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Chapter 197: Hell Path (5)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Sephtair

For Muyoung to kill Rahora?

Muyoung thought it was odd for a moment.

Wasn't the woman in front of him Rahora?

For her to not be Rahora, when her presence itself was overwhelming compared to other nine-tailed foxes…..

“You are not Rahora?"

So, he couldn't help but ask.

Rahora didn't deny or accept it.

“I'm Rahora but I'm also not her."

“I'm not sure what you are saying."

It didn't seem like a joke.

However, even if she was serious, he was still unable to understand it.

“Inside my body, there is another Rahora. She has a very destructive desire. She is my alter ego who was formed in Hell Path after an eternity of time. No, perhaps I might be the alter ego."

Muyoung was able to feel sadness in Rahora's words.

Now, he understood her a bit.

It was like a split personality.

But, she wanted him to erase one of the two personalities.

“All the owners of the towers became stagnant after Hell Path was created. Including myself, to protect their souls, they needed to create separate selves."

“Are you saying it is possible to separate with the power of corruption again?"

Corruption was the power to make people fall. However, dividing it was a different story.

He could make something good into evil so that the evil wasn't usable but he was unsure if he could divide the good and the evil.

“You should be able to fully remove her with the power of corruption. Without your strength, my darkness would try to live on and torment everything."

She wasn't asking me to separate her.

Resolute determination.

She was planning to die while she killed her other self.

“There has been no king in Hell Path for a very long time. The owners of the towers could do nothing but just survive til now. They knew that the moment they were to fall, their people's souls would be eaten up."

“You are helping me become king so you can rest."

Muyoung chided her.

Because she had lived for a very long time, she wanted to rest.

However, Rahora was worried about the foxes.

As the moment her absence is announced, all foxes would just become prey.

In a way, she had a strong sense of responsibility, but she was so foolish.

He couldn't understand her.

He understood you could get tired of living a long time but… for her to lose the will to live to the point of seeking death.

‘She has no goal.'

Rahora had no purpose. This situation arose because she didn't even have a direction to achieve her goal.

She was the very opposite of Muyoung.

Perhaps Hell Path was a place where souls that lost their enemies stayed.

“I'm exhausted. If I stay like this, I will be consumed by my darkness."

“Okay. I'll remove it."

It wasn't difficult.

Why would it be difficult to deal with a soul that was already exhausted?

Then, Rahora spoke with seriousness.

“When the night comes, my darkness will appear. If you have the strength to defeat Arangga, you will easily be able to defeat my darkness. For the rest, my five daughters will lead the way."

It seemed she was referring to the five nine-tailed foxes.

In fact, the nine-tailed foxes were looking at them restless from the entrance of the room.

“Do you understand? You must accept the result."

Rahora asked the nine-tailed foxes.

The nine-tailed foxes nodded slowly.

“…we will accept the result."

It meant that they were going to look after her responsibilities for her.

Then, the task became much clearer.

Muyoung went towards the corner.

And sat down and closed his eyes.

“Don't you need time alone to prepare?"

“A sword is enough."

Muyoung was just planning to wait.

For the moment when Rahora became immersed in darkness.

Until then, he was going to contemplate himself while waiting for that moment.

Rahora's presence. Her strength was definitely comparable to Muyoung's. However, Muyoung didn't just have the power of death and corruption.

Didn't the existence of darkness already reside inside him?

‘I need you to lend me your strength, Luciferre.'

Although he said 'lend', it was more like 'take', as

Luciferre was still uncooperative.

However, if Muyoung was to take that strength, he would be able to take 30%.

But to fight against Rahora, 30% was enough.

A short but profound silence ensued.

Rahora had her eyes closed as she sat on her throne, and Muyoung was sitting on the floor with his eyes closed on the other side of the room.

In the meantime, the nine-tail foxes were restless.

‘ that man really be able to win?'

‘If he wins… we need to serve him.'

‘However, Rahora is a great being. She won't be easily defeated.'

They were already expecting Muyoung's defeat.

They acknowledged Muyoung's skills because he had won against Arangga, but Arangga was still just a nine-tailed fox. She was still much weaker than the ten-tailed Rahora.

Although there was only a one tail difference between the two, the gap in power was like heaven and earth.

More importantly, they served had Rahora for a very long time. Of course, they weren't happy that a new owner appeared.


Even in Hell Path, night fell.

As the sky was filled with darkness, Rahora's body started to tremble a bit.

First, her tails became black.

Although Rahora tried her best to stay in control, it was futile.

When the trembling had become extreme, Rahora opened her eyes.

Rahora, who now had ten black tails, frowned right away.

“Stupid bitch. How dare you try to play me?"

Her gaze then moved to the nine-tailed foxes.

The nine-tailed foxes' bodies shivered.

It was a primitive fear. That being had existed in Rahora.

Then, she looked at Muyoung.

Muyoung was still lost in his thought.

He didn't move as he kept his eyes closed.

Rahora raised her hand.

Then, ten beads appeared around her.


