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Chapter 182: The traces of Diablo (End)

Translation: Tay

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Muspell was astonished. Even his speed was no match. His main skills also didn't work at all.

The current Muyoung was like the fire dragons' natural enemy.

The power flowing from Muyoung's small frame was even stronger than the power of Muspell's overwhelmingly large body.

Moreover, unless the flame was exceedingly pure it would not damage Muyoung at all.

'This fellow is a dangerous guy.'

It was truly Fire Magic. He might be the God of Fire.

Although there was no match for a dragon's fire because of its purity, it was a mistake that his opponent was Muyoung of all people.

A type of foe he had never encountered before!

Muspell, who felt threatened, wracked his brains.

The heart of a dragon was filled with power.

It was the same as the origin of a dragon.

After all, if a dragon of Muspell's caliber squeezed out the power of his heart, its destructive power would be beyond imagination.


For a short moment, gooseflesh rose on Muyoung's entire body.

His instincts were telling him that this fire would be dangerous if it hit him directly.

However, Muyoung smiled all the more.

'I wonder what it will taste like.'

It was the power from giving his all. Every cell of his heart and body was trying to oppose Muyoung.

What would that kind of flame taste like?

Muyoung was not a gourmet connoisseur, but he was suddenly curious.

This was because it was an unfamiliar experience. And Muyoung didn't view this novelty negatively. On the contrary, the many experiences of failure helped him to make his 'Muyoung sword'.


Muspell shot off an intense flame.

It was more like a beam than a flame.

The sky shook and the clouds were penetrated as it reached Muyoung.

'It might be dangerous to be hit directly, but…'

To sum it up, it would be okay as long as he wasn't hit directly.

Muyoung's 'Divine Flame' blazed.

He then rotated it around himself.

Fire attracts fire.

The setting of a counter-fire.

<'Thorn Formation' skill has been used.>

Muyoung used his 'Thorn Formation' skill despite this.

Thorn Formation was a skill that decreased agility but in exchange, greatly increased physical and magical resistance.

Then he wrapped himself in Gabriel's wings.


The fire dragon, Muspell, gushed flames perpetually.

However, Muyoung was not overpowered. The flames that had been flying in a straight line were blocked by Muyoung and split in two.

There was gradual overheating, but not to an extent that he couldn't withstand it.

'It's delicious.'

In the meantime, Muyoung was savoring the flavor of the flames Muspell shot.

There was a little strain on his body, but when he tasted Muspell's flames all his worries were forgotten at once.

In addition, his skin absorbed the flames then shrank and expanded repeatedly.

Surprisingly, Muspell's real flame tasted like smoked pork. There was also the ecstatic feeling of eating when one was extremely hungry.

Taste calibration effect?

'There's all sorts of things.'

Muyoung couldn't help but grin.

The taste Muyoung experienced was incomparable next to that of a true gourmet connoisseur, however, all his stats had gone up by 1.

If he tasted and felt many things, he was more likely to get additional effects.

―How could my essence be stopped?!

After spewing out all of his flames, Muspell was in despair.

The fire's essence was no different from the final move, or the hidden move.

However, it had been blocked. Also, it had been blocked from the front.

Muspell's ego suffered a severe blow and he was forced to feel even more terror.

"It's over."

Muyoung released his Thorn Formation skill.

There seemed to be no more 'flavor' to be gained from the fire dragon.

However, there was much to be gained from this fire dragon's corpse.

'It's not ancient-class, but it's the level right beneath that.'

The ancient-classes were not common, so it seemed he should be satisfied with this much.

Furthermore, none of the dragons that took part in this event seemed to be of the ancient class.

If there were, no matter how strong high-elf Ain was, she would not have been able to stop them.

As such, the gap between general and ancient dragons was huge.

The ancient class.

It meant that a dragon had aged at least ten thousand years.

Dragons shed their bodies once again depending on their age.

You could say that they shedded their last scales.

Although gaps existed with such ancient dragons, they were so strong they were incomparable to normal adult dragons.

'If the quality isn't good, I have to go with quantity.'

In no time, Muyoung was calculating the quality of the dragon.

It was a novel experience for a dragon to see him and run away.

Maybe it was because he had already surpassed the strength of his past life.

Although they weren't exciting, it was clear that there was a wider range of choices to choose from.


Muyoung unsheathed Anguish and gripped it.

At the same time, a huge horn rose on top of his head.

It looked like Diabolo's mountain goat horn.

'32 times.'

He could maintain it for less than 1 second at best.

However, the time Muyoung could feel was more than 30 seconds.

Anguish danced. And then about 20 seconds later, the acceleration was released.


Muspell screamed.


All over his body, his scales were penetrated, and blood spurted from hundreds of thousands of holes.

Even a dragon would die if he suffered this level of damage.

'This is still a bit difficult.'

32 times was too fast. Muyoung's body could barely withstand it.

'I need more strength or stamina.'

