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Chapter 194: Hell Path (2)

Translation: Tay & Nadu

Edit: Sephtair


People commonly used the term 'bonanza' when large benefits were easily obtainable.

This place, Hell Path, was a bonanza for Muyoung.

A place you could never leave once you entered. Another Underworld where no one escapes!

Everyone regarded this place as 'hell', but Muyoung felt comfortable, as if he had returned to his hometown.

After conquering Asura's Path and gaining its true owner, 'Luciferre', he'd seen that Hell Path had opened up, but he hadn't been trying to enter it because he had still thought it was too early.

The specters here were even more powerful than in Asura's Path. So that even the great  Murdudun was not judged to be 'Rank 4'.

But, ultimately, he knew when he arrived.

That the time was ripe.

He would be able to take another step forward when he conquered this place.


He tore a talisman.

Then, a shadow of a person appeared in front of Muyoung.

“Seo Eunsae."

“You called for me?"

Seo Eunsae grinned.

Originally, she had to remain in the Command Clan and do various business tasks, but as he was headed to Hell Path, he made her into a talisman temporarily.

Thus, he summoned her inside Hell Path.

“If you look at this place as a single battle array, what is the central construct, or where is the focal point?"

Seo Eunsae was someone who was capable of breaking all battle arrays.

The Advance Clan had opened Hell Path due to a battle array.

Likewise, it was safe to say that Hell Path was a huge matchless 'battle array' that was created by someone.

Naturally, the creator would be Asura, but understanding this was beyond Muyoung's ability.

However, Seu Eunsae was also a part of Muyoung's power.

If so, it was better to use her freely.

"It is too big. However, if you capture strong evil spirits it seems you will be able to understand the true form."

Muyoung nodded his head.

Indeed, she seemed to have grasped the key factor at a glance.

In order to see the entire picture, he needed to capture several major evil spirits.

In any case, Muyoung had no intention of just sightseeing.

This was an opportunity to build his strength.

Since the body had been carried and handed over, growth in this place affected everything about Muyoung.



As he hung the talisman, seven Bone Dragons appeared.

They flew around in a dignified manner and scared the specters.

Ambiguous specters could not dare to even think of coming close in the presence of the power of deep death.

Then, Muyoung called Murdudun.

ㅡ Hmm? Where is this now?

“It's Hell Path."

Murdudun, who had the head of a seahorse, appeared with his army of specters numbering ten thousand.

However, there had been a change.

The specters reaching ten thousand in number hadn't had any shape all this while, yet, after being summoned to Hell Path, they started to look like how they looked while alive.

Species of all kinds. There were countless similar races mixed in, starting with humans, elves, and dwarves.

They gathered together by Muyoung's side expressionlessly with their weapons drawn.

Murdudun also had a proper shape.

ㅡ Ohoho. It's time to conquer the next boundary! Then, leave it to me. I, Murdudun, will wipe out the surrounding evil spirits. Oohaha!

Murdudun possessed a body as solid as a rock. He wore a crown on his head that was similar to a seahorse, and his body was similar to a frog, but a little more angled.

He walked on two feet while wielding a three-bladed spear, and emitted  a considerable sense of pressure, as he was twice the size of Muyoung.

However, Muyoung was unbothered and spoke.

“You will be bait."

ㅡ A bait?

Murdudun looked at Muyoung in apparent confusion.

An army of ten thousand. There, Muludun was certainly a strong leader among the specters, but this place was Hell Path.

Muyoung turned on the Status Viewer for Murdudun.

Then, the information related to him came up.

Murdudun was the highest one.

Even he was only Rank 4.

Up to Rank 1 specters were dispersed throughout Hell Path.

If Murdudun went out alone, he would not be able to escape annihilation.

"Circle and lure in the strong specters."

ㅡ …Uurghh.

"We have to build up our army. Hell Path is not an easy place."

The owner of Asura's Path, Luciferre!

If he recovered his true strength and fought, Muyoung still could not guarantee his own victory. There was likely a high probability of defeat.

Even so, Muyoung was doing just fine because he had an opposing power against Luciferre and had a firm grasp on his soul.

That said, wouldn't Hell Path also have a strong person like Luciferre?                            

He had to approach carefully. If he made even the slightest mistake, it was possible for his body and soul to be completely lost.

Of course, even taking that into consideration, this place was a bonanza for Muyoung.

If it was this place, even the power of stagnant spirits could be raised.


Hell Path was a place where there was an endless array of dry plains.

However, there were a few places that had huge towers.

The red energy gathered at the top of each tower looked like eyes.

The red eyes on top of the towers looked at Muyoung.

<'Hell Towers' represent influential powers and are milestones that connect the boundaries of Hell Path and reality. >

44 Hell Towers.

There would also be a body that acts as the central role in Hell Path.

It seemed like he would be satisfied only after gaining everything.

Murdudun played a role as bait.


