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Chapter 173: Wung Chunglin (3)

Translation: Tay

Edit: Lesurous

The vestal saw.

The destruction of the world. The end…

Everything was dark. In the end, nothing remained.

Humanity had already been exterminated and what happened afterwards could be compared to the Big Bang that began creation.

No one wanted such a future.

However, the vestal saw a small light in the darkness.

Yes, it was truly a small light.

However, the vestal was able to realize that the existence of the light was Muyoung.

The problem was that the light was very weak. It was brighter than any other, but compared to the darkness that had come for the world, it was the light of a firefly.

'The light is wandering.'

Muyoung didn't know his own worth.

He only had a vague idea about it..

That shouldn't be. More than anything, the light that illuminated the world had to be straightforward.

The vestal saw all the past events.

And the shadow snuck a look at all the vestal's recollections and visions.

There it learned about Muyoung and also his related facts.

'That fellow isn't like my disciples, Vestal.'

The shadow rose up to the ceiling and looked down at the altar.

The vestal was on her knees praying continuously.

Bastard. Muyoung wasn't the shadow's disciple or anything of the sort.

But then again, the shadow was someone that didn't exist.

He was a being that stayed behind someone's back and moved based on their ambition.

Furthermore… as the vestal saw, Muyoung was shining.

Shadows didn't shine.

'Didn't you silently wish for me to do this? I also felt this in your memories and in your heart.'

The vestal denied it, but the shadow knew.

That the vestal hoped that the shadow would become a trial itself and force Muyoung to 'choose'.

She had tried to contact the shadow for that one purpose in the first place!

She was hoping… ' he would be the 'catalyst' so that the light can proceed in the right direction.'

In other words, the shadow was an essential obstacle for Muyoung to surpass.

However, the shadow had no intention of making Muyoung into the sun.

'Muyoung, you are the light, but you have the disposition of a shadow like me.'

Rather, like himself, he wanted Muyoung to become a deeper shadow.

So first, he took care of it himself.

He sent other shadows to people who were associated with Muyoung.

The vestal had seen the future, but she didn't know everything.

She didn't know that Muyoung had the qualities for becoming an even deeper darkness than the shadow himself.

No, perhaps she was pretending not to know.

Furthermore, the vestal said that the shadow would lose.

However, the shadow had no intention of engaging in even a simple armed fight in the first place.

This was a battle of whether Muyoung would become darkness or light.

If he became darkness, the shadow would be victorious and if he became light it would be the vestal's victory.

And Muyoung's victory?

Muyoung would be victorious either way.

Because he had no choice but to be victorious.

From the start, he had the qualities to become anything.


The shadow couldn't remember being as emotional as this.

It seemed that perhaps the vestal's memories and emotions had been assimilated when he peeked at them.

There he had seen Muyoung and found out more about him than Muyoung knew about himself.

Such as Muyoung's real name and even what he did on Earth.

So the shadow was curious.

'What would you do if you were confronted with the truth?'

Something he had never experienced before.

Even the shadow was extremely interested in the outcome that would arise.

Rumble rumble!

The cave shook.

Enormous giant statues moved and blocked Muyoung.


"We offer you our bodies!"

The heretics used the 'Self Sacrifice' spell.

The bodies of the heretics melted and soon flowed into the giants.

They became the material that moved the giants.

The Self Sacrifice spell was a great magical spell that could only be used once b someone serving a god.

The god was able to amplify his ability to influence the world and create something close to a miraculous event.

About a hundred heretics gave their lives for the Self Sacrifice spell.

The five giants gained superhuman strength.

Kwang! Kwareureung!

A strong energy surrounded the giants.

They had fire, water, wind, earth and metal energy respectively.


Muyoung travelled a short distance in a flash.

The 'Blink' ability on Isaac's Boots.

Because he could move indefinitely if his destination was visible, it didn't take much to avoid a large attack.

In a flash, Muyoung, who had moved behind one of the giants' necks, brandished Anguish.


The rock was split.

However, it regenerated in an instant.

This was because there was the strength of 20 lives sacrificed added to each giant.


Muyoung briefly clicked his tongue.

While coming this far he had already fought hundreds of monsters.

Fatigue was accumulating little by little.

"The enemy is alone! Assist the giants!"

The priests of darkness came out in droves.

Muyoung frowned.

If he confronted them head-on, even Muyoung would not survive.


A horse's leg was severed.


Ramiella fell from her horse.

Seraphina instantly approached Ramiella while wielding a sword.

Ramiella's First Knight had already become a corpse after being defeated.

Because of the shadow, he had died protecting Ramiella.

"Mulalan… cannot lose."

Ramiella kept repeating as her face went pale.

Mulalan was pride. The god they served was absolute.

They must never be defeated by evil.

However, the 'evil' before them had neutralized even the power of their god.

Rather, they had snorted and tried to absorb even that power.

They had never been so helpless. Mulalan was the icon of justice and all mankind.

"You have to retreat, Ramiella."

Seraphina persuaded Ramiella.

If they retreated now, it would be possible to at least protect the minimum number of people.

But Ramiella shook her head.

She put her hand on the ground, got up, and grabbed her bow again.

"There is no longer anywhere to retreat to. If we retreat here, their power will grow even stronger."

Ramiella seemed to have made up her mind.

However, it was hard to regain the momentum that had already been lost.

Everytime the bone dragon exhaled, thousands of priests melted.

The paladin's shields and armor also melted easily.

'My god…!'

Everyone called on their god.

Seraphina was the same.

However, they couldn't win. Even so, she couldn't go and leave Ramiella behind.

Seraphina raised her sword again.

And the moment she ran towards the shadows and the bone dragon…


A huge typhoon formed in the sky.

Soon, a black sphere fell to the ground and swallowed everything up like a black hole.

