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Chapter 195: Hell Path (3)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Sephtair

Gabriel's wings rose.

A few thousand feathers from his wings became daggers and destroyed the ground.

The number was exactly 7,777.

Although they weren't powerful individually, it was the best method to produce a massive scale attack.

ㅡ After consuming the Marbles of the Foxes, I became stronger. My power is overflowing!

After raiding one village, he hunted huge fox-shaped specters.

The fox who seemed to be the head of the village had seven tails. There really seemed to be very few eight-tailed foxes.

And Murdudun controlled specters to hunt foxes and steal their marbles.

When he absorbed the strength contained in a fox’s marble, a change occurred in Murdudun.

The level of the soul had increased, and the strength he had before he died was being recovered slowly.

Murdudun was originally a king who ruled over the sea, was killed, and then made into a specter after being deceived by the 71st Demon God, Dantalion.

ㅡ Ohhh! The power of the sea has been bestowed upon me once again!

The spear Murdudun held started to emit blue light.

When he wielded his spear that fully contained the power of the sea, he summoned multiple source of water.

When rough waves covered the foxes, they were unable to run away.  

– Euahahahahaha! Keuahahahaha!

It seemed like he was in a good mood as he was regaining his original strength.

Muyoung folded Gabriel's wings and walked towards Murdudun who was totally excited.

The seven-tailed fox who seemed to be the head of this village fell to the ground as it bled.

“Rahora will punish you!"

“It seems like Rahora is your owner."

Muyoung shrugged his shoulders.

It was a war against Hell Path itself.

If their owner did exist, he needed to fight it.

It was an event he expected to happen ever since he received the 'Six Paths' from Asura.

Muyoung saw six worlds, and saw potential in those worlds.

Although his own fighting power was important, he felt like he could fight against the demon gods equally if he united the six worlds.

1st Path. He earned Tacan, Calla, and Luciferre in Asura Path.

Just by that, Muyoung had strength that was incomparable to others.


He felt like he earned the right to counter against all things.

And the 2nd world, Hell Path, was a place that would give Muyoung a true army.

Honestly, Muyoung's army was quite weak until now.

Although he was building his strength in the Demon God's Territory, it wasn't an immediate military strength.  

It was a golden egg that had infinite possibility.

However, if he combined Ellarsigo and Hell Path's strength, he would gain an enormous strength that he could instantly use.

He would be able to complete an unimaginable army.

But, the two were just being consumed. Without being used.

Like this, there was strength and weakness.

If his territory in the Demon God's Territory was still operating well, he was going to develop it as much as Ellarsigo and Hell Path.

To create that stepping stone, conquering Hell Path right now was very important to Muyoung.

“Rahora will punish you…"


Muyoung used his feet.

He smashed the seven-tailed fox's mouth.

They were specters and this place was Hell Path.

As war had already started, mercy was a luxury.


It was at that moment.

The sky in the west turned black.

THen, theblack clouds slowly headed towards Muyoung's direction.

– I can sense a strong aura. I think it would be hard to fight the opponent with my current strength.

Murdudun who was excited a moment ago immediately became gloomy.

It was because he felt a specter that seemed to be at another level than him.

Murdudun. It was odd to see him who was full of groundless confidence act that way.

He didn't act this way even in front of the eight-tailed fox.

'A nine-tailed fox.'

It had to be either a nine-tailed fox, which was at a higher level than an eight-tailed fox, or the one they called Rahora.

However, it didn't seem like they came all at once.

'It's better this way.'

If all the foxes gathered and attacked at once, things would have gotten more complicated.

Muyoung's army wasn't complete yet.

Even if a strong person won against a few, there was a limit. If one could fight against all, why would demon gods have demon kings and devils under their command?

But, if they attacked in small numbers like this, it was something that he would rather welcome.

“Should I fight it?"

Seo Eunsae asked.

If it was Seo Eunsae, she might be able to fight against a nine-tailed fox.

She had already regained the strength of her prime and became stronger.

However, he became curious.

A nine-tailed fox. It was a monster that didn't exist in the Underworld.  

It was a monster or a divine creature that was only told of through stories

There were many monsters in Hell Path that he didn't think existed. Perhaps Hell Path was a place where 'Stories becoming Reality' occurred.

So, the simple thought of wanting to compare his strength with the owners of these stories came to his mind.


"Aackk! Arangga has appeared!"

The foxes started to go wild after seeing the black clouds.

Their reaction was more intense than when they were attacked by Muyoung.

'The one that's approaching right now is called Arangga?'

'It's ominous.'

Additionally, the foxes' reaction towards the opponent was very ominous.

Even to Muyoung, it felt like something was definitely there.

'I'll face it.'

Thud! Thump!

He spread his wings.

He lowered his stance and the moment he leaped up, Muyoung entered into the black clouds at an incredible speed.


There was a nine-tailed fox inside the cloud.

To be exact, a nine-tailed fox-shaped cloud.


Arangga struck Muyoung with his huge front paw.