'It is my role to sweep them off.'

It was the beginning of the hunt.

Hell Path was a place where monsters and others that existed throughout the eternity of time came after their death.

Even those monsters who didn't exist from the beginning and existed only in stories existed in Hell Path.

Hell Path was a place where reality and imagination were intertwined.

Muyoung looked at the specters Murdudun had brought.

A giant body. Eight tails.

It was his first time seeing it.

There were all sorts of monsters in the Underworld, but there wasn't an eight-tailed fox or a nine tailed fox.

The eight tails moved like an octopus's legs and spun Murdudun and the specters.

Kwang! Kwang!

It was definitely not a normal specter.

It had destructive power that could not be seen if it was just in the form of a soul.

If it was able to leave Hell Path and got into the real world, it could easily be recognized as one of the top tier monsters.


However, the eight-tailed fox got caught in a trap Muyoung had created.

The seven dragons that pressured the eight-tailed fox from all sides started to bite all over its body.

Muyoung approached after the eight-tailed fox let out a scream and fell to the ground.

'Soul Exploitation.'

When Muyoung uses it on his own undead, Soul Exploitation allowed Muyoung's stats to increase.

However, if he uses it on a specter-like this, he could absorb the specter and 'dominate' it.

Kyah! Kyahhhh!

The process was quite long.

It seemed like there was a chance for him to fail to exploit a high rank specter.               

Although the stat only rose a bit, it was amazing that it rose even that much considering how high Muyoung's stats were.

After successfully absorbing it, another eight-tailed fox appeared in Muyoung's surroundings.

Like this, he had already dominated more than 300 specters.

Among them, most were the huge foxes with eight tails.

'This seems to be the territory of the foxes. It is made up of several villages.'

However, it was the first time he had seen a fox with eight tails.

Perhaps, there might really be a nine-tailed fox.

ㅡ As you absorb stronger specters, I feel like I'm also getting stronger.

After looking at his body, Murdudun spoke as if it seemed odd.

Hell Path was a place like  the root of all specters. In this place, it was possible for specters to grow infinitely.

"Are you done scouting the foxes' villages?"

ㅡ There are several villages surrounding the tower. 30 minutes is enough to reach the closest village.

"Then we need to invade it."

Muyoung was an invader.

There was no point in prolonging this.

He needed to quickly unite a heterogeneous realm.

After all, one by one, the 44 towers were starting to gaze towards Muyoung.

It felt like something unpredictable would happen if all the towers were looked towards Muyoung.

Even if it was just to relieve this anxiety, he felt like he needed to gather more troops quickly.  

As Muyoung acted, over ten thousand troops began to move.

The 44 towers each had different owners.

The strongest 44 tribes managed each tower, and their main role was to restrict the overflowing number of specters and remove any presence of unknown beings.

The Fox God Rahora was already aware of the unknown being that had invaded its territory.

“Rahora, an unknown being is attacking and dominating us."

The nine-tailed foxes gathered before Rahora.

Rahora was the ten-tailed true god of the foxes.

It had a godly sight that allowed it to see long distance.

That was why it was able to know who that unknown existence was.

"He is the master of Asura’s Path."

“Are you talking about Asura's Path of the first world?"

"The true owner of that place lost and a new owner had appeared. He is working to control the 2nd world, Hell Path, as well."

“He has the power to dominate us. What must we do?"

The ability to dominate was the trickiest power.

Hundreds of their companions had already been dominated before his irresistible power.

If it were not for such authority, everyone would have united and the unkown existence would have been erased entirely.  

"The owners of the other towers are also very interested in the new owner of Asura's Path. They will act after finding out how he handles our actions."

The owners of other towers would have already found out about Muyoung's existence.

This wasn't just a prediction but a certainty.

However, they were just watching him because they were still unable to find out about Muyoung.

He was the new owner of Asura's Path.

To act just on this truth was too risky.

The others would act differently when the foxes, including Rahora, were annihilated.

However, in Rahora's case, it needed to avoid just that.

Since they would only act once the foxes and Rahora lost!

“Call Aranga."

"Isn’t Aranga the cursed nine-tailed fox?"

“Aranga’s curse will be able to weaken the power of the dominance. "

What every fox was wary of was that authority.

If he dominated foxes through authority and attacked the other foxes, the damage would get out of control.

They needed to act before then.

Aranga would be able to make a blow against the new owner of Asura's Path.

'If he’s not the true master of Asura’s Path, he won’t be able to dominate Hell Path."

Aranga’s curse was corruption.

It was decided that if the power of corruption offset Muyoung's authority, the other foxes would be able to fight against him.

However, there was something even Rahora who had the godly sight didn't know of.

Although Muyoung had cast down Luciferre and conquered Asura's Path, that that wasn't all of it.

That Luciferre was also inside Muyoung.

And also… the truth that Muyoung could never be 'corrupted'.

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