A divine bolt of lightning struck the surroundings and burned up many of the undead.

'What the hell?'

Something that happened suddenly.

Seraphina turned her head.

Soon, she could see two horses.

A hellhorse and a unicorn!

There were other undead joining them.

'Undead attacking undead…'

It was a situation she was seeing for the first time, and Seraphina was dumbfounded.

In that situation, someone burst out from the ground.

"Please do not worry. We are servants of Muyoung-nim."

"…A lich!"

Seraphina took a step backwards.

A strong evil energy was flowing out of the man before her.

However, a similarly strong divine power could also be felt.

"We are Muyoung-nim's servants."

The man said again.

Then Seraphina opened her eyes widely.

Gael was a fabricated alias. The angel's name was Muyoung. Seraphina knew him.

"Please relax."

The man, Bae Sungmin, picked up his staff.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!

When he pointed the staff repeatedly, explosions occurred here and there around him.

When he used his other hand, the fallen people in the surroundings began to be healed.

The enemy undead couldn't absorb Bae Sungmin's divine powers.

Seeing that, Seraphina shuddered.

Up until now, she had half-disbelieved the prophecy.

'The person with black wings will destroy the world.'

One more thing had been added after that.

'The one with the white wings will save the world with his servants.'


The sword that tried to pierce his neck was stopped.

"You're right on time."

Kim Taehwan opened his eyes, which had been closed.

A man made of bone and a vampire covered in a cloak were side by side.

It was precisely Tacan and Calla.

They stopped the shadow's attack and began to talk to each other.


"I just imitated it. Without your magic it would have been difficult to travel this distance."

Tacan shrugged his shoulders.

He hadn't been sure if it would work, but it seemed to have turned out well.

"You weren't just stealing swordsmanship? There's nothing like a thief, huh?"

"In any case, that bastard Muyoung made me and it seems he added even more skills. Anyway, you calling me a thief is not nice to hear."

Calla clicked his tongue.

Tacan could steal the majority of the skills he saw.

This was also true for the Teleport skill that Alexandro Quintart used.

On the other hand, there was no way to steal Muyoung's acceleration or ability to read grains.

Tacan spoke shortly to Calla.

"Also, this is a secret. This is a trump card I've saved to beat that bastard."

The person he called a bastard was Muyoung.

Tacan's goal had already become Muyoung.

"Do as you wish. However… he is an extremely sinister man."

Calla turned his head to look at the shadow.

The shadow had slipped into position and had finished preparing to attack.

When he used his Teleport skill to the place where Muyoung's magic was the most strongly entangled, he arrived at the current situation.

Tacan secretly looked Kim Taehwan over.

"Let's end this quickly. He's going to die soon."

"If he dies, can't I just take him and turn him into an undead?"

"Muyoung wants him to be alive."

"He does?"

Calla asked, as if caught by surprise.

Why did Muyoung, who used the dead, want with a living person?

Tacan shook his head.

"Muyoung wants the warmth."

That was the conclusion Tacan had come to.

They dug into the cave.

They ruthlessly cut down anyone in their way.

'Should I help you?'

Luciferre, who was existing inside Muyoung, whispered.

This was the first time that Luciferre, who had been quiet up until now, made a proposal.

'I will do it alone.'

However, Muyoung shook his head.

Anguish became even bloodier.

Luciferre jeered.

It was foolish to go all the way to the end of this cave without his help.

Muyoung was also fully aware of that fact.

However, Muyoung would never give up.

When Muyoung finally reached the end of the cave, Luciferre had no choice but to stop jeering.


At that place, there was a woman on her knees praying.

Black and white wings coexisting.

With his entire body covered in wounds, Muyoung looked at the scene.

"You're finally here."

The vestal slowly rose from her prayer.

Her face was no different from Muyoung's memory.

If there was a difference, it could be said that she looked a little bit more mature.


The vestal smiled sadly.

"You have passed every trial. In the end, you chose the correct path. You saved your colleagues and didn't refuse to come all this way."

"Are you saying you planned everything?"

"Please calm your anger. Everything was for your sake. Furthermore, you should know it. The future that will happen."

"The future…"

Muyoung laughed.

With this, he was certain.

She could see the future. Perhaps, she had also returned like Muyoung.

And she knew more than Muyoung did.

"The world had been destroyed. Because of the 72 Demon Gods and the false gods. In the Underworld, angels and true gods don't exist. Isn't it a fact that you knew all this and turned away? Even the divine power that the priests of Mulalan use is not the power of a true god either."

The vestal reached out her hands.

Soon, their surroundings changed and the future destruction of the world was displayed.

The whole universe disappeared. A world where all but utter darkness existed.

"I have seen it. You would have seen it to some extent as well. Because we had the same 'dream'."


"Yes, like me, you only had a dream that was a little long."

Snow was thinking of the past that Muyoung had suffered as a 'dream'.

But Muyoung never dismissed it as a dream.

It was a torturous reality.

Even if he wanted to avoid it, he couldn't.

But she called it a dream.

Muyoung thought of the Snow of the past.

Everything had been in a veil.

However, Snow had been Muyoung's target for assassination.

Because of this, he'd watched Snow closer than anyone.

The Snow of the past had been extremely practical and devoted.

To the end, Snow had been the one moving to help even if it was for only one person.

As he came all this way, he kept having doubts.

"However, you too will know now. In the end, you can't save everyone. No matter how much you try to, you have limits. If I help you, you will be able to burn with an even brighter light."

She, who had been so devoted to mankind, had reached out to evil.

She had dismissed the entire past she had suffered as a dream and was trying to create a completely different path.

He couldn't save everyone?

Now that he was face to face with the vestal, he knew.

"You're not really Snow."


Muyoung pulled out Anguish.


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