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Chapter 191: The Banquet (4)

Translation: Nadu

Edit: Sephatir

An overwhelming feeling!

Those who watched him were silent at first.

People tend to stop talking when they face something that is beyond what they can accept.

However, it became noisy when people started to talk after they came back to their senses.


Even a small voice would become loud if it is made by a few hundred people.

They all said something when they saw the newly appeared Muyoung.

"Is he Banya?"

"He doesn't look that fierce like in the rumours."

"Seven bone dragons…"

A carriage pulled by seven bone dragons, what a luxurious entrance!

It seemed to contradict the recent decline of the Command Clan.

"Then who is the young woman beside Banya?"

"By looking at the appearance, he doesn't seem right for her."

"She is truly pure white. She's so beautiful."

A woman who kept following Muyoung.

The woman with white skin and hair, a woman who still seemed like a girl as she blocked her lips with her hand, was Snow.

However, as Snow was told not to say a word, she kept covering her mouth.

Either way, due to this she became the center of attention.

Snow's appearance was enough to attract the attention of all the men and women.

And behind them, another person appeared.

"That person…"

"Dark Commander Seo Eunsae. The first family head of the Command Clan."

"They said she had returned to her true self, it must be true. She really did get younger."

Cold. And deep eyes.

The woman who wore a grey shamanist costume and had a knife attached to her hips was Seo Eunsae.

Returning to their true self was the pinnacle for someone who was a master. There was a saying that when you grew old and reached that level, your body would become younger and stronger.

However, there was no human who had managed to return to their true original self. This meant that although there were people who became younger through skills or equipment, there was no one who completed it on their own.

Still, there was a change in her power. If Eunsae really did reach that level on her own, it meant that she became a greater master than before.

'This is enough for an introduction.'

Grabbing everyone's attention.

He was successful in grabbing their attention at once.  

The banquet was simply a social gathering.

However, if you look deeper, all kinds of complex aspects appeared.

Additionally,Muyoung knew the true intent of the banquet.

'Will they follow the Reign Clan or not.'

Not only Muyoung, but everyone else would also know of this truth.

The Reign Clan who ruled on top of the Noble Castle.

Only those who were loyal to the Reign Clan could prosper within the Noble Castle.

On the other hand, if you weren't loyal, you would be starved to death.

Or die by being denounced as a cultist.

In the past, the Command Clan was powerful enough to threaten the Reign Clan but after the decline of Eunsae's mental state, they were continuously walking the path of a downfall.

However, would there have been no interference by the Reign Clan in that process?

'There must have.'

Muyoung slowly made a smile.

For now, he needed to act as Banya and not Muyoung.

Eunsae was present to show the clan's stability, and Snow was present to distract people's attention in order to lower people's guard about Muyoung.

"I need to also drink a glass."

He picked up one of the glasses from the many that were prepared on the table.

Then, he gulped it down.

With an expression that it wasn't enough, he gulped down the rest of the glasses on the table.

He was a drinker to anyone's eyes.

It was the appearance of a classless drinker.

Muyoung was a prodigal son who returned.

He liked to drink and was lustful.

When he got a bit drunk, he approached women and tried to touch them.

Then, Snow made a face. However, Muyoung who wore the mask of Banya didn't even look at her.

"You are truly beautiful."

"I don't understand why he would approach other women when he has a lady like that."

There were already numerous men who lined up near Snow.

Eunsae was exchanging words with a few older people, while 90% of the young people were interested in Muyoung and Snow.

Among them was Reign Gun, the legitimate child of the Reign Clan.

"She is too precious for a guy like him."

One sentence.

That was all he needed.

Already, half of the Reign Clan followed Reign Gun. His word was absolute within the Noble Castle.

"It is so. Banya doesn't seem great enough for you to keep in check."

"He doesn't seem to have any etiquette."

"I was wondering how great he was to bring seven bone dragons… but he doesn't seem like he can do much besides command skills."

"I can clearly see Command Clan's future."

A few people agreed with him.

Reign Gun got up after drinking a glass of liquor.

Although Reign Gun was in his mid-30s, he was very handsome. Through rigorous self-management, he still looked like he was in his late-20s.

In this place, there were no women who would reject Reign Gun.

This was because he didn't just have looks, but also had many skills, wealth, and authority.

One could simply say that he was just born into a wealthy family, but his efforts were too great for that to be true.

Of course, from when he was born, he was so wealthy that he drank unicorn's essence, ate dragon's meat, and had salads of mandragora.

Thanks to this, his magical abilities and all kinds of resistance were incomparable to others.

He was also already recognized as someone in the top 10 or stronger.

Reign Gun's confidence level reached the sky.

"May I ask how old you are?"

"Would you like to have a drink with me?"

Men surrounding Snow tried their best to exchange words with her.

They were obviously trying to make a pass at her.

At that moment, a shadow formed above them.

As they turned around, they couldn't help but freeze at once.


Reign Gun!

The men quietly obeyed as they slowly moved from the spot.

In this place, Reign Gun was the top predator. If you didn't want to be eaten, you needed to leave the spot.

Snow raised her head and looked at Reign Gun as if she thought it was strange.


However, once again, Snow turned her head to look at Muyoung.

Since earlier, when she received so much attention from numerous men, her gaze didn't change.

She was busy being overly anxious as she covered her mouth and looking at Muyoung.

Although they could steal a glance from her, that was all.

