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Chapter 172: Wung Chunglin (2)

Translation: Tay

Edit: Lesurous

The territory was full of energy.

Apart from the natural problems posed by different creatures associating and living together, it could be said that Deputy Lord Baltan and Seohan were doing their best work.

The population that had stagnated for a short while after the Devil's Long Night had increased exponentially as time passed.

Most of all, the combination of the dwarves craftsmanship and the knowledge of the humans was more than enough to protect the ever-increasing number of citizens.

Although it was normal for people to become lazy when the basic needs were cared for, Baltan and Seohan did not let this come about.

"We must achieve more before our Lord returns."

Seohan was particularly zealous.

Seohan was the chief of the dokkaebis.

As a duaxini that had evolved from a dokkaebi, he never refused to take the lead if something happened.

But Seohan's mind was urgent.

The emergence of a new strong person, Arand.

Territory Guardian Baltan's growth was also increasing daily.

On the other hand, for some reason, Seohan felt as if he was marching in place.

So, he wanted to contribute a remarkable achievement in his own way.

"Increase the territory! Our enemies do not exist where Oom resides!"

The main task was precisely 'expanding the territory'.

The territory's population had passed fifty thousand.

Most of the races living in the demon gods' territory reproduced rapidly, but as they grew, the weak usually died.

However, the people whose food, clothing and shelter were taken care of under the territory were only growing endlessly.

More still, there were immigrants flowing in from the outside and at this rate, the land would soon be scarce.

Seohan therefore intended to increase the land available.

Among the dokkaebis that numbered over twenty thousand, there were only ten other duaxinis like Seohan.

'Oom sees a far path different from us. We should be of aid.'

The dokkaebis worshipped Oom and Hoom.

Oom was the king of the dokkaebis, and Muyoung was Oom.

However, Seohan thought that Muyoung was no ordinary Oom.

He was perhaps the most powerful Oom in all of history.

Seohan could not catch up at all to the pace of Muyoung's advancement.

He couldn't even figure out the path Muyoung wanted to take.

Muyoung's judgment was so completely different from Seohan's.

Seohan couldn't see even the short lines of the picture Muyoung drew.

But, he wanted to be helpful.

In order to do that, he was prepared to jump into the heat of the fire.

Seohan looked at the front.

That place was a forest that was close to the territory.

An area where superior monsters called 'Naga ', was located.

Monsters whose upper bodies were human-like, and whose lower halves were shaped like enormous snakes!


However, the forest was so quiet.

He was accompanied by around ten thousand dokkaebis, but they didn't see any naga at all.

But there was a disgusting smell.

"The smell of rotting corpses…"

It also reeked of foul entrails.


"A shadow! A shadow has…!"

At the same time, the dokkaebi's in the rear screamed.

Seohan turned his head with a frown.

He didn't see any shadows.

However, the moment he looked away, his companions disappeared.

Even duaxinis were among those that disappeared.

'An assassination.'

But he didn't know who the opponent was.

"Everyone, stand together! We have to catch the shadow!"

Seohan was enraged.

Although it was a foreboding affair and normally he would have retreated, Seohan was stubborn.

It was because he felt an unknown evil.

It was because for some reason, there was a smell similar to Muyoung's that reeked all around.

More than two hundred dokkaebis had disappeared in just two hours.

"Show yourself!"

Seohan gritted his teeth and thoroughly searched his surroundings.


A blade of grass a short distance away trembled slightly.

'There you are!'

Seohan quietly gripped his weapon and immediately sprang forward.


An enormous rod split the air.

However, there was a man wearing a black mask riding on top of the rod.

Seohan immediately realized that it was the masked man that had attacked the dokkaebis.

"The bastard isn't a shadow! Catch him and kill him!"

As Seohan shouted, numerous dokkaebis attacked.

The bastard couldn't escape now.

No matter how agile he was, he was surrounded by dokkaebis.

More so as they found out that he wasn't a shadow, there was no easy escape for him.

Kwang! Kwang!

The surrounding terrain was destroyed with each swing of Seohan's weapon.

His opponent avoided all of the attacks but was being driven into a corner.

It was no different from a hunt.

Seohan gave a satisfied smile.


He slowly looked down at his chest.

A longsword was penetrating his heart.

'There… wasn't only one of them?'

Seohan had been careless. He hadn't thought that there might be two of them making a move.

It was because the scars were the same as the ones of the dead dokkaebis.

Seohan took hold of the situation with both hands.


His arm was cut off.

"Let Baltan and Arand know about this!"

Seohan completely changed his mind.

The masked men were strong.

If there were two, they could not be caught by the dokkaebis alone.

However, there wasn't only Seohan and the dokkaebis in the territory.

If they knew and prepared, there was no reason they couldn't catch even real shadows.

Without caring, a screaming Seohan bit the masked man in the neck.


Tumble tumble.

The moment he bit his neck, his head rolled on the ground.

The masked man felt the bite marks on his neck for a moment.

"One for now."

"Two remain."


Soon, the two masked men threw smoke bombs.

They were smoke bombs made from materials that dulled the senses and caused confusion.


His arm was broken.


Kim Taehwan threw up blood.

A dark alley. Kim Taehwan's condition was terrible.

One eye was bleeding, one arm was bizarrely broken and his guts were pouring out of his stomach.

A situation where it wouldn't be strange if he died immediately.

But he couldn't help but ask.

"Who, who sent you?"

