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Chapter 184: Fire Spirit King Ifrit (End)

Translation: Nadu

Edit: Lesurous & Sephtair

Muyoung Sword was a swordsmanship made up of a total of 100 strikes.

Muyoung had finished 50 strikes among them.

Would Ifrit be able to withstand all 50 strikes?

Muyoung was curious. How powerful was the swordsmanship he had created?

He had created this swordsmanship by combining all his knowledge, the experience he had gained at Diablo's Altar, and the fire and Gabriel's Spear he had earned.

There were lots of things he had gained but among them, his most favorite of them all was, of course, Muyoung Sword.

The swordsmanship that contained Muyoung's life itself!

'Enlightenment is like an instant.'

However, to reach enlightenment, it took a long time.

Within the source of fire, Muyoung had been wandering around for a long time.

He fought with the evil that resided inside him, and after wandering for a long time, he had now found his place.

Quite a bit of time in the real world would have passed as well.

From now on, Muyoung was going to correct all his past mistakes.

The mistakes that he made and those made by humanity, everything.

Although he couldn't say all the things he did were correct…

'Muyoung, I'm different from you. I'll live my own life.'

In the past, when Muyoung was Yooyoung.

There was another Muyoung that existed within his memories before he was brainwashed.

Although he had died in this life due to Muyoung, Muyoung didn't have any regrets or guilt.

As he also would want that from him.

However, Muyoung wasn't planning to die again.

He wasn't planning to give up what he had either.

Infinite freedom. Muyoung could become anything.

'You are that first step.'

He swung his sword.


Anguish cried.

Ain's eyes widened.

She couldn't believe it.

The fire spirit was not in a bad relationship with the fire dragons.

If he was an ancient fire dragon, it was normal for him to not fight a being like the fire spirit king.

That should be the case but the two were crazily fighting each other.

Even more, the fire spirit king was the one lacking.

'Who is this person?'

She had never seen that sort of swordsmanship. She did see a couple of people who were considered geniuses in swordsmanship, but they were not even close to Muyoung's swordsmanship.

Only then did Ain change her thoughts.

That person wasn't a fire dragon.

A horn, wings, fire, and sword… a spear that could stop the movements of spirits, and bone dragons.

She had never seen anyone that possessed this much power before.

Truly a being greater than a dragon!

Among them, the real deal was, of course, the sword.

It was like the sword owner himself.

Muyoung restlessly wielded his sword.

If you considered each move, it wasn't that threatening but, as if he was drawing a picture, it was flexible and elegant swordsmanship.

Even Ain who didn't know of swordsmanship was able to understand that when the picture was completed, even Spirit King Ifrit won't be able to survive this.


Ain turned her head as she was startled.

Someone beside her had led out a sigh.

Even if she was unprepared, for her to not notice until the person stood next to her.

She was a high elf. She received the moon's blessing. Even if someone was to move secretly in the dark, she was able to know all about it.

However, the man that approached her from the side didn't show any presence.

She couldn't feel life within him.

Like a ghost.

'Death Knight!'

Yes, it was no different than a ghost.

An undead made out of just bones. A death knight which was known to be one of the strongest undead was standing beside Ain.

However, it wasn't a normal death knight.

In the past, Ain had seen a few death knights who controlled liches.

They were clearly strong, but they couldn't pressure Ain.

As Ain was strong enough to face most ancient dragons.

However… the death knight in front of her was different.

"Bastard. I was wondering where you went but you were staying at a place like this."

The death knight shook his head.

At the same time, Ain's empathy skill was fully demonstrated.

Unlike his tone, she felt his joy.

This feeling was like seeing a cat who just reunited with his owner.

He wasn't an enemy.

Rather, he was the opposite.

Ain was able to notice that the one the death knight thought of as his enemy was, instead, Ifrit.


Ain turned his head.

Red lights were pouring over Muyoung's head.

'An owner of a star!'

Star of the Absolute!

It was also different from the past. The red light was much stronger.

Ain couldn't help but close her eyes as she saw the intense light that spanned the whole spring.

"You will die if you stay still."

The death knight advised her.

Ain opened her eyes and at the same time, the death knight wielded his sword.


The spirit was sliced.

Numerous spirits were slowly moving.

The death knight, Tacan was not going to stay still and watch

"Although it's annoying, it seems like he has created his own sword."

Although he wasn't smiling, he looked like he was smiling.

If he was a living being, he would have trembled with excitement.


A half translucent spirit was sliced by Tacan's sword.

Tacan's sword was like a very tightly knitted web.

He restrained a few dozen, a few hundred spirits in his area and hunted them.

A swordsman who was at his peak.

Tacan's sword was very exquisite. It became sharper.

"He became stronger."

But, Tacan's eyes were only looking at Muyoung's and Ifrit's fight.

Muyoung had disappeared for two years.

