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Chapter 171: Wung Chunglin (1)

Translation: Tay

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Instead, he vomited up blood.

Great assassin Number 10. There were countless needles in his body.

With his first showy attacks, he distracted his opponent and attacked, and if even that was blocked, the long needles inside the back of his hand would would fly out and attack his opponent's fatal point.

'He hasn't changed.'

Muyoung had narrowly avoided it, but it was important that he had blocked the assassination.

The great assassin was a shadow designed to face humanity's top 10 strongest.

But, he only knew how to face them by 'assassination'.

Of course, if the assassination was unsuccessful, the expectation would drop significantly.

This was the reason why Muyoung was able to erase the Forest of Death in the past.

He had cut most of them down head-on, without giving them much time to kill.

Because Muyoung also had four classes at that time, he wasn't very weak in the head-on confrontation.

However, Muyoung had also died in the process.

It was because the traps he had set up in doubles and triples using all of his might had been easily penetrated by Wung Chunglin.

'There is no need for traps anymore.'

If the great assassins were able to kill the humanity's top 10 strongest in a head-on confrontation, then humanity's strongest group would be the Forest of Death.

However, if the assassins were identified and fought openly, five great assassins would have to gather to deal with one of the 10 strongest.

Furthermore, people like Dragon Lord Hansung were out of the question.

Also… Muyoung's military force was ranked among the 10 strongest.

This was a simple calculation, and if he used all his skills he would easily be among the top ranked.

There was no need for him to set a trap and wait for his opponent to be caught in it.

Muyoung would seek them out.

Muyoung knew all the paths of the game like the back of his hand.

Now, Wung Chunglin on the other hand, had set a trap to catch Muyoung.

He wiped his mouth.

He had gotten caught once on purpose.

It was like a greeting between the great assassins.

"Let's do this properly."

However, one greeting was sufficient.

He slowly pulled out Anguish.


Before he knew it, the sky was darkening as the sun set.

In the low dusk, Muyoung's sword burned with the last flame.


Soon, the world was influenced by Muyoung's colour.

A violent sandstorm blew in.


Muyoung unfurled Gabriel's wings.

Three horns sprouted on top of Muyoung's head.


Number 10 stretched out his hands as he felt something strange.

Then, countless needles gushed out from the back of his hand.

Strong poison and magical powers were overlaid so that a fair amount of skin would be pierced at once.

Muyoung covered his body with his wings.

Gabriel's wings represented 'justice'. All the power to justify Muyoung's actions were in these wings.


Number 10 jumped into the air and spun his entire body like a top.

Thousands, tens of of thousands of needles started to pour down like rain.

Mass destruction.

It was Number 10's main ability and his strongest attack.

Those who died from this method numbered in the thousands.

Muyoung released his wings.

Then he wielded Anguish and met all the attacks.

In a world that was moving 8 times faster, Anguish cut down thousands of needles one by one.

A move that could be called superhuman.

It was literally none other than a head-on confrontation.

In the meanwhile, Muyoung moved one step at a time.

However, he continued to keep his eyes on Number 10.

Was that all he could do?

It was a rebuke.

Then, numerous needles squirmed inside the 10th's entire body.

The needles stimulated his entire body and awakened Number 10.

A high-risk technique.

It was Number 10's strongest technique that reduced his lifespan by about 10 years, but also strengthened his body by that much.

Originally, Number 10 had to run away after his assassination had failed.

That was the guideline for all assassins.

However, Number 10 did not run away.

He couldn't run away.

This place was inside of Muyoung's barrier, in the middle of his Wilderness.

A place that maximised all essences.

In this place, Muyoung looked different than before.

An enormous body that was close to 2m and three pairs of wings that seemed huge enough to touch the sky!

Anguish had also grown large enough to match his body.

On the other hand… what about Number 10?

"Are you afraid of me?"

Number 10 was the same. However, Muyoung could tell that his soul was trembling violently.

Muyoung played with Anguish.

Number 10 blocked, but his moves were inadequate.

As Muyoung flapped his wings, an intense typhoon blew in that direction.

Dozens of tornadoes rose and hit Number 10 hard.

From the get-go, Number 10 was unable to defeat Muyoung in a head-on confrontation.

The same was true even if they were not in his Wilderness.

Number 10's entire body began to break into pieces.

'The Art of Death.'

Soon, the winds died down.

Only bits of flesh littered the ground.

In that state, Muyoung started to create something.

He studied Number 10's soul until he got to the bottom of it.

He tried to discover his essence.


Muyoung erased the score.

It wasn't something made for someone's appraisal.

He had no desire for it to be judged.

This was only for Muyoung and the assassins.

It was a soundless song that only Muyoung and the assassins could know.


The pieces of flesh joined together and formed one shape.

At first glance, it looked like a large dog.

The problem was that it was around the size of a decent adult, however it had shaggy fur and tail.

The fur was as hard as steel. As soon as it was touched, it would bore through everything, and the dog could control the hair on its entire body freely.

Number 10 liked dogs.

The dog Number 10 had been with since childhood had died when he turned 15.

It could be said that the dog had lived a long life, but Number 10 had lived his entire life with his dead dog in his heart.

