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Chapter 185: The Noble Castle (1)

Translation: Tay

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Due to Muyoung's continued rejection, the Masters of Darkness didn't interfere any further.

<'Constellation Map' has been obtained.>

The Rejector?

Only one title could be used.

Muyoung's current title was 'Darkness and Abyss (all skills +10), but after rejecting the demands of the masters of both sides, the title that resulted was twice as good.

He grinned as he checked the next thing.

'Constellation Map'.

There was nothing on the map.

But some places were shining and Muyoung knew that they were the 12 zodiac constellations.

Was he to personally collect the remaining 12 zodiac constellations?

After putting the map in the Infinite Pouch, Muyoung tramped over the remaining ashes.

With this, Ifrit had disappeared without a trace.

Then, as he turned his head, he saw a familiar figure.

Ain, and… Tacan.

"It's been a while."

Tacan said as he slowly approached.

Tacan's outer features had not changed.

Since his birth as a skeleton, it was true that there was virtually no change except for decay.

However, the energy he gave off was completely different.

He had become several times stronger.

It was impossible to make this much of a change in a day or two.

Perhaps, many things had changed while Muyoung was at Diablo's altar.

"How much time has passed?"

"Two years."

Two years.

Even so, it was a relief.

It was still before much had happened.

There was still time to reap the benefits from Muyoung's remaining knowledge.

'To me, it feels like it was only yesterday, but it has already been two years.'

Come to think of it, Muyoung hadn't gained only one or two things from Diablo's altar.

Practically speaking, to have gained those things in the space of a few days was nonsense.

"What about the other undead?"

"Apart from Bae Sungmin, I don't know. That guy set up an information guild in the Great City."

"You don't seem to know about the place."

"It's dangerous to go into the Demon God's Territory right now."

It meant that he hadn't been able to confirm by entering.

Muyoung had no choice but to find it odd.

"Tell me."

"Diablo killed a Demon God. After that, the Demon Gods tightened the guard in their territory. A monster called the 'Sky Lord' has entered the Demon God's Territory and is blocking the mountain range."

Sky Lord!

He had heard about it before.

However, he hadn't encountered one personally.

A monster that ate away at the sky.

It was the size of a small city.

However, it was not the appearance of the Sky Lord that surprised Muyoung.

"Diablo killed a Demon God?"

"It was the Demon God called Haures.  I don't know the exact circumstances either. Ever since Diablo's appearance, monsters like that Ifrit that you killed kept being summoned.  Those things attacked humans and demons alike far and wide. After that, around this time last year, Diablo personally killed Haures."

Diablo was certainly shaking things up.

It had only been two years since he had been summoned.

In that time, he had killed a Demon God.

Diablo was completely alone.

Summoning like this would be to create an army that was his alone.

But, even though the 72 Demon Gods were in the middle of a factional fight, to burrow into the midst of them and kill one was not an everyday event.

Furthermore, if it was Haures, it was the Demon God of Fire.

There was a high possibility that Diablo had personally gained that fire. He would be stronger, and the Demon Gods would be forced to be on alert.

But Diablo was a destructive being. He wanted the destruction of everything.

It couldn't be just a good thing.

When Muyoung was silent for a while, Tacan secretly slipped his hand over to his waist.

"Are we going to fight?"

His hands seemed itchy.

Tacan had become stronger, as much as Muyoung had.

What was more, Tacan intended to beat Muyoung.

Because of that, he was in constant pursuit.

Since they finally met after two years, he wanted to take advantage of it.

Muyoung nodded.

There was nothing else for either of them to say.

Ain was incapable of speech.

Fire Spirit King Ifrit. He hadn't been simply dispelled, but had 'gone extinct'.

The extinction of spirits was something she had never heard of nor seen before.

On top of that, if that being was the Spirit King, there was even less to say.

However, what was even more surprising was that the Spirit King referred to Muyoung as a 'human'.

Because the Fire Spirit King had said this, it would undoubtedly be true.

Humans. Beings that had suddenly appeared in the Underworld.

They had a reputation for being the worst. Even though there were numerous species in the Underworld, they ruthlessly drove out the weaker ones and erected a city.

Even worse, recently that place was growing increasingly violent.

The majority of the elves were especially wary of the humans. This was because there were no humans who weren't aiming for a beautiful elf.

But… Muyoung was a human?

How could a human cause the extinction of a spirit that had reached the heights of purity?

Even more surprising was the fight with the Death Knight.

'He is like a person crazy for fighting.'

The two were like comrades.

They fought against Ifrit and the spirits together.

But when the fight was over, they scarily drew their weapons against each other.

Ain used her empathy skill.

Muyoung was thirsty.

Even Ifrit hadn't been able to quench his thirst.

Just how greedy was he?


Tacan was surprised. When he faced his sword, he was able to see how much more Muyoung had advanced.

Even worse, even though he was Tacan, it was utterly impossible for him to imitate the sword Muyoung used.

It had no shape or method. It was the complete opposite of Tacan's spiderweb-like swordsmanship.

But the spiderweb could not trap Muyoung.


A total of thirty-nine strikes.

Tacan's sword flew away from him.

Even though it was less than the total of forty-five strikes that Ifrit had endured, it was still a big deal.

