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Chapter 193: Hell Path (1)
Translation: Tay
Edit: Sephtair

"We need to prepare to enter the camp. After a week! We will personally escort you."
A confident expression.
As he did so, he concealed a small wry smile.
It seemed as if he was convinced that Muyoung would be unable to pass through Hell Path.
'A week.'
Secretly, he nodded slowly.
A week would be enough to figure out everything they intended to do.
Since he needed to keep in mind the possibility that it was a trap, just in case.
Rather, it was helpful for Muyoung if they didn't start right away.
It was Muyoung's style to understand and prepare beforehand and finish it in a flash.
But there was a need to show off.
"Are you going to keep me waiting for a week?"
"It's hard to save more time than that."
"Even Reign Gun pledged two S-rank talismans and came out to fight. What are you going to give me if I wait a week and destroy Hell Path?"
"That is…"
Advance Haram. He was the one in charge of battle arrays and all related things.
Muyoung knew that he was pretending to worry.
He would not have relied on Muyoung's ignorant desire to challenge others.
He would certainly have prepared a gift.
However, if it wasn't mentioned, he was planning to just leave it as is and move on.
'A fox.'
Muyoung was not very experienced at dealing with such a man.
Advance Haram spoke with a slightly awkward expression.
"What do you want?"
He intended to feel out to what extent Muyoung was thinking.
Likewise, if Muyoung wanted an S-rank talisman, he would refuse.
After all, Reign Gun was a giant that moved half of the Reign Clan, while the Advance Haram before him was merely the person in charge of one battle.
But Muyoung did not want such a treasure either.
'There are many publications in the Advance Clan.'
Muyoung searched his memory.
The Advance Clan was a place where all kinds of sorcery and magic were gathered.
Battle arrays were only one of those.
There were also a few of them whose usefulness hadn't been found yet.
"I want to enter the Six Sages."
For the first time, Advance Haram showed signs of being troubled.
Six Sages.
The oldest library managed by the Advance Clan.
In that place, all kinds of the world's books were gathered.
From stories that penetrated the continents to miscellaneous books to just read and discard.
It was quite different from the Sky Library.
In addition, Six Sages was a location that only the Advance Clan's leader could enter.
Muyoung had only heard of it in stories but had never entered it.
Anyway, in other words, it was only possible if the leader allowed it.
He didn't ask for an item, he just wanted to enter the Six Sages.
In actuality, the Advance Clan used to get something as a condition for entering Six Sages.
Since that place was a very special place for 'finding a pearl'.
While it was a shame that most people left empty-handed, there were things that Muyoung was looking for.
'Boundless Heaven and Earth, Reign Pain Relief, Ten Thousand Steps…'
As well as a few other things besides those.
They all lacked nothing to fall short of being called the greatest martial arts.
The source of all of them was inside Six Sages.
If he familiarized himself with the numerous great martial arts and general knowledge, it would be helpful in making the Sword of the Nameless even more complete.
Even though all he could do was swing his sword 50 times, the Sword of the Nameless had to be completed in a total 100 seconds. This meant there was still a lot to learn.
Advance Haram nodded his head after pondering for a while.
"Okay. I will try to use my authority to speak with the clan head. However,t you can only spend three day's time in the Six Sages. Of course, that is only if you get through Hell Path…"
"It’s sufficient."
He readily accepted.
Three days to Muyoung was different from three days for other people.
In three days, Muyoung could even build a castle that was not there before.

* * *

Immediately after returning to the Command Clan, Muyoung released Tacan.
"There is something you have to do for me."
"If you fight me one more time, there isn't anything I can't do for you."
Tacan's desire was burning.
Two years ago.
He had fought countless strong men, but none of them were able to satisfy Tacan.
However, Muyoung was different.
A man who headed towards extreme swordsmanship.
Everyone said he was already extremely skilled, but Tacan knew that Muyoung had not yet reached his peak.
It was scary.
So, he wanted to catch up to him.
Muyoung knew how to reach an agreement with Tacan's desire.
He silently affirmed and brought up the requirements.
"If I go towards Hell Path, kill Reign Gun."
"Reign Gun?"
Tacan spoke as if he was surprised.
However, the death of Reign Gun was necessary for the confusion of the Reign Clan and the Noble Castle.
In any case, Reign Gun wouldn’t give up like this.
Reign Gun was violent. Tenacious.
Retreating like this didn't make sense.
He was being careful now, but he also knew that Muyoung was heading for Hell Path.
Muyoung believed that as soon as he entered Hell Path, Reign Gun would make a move.
He wanted to eliminate him before that happened.
Also, the death of Reign Gun would cause great confusion, which would reduce the effort Muyoung would need to expend to gain Ellarsigo.
"I'm not good at assassination though…"
"It will be possible if you join forces with Ain."
Ain was the highest-ranking high elf.
The Moon's blessing made her able to even hide her body in darkness.
She would not be easily detected with human senses.
Then, if Tacan's true strength was added, there was even a chance that an assassin as good as Muyoung would be created.
Muyoung could do it too, but this had to be done after Muyoung entered Hell Path.
'I cannot become a suspect.'
Muyoung could never rise up as a suspect.
If that happened, there was a possibility that this would become more complicated.
Since Tacan had never been seen in real life, he could run away or make excuses even if he was caught.
"There is still a fifty-fifty chance."
Tacan also took it seriously.
Muyoung spoke as if it was not a difficult matter.
"I will give you the best possible chance."
"It's an assassination lesson."
Muyoung assimilated with the surroundings.
It was a perfect assimilation technique!
Tacan was someone that could learn what he saw at a tremendous rate.
With only a few days training he could become a better shadow than a decent assassin.
Tacan flinched.
Then he spoke as if he found this interesting.
"This kind of fight isn’t bad either."

