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Chapter 192: The Banquet (End)

Translation: Tay

Edit: Sephtair

It was the first time in his life experiencing something like this.

Reign Gun was used to looking down all his life.

He had hardly ever done anything like looking upwards.

Limitless success. Even at the test of potential candidates in the opening of the gates in the Great City, his overwhelming No. 1 record had not been broken.

The many high-ranked skills that were prepared for him were provided by countless lives who went through life and death situations, and was a combination based on the best harmony.

In addition, he wasn't negligent on training, and even though he was young, he had few enemies in the Reign Clan.

However… his face was on top.

With outstretched hands.

"Two S-Rank talismans."

He spoke in a way that made him angry.

His face turned scarlet.

Snow's case soon slipped from his mind.

There was nothing that stood above himself.

He himself was absolute!

He was a star among stars that must never break or fall!

'He's weak because he doesn't know defeat.'

Muyoung chuckled as he watched the shaking Reign Gun.

In the past, Reign Gun was famous for certain reasons. He was one of the top strongest people. However, the futility of his death had been immeasurable.

'I had killed him.'

Defense must be done by oneself.

One should always be vigilant and focused.

Compared to the defences one prepared himself, the ones others made for him were far less efficient.

Few people were willing to be triply alert to protect others.

Reign Gun had been careless.

Though he thought it was impossible for someone to crack his defences, he had a strange conviction that no one would ever be able to reach him.

In the twilight, on a night with a full moon.

Reign Gun had been killed by Muyoung.

He was found dead in his sleep.

How futile a death!

He had been that careless because he was unfamiliar with defeat and only knew victory.

It was the end of a man who entrusted his own safety to others.

What was worse was that even the people in charge of his safety did not trust Reign Gun. Because they didn't earnestly follow him, it was actually easy to break through.

Muyoung secretly turned his head and looked at Seo Eunsae.

At first, he tried to be vigilant and cautious, but now that he had Seo Eunsae to look over him he didn't really need to be cautious of his actions.

Seo Eunsae had declared Muyoung as her true successor and now everyone knew that fact.

He was receiving her favor… but this was also a repertoire created by Muyoung.

"Are you not going to give it to me?"

"I haven't lost yet."

There was nothing as obscene as advertising your win everywhere then being knocked out in one blow.

Reign Gun got up.

Muyoung was waiting too.

This place was Muyoung's stage.

Certainly, if he was noticeable, people would approach.

There could also be people inside who wanted to break the Ellarsigo's seal.

Of course, to do that, he needed to show slightly different powers.

As he was still an opponent…

"I haven't demonstrated my true strength yet. Don't get too excited."

Muyoung's gaze remained unsympathetic.

He was smiling, but he already understood everything about Reign Gun.

At Muyoung's present level, Reign Gun was the equivalent of a bug.

Those referred to as humanity's ten strongest would no longer be rivals for Muyoung.

Muyoung grew too fast for that.

It wasn't even insufficient growth. It was finding oneself, building oneself, and carving out one's own path.

In other words, it meant that everything that Reign Gun intended to do was not even child's play for Muyoung.

"Taiji Army."


Taiji energy surged forth from behind Reign Gun.

Fire and ice formed an exquisite shape, simultaneously making him stronger.

In addition, there was a star.

Muyoung debated for a moment.

Whether or not to devour that star.

Then, Muyoung shook his head.

He was the predator and Reign Gun was his prey.

In this absolute dynamic relationship, it made no sense for the predator to worry about the prey.

Muyoung's Star of the Absolute was able to devour all stars.

Moreover, to prove his strength, he would need to flatten that camp.

"I'm honored to know the experience of this power."

Reign Gun was full of confidence.

This was because he gained enormous power from the balance of the star's power and his skills.

He was overflowing with self-assurance.

At present, Reign Gun's physical strength was over 500.

If it was 500, he was close to the ten strongest, or better

Reign Gun had never lost in a situation like this before.

Shortly after, one loss would be added to his flawless victory.

'The Star of the Absolute.'

A red light shone down from the sky and wrapped around Muyoung.


Also, the Star of the Absolute's size and redness were different from two years ago.

The sun had disappeared and the star had taken its place.

This change seemed to have taken place after his rank rose due to Spirit King Ifrit and the dormant fire was absorbed.

'A bit excessive.'

Muyoung could see it.

If it looked that way to Muyoung, how would it look in the eyes of others?


"That… nebula!"

"The Lord of the Nebula!"

The people who knew the identity of the star were frightened.

Things like stars were not easily obtainable.

The stars themselves had become powerful proof and evidence.

The way to become the Absolute.

But the people that didn't know were just confused by the change in their surroundings.

Only people who realized their strength could identify stars. It took passing several barriers to learn the true value of a star.

The nebula was aflame, as scarlet as blood.

"A cheap trick…!"

Reign Gun felt it also.

It was a feeling that couldn't be missed.

But he denied it. There could never be a star bigger and brighter than his own.

Due to his strengthened body, he rammed in like a rhino.

No, he should have rammed.



A violent collision?

No, it wasn't even a violent collision.

It didn't even reach him.

As Muyoung brandished Anguish, enormous wind pressure formed.