Even the existing humanity's 10 strongest, excluding Dragon Lord Hansung, would find it difficult to endure 35 rounds of the Sword of the Nameless.

"Keuhaha! Like this, another mountain for me to climb has appeared!"

Tacan liked his defeat.

This was because Tacan's ability had stagnated lately.

He had asked humanity's top 10 strongest for a fight and had killed monsters of the highest grade, but his abilities hadn't increased.

They also weren't enough to quench Tacan's thirst.

In that moment, Muyoung appeared.

Muyoung and his Sword of the Nameless were matchlessly profound.

Just including the sword increased his discernment.

Muyoung sheathed his sword.

"I'll hunt the remaining fire dragons."

"Dragon hunting! I'll come with you."

Tacan joined with excitement.

It was as if he thought of the dragon as the puppy next door.

At the sight of the two of them, Ain was forced to be silent.


To be precise, they were able to capture two more fire dragons.

The rest seemed to have deserted their positions right after Ifrit died.

In that way, seven Bone Dragons were born.

A fighting power that could easily eradicate a small city.

It would be difficult even for a large scale guild to face seven Bone Dragons at once.

It was a satisfactory achievement for Muyoung as well.

At the same time, there was a change in the effect of complete victory.

Dragon Slayer!

After killing a total of seven fire dragons, an effect like this emerged.

The natural enemy modifier had also been created.

In the future, dragons would feel an unidentifiable sense of fear when they saw Muyoung.

It meant that it would be hopeless to try being close friends with them, but since he would have that much more of an advantage from the beginning when fighting dragons, it wasn't a bad thing.

"What are you doing next? I suggest that you gather your undead again, and go to the Demon Gods' territory."

"I can't go right now."


"There is something I have to get from the Noble Castle."

He had already gained a lot from the Spring of Light.

But Muyoung was greedy. He had to eat constantly in order to be satisfied.

Also, if this place was close to the Noble Castle, there would definitely be something to be gained.


Ancient weapons.

They were definitely buried in the basement of the Noble Castle.

From the outset, it was a place that was built by the Reign Clan to hide them.

But even the Reign Clan was unable to operate Ellarsigo.

If they were able to operate them, the Reign Clan would have a huge advantage in future chaos.

"Your gaze has improved."

Tacan spoke.

Muyoung shrugged his shoulders.

"So my gaze was nothing special before?"

"Your purpose is more clearly visible now. Two years ago I felt like I was being dragged into something invisible."

Clear purpose.

He had it. Muyoung had established a plan from inside Diablo's flames.

He had caught Wung Chunglin, but everything was not over.

'The elimination of the Demon Gods. The return of the humans. I will attack humanity for that purpose.'

Mankind was the child of infinite possibility.

However, they had not been under threat for decades.

So, they had become indolent, and the military power they had gained from being at war with the Demon Kings in the past had stagnated at that level.

Muyoung was determined to be that 'enemy'.

Muyoung had wanted to be the hero, but he couldn't.

Instead, he would become a complete villain.

So that true heroes could be born.

Then, after gathering the Fragments of the Fissure, he will join the factional fight among the Demon Gods.

That was all Muyoung was able to do.

If it was a simple military force, Muyoung could someday catch up to them, but several Demon Gods couldn't be killed by strength simply because he was stronger.

There needed to be certain conditions to be met for Demon Gods that achieved true immortality.

And those conditions required the awakening of humanity.

It was this truth that he had realized in Diablo's flames.

In addition, all the Demon Gods had to be removed before the humans could return.

"Lord Muyoung, will it be alright if I join you?"

Muyoung and Tacan had finished all the repairs and got ready to leave.

Then, Ain came in and passed on the leathers with the Moon's blessings while bowing her head.

Ain was the highest high elf. An elf that received the Moon's blessing.

The reason she wanted to join Muyoung was simple.


"Lord Shandalton is away, and our tribe is in indescribable danger. Muyoung defeated the fire dragons, but I don't know when this type of threat will come and find us again."

"So isn't it that you need our strength?"

"I don't know the world. I'm surrounded by prejudice."

There was nothing as scary as prejudice.

If everyone had known that Muyoung was a human from the start, the Elves of the Golden Tribe would not have stopped their attack on him.

As a result, there would have been a good chance of their collapse.

Thinking about it now made her feel dizzy.

Furthermore, they had lacked knowledge about the fire dragons. They had been helpless against their attack.

When the Spirit King had appeared, they had been discouraged. However, a human being, Muyoung, had caused him to go extinct.

All she knew was what she had learned from books and stories.

It was incredibly shallow.

Ain, who had lived in the spring since birth, felt the absence of knowledge because of these results.

She also felt the fear of prejudice.

So she thought she should learn about the world.


Now that Shandalton was absent, they said they would serve Muyoung.

In fact, there had been some speculations that it would be safer with Muyoung working hard for the tribe.

"If there is any obstruction, I will throw it away without mercy."

"I will make an effort to be helpful."

Ain hardened her expression.

The fate of her tribe rested on this choice.

She couldn't help being serious.


At that moment, Snow ran over from afar.

Just in case the situation called for it, he had entrusted her to the elves.

Muyoung had completely forgotten about Snow due to his meeting with Tacan.

'I almost left her.'

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