Reign Gun frowned a bit.

Quietly, he sat nearby and drank a sip of liquor.

Reign Gun liked this sort of silence.

It was because if he kept quiet, women would tend to try to converse with him with a topic.

It had been like that up to now.

However, not Snow.

She didn't seem like she had any interest in Reign Gun.

She was just anxious as Muyoung gave her the ultimate warning to not speak to him during this banquet.

"Did you say you lived in a jungle? Then can you understand what other animals say?"

"I can a bit. When an enemy appeared, I even ordered them around. I was the king of the jungle."

"He's like Tarzan?"


"Ahh, Tarzan is…"

Muyoung was conversing with other women.

As there were a lot of people who were curious about Muyoung's identity and appearance, he was able to grab the attention of a lot of people as well.

And so, there was no space for Snow to interfere.

'Is she deaf?'

On the other hand, Reign Gun was still looking at Snow and was unable to understand her actions, as she didn't even say a word.

Normally, when he created this sort of moment and mood, the opponent would make a reaction, but Snow continuously looked towards the other side.

As more time passed, his feeling approached him as a strong irritation.

It was the first time he felt like this.

For him to not be able to exchange a word.

It would hurt his ego for him to speak to her first.

'What a stupid head…'

Reign Gun continuously drank liquor.

Muyoung who wore the mask of Banya continuously drew attention by spewing nonsense.

It was nonsense itself.

He said he was the king of the jungle, the person who cut off the necks of thousands of people alone, went into an enemies territory of a few ten thousand people and assassinated the leader, hunted dragons, and saw an angel.

'He's pretentious!'

Muyoung was a lie itself.

There wasn't one story that wasn't pretentious.

How could one person have done all those things?

As Reign Gun got a bit drunk, he got up.

"Wouldn't you like to fight me if you really are the king of the jungle and a hunter of dragons?"

Everyone's attention was once again drawn to Reign Gun.

Even the women around Muyoung slowly backed off as they made an awkward expression.

Everyone knew what Reign Gun's words meant.

He meant that he was going to destroy his opponent.

If anyone were to get involved, a bloodbath would occur.

However, as Banya felt sad after the women backed off and replied half-heartedly.

"Who are you?"

Reign Gun knitted his brows slightly.

"Reign Gun. The legitimate child of the Reign Clan. I can't begin to think that those pretentious stores are true. Could you show me a few of your skills for a moment?"

"You want to see my skills? Hmm… it's quite expensive."

Banya acted arrogantly.

From when he was young, others said that he was clueless, and he acted as if to prove they were correct.

However, he chose the wrong opponent to be arrogant about this time.

Reign Gun took out a talisman from his side.

"If you win, I'll give you an S rank talisman. You should also know that it is a treasure among treasures that you could even buy a few castles with."

An S rank talisman would be better than an average talisman no matter how the effects lacked.

A power to easily make miracles.

As only that sort of talismans was considered S rank.

"Two talismans."


He didn't care how many he asked for.

Reign Gun didn't have any thoughts that he was going to lose.

In fact, Banya's stance looked terrible in his eyes.

Just average.

There was no vigor or magical power that could be felt, which should have flowed out of any strong being.

It meant that besides command skills, he was no good.

Banya would soon understand his decision lured by the S rank talisman was wrong.

As the fight was accepted, Reign Gun drew more attention from the crowd.

"I, Reign Gun, am very pleased to know that so many of my friends have gathered at this banquet. To provide a show to those who gathered here, I am planning to have a friendly spar, I hope you have fun watching."

An event was quickly made.

Even the elders, including Eunsae, were watching them.

They also were curious about Banya's skills.

They all didn't even think that Reign Gun would lose.

"Of course, the First Leader of the Command Clan needs to give us permission first. Do you give permission for me, Reign Gun, and Banya, the heir of Command Clan, to exchange swords?"

"Do whatever you want. Since the results are obvious."

Eunsae's decision was quite unexpected.

'Exchanging swords' meant that it was close combat.

The fact that there were fewer ways for the command skills to be used meant that it was more advantageous for Reign Gun. Therefore, he expected Eunsae to reject his request, but she had happily accepted it.

'The results were obvious?'

He couldn't read Eunsae's expression.

If it meant that he was going to win or lose.

Although he felt a bit uneasy, for now, the friendly spar came first.

Although he said it was a spar, Reign Gun was planning to break a part of Banya's body.

It was to show that Banya was nothing special, and to lower the spirits of the Command Clan after Banya and Eunsae's return.


Reign Gun took out his sword.

An absolute military sword with a dragon pattern.

It was a matchless new weapon that was created by killing an ancient dragon and using its bones.

There was no opponent who could win against Reign Gun with that sword.


Banya took out his sword as he scratched his head.

A long sword that seemed black.

However, it didn't seem ordinary.

Others could feel something that wasn't lacking compared to Reign Gun's sword.

"I don't know how to play easy…"

"You can show me your best. That will make me want to take you seriously as well."

'I'll have that sword as my spoil.'

With a thin smile, Reign Gun ran out after getting into position.


One clash.

Reign Gun lay on the ground as if he felt that the world was spinning.

'What is this?'

Why can I see the sky?

He couldn't believe it.

He couldn't.

However, he hadn't seen anything.  

There was a collision which resulted in him collapsing.

Still, there was a question.

He clearly remembered acting first and attacking him….

'How is it that I'm the one who collapsed?'

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