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Chapter 183: Fire Spirit King Ifrit (1)

Translation: Tay

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It was not an ordinary explosion.

A great explosion!

Due to the extreme purity of the flame, something was summoned along with a crack.

The thing that was summoned also had a pure but shapeless flame.

It was truly the essence of fire itself.

It came from a place in the depths of a fountain.  The thing that existed, not within the spring, but further inside the ground had now come onto the surface.

It was reasonable for Muyoung to not notice.

"Aaah… Fire Spirit King Ifrit!"

Ain's eyes shook.

There were countless spirits, but the Spirit Kings had been named since ancient times.

The Fire Spirit King always used the name 'Ifrit'.

As the name was inherited indefinitely, the power of a spirit king was strong. However, thus far, there were no instances of a spirit king being summoned into the Underworld.

Diabolo was irregular. He was also a being that never used to exist in the Underworld.

The being that created variables by making cracks was precisely Diabolo.

And Ifrit was one of the variables created by Diabolo.

Intentionally or not, he was summoned to follow Diabolo's fire.

Following the whisper of the moon, Ain could identify the spirit king's existence at a glance.


There was no comparing it to the flame of a mere fire dragon.

A flame that set everything on fire.

She didn't dare even think of approaching it.



Countless spirits sprang out from the great divide.

Spirits from the lowest class to the highest, of a number expected to be in the thousands!

"O Spirit King! For what reason have you descended to this place?"

The spirit king was the reason for the fire dragons' raid on this place.

Even though Diabolo's flames were hidden beneath the fountain, the fire dragons were instinctively attracted to its matchless purity.

Ain was in a hurry. At this rate, it would be the end of the Spring of Light. The people who had conquered and were living in this place would walk the path to extinction once and for all.

So Ain stood in front of the great divide.

She was a high elf. Her communication skills were extremely exceptional. The spirits did not attack her.

Instead, a large man appeared in front of her.

His stature appeared to be way above 2m. His muscles were covered in long red hair, and his entire body was blazing.

"His flames crave destruction."

"Who the hell is he? Why does he want to burn everything?"

"I was summoned following his flames, and the contract was completed. In the future, many more unusual things will be summoned besides me. Pitiful high elf, does that answer suffice?"

Ifrit respected Ain, the top ranking high elf.

Naturally, whatever was in front of him would have burned up instantly, but the high elf could interact with everything. Of course, it was possible to communicate with Ifrit in some way.

And Ain saw Ifrit's inner craving for destruction.

The appetite for destruction was not Ifrit's. It belonged to 'He' who had contracted him. However, the craving was so strong that even Ifrit was infected.

Truly terrifying…


Ain swallowed her saliva.

At that moment, she knew that nothing would work.

"Be prudent, I beg of you. I give you my life, so please spare just my tribe."

She fell to her knees.

Ain was that desperate.

The destruction of the Spring of Light was determined once Ifrit decided to do so.

Furthermore, everything in the area would start to burn.

However, there was a little bit of hope that they could avoid the effects of the fire. At the very least, the tribe's elves could survive and get out.

However, Ifrit refused.

"I am going to burn it all. No one can escape my fire."

Ifrit had infinite confidence in his flame.

The number of spirits that came out reached a hundred thousand. Spirits continued to crawl out of the great divide.

This kind of military power was of a standard close to the 'Seven Mountains'.

It referred to the Demon Kings that possessed seven enormous mountains.

There were three criteria for classifying the highest grade Demon Kings.

Seven mountains.

Six lords.

Five stars.

In that number alone, even among the Demon Kings, only the most outstanding 18 met the criteria.

Among those, Seven Mountains was the lowest, but it couldn't be ignored.

Some people described it as Seven Mountains, Six Lords, Five Stars, but it meant that his influence was that strong.

"I beg you…!"

Ain saw Ifrit's craving for destruction.

She knew that he would never stop.

Eve so, Ain could not stop either.

Soon, a huge fireball shot up along Ifrit's hand.

The fireball emitted a light as bright as the sun.

Everyone that had been watching closed their eyes, and at the same time, Ifrit threw the fireball.


Ain screamed and closed her eyes.

The string was pulled.

Now there was no one who could stop Ifrit.


But the explosion did not happen.

Only the sound of a strong wind filled the air.

Then Ain, who sensed something strange, opened her eyes.

A man stood in front of her.

With a longsword clenched in his hand.

'Lord Muyoung!'

She couldn't believe it.

Muyoung was a foreigner. Furthermore, she thought of him as an ancient dragon.

Dragons were not the kind to take pleasure in adventure. If it was not even their territory, they would not risk danger.

She was assuming that Muyoung had already departed.

Even so, Muyoung had stopped Ifrit.

Also, he was not alone.

There were five undead around him.


The Fire Bone Dragons screeched.

The shapeless spirits were biting and swallowing while using fire to defend against fire.

"Strange. I can feel 'His' fire coming from you."

Even Ifrit hesitated.

The familiar energy that he felt coming from Muyoung definitely belonged to 'Him'.

But Muyoung was a completely different being to 'Him'… to Diabolo.

