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Chapter 199: Hell Path (End)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Sephtair


Anguish trembled finely.

According to Gremory, Anguish reacts to the Fragments of Fissures. That function was now being exercised.

Thanks to this, Muyoung was also able to find out that a fragment was stuck in Uratan's heart.

‘Currently, I have only one fragment.'

He earned one when he killed Sky Devil Cult Leader, Moon.

However, Gremory had requested three fragments.

He never expected to find one at this place.

It was something he hadn't tried to find, and wasn't something he'd expected to find at all.

Perhaps it had something to do with Muyoung's fate.


Uratan started to go berserk.

It seemed like he wasn't himself.


As he smacked his huge hand on the ground, the ground within the 100m radius was destroyed.

The specters that followed Uratan were swept away by him.

A duel?

That man was not himself. You could not imagine a one-on-one fight with his honor on the line.

Muyoung looked at the nine-tailed foxes who were panic-stricken.

They were thinking that Uratan was crazy. They had no knowledge that a Fragment of Fissure was influencing him.

“Wasn't there anything odd about Uratan's recent actions?"

“I'm not sure."

“I'm sorry."

The five nine-tailed foxes all shook their head.

It seemed like there was no way to know unless Muyoung asked Uratan himself.

– Leave this to me. I'll show you the basics of war.

As  Muyoung was about to engage, Murdudun appeared.

Murdudun, who had risen in rank, was full of confidence.

Muyoung pondered for a moment before he crossed his arms.

As if he was giving him the sign to do whatever he wanted.

– Kyahahaha! I must teach that naked monkey the elegance of war!


Uratan blew lightning.

From his mouth, lightning that could destroy the surroundings in a second was revealed.

He didn't distinguish between foe and ally.

– Position!

Murdudun issued an order.

He was at least superior to Muyoung in terms of managing troops.

He started to advance his troops as quickly as possible after dividing the troops in half.

– Forward!

A widespread battle occurred, where a million soldiers were mixed together.

After the battle started, since he figured out Uratan didn't distinguish between foe and ally, he planned to create chaos as much as he could by mixing with the enemies.

It didn't stop there.

At once, Murdudun divided his army into dozens of units and attacked Uratan.

This allowed him to throw weak soldiers as bait, while high-ranking specters took turns to attack Uratan.

The intention was obvious.

‘It's to drag time and make him tired.'

The intent itself was simple, but the way Murdudun pulled it off made Muyoung amazed.

Murdudun was easily playing the role of ten generals all on his own.

It meant that he was quickly planning out the war in his head.


Uratan's face quickly became red.

Whenever he wielded his huge fist, the ground was demolished.  

He couldn't help but acknowledge his strength. Muyoung's strength was also considered very strong, but Uratan seemed to be stronger.

However, Uratan was slowly becoming exhausted.

In the meantime, Murdudun was steadily thinning out the enemies and driving Uratan into a corner.

‘A strong army definitely is helpful.'

Muyoung realized again.

In the past, Muyoung was completely alone.

Humanity was alone, only the fact that they were human made them alike.

Even among them, humans created numerous internal conflicts that made it confirm their defeat.  

However, being alone made one thing clear.

Muyoung knew the strength of numbers.

Of course, there wouldn't be an effect with just a gathering of nobodies, but the army he saw in front of him definitely had explosive power.

Absolute power.

It was important. A strong person could win against a group. In the Underworld, this was a given.

However… a strong person couldn't be helped but be exposed to weaknesses as they prolong a fight.

That was why in the end, a group could win against a strong person.

Why don't demon gods fight alone?

Why would they keep demon kings under their command, and why would even Diablo summon Ifrit and others to make an army?

It was because, no matter how strong you were alone, there was a limit.

Although it was possible to be a one-man army, one person couldn't do everything alone.

– Drive him to the swamp!

A swamp was created in the middle of the battlefield.

It wasn't a normal swamp.

It was a swamp that was created by vengeful spirits.

It seemed like he had prepared this before others were aware of it.  

Murdudun was certainly good at multitasking.

Although this wasn't a new tactic that suddenly occurred, Murdudun's ability to instantly react and adapt to circumstances was excellent.


Uratan let out a horrific scream as he was slowly lured into the swamp.

Although he spewed out lightning, it didn't work against the swamp.

On the contrary, it caused Uratan's ankles to fall deeper into the swamp.

– Attack!

Murdudun attacked Uratan from a distance.

Numerous explosions cratered the swamp.

Even Muyoung didn't think he wouldn't be able to survive that much damage.

“I will… kill…"

After the dust settled, Uratan's body was wrecked.

There were so many injuries on his body that it looked like a rag.

Too much blood was spilled, and Murdudun was certain of his victory.

But, Murdudun shouldn't have stopped the attack.

At that moment, Uratan got an opportunity.


A horrible shriek!

The whole ground shook.

Even the souls of specters who died in the war and were contained in the swamp started to scream and began to suffer.

Uratan's shriek became louder.

As if it was really mad.

Then, a huge horn rose from Uratan's head.

It was similar to Muyoung's, but it was definitely different. Uratan's horn was like the Fissure itself.


As the horn was dyed black, the souls were absorbed into the horn.

The swamp disappeared, and the horn even influenced the specters.