The promised week passed in a flurry of activity.
After training Tacan, he spent the remaining days searching the Advance Clan and the Reign Clan.
However, it was surprising that Reign Gun was so quiet.
'He knows I’m heading for Hell Path.'
Up until now, there hadn’t been even one person that came out after entering Hell Path.
It seemed he thought Muyoung would be the same.
So, he was quietly sharpening his knife.
However, his biggest mistake was that he was going to challenge Muyoung with that knife.
Could Reign Gun be able to block the dagger that was secretly aiming for him?
'Confusion can even become an opportunity.'
From the outset, there had been one reason why Muyoung came to the Noble Castle.
To get Ellarsigo, the ancient weapons!
Seo Eunsae said that it was a weapon that destroyed the Earth, but whether that was true or false, it was a necessary tool that would increase Muyoung's power in various ways.
Muyoung pulled out two talismans as he headed for the Advance Clan.
'These could be useful.'
They were the two talismans he had received from Reign Gun.
Both sheets had great effects, in the manner of an S-Rank.
He looked at each of them.

Name: Ishtar's Ark Talisman
Rank: S
Classification: Endurance
Effect: Summons the enormous flying ship, 'Ishtar's Ark'.

Name: Statue of the Goddess of Harmony Talisman
Rank: S
Classification: One Use
Effect: Erects a statue of the Goddess of Harmony. The effect lasts forever, but it can only be erected once, and if it is destroyed, it is impossible to restore.
• Increases the growth rate of the population of a territory by 20%.
• The breeding rate of the territory increases by 20%.
• The territory is not eroded.
• Life forms born in the territory are given a permanent lasting effect 'Harmony's Blessing' (Stamina +10).

Ishtar's Ark was literally a huge ship.
It would certainly be helpful when moving Ellarsigo.
The next one was a talisman that contained the Statue of the Goddess of Harmony.
Perhaps Reign Gun had wanted to use it when he ascended to the position of clan head.
The effect of the Statue of the Goddess of Harmony was, at least, an item that a territory owner had no choice but to covet.
Reign Gun would act, even if it was only to get this back.
However, Muyoung had no intention of giving back the things he'd gotten once.
Muyoung put back the talismans and headed to the appointed location.
Starting with Advance Haram, there were several men gathered in a place similar to a wide drill field.
"You've arrived."
"Have you finished preparing for Hell Path?"
As Muyoung asked, Advance Haram nodded his head.
"The preparations are perfect. So I will ask you again. Among the people that entered Hell Path, not even one of them has come out to this day. Do you really want to challenge it?"
Words that stimulated the desire for a challenge.
They were well packaged within the word 'challenge'.
Muyoung shrugged his shoulders.
"There is no battle array I can't destroy."
"If that is the case, please accept this."
Advance Haram handed over a black key.
At a glance, the black key, decorated with skeletal patterns, radiated a heterogeneous energy.
"I called it a battle formation, but Hell Path is actually a door to a different world. We call that place 'Another Underworld'. We couldn't discover anything else besides that."
A site filled with all kinds of runes.
From the center, the ground divided and a black gate appeared.
The gate was at the center of a huge skull, and he could tell right away that it was literally a gate to Hell Path.
"The fortune of war."
Advance Haram bowed his head slightly.
The fortune of war. The fortune of war, he called it.
'I don't need luck.'
In addition, he mistakenly picked an opponent that would be void of luck.
Muyoung smiled inwardly and opened the gate.
The gate opened in response to the key.
Then, from that place, countless hands jutted out and wrapped around Muyoung.
A few minutes later, some of the people who had been watching the scene spoke.
"Like this, yet another person goes."
"Tut, tut. Is he ignorant or brave?"
No one was thinking of Muyoung's safe return.
Except for one person.
Advance Haram.
"I think he could be a little different."
People shook their heads as if that was ridiculous.
"Could he be different? No matter how strong you are, Hell Path is no ordinary battle array."
"But it's strange. Did he really not know about Hell Path? If he had eyes and ears, he would have known that Reign Gun was the one who incited him to enter Hell Path…"
Advance Haram furrowed his brows.
"So that is why I would like it even more if he returns. Something didn't seem right about this one."
While dealing with him, he continuously felt uneasy.
The problem was that he had no idea why.
That said, if there was one thing that bothered him…
'His gaze.'
He had a smiling face, but it felt like he was hiding something huge within it.
Was it the composure of strength, or was he really just stupid?
'I don't want to…'
A feeling that sunk bitterness in his heart.
No matter what he did, the hardness had no intention of releasing.
Advance Haram clicked his tongue and turned around.
It was done anyways. The result would tell the rest.

* * *

As soon as he entered the gate, spirits wailed loudly.
It was immeasurably spooky and dark, but Muyoung was as familiar as if he had come home.
'The Hell Path I thought of was correct.'
Six Paths.
Hell Path that corresponded with the second path!
He couldn't believe that he'd come to visit it like this.
While his physical body was alive.
When a living human entered Hell Path, the spirits began to go crazy.
However, the spirits could not easily approach Muyoung.
It was because massive divine power and massive darkness existed together in Muyoung's body.
'It's not my intention but…'
Muyoung released all his restraints.
Rumble! Ruummbllee!
The surrounding space twisted.
Six grey wings sprouted, and a huge gust of wind was created.
The spirits ran away.
Muyoung reached out his hand toward those spirits.
Then the spirits began to be dragged as if they were being absorbed by Muyoung.
'I'll have to gobble them up.'


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