Craaaank! Craaaash!

The ten fox beads filled with enormous power attacked Muyoung.

One side of the wall collapsed as the fox beads rotated a few million times per second and ground everything into dust.

The fox beads were similar to a container filled with a fox's strength.

As it was an item filled with Rahora's power itself, even if he was the new king of Asura Path, he wouldn't be able to withstand it.

“Did you think I would be defeated by someone like that? Just because he had defeated Arangga… she really is a stupid ass bitch."

The power of corruption was certainly threatening.

In fact, the current Rahora was the one who sent Arangga.

Although she hadn't thought that Muyoung would absorb Arangga's power, as she had now attacked him straight on, he would not be able to survive it.

She was certain of her victory.

After that, the trace of Muyoung had completely disappeared.

“I had a bit of expectation because he was the new king of Asura Path. You guys will also be severely punished for agreeing with this plan."

The nine-tailed foxes became very frightened as they took a step back.

“Should I cut off your tails and destroy your beads? Wouldn't it be quite fun for you to be humiliated for eternity by becoming a normal fox?"

Their tails and fox beads were the foundation of their strength. Without them, they were no different than ordinary foxes.


However, Rahora was unable to make what she said into reality.

Within the rough sand wind, the shadow of a person appeared.

“You were directly hit by the fox beads but… how?"

Rahora spoke as if she couldn't believe it.

The person who appeared was, of course, Muyoung.

However, his appearance was a bit different from before.

Large horn, dyed in black. Grey wings.


In an instant,Muyoung disappeared and appeared in front of Rahora.


The sword bounced once.

The fox beads automatically protected Rahora.

But the fox beads were partly damaged.

This also wasn't possible.

Fox beads were items that couldn't be easily damaged by just any attack. What was more, as they were Rahora's beads, it was understandable for them to easily nullify all attacks.

“You baaastard!"


Rahora was enraged.

She changed her appearance as she unraveled herself instantly.

The top floor of the tower collapsed, and soon, Rahora's huge body appeared.

In that moment, their location changed.

A reality marble.

It was a space-like area, all black, with only numerous meteorites wandering in the surrounding.

In a flash, the meteorites rushed towards Muyoung.



A large darkness opened up behind Muyoung, and an uncountable number of bats popped out from the darkness.

Whenever the bats collided with the meteorites, a small explosion occurred. As countless bats were sent against the meteorites, the meteorites became dust one by one.

This was a technique that gave form to Luciferre's strength.


A circle was drawn near Rahora's body.

The ten-layered barrier fully contained the fox beads' strength.

The strong barrier was also a weapon. In that condition, she rushed towards Muyoung.

She was going to crush him to death.

Muyoung raised Anguish.

The power of corruption that was engraved in Anguish would be able to fight against that barrier.


‘Everything has grains.'

At this moment, Muyoung's eyes could see numerous grains.

Was it because he forcefully took Luciferre's strength?

Even a strong barrier would still have grains.

‘I have no plans to waste a long time on the owner of a tower.'

He raised Anguish.

If she wanted to face him head-on, he would gladly accept it.

Rahora was no more than a stepping stone in the process of conquering Hell Path.

Muyoung was planning to make all 44 towers and their masters submit.

He was too busy to spend a long time on each one.

Tacan acted as soon as Muyoung entered Hell Path.

Tacan's goal was to assassinate the legitimate child of the Reign Clan, Reign Gun.

He quietly hid and waiting for an opportunity.

An opportunity came faster than he expected.

As he had received assassination lessons from Muyoung, he could have easily taken this opportunity.

However, Tacan was more careful. He waited, and waited to find a better opportunity.

Then, when about 15 days had passed…

He was able to assassinate Reign Gun before a new day started.

“Reign Gun was assassinated!"

“Who did it? Who in the world could do this in the Reign Clan?!"

This truth spread far and wide.

The Reign Clan sent out all their soldiers to find the culprit.

They even had strict orders to kill all those who were related to the culprit.

The Noble Castle was overwhelmed with tension.

However, the tension didn't last long.


The ground shook, as if an earthquake had occurred.

Then, a large tower appeared in the middle of the Reign Castle.

“Wh what is that?"

“A tower?"

“It’s so ominous…"

But, there was nothing inside the tower.

However, some sort of ghastliness shrouded the entire tower.

Everyone put their heads together to figure out the tower's identity, but nothing was found.

That wasn't all.

As time passed, the number of towers increased.

Everyone had questions about the unknown towers that appeared in the Noble Castle.

The Great City and the Holy City Mulalan had even sent men to find out about the towers.

However, the Reign Clan didn't accept them.

They closed the Noble Castle and sought to identify the culprit who killed Reign Gun while trying to investigate the towers on their own.

Everyone knew that they were doing this to keep any profit they discovered.

Everything was in chaos.

However, even within that chaos, nothing was solved.

Only Tacan knew the identity of those towers.

‘He is an amazing guy, to even suppress Hell Path.'

Tacan knew that once all 44 towers appeared, many things would change.

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