As if the paw had teleported, it appeared in front of Muyoung and he was slightly late in blocking its attack.


Muyoung was once again on the ground.

Muyoung fixed his hair and got up from the ground that was dented.

'It's a cloud itself.'

It was the reason why the front paw suddenly disappeared and struck Muyoung.

On top of that, on his chest where he was hit, black energy was imprinted.

'This is?'

'It's a delicacy.'

This wasn't what Muyoung had in mind.

Luciferre. He had awakened for the first time in a while, and ate up the leftover residue of corruption.

“Is it your friend?"

The black cloud rushed towards Muyoung.


As Muyoung took out Anguish, Luciferre replied.

'Don't compare me with something that received an evil god's curse.'

An evil god? Was it different from a demon god?

Muyoung held Anguish and once again jumped up and sliced the cloud in half.

Then, the cloud joined together again and bound Muyoung's body.

Finally, he realized why he felt this ominous feeling.

“It's annoying."

Arangga was a very annoying opponent.

Rahora, the God of Foxes, was watching the fight from the beginning with its fox crystal.

The corrupting strength Arangga had was so strong that even Rahora stayed far from it.

Until now, it had been sealed in a deep place, but it had been released temporarily to face the owner of Asura Path.

Rahora foresaw Arangga's victory.

Rahora thought that, in the end, even Asura Path's owner would become a dud as his power gets cancelled.

However… it didn't take long for it to realize that its thoughts were incorrect.

'For the curse to not work.'

Arangga's curse could even corrupt authorities.

When Arangga first touched Muyoung, Rahora thought it was the end for Muyoung, but he was fine.

The problem was that he was too fine.

As if the power of corruption didn't exist from the beginning, it was erased.

But, Rahora thought Arangga will still be able to win.

Arangga didn't have a body. As the soul itself was ethereal, unless one cast a strong spell, you would be able to even fight it.

How could he kill something that doesn't have a body?


Rahora who was watching the fight let out a scream.

Muyoung's sword was strange. As he attacked, the cloud was sliced. Of course, all it needed to do was join together again, but the speed was getting noticeably slower.

It was evidence that Muyoung's attacks were working.

However, Rahora couldn't sense any trace of magic from Muyoung.

How could someone who doesn't know magic be able to fight against Arangga?

Arangga became thinner as time passed.


“Stop him! You must stop him! Arangga cannot be dominated by him!"

Rahora suddenly got up.

Although it was bothersome, it was desirable.

The power Arangga had.

The word that was deeply affiliated with Luciferre.


Although Muyoung couldn't be corrupted, he wanted to know what it felt like to corrupt someone.

That was why Muyoung didn't try to dominate Arangga.

He tried to absorb it as his own strength.

'Authority Predator.'

Luciferre's strength.

The authority that can steal someone else's authority!

From Muyoung's back, numerous hands appeared and covered Arangga's cloud.

Kyaaaa! Kyaaaaa!

Arangga struggled.

However, no matter how hard it tried, it was futile.

Arangga was helpless in front of an enemy where the strength of corruption was ineffective.

He also couldn't be overwhelmed by simple nine-tailed fox skills either.

A monster that was told of through stories. That strength was definitely superior, but Muyoung was already heading towards the transcendent level.

It meant that Muyoung couldn't be beaten just by stories becoming reality.

But, the result was unexpected.

All of Arangga's cloud was absorbed into Anguish.

Although the strength of corruption was rejected by Muyoung, it was absorbed by Anguish instead.

Anguish became pure blackness itself. Held up against a light, it didn't even shine.

Even before this, it seemed like an ominous sword, but now, that level had been surpassed.

A sword that was ominousness itself!

Muyoung looked at Anguish more closely.

Then, information related to it appeared.

Name: Anguish

Rank: S+++

Classification: Weapon

Durability: 444,444 (Unrepairable)

Effect: A sword with the anguish of Gremory. A special condition has been activated. It has reached demigod level.

* Myth (unique)

* It diffuses the 'Curse of Vampire Lord' to every enemy

* Ability to steal blood from the opponent and recover the stamina of the user

* It has the power to corrupt those that are touched by the sword

* Dark Gigant Lightning (S++, able to use it every 30 days)

* Greed (Sword absorption. From the absorbed sword, it brings everything over including its durability.)

* Strength +75

* Fighting Aura +30

* Intelligence +45

* All stats +15

* Cry of Rage

* All attacks and all barrier type skills are strengthened



Now there was only one step until the next level.

But for it to reach the demigod level.

It was almost as far as a sword could reach.

If it takes one more step, it would be able to reach the final level, a weapon of the same level only Baal might have, a weapon that is only told of in legends.

The newly added ability was a complete surprise as well.

Dark Gigant Lightning.

Even the name itself seemed out of the ordinary. Also, it's level was S++. Even if it was a simple attack type skill, if it was that level, he couldn't even imagine what sort of power it would emit.

In fact, among humans, there weren't any who had an S++ level skill.

Muyoung's eyes shook slightly as he looked at Anguish.

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