"Diabolo is also my prey. You are merely the process."

Muyoung said in a taciturn manner.

When Diabolo's name was mentioned, Ifrit looked at Muyoung with interest.

'Your fire is pure, but it cannot match even mine. I am the king of all fire."

He didn't deny it.

Muyoung simply had no intention of beating him with fire alone.

Of course, he intended to use all of his 'powers' to knock him down.

For example, getting rid of the fireball by seeing the grain and using Anguish's power.

'There is a grain in everything.'

In fact, for Muyoung, fire was only the beginning of his secondary abilities.

An unfamiliar power that he had only just acquired.

However, Muyoung's true power was in none other than this one sword.


Anguish cried.

The castle closest to the Fountain of Light.

A noble castle!

Most of the nobility were concentrated in the noble castle. The noble castle was the only place comparable to the Great City.

The words floated up for all the people residing there.


"Is Diabolo the cause this time too?"

"It's nonstop."

The people who saw the words clicked their tongues.

They accepted it as if this type of thing hadn't just happened once or twice.

In fact, there were many monsters that were summoned because of Diabolo.  In cases where clearing it was possible, unimaginable rewards were received, however, there were more than five cities that had disappeared because they were unable to suppress it.

Even more, the bastards didn't only attack places where people were.

There were also monsters that entered the Demon Gods' territories and attacked the residents.


Bells rang everywhere.

It was a call to order for those belonging to clans to return.

It was for the immediate suppression of Ifrit.

If this type of matter was finished quickly it would be good. There were many cases where things became more complicated if time dragged on.

"What will happen to this world…"

"But didn't Diabolo cause a Demon God to go extinct?"

"Haures. He was also a Demon God that handled fire."

It seemed that what Diablo wanted was really the destruction of the world.

He had destroyed five cities, and even worse, he had killed Haures.

Diablo had no enemies or allies.

Therefore he was even more dangerous.

It made his future actions completely unpredictable.

It was like walking past a nuclear bomb.


"Are you blind or something… gasp!"

At that moment, a peddler bumped into a man whose body was covered in a shabby cloak.

However, the moment the peddler saw the man's eyes, he backed away in fright.

The man in the shabby cloak only revealed two black pupils.

"B-Be careful!"

The peddler fled as if escaping.

The man loitered around unconcernedly.

'The Fountain of Light.'

The man adjusted the longsword at his waist.

Then, he left the Noble City and headed in the direction of the Fountain of Light.

'It's has already been two years.'

As soon as he was out of the noble castle, the man took off his cloak.

Then, there was no flesh on the body that was revealed.

Only bones!

A Death Knight composed of only bones.

He was none other than Tacan.

'Where are you…?'

Two years had passed since his owner Muyoung had disappeared.

Two years later, the strong discipline that had tied them together had also weakened.

The connection between them had also slackened.

However, all the undead, starting with Tacan, were looking for Muyoung.

Muyoung was their master and their goal. There were few undead that followed Muyoung without a story.

Tacan especially interfered in all activity involving Diabolo. However, two years had already passed, and he had been unable to find Muyoung's whereabouts.

However, he never thought Muyoung was dead. No one did.

No matter what, Muyoung would not die. He was like an immortal.

'I have now become strong enough to have a match with you.'

Tacan had grown rapidly in two years.

He found and sparred with the people that were called strong and absorbed everything from them.

Even worse, a considerable number of those who were called 10 strongest had met Tacan.

However, Muyoung, who was his true objective, had disappeared and thrown him away.

He couldn't give up until he fought this match properly.


Gabriel's spear stuck into the ground.

Gabriel's spear was not a physical substance.

There was a prophecy, but Muyoung already had it. Muyoung had awakened Gabriel's spear on Suicide Hill, so the prophecy could not have been a lie.

At any rate, Gabriel's spear had transformed into a powerful skill that could suppress an opponent.

As the spear stuck into the ground, all the spirits stopped moving.

The only things that could move unimpeded in this space were Muyoung and Ifrit!

The top class spirits tried to move under the restrictions, but the five Fire Bone Dragons blocked them.


Anguish moved leisurely.

Like that, it flowed freely again in one moment, and then quickly advanced.

It seemed to be dancing, but it was brutally practical. It was incredibly free.

All 'grains' were within range of the Muyoung Sword.

The Muyoung Sword had found a rival for the first time.

"Are you the one who reached 'extremity'?"

Ifrit was impressed.

He was fire. He was that pure. When it reached extremity, everything was pure.

He spoke with a sense of kinship and awe.

But Muyoung grinned.


"It's still a long way off."

The Muyoung Sword was still incomplete.

If all Muyoung's knowledge, the knowledge from Gabriel's spear and the senses awakened by pure fire were combined, it would only be about fifty per cent.

The remaining half was being made.

Perhaps this number was also incorrect.

To that extent, there were no limits to the sword that Muyoung made.

"I hope…"

A smiling Muyoung looked at Ifrit.

And he spoke with a matchlessly urgent expression.

"You don't fall until I have finished wielding my sword."

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