But, Muyoung had become so much stronger that the gap was insignificant.

As much as Tacan had become stronger?

Perhaps even more.

Tacan was able to see that Muyoung had become stronger mentally as well as physically.

After seeing Muyoung, he had been instantly reconnected.

Also, that connection had become stronger than before.

'Most undead will trust you and follow you as their master again.'

Tacan was no different.

Just, he was more competitive than other undead.

'Wouldn't all the undead follow him like how I followed him at a glance…'

There wouldn't be a lot of people who would instantly trust and follow a person who had disappeared for two years.

Tacan was able to believe after seeing Muyoung fight with Ifrit now but…

It was hard to think that all undead would be the same.

Nevertheless, Tacan was not worried at all.

'This is enough.'

The current Muyoung was enough to erase all concerns.

1st strike, 2nd strike… 23rd strike, 24th strike…

"How could a strength that isn't godly do something to me!"

Ifrit was taken back. His arrogant appearance from the beginning had slowly disappeared.

It could only be the case.

As more strikes were made through Muyoung's Sword, it became stronger by multiple times.

Also, although there wasn't any godly strength, Muyoung himself was like a storage of godliness.

Luciferre. Diablo's Fire. Gabriel's Wings and Spear.

They all contained godliness, and besides Luciferre's strength, Muyoung was able to freely use them all.

If Muyoung was able to control this power a bit more maturely, he would be able to reach demigod level.

A true transcendental being.

What was more, Muyoung's Sword had everything melted within it.

The ability to even produce a huge injury on Ifrit's body.

At last, the 40th strike.


The fire was split.

One of Ifrit's arms had been cut off.

The fire that was cut off didn't regenerate.

It was because Muyoung had sliced the grains and cut off the connection.

Muyoung did not 'allow' the fire to reenter the area itself again.

Muyoung's Sword was inclusive of everything, but to be exact, it was a strength to control space.

The ability to erase space, ability Execution of Space!

"Receive the baptism of fire!"

Blaze! Brrawwwwl!

Small flames poured endlessly from the sky.

It was smaller in scale compared to Diablo, but it fell down condensed enough that it was enough to destroy everything thing it touched.

'41st strike.'


With just 40 strikes, Ifrit's defense was penetrated.

Muyoung understood his space and eroded it.

So, now it was completely Muyoung's turn.

At the 41st strike, both of Ifrit's arms flew off.

42nd strike. He cut out all the flames that dropped in his surroundings.

43rd strike. By using 32-fold acceleration, he used numerous formless strikes.

44th strike. Anguish had cut the space itself where Muyoung and Ifrit stood.

Then, the great explosion disappeared.

Ifrit's body had started to become thinner.

"I won't die! I'm…"

When spirits die, they just get summoned again.

By returning to the spirit world, he would get some rest and recover again.

And so, it was commonly known for spirits to not die.

As this occurs to even ordinary spirits, the spirit king would not die in ordinary ways.


"Would that really be the case?"

Muyoung raised Anguish.

Ifrit said he doesn't die?

There weren't any beings like that. Everything died. Even beings that are known as immortals also died. Even gods face the disappearance called death.

Towards a place not visible, Muyoung used Execution of Space.

So, in total, 45 strikes.

Muyoung cut off the pathway that connected Ifrit to another world.

"How could a mere human cut off space? This isn't possible!"

Ifrit knew about Muyoung's real identity. No matter how much strength he was able to use, there was always a form of the source.

However, that was why it was more unbelievable.

There were no events in the past where a human killed a spirit king.

That wasn't all.

The Star of the Absolute scattered redder light.

Then, Ifrit's body became dust and started to be absorbed into the star.

Muyoung moved to reach into Ifrit's body.

Then, he grabbed a fire residue that existed in the middle and poured it into his mouth.

Lord Class, Death Lord.

Muyoung had just taken a few skills from Death Lord.

It was hard to say he was truly a Death Lord.

However, he had received the possibility to go beyond that and become a Death Lord himself.

"I refuse."

However, Muyoung shook his head.

He was definitely covetous of Death Lord's strength. If he was to accept it now, he could become much stronger than he was right now.

As all classes would disappear andd he would have only one.


In this world, there was no offer that was just sweet.

The moment he becomes a Death Lord, he would need to give up his own path again.

Until now, Death Lord's power just supported Muyoung.

But, he couldn't become it itself.

It wasn't just for Death Lord's strength, but all strength was so.

It could be a supporting power, but it couldn't be the main source of his power.

"I refuse."

One by one, the names of the rest of Masters of Darkness had popped up.

The number was 10.

As there were 11 Masters of Darkness, it was all besides King Slayer.

Although he was curious why this sort of offer was given all of a sudden, Muyoung had refused them all.

Even though their offer was definitely sweet, and the rewards they gave were also amazing, it wasn't enough to give up Muyoung's own uniqueness.


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