However, Muyoung couldn't find Number 10's image.

Muyoung was only able to find a dog engraved into his soul.

"I am sorry I couldn't find who you are."

Muyoung extended his hand.

He petted the dog's hair.

The strong fur softened for a moment.

It was normal for it to bore through everything, but Muyoung was the only exception.

"From now on, I will call you Ten."


Ten affirmed it.

Soon, Muyoung released the wilderness.

Although he had extreme dehydration, Muyoung finished it with a shake of his head.

Muyoung watched Ten.

He made Ten, and there were things he learned naturally.

"Find your siblings, Ten."

Diablo's altar shook.

In front of it, the vestal's eyes were closed.

Then she muttered to herself.

"Number 10 has fallen."

"I know."

A heavy voice rang.

Perhaps it was a voice she had heard somewhere before.

A voice that sometimes sounded feminine and sometimes masculine.

Sometimes he was like an adult and other times he was like a child.

An utterly unpredictable being.

The master who led the Forest of Death was here, in close range.

The vestal continued speaking without care.

"He can join the cause with us."

"He gives off a dangerous vibe. Like myself… we definitely have to get rid of him."

"Didn't I say it? That strictly speaking, he is like your disciple."


The shadow snorted.

Afterwards, he spoke mockingly.

"You said you saw the future. The destruction of the world, the subsequent descent of false gods. A world where everything you believed disappeared and only lies remained."

"That's right. The Forest of Death that you led disappeared, and after that there was chaos itself. The world, the universe, all dimensions received destruction."

"I am just a shadow. You found and you desired for me. It was only a slightly different wish than the others. Stop the destruction of the world! But I am sure. He's the one that will destroy the world. He is not similar to my disciples."

The shadow stuck to his guns.

The vestal sighed.

"He is a blessed being. From light and darkness, chaos and everything else. You, a mere shadow, can never be victorious in a fight with him."

"Are you sure?"

The shadow laughed.

He had no thoughts of losing.

He now knew Muyoung as well as Muyoung knew him.

The vestal had seen the future and said that the shadow would be defeated.

But there was nothing absolute in the world.

The vestal spoke anxiously.

"Do not oppose him. You cannot defeat him."

"He is a shadow like me."

The shadow gradually faded away.

He left a final word.

"So, the deeper one will survive."


The attack of the monsters began.

Numerous undead filled the mountain.

That number was well over ten thousands.

"Build up a line of defense!"

"Protect the priests!"

Seraphina and Ramiella were struggling.

However the attacks of the enemy were endless.

Even worse, if they were killed by undead, they themselves would become undead.

The Holy City of Mulalan. It was something that could never happen to warriors blessed by God.

Divine power was literally divine strength.

It was incompatible with death and could never be invaded by evil.

That should be the case but the paladins and the priests became undead and started to rise again.

Furthermore, if a priest died, he would transform into a dark priest that could restore the undead.

On the other hand, Mulalan's priests and paladins were unable to use divine power.

If they did, the undead reversed that strength, absorbing it and becoming stronger.

A hollow fortress.

Of course, there was no way that a proper fight could proceed.

"What about reinforcements?"

"Are there no replies from the other cities!?"

It was a situation where Seraphina and Ramiella had sent out an SOS to other cities besides Mulalan.

As they had asked for help in the name of Mulalan, they wouldn't be able to just ignore it.

However, it was important to endure for that time.


"Seraphina! I will stop the front!"

In the end, they couldn't win against a 'fight of attrition.

Even though their numbers were similar, they were undead that didn't fear death.

They continuously increased tirelessly.

Even more… no divine powers worked either.

"That… what's that?"

"The sky…"

However, retreat didn't seem easy either.

In a moment, the sky was black.

A huge shadow was eating up all of the sky's light.


"Bone dragon!"

The highest class of undead.

Because they were made of dragon's bones, the name given to them was a bone dragon!

Two bone dragons flew in the sky.

And several shadows jumped to the ground from on top of it.

The shadows rapidly dispersed and killed their troops.

No one dared to stop a shadow.


Ramiella gave a short cry.

It was because in the shadow's attack, her side had been open.

Her First Knight had hurriedly blocked it, but it had only bought them some time.


Seraphina gritted her teeth.

She believed that there was a reason that Muyoung was missing.

Muyoung was hope.

She just hoped and prayed that nothing would happen to that hope.

Five shadows passed the hill.

Among them, two flowed into the Demon God's Territory and found a territory.

It was a place where all kinds of species including dokkaebis lived.

Two shadows invaded that place and began to massacre.

Another one headed for the Great City.

It entered the Luminescent Guild and found Kim Taehwan there.

The other two were heading towards the Fighting King and Bae Suzy.

A move to cut off everyone connected to Muyoung!

The remaining four dealt with Mulalan.

They found Seraphina and caught the fairy.

Muyoung, who had moved with Ten, could also feel that.

The feeling of the connected threads breaking one by one.

'Wung Chunglin'

That bastard also knew Muyoung now.

Muyoung had to choose.

What method he would take!

However, one thing was certain; Muyoung was not feeling very good right now.


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