting against everything, he would need to fght a lot of large-scale battles.

But, without experience, it would only lead him to be laughed at.

In that sense, Hell Path was the best place to gain real experience without great risk.

‘He is Uratan.'

Muyoung turned his gaze.


It was a gathering of dogs.

Hundreds of thousands of huge dogs lined up.

And in front of them, there was Uratan who certainly had the appearance of a Haetae.

“I will… kill."

However, Uratan didn't seem normal.

There were slight alterations in various parts of his body.

The power Muyoung could feel from him was beyond one's imagination.

It seemed like the strange rumors about Uratan were because of that appearance.

“They say he suddenly went mad."

“There are rumors he has become stronger and his desire for destruction has also increased a lot. Perhaps, he has reached his limit after living for too long."

“Be careful."

The nine-tailed foxes were concerned.

However, Muyoung seemed to know why Uratan wasn't himself.

‘Fragments of Fissure.'

To his surprise, Muyoung could sense the strange energy of the Fragments of Fissure.

A strong chaotic power!

The item Gremory had asked Muyoung to get.

However, it was the first time he had seen a Fragment of Fissure fused with a soul.

‘This doesn't look like it will be easy.'

Muyoung stretched his body.

He didn't know why a Fragment of Fissure came down to Hell Path and became one with Uratan, but he could find out after he won against Uratan.

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