‘It must be the strength the Fragment of Fissure has.'

It created a fissure.

Now Uratan created a fissure that affected the specters.

It seemed like it was planning to suck in all the specters into the fissure.

– Retreat!

Murdudun gave the order.

Although he was successful in almost driving Uratan to his death, it seemed like he didn't expect Uratan to have a horn like that.

As Uratan lost control over his body, the Fragment of Fissure started to fully control Uratan.

The tables were turned!

Murdudun's expression hardened.

It seemed like he didn't expect a moment of inattention to produce such a result.

Hundreds of specters were sucked into the horn every second.

Whenever Uratan moved, the surrounding specters were unable to focus.

The fissure seemed like it was going to absorb all the specters until it was filled up. However, no one knew when it would become full.

“It seems like it is my turn."

Muyoung approached Murdudun's side.

Murdudun's expression was shit.

It was almost finished, but a horn had ruined everything.

However, Muyoung had acknowledged Murdudun in his own way.

At least, it gave Muyoung time to figure out Uratan.

Even more, he thought that the 'horn' that changed to make specters react was quite meaningful.

If Uratan's horn changed while fighting Muyoung, he might have lost. That was how much the strength of fissure was unpredictable.

He spread his wings and flew into the air.

‘Soul's Tail.'

A clone was created.

The clone that was created by Soul's Tail copied Muyoung's strength.

Of course, he couldn't exhibit 100% of the strength, but because he had risen in rank, he was able to use up to half, and that was enough.

Muyoung spread his wings with his clone.

Then, he shot out feathers.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

It seemed like it was raining.

In total, 15,554 feathers flew towards Uratan.


Uratan's body became stiff.

Muyoung first sent out his clone.

Thorns sprang up on the clone.

It was a skill that greatly increased all resistance.

With his wings spread, the clone flew towards Uratan.



His clone exploded.

A huge explosion swept the surrounding.

By filling himself with holy flames and using the Thorn Formation skill to harden his exterior, the clone made itself into a 'bomb'.  

‘Using it this way isn't bad.'

It was the first time he used it like this, but it had greater explosive power than he had expected.

A clone bomb…

Muyoung raised Anguish.

Unlike Murdudun, Muyoung didn't let his guard down even in the moment of victory.

Until he was able to verify the enemy's death, he didn't let his guard down.

A horn sprung up Muyoung's head.

One, two, three, four, and then one more!


Uratan got up.

His vitality was exceptional.

Although his horn was dyed black, it didn't have much effect on Muyoung.

As, although Muyoung controlled specters, he himself wasn't one.


He sliced off Uratan's horn.

At that moment, the power of corruption and curse flew in Uratan's body.

In that state, Muyoung sliced his grains.

Through Murdudun's attack and the clone's explosion, Uratan was already thoroughly injured.

Uratan's stamina was at its limit, and the fissure that arose from the horn no longer worked; he no longer had any way to beat Muyoung.


Uratan let out a scream.

However, it was different from the shriek he let out until now.  

Muyoung revived Uratan.

Through Soul Exploitation, he had dominated his soul.

However, the effects were incomplete.

It was the same for other owners of the tower.

Although he tried to dominate them, he wasn't able to.

Was it because there was a difference in level compared to other specters?

Or was it became he collected too many souls?

Either way, 600 seconds was enough.

“Where did you get a Fragment of Fissure?"

“Dantalian… he threw it inside from outside of Hell Path…"

Muyoung frowned.

Dantalian. Demon God of the 71st seat.

His name appeared again. Not once, not twice, but already the third time.

Even so, it seemed like Dantalian knew about the existence of Hell Path.

He killed Murdudun after deceiving him with a lie, told Eunsae about the truth and Ellarsigo, and threw a Fragment of Fissure, which was important to demon gods, in Hell Path.

By analyzing the results of all this, Muyoung was able to make one conclusion.

‘He is alone.'

The demon gods were all in the process of factional strife.

Among them, only Dantalian was acting alone, as if it was a game.

It was doubtful why he showed such behaviors, but there was no consistency in his behavior.

It felt like he was seeing an improvisational play.

He didn't feel any seriousness, only a lot of mischief.

This showed Dantalian's personality.

Also, if he was part of a fraction, they were actions that would not have been seen.

Additionally, there weren't any demon kings under his command. There didn't seem to be anyone who was under his command.

Muyoung nodded.

Dantalian was alone.

‘I must go after him.'

No matter how good Dantalian was at lying and confusing others, Muyoung would no longer be swayed.

He was finding himself, and getting closer to perfection.

In any case, you could say Muyoung was Demon God Dantalian's natural enemy.

What was more, for him to be alone!

Didn't it seem like Dantalian was singing to Muyoung to catch him?

Muyoung decided which demon god he was going to kill first.

Dantalian. Muyoung decided to kill him first.

For him to do so, he needed to move more quickly.

‘I need to dominate the rest of the towers.'

He dominated other towers with Uratan.

There was no need to waste any more time.

He was the strongest force. Even if the owners of other towers started to join forces, it would be too late.

There were too many heads that made a decision, and Muyoung was the single leader.

It meant that the speed of movement itself was different.

Before they could achieve anything, Muyoung's army would raid their towers.

Hell Path was already in Muyoung's hands.

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