Kim Taehwan had many enemies.

There had been some people that had been upset when Kim Taehwan was on a roll in the  Luminescent Guild.

However, he had never felt this much malice before.

Soon, the black shadow spoke.


Kim Taehwan's eyebrows furrowed.


He didn't believe it. It was unbelievable.

It was also nonsensical for an assassin to rashly say the name of his client.

He knew it was just to cause confusion.

Kim Taehwan wasn't a fool.

"Now I see… You're associated with hyung-nim. Pathetic… bastard! Why, of all people… did you meddle with hyung-nim?"

He spoke from the heart.

There was no one that messed with Muyoung and survived.

"By killing me… do you think hyung-nim will be shaken? Hyung-nim… even though other people might shake him, he… will never shake. Puhaa… Ggeuukk!"

As he laughed, he threw up blood again.

However, the shadow didn't respond.

Instead, he slowly lifted the bloody silver knife.

Kim Taehwan forcibly swallowed his blood.

If it was Muyoung in this kind of moment, what would he do?

As he worried about him, the answer soon came.

Kim Taehwan said with a smile.

"Kill me for sure. Because if not, I will chew you to death."


Covered in cold sweat, Bae Suzy sat up.

"Whoo, whoo, whoo…"

She quickly wiped her face and slapped her cheek.

A nightmare. She'd had a terrible nightmare.

She still couldn't get her heart to stop racing.

"Did you have a bad dream?"

The man who had laid down near the bonfire turned his head and asked Bae Suzy.

Bae Suzy swallowed her saliva.

"I have to go back."

"You can't go back. Now that you have become my disciple you have to follow me until you have mastered all the divine writings. Didn't I already tell you this?"

"Even so, I have to go back."

Bae Suzy opened her eyes wide and stared at the muscular man, the Fighting King.

Over the past year, Bae Suzy had been forced to follow the Fighting King.

Because in actuality, she had been kidnapped from the Sky Library.

After that, the Fighting King seemed to be searching for something, but he was soon thrilled with Bae Suzy's talents and immediately took her in as a disciple.

The Fighting King shook his head.

"You can do whatever you want if you achieve our 'Mystery Door'. But before that, you have no freedom."

"How long will that take?"

"At least 8 ranks are needed to attain a Mystery Door. I achieved 10 ranks, and even the great Door Master could only achieve up to 11 ranks. However, if it's you, you could achieve rank 12. At this pace… 10 years should be enough to get to 8 ranks."

The Fighting King said with pride.

As Bae Suzy's talent was truly surprising, he got the taste for teaching every day.

Someone that could possibly attain the legendary stage of rank 12.

Reaching the 8 ranks in 10 years was absurd.

Because even the Fighting King took 30 years to get to 8 ranks.

"In 10 years it will be too late."

"However, that is the discipline of our Mystery Door …. Ugh!"


A whip flew in.

The whip had a strong electrical current.

The Fighting King grimaced, caught the whip with both hands, and dragged in his opponent in that way.

Even with the strong current, it didn't even scratch the Fighting King's body.

Then, the Fighting King smiled at the shadow that had appeared.

"So, you're one of the assassins of the Forest of Death.'

The Fighting King was searching for the Forest of Death and its master.

But, this was how they showed themselves?

The Fighting King slowly turned his head towards Bae Suzy.

"Take a good look. I will show you the power of our Mystery Door."

The Fighting King threw the whip on the ground and got in position.

After this, he threw his fist into the air and a strong wave surged forward.


Muyoung looked up at the sky.


But he couldn't hear even the small sound of a bug.


Muyoung took out Anguish.

Shwack! Craack!

And he cut through the stone walls that blocked the cave.

As he entered the cracked cave, priests in black robes looked at Muyoung.

"It's the enemy!"

"Stop him!"


One person, one step.

Muyoung slowly advanced.

There was no hesitation in Muyoung's hands.

He cut down everyone in his way.

Although it was a dark cave, it looked as bright as daylight to Muyoung.

'Diabolo's altar.'

The place where Muyoung was currently standing.

This place was an altar.

It was hidden in such a remote place that hardly anyone knew of its location.

Normally, he would have to gather three rings to come to this place, but now his purpose had changed.

Snow was at the end of this.

A saintess who had blocked the armies of the Demon King!

However, that was also a story of the past.

There was a woman with the wings of both an angel and a devil there at the altar who was now truly unfamiliar.

A woman who had helped Muyoung numerous times but who was now standing in a opposition for some reason!

'Snow, you will have to tell me about your relationship with Wung Chunglin.'

At first, he had been curious.

Why was Snow finding out about Muyoung?

She even seemed to have at least a slight expectation that Muyoung had come from the future.

But now he was even more curious about something else.

This was fine in any case.

Wung Chunglin.

How was that bastard able to find out about those that were associated with Muyoung?

Even more, it seemed that before this situation had arisen he had sent out assassins.

If he had been able to know in advance and send them then the cause could only be Snow.

But if Snow truly wanted to maintain a good relationship with Muyoung, it was only right to exclude Wung Chunglin.

Snow… In the past, she was a saintess but now she was Diabolo's vestal.

Obviously, it was a different past from Muyoung's memory.

She, who had strived to save mankind, was now on the opposite side.

He didn't know what her connection to Wung Chunglin was, but her journey was so different from in the past.

Muyoung was certainly incredibly curious about what justification Snow would give.

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