The wind pressure alone broke Taiji's Army. It shattered into pieces and faded away.

Soon, the broken Taiji's Army and the teeny, tiny star became dust and were absorbed by the Star of the Absolute.

"The star, how…?"

<'The Star of Taiji' was plundered.>

<'Starlight' - All abilities +10, effect increased to +20.>

Starlight was a key.

It was not a title or a continuous victory, but was like having a token of the Absolute Star.

It was an item Muyoung was currently carrying.

The effect has doubly increased.


Reign Gun collapsed in amazement.

Muyoung spoke shortly.

"All of the world's battle arrays have no meaning to me."

He had only made the slight promise that he could break the seal.

He didn't know if he would catch anything or not, and Muyoung had just left one of the possibilities open.

Muyoung looked around.

Among them, he already had a few in mind who knew might know about Ellarsigo.

People who moved clandestinely. Or people who were deeply hiding something.

People like that gave off a smell. It was an odor that only Muyoung could smell.

"Is there no more alcohol?"

Muyoung sheathed Anguish.

Then he sipped his alcohol again.

After the Star of the Absolute devoured it, it disappeared and the sun returned to its place again.

People were unable to speak for some time.

That Reign Gun had…

Like this, he would not be someone who would lose in vain.

Even more, the overwhelming image that his opponent displayed was captivating.

"Let's treat the injured and enjoy having fun again. Isn't this the first banquet in a while?"

Seo Eunsae had cleaned up the current situation.

Her influential power was the highest in this place.

The majority of those who were called 'Original' had already lived their natural lifespan and died.

Or, their bodies were not well enough to move around and did not go out.

Therefore as long as Seo Eunsae was here, there weren't many people who could do something about Muyoung.

It was the reason why Muyoung just acted out.

Reign Gun was defeated!

It was a rumor that spread in an instant, but the Noble Castle was unexpectedly quiet.

It was because the Reign Clan rolled up their sleeves and concealed the truth.

Even so, they were not hostile towards Muyoung either.

It was like a cactus that suddenly appeared before Seo Eunsae and Muyoung.

They understood that approaching him without knowing could cause them to be scratched. If Reign Gun was aggressive, other people would be cautious, and so the Reign Clan had been able to hold the highest position up until this moment.


"Can you really destroy all battle arrays?"

People from the Advance Clan approached him.

Of the Five Clans, the Advance Clan was a group that used their heads.

They liked to study and were good at organizing things.

That said, their military force was not weak, and it was a place that boasted that it was second to the Reign Clan.

"It's possible."

Muyoung spoke arrogantly.

Seo Eunsae was capable of real destruction.

What Muyoung did was destroy. It was not dissolution, it was literally breaking it.

He could of course dissolve it if he wanted to, but the most efficient thing was to destroy the battle array.

"We have dilemmas that cannot be solved. Can you provide assistance?"

"Dilemma? Things like that don't exist for me."

Muyoung readily consented.

Then, the Advance Clan presented several difficult battle arrays to Muyoung.

Commonly, if it was battle  arrays, it was about controlling the land and making a type of 'virtual space'.

There was a path of life and death, but if you entered death, you would either die or spend your entire life wandering in that space.

However, Muyoung had easily escaped the battle  array that not even the strongest people had managed to escape from.

Path of life and death. The only other way out.

Breaking the centre of the battle  array!

"But Ten Thousand Peak is a camp whose location was almost impossible to find…"

"How did you find the true form?"

The people in the Advance Clan, who had been watching, clicked their tongues.

Ten Thousand Peak was a battle  array that caused numerous changes in 60 seconds.

Most died if they fell in.

However, before those changes could even start, Muyoung found and destroyed the true form.

"Stop playing games. Did you call me to break the battle  array?"

Muyoung made an impression.

It certainly was a difficult battle  array.

However, it was not enough to be trouble for Muyoung.

Soon after, the person in charge of battle  arrays and the like, who introduced himself as Advance Haram, emerged.

'I'm sorry. I had no choice but to compare and test your skills just in case."

"Well now we can get to the real thing."

"This is a camp named Hell Path. No one that has entered has ever come back out. Would you like to attempt the challenge?"

Advance Haram read the character of Muyoung, or to be exact, the imitation of Banya that Muyoung projected.

Proud and unhindered.

Can you really do it?

In other words, if he was threatened in that way, he would blaze up even more.

'Hell Path.'

Muyoung had a world of the same name.

He had never used it properly before, but it was interesting anyway.

Muyoung nodded his head as befitted his act.

"It has to be at least that challenging to be worth trying."

A reason he didn't have to do it but did it.

Because he realized that this was the last test.

There could be no other reason if they made such a sudden approach and presented a test like this.

'Even the Advance Clan became linked to the seal of Ellarsigo.'

It was a bit of a surprise, but he understood.

Indeed, since this was the place that researched battle  arrays the most, they would have asked questions at this place first.

They revealed their secret and prepared a way to make sure they stayed quiet.

However, even the Advance Clan was unable to lift the seal on Ellarsigo.

If Muyoung solved even 'Hell Road', there was a possibility of solving Ellarsigo.

There was no reason for Muyoung to oppose it.

The last test.

After the banquet, everything started to go according to Muyoung's plan.

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