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Chapter 196: Hell Path (4)
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Sephtair

However, it seemed like it would be hard to use the skill while thinking of that long name.

So, Muyoung decided to change the name.

‘I should call it Dark Thunder.'

The skill name depended on what the user recognized it as.

It was better to have a name that was more convenient and he could call out quicker.

A name he could remember easily. A name that would pop up quickly in his mind.

Dark Gigant Lightning was too long for a name. It was better to recognize it and call it by a shorter name, like Dark Thunder.

Muyoung looked at Anguish more closely.

The energy of corruption floated around and covered the surrounding.

As Muyoung swept the ground with Anguish, the ground weakened and was dyed black.

‘Was it enough to just touch it?'

He felt he needed to experiment with a few more things, and learn about the power of corruption.  

However, Muyoung was certain that if someone was to place their hand on Anguish, they would be corrupted. In whatever way, something unpleasant would occur.

Only Muyoung, who was immune to corruption, could hold Anguish and use it fully.

‘It's like a devil sword.'

He laughed a little.

The path Anguish took was very close to darkness.

A sword that exercised the powers of curse and corruption the moment it touched!

It was a devil sword itself.

As it was a sword that could also eat up the owner, it was worthy to be called a devil sword.

Muyoung shook Anguish once and then turned around.

“For A… Arangga to die…"

“Wasn't Arangga immortal?"


The rest of the foxes gave up resisting.

Arangga was a strong symbol of terror even to them.

Since that terror was killed by Muyoung, they had lost all their will to fight.

Even without this, their chances of winning had dropped a lot but now, there was no coming back.

‘Soul Exploitation.'

Muyoung dominated those foxes.

Numerous hands stretched out and marked the foxes' souls.

Afterwards, he turned his head and looked towards the closest tower that soared high.

A few women wearing airy clothes appeared from the tower.

“We greet the King of Asura Path."

Five women.

They were beautiful women.

They were women who were fit to be called the best.

They approached Muyoung and knelt on one knee, their beauty and appearance capable of bewitching most men.  

Muyoung was at least unaffected in that sense, but he couldn't help but knit his brows for another reason.

‘They are not normal foxes.'

Their presence was different from the other foxes.

Even more so, it was sad to even compare the five who were in front of him with the eight-tailed foxes.

It was a similar feeling to when he met Arangga.

‘Nine-tailed foxes.'

The five in front of him were all nine-tailed foxes. They hid their tails and appeared as humans.

However, he couldn't understand.

Muyoung had no thoughts of hiding that he was an invader.

And yet, they were kneeling in front of the invader and showing manners?

“What are you up to?"

“Rahora would like to meet you."

A name he didn't expect popped out.


The owner of the tower wanted to see Muyoung.

However, Rahora would have also been the one who sent Arangga against him.

Was it trying to declare its surrender after realizing that Muyoung could not be suppressed by force?

Muyoung once again looked at the tower.

The red eyes of the tower were looking straight at Muyoung.

The eyes were very unpleasant.

It was most likely… stealing a glimpse of Muyoung's every move.

“What if I refuse?"

“We hope you wouldn't make that sort of decision. Rahora is a merciful being. She doesn't want any more blood to be drawn."

Their words had quite a bit of truth mixed in.

He was able to see that they wanted to avoid a full-scale war.

However, they wouldn't have approached him without any intentions.

“What does Rahora want from me?"

“Rahora doesn't have any greed. However, if you like, she can help the king of Asura Path to pacify this place. Hell Path hasn't had a true king for a very long time."

It was something new he found out.

For there to be no king in Hell Path.

It meant that there was no absolute being like Luciferre here.

However, he was able to feel a strength similar to Arangga from the nine-tailed foxes in front of him.

If Muyoung were to face all five at once, he would now emerge unscathed.

It seemed like the nine-tailed foxes knew this.


Muyoung pondered for a moment.

It was something he didn't think of.

As the specters in Hell Path wouldn't welcome Muyoung, he was just planning to dominate them.

He never thought that he would be able to communicate with anyone.

However, if the nine-tailed foxes were this powerful, the owner of the tower, Rahora, would be able to exhibit more powers than them.

And there were 44 towers like this.

But, Rahora said she will help Muyoung dominate Hell Path.

It was a proposal Muyoung had no reason to refuse.

“Please don't doubt us. We just don't want any more blood to be drawn."

In some ways, Muyoung was their enemy.

For them to not lose their smile in front of their enemy, it was like watching very skilled merchants.

‘They are formidable.'

As expected, the answer was to approach this carefully.

Muyoung nodded his head.

Hell Path was like a maze to Muyoung.

However, whatever his intentions were, if Rahora was willing to aid him even a bit, it would allow him to know of various aspects of Hell Path.

Information was power.

In that sense, he couldn't help but bite the bait.

He thought it was very unlikely for him to be harmed while he was a guest inside the tower.

‘If they were after me, there would be more than five who would show up.'

It looked like these five nine-tailed foxes were an important strategy.

And they wouldn't be unaware that Muyoung had the strength to dominate.

If they were after Muyoung, they wouldn't have sent just these nine-tailed foxes.

“Lead me."

Muyoung spoke.

Then, he spread his six wings wide.