To use it properly, he would have to increase his strength and stamina stats.

He only accelerated for about 20 seconds, but his body was filled with pain.


Soon, Muspell's enormous body slammed into the ground.

Muyoung slowly flew over it and reached out his hand.

'The Art of Death.'

<'Fire Bone Dragon' is complete.>

Name: Muspell

Strength (495) Agility (480) Stamina ( 510)

Intelligence (450) Wisdom (450) Fire-Attribute (550)

Magical Resistance (550)

Tendency: Fire Bone Dragon

Overall Level: 510

+Ability to use Flame Cresting, Flame Baptism, High-Speed Flight, and Fire Dragon Breath skills.

His skin burned and fell off.

A powerful flame was laid around the bone dragon, of which only the skeleton remained.


As if saluting his birth, the bone dragon spewed flames.


Muyoung nodded his head contentedly.

The first. And because of the calibration effect of the skill rank, Muspell was stronger than he was when he'd been alive.

If it hadn't been the first time, the overall level would not have exceeded 500.

'This is not the end.'

Muyoung looked at Snow, who was far away from him.


He didn't really care, but it seemed that Snow had taken a direct hit.

The clothes on her entire body were half burnt.

However, there was no effect on her body.

'Is it because she absorbed the dragon?'

Snow ate a whole fire dragon. As a result, a red wing also flew out. It wasn't strange that her flame resistance was so high.

Her half-burned clothes suggested that she had not taken a direct hit.

Even if she had devoured a fire dragon, she would not have been safe if she had been shot directly with Muspell's essence.


Snow hurriedly made her way to Muyoung's side and opened her mouth wide. Then, a small flame came out of her mouth.

"Cough! Cough! Ummm."

It seemed like an imitation of a dragon, but that was all.

Muyoung spoke to Snow.

"Where is the next fire dragon?"

Before he knew it, Snow became Muyoung's detector.

Quantity if not quality!


Muyoung didn't wait.

Why wait for the enemy to come when he had a detector that could find fire dragons?

Rather, it was better for him to go.

And that way he could hunt easier.

Dragons didn't unite well and clearly tended to avoid each other.

'The Art of Death.'

He reached out his hand to the corpse of a dead fire dragon.

Then, black energy came out of Muyoung's hand and surrounded the fire dragon.

<'Fire Dragon Throng (S)' has been completed. Summoning all at once has the additional effect of raising all dragons' ability stats by +5.>


Title: Death Shepherd King

Class: S

Effect: Power of death +50. Strengthens undead according to the power of death ability.  0.1% per 4, and 12.5% at 500.

Five fire dragons that were surrounded in flames roamed around Muyoung.

There were now five spots remaining.

Apparently, he couldn't make an unlimited number of dragon monsters into an undead.

Indeed, if it had been possible, thus far Muyoung would have been searching for tombs where corpses were instead of becoming stronger and killing enemies.

Bone dragon.

A top-ranking undead.

Certainly, the strength needed in creating and maintaining undead was extraordinary.

However, rather than that, the new complete victory effect that he'd gained caught Muyoung's eye.

'Death Shepherd King.'

Did this mean he now possessed a king's army?

The name itself was not ordinary.

In addition, the Spirit of Death had changed to Power of Death and had gained additional benefits.

Since the Spirit Ability was about 450, it would now be over 500 if these 50 points were added.

It meant that the abilities of the undead that Muyoung had just created and those he owned would increase by 12 - 13%.

'There are still around five more left.'

Muyoung's gaze was different.

It shone more deeply.

It wasn't just about 10%. It was as much as 10%.

12 - 13% was not to be thought of lightly.

The stronger the species and the higher the ability, the brighter the effect.

This was because if the ability exceeded 500, then the difference of 1 would no longer be a simple difference of 1.

12% could become 24%.

That was why he had to make a strong monster into an undead.

Of course, it would have been perfect if there had been an ancient dragon, but this much was enough to satisfy him.

Also, this meant that the majority of Muyoung's undead was able to receive much more privilege.

Not 500, but Muyoung had quite a few undead that exceeded ability scores of 400.

Muyoung made the fifth dragon into a bone dragon and moved on.

It was at that moment.

Muyoung sensed something strange and turned around.


At the same time, a huge pillar of fire shot up from the Fountain of Light.

The pillar of fire reached the sky and was large enough to swallow the entire fountain.

Muyoung wiped his chin at the sight.

The power felt from the pillar of fire itself was unusual.

It wasn't difficult to identify the pillar of fire because it was familiar and somehow he felt a kinship with it.

'The footprints left by Diabolo!'

The thing he had searched for but had not been able to find.

Unable to find it, Muyoung had gone fishing for it.  Then, he went on a fire dragon hunting expedition.

But that was exactly what Muyoung had been after.

Something left by Diabolo. It was the mark that he was passing by.

He couldn't believe that Diabolos would actually show up there!

Muyoung was very grateful for this.

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