He felt dizzy just looking at the tower that stretched up into the sky.

As he entered the tower, the nine-tailed foxes guided Muyoung to a huge room.

“Before you climb the tower, you need to clean your body."

“We will help you."

Muyoung shook his head.

“I'll do it alone."

The nine-tailed foxes offered to help bathe Muyoung, but it didn't sound attractive to him.

Although they didn't seem to have any ill intentions, the nine-tailed foxes had a small amount of bewitching aura.

They even made Muyoung wary.

Muyoung took off his armor. Then, he entered the bath in the room next door, bringing just Anguish with him.

‘It was foolish to just fight.'

He was thinking that he needed information as well.

It was good to continuously grow his army but, without information, he would be no different than a hollow vase.

And if Rahora was planning to genuinely help Muyoung, he welcomed it.

Therefore, Muyoung was also fulfilling what they wanted even for a bit.

However, if they had other intentions…

‘They won't be able to avoid an all-out war.'

He just hoped that wasn't the case.

Swoosh, Swoooosh.

It was at that moment.

The door opened and naked nine-tailed foxes appeared.

“We didn't think it wasn't courteous to our visitor, so…"

“Please don't send us away."

Their art-like naked bodies would force a reaction from any man.

However, their intention was obvious.

It seemed like they were trying to appease Muyoung before he met Rahora.

But their identities were still specters.

Although he had a body, they didn't.

Also, it wasn't even their real appearance.

“Do you not like us?"

As Muyoung wasn't swayed, the nine-tailed foxes asked as if they did not expect it.

The bewitching aura the nine-tailed foxes emitted was stronger than one could imagine.

There wouldn't be anyone who wouldn't fall for them like this.


Muyoung stomped his foot on the ground.

Soon, the area itself shook and offset the auras.

“Don't do anything foolish. I came only to talk to Rahora."

Composure. He showed no sign that he was swayed.

Eyes that were completely cold.

The nine-tailed foxes were taken aback, as if they didn't know he would respond this strongly.

Soon, the nine-tailed foxes looked at each other.

They understood Muyoung, and realized that honey traps wouldn't work on him.

If they had, it would have also been a disappointment. It would mean that the ruler who dominated the 1st world, Asura Path, was unable to win against their mere attraction.

If that was the case, Rahora would have no reason to be alert.

However, Muyoung kept his unbending spirit. After surpassing multiple walls, and forging the Muyoung Sword within the Flame of Purification, his mind had become stronger.

Even if they were to proceed further, Muyoung didn't seem like he would be swayed.  

“…We will leave."

They managed to speak.

The nine-tailed foxes left the bath. With an expression that their pride was very hurt.

As they weren't able to fulfill their task, they were also somewhat sad.

Muyoung didn't care, and once again dipped into the bath.

Afterwards, he spent his time relaxedly.

* * *

Muyoung climbed the tower.

And at the top of the tower, he met Rahora.

A woman wearing fancy clothing. However, she revealed ten tails behind her.

The woman also didn't have any pupils. They were very homogeneous eyes that were completely white.

“What do you want?"

Rahora instantly spoke after seeing Muyoung.

She dropped formalities.

Since their relationship wasn't that great, it was rather a good thing.

Muyoung didn't want to drag things out either.


“What are you planning to do with Hell Path?"

“I am going to use it as my army."

“Is there another opponent you need to fight elsewhere?"

“I'm going to fight with everything."

Muyoung's answers were adamant.

However, they were also vague.


Didn't it sound like he was going to fight with the world?

In reality, as Muyoung was planning to fight against the entirety of the Underworld, it wasn't an incorrect interpretation.

“The owners of the towers won't like being under someone."

Rahora spoke.

Muyoung grinned and asked.

“Isn't that the same for you as well?"

“I'm not greatly different. But, I also don't want to be in a hostile relationship with the king of Asura Path."

It meant she didn't want to be under someone, but didn't want to fight either.

She had a wishy-washy attitude.

Muyoung spoke.

“Obedience or war! There are only two choices."

An ambiguous decision would result in an ambiguous result.

That was why Muyoung only provided two choices.

As if he wasn't going to accept anything else.

Rahora's clear eyes closed for a moment.

However, she didn't think for too long.

“Then, can I ask you for a favor? If you grant us this, we, our fox family, will crown the ruler of Asura Path as our new king."

Finally, it was the main point.

Until now, it was no more than a taste.

Obedience or war.

The answer depended on the 'favor' Rahora was going to ask.

If she chose war, that was fine as well.  

As he could gain information after dominating his opponent.

Just to make things quicker, he was making such troublesome efforts.

In reality, if Rahora and the other foxes were to help Muyoung, the conquest of Hell Path would proceed much faster.

However, Muyoung had no idea what sort of favor she would ask of him.

How great of a favor would she ask to decide the fate of her family?

“Tell me."

“I know you have absorbed Arangga's power of corruption. Please use that power to…"

Rahora was aware that Muyoung had absorbed Arangga's power.

It seemed like she knew that the power resided within Anguish.

As expected, it appeared Rahora was the one who sent Arangga.

And it seemed like she felt a strong interest in Muyoung, who was not affected by Arangga's power.

After she caught her breath, she continued.

“Kill Rahora."

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