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Chapter 162: The God-Killing Spear (3)

Translation: Tay

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It was because thus far, no one talented enough for her to keep by her side had appeared.

The First Knight was the closest person to a cult judge.

The cult judges, as the title suggested, were people that conducted 'judgement'.

Even a sage king had no authority to change the outcome of that judgement.

However, there was just one person..

There was only one position that was allowed to twist the outcome.

That was precisely the First Knight.

However, one had to be strong, righteous and have pure divine powers.

Even if wicked people had divine power, they would ultimately lose it.

Their purity would also be low, so they would not be First Knight material.

However… If Muyoung was really an angel.

'The purity of his divine power will probably be high.'

It was Seraphina's last test.

The purity of the sage king was 89%.

Even the saintesses rarely  passed 85%.

Even if they had the same divine power, depending on this purity, different power could be exhibited, and so if he was an angel, he might even be able to pierce the barrier.

However, the tool that could measure the purity of divine power was not in this place.

"If I want to become a First Knight, what do I have to do?"

Muyoung asked, and Seraphina answered.

"You have to go to the 'Holy Saintess's Palace' with me."

The number of saintesses that existed at the same time was always different.

At the moment, there were three saintesses existing in Mulalan.

One among them was in the Holy Saintess's Palace. From that place, she first noticed the energy of evil and contacted Seraphina.

'The Holy Saintess's Palace.'

Muyoung had also heard of it.

That a saintess was residing in the Holy Saintess's Palace.

Snow suddenly sprang up in Muyoung's mind.

In the past, she was also a saintess.

A veiled woman who suddenly appeared after the Great Calamity.

Having realized that Muyoung was Asura's apostle, Snow had sent him a message in preparation for this moment.

'Although originally, I would have to go to Diablos's Altar…'

She was curious as to what Snow had seen and hoped for in Muyoung.

However right now, the 'God-Killing Spear' was more urgent.

It was the chance to be able to catch Wung Chunglin. Even if he couldn't catch him, he could hinder him.

Yes. The time for the reunion that he had hoped for.

This time, no one could interfere.

He wouldn't let them.


Muyoung said shortly.

Then Seraphina smiled faintly.

"Thank you. Since it isn't far, 3 days should be enough."

Seraphina thought as she changed her clothes.

Divine power was literally divine strength.

A noble and divine strength that could not be mindlessly approached!

The purity of that divine power was shown based on the 'righteousness' of the being.

However, the limit of humans was 89%.

No one had ever passed 90%.

The same was true decades ago even though the sage king had changed twice and around fifteen saintesses had appeared.

Even so, it was known that the current sage king had the highest purity of divine power.

Even Seraphina had only 82%.

After this, a 1% difference would result in a huge difference in quality.

In fact, when women had purity of divine power that exceeded 85% and they were granted authority from the gods, they were called saintesses, and it was safe to say that the cult judges were those women who unfortunately could not become saintesses.

Seraphina was also one of the saintess candidates in the past.

'If he passes I will follow him.'

Seraphina just wanted to check.

Whether or not the arrival of angels that didn't exist in the Underworld was true.

She had read all information on Muyoung, but as if he had really fallen from the sky, there was nothing.

There was a story of a human who was close to him, so she had gone in search for someone called Kim Taehwan but had learned nothing.

He just kept saying how Muyoung was a special being.

To follow gods or angels… it was only natural.

Thus far there hadn't been anything strange.

He seemed really righteous and was indeed tenacious.


Just as she was about to put on her underwear, she heard a subtle laugh.

As she turned her head, there was a fairy hidden in the corner, covering her mouth and laughing.

'A fairy?'

Come to think of it, among the stories about Muyoung there were also some related to fairies.

That there was a fairy that followed Muyoung.

Fairies did not follow evil beings. That rumor had heightened Muyoung's credibility further.

Perhaps this was the rumored fairy?

However, fairies loved pranks.

And if the prank didn't work they sulked and ran away.

Seraphina turned her head and looked at her underwear.

'A children's prank.'

She laughed silently.

There was a little caterpillar crawling around in her underwear.

A childish prank.

As if no one said she was a fairy.

"Oh my goodness! There is a bug."

She shouted without any emotion and threw her underwear on the bed.

"It's really scary."

She acted soullessly; as though her soul was evaporating at a frightening rate.  


Then, with a peculiar laugh, the fairy appeared before Seraphina.

"You dare wag your tail in front of Woohee's dear husband? You fox-like wench!"

Woohee had learned.

A good man needed to be thoroughly managed.

And Muyoung was 'an outstanding man'.

She knew that flies like Seraphina would gather around him someday.

But she couldn't just leave it alone.

The problem was that she was a step behind.

She didn't think that the deed would be done by the time the fairies were finished mourning.

"Your dear husband?"

Seraphina tilted her head.

Woohee glared fiercely.

"Yes! The man you wagged your tail after is Woohee's darling husband. Do you need to taste the bitterness of defeat by Woohee for you to come to your senses? Woohee is capable of far more than this, so be careful."


Seraphina was genuinely surprised.

If she wasn't misunderstanding, then the fairy was courting a corporeal being.

This was completely unprecedented.

'No, if he is an angel… I understand.'

In any case, the two seemed to be in a very close relationship.

That turned out great.

She was curious about many things.

"What is he like?"

"The one and only star! He is not the type of man that a fox like you could go after. Even Woohee has only kissed his cheek, but you…!"

The moment she spoke of kissing his cheek, Woohee's shoulders drooped.

She seemed to know everything that had happened between Seraphina and Muyoung.

Seraphina spoke.


"Woohee wants to grow bigger too. I wish I had a body like you."

Woohee pouted.

Seraphina was baffled by how different her attitude was from her prank shortly before.

Then Woohee turned her head.

She touched her fingers together said after a pause.

"You know… Woohee is curious. How does it feel when your skin touches each other?"

"It… is warm."

"And if you embrace?"

"It's cozy."

"Then… Then if you kiss?"

"I feel ecstasy."

Seraphina told the truth.

For some reason or other, it seemed necessary.

Woohee looked at Seraphina as if she was envious, and spoke without confidence.

"Don't take away my darling husband…"

"I have no intention of taking him away."





Woohee blinked and looked at Seraphina.

Seraphina didn't avoid eye contact either.

'The fairy's eyes are really innocent.'

A body like a doll. She was remarkably cute but her most beautiful feature was her eyes.

Could it be said that they were crystal clear?

"Wooheeheehee. You're really a good kid, huh? Then you be the concubine."

"The concubine?"

"The second wife is called the concubine."


She hadn't thought that far, but for now she complied.

Otherwise, it seemed the crystal clear fairy would fly away like a breeze. She seemed to be that insecure.

"Sorry for the prank earlier. "Woohee will apologize."

"It's alright. More than that, there is something I'm curious about."

"What is it? Woohee knows everything."

"Is it true that that person is really an angel?"

"An angel? He isn't though…?"


Woohee answered naturally and Seraphina was baffled once again.

He wasn't an angel?

After this, Woohee give a completely unexpected response.

"Darling husband is 'hope'. He isn't something like an angel."

"Hope… hope."

She murmured.

It was abstract.

She had no idea what Woohee meant by that.

Woohee quietly clicked her tongue.

"Darling husband is not an angel or a devil. Humans are so stupid. Why would you define darling husband with such shoddy words?"

"Because undefined beings breed fear."

"It's okay if he's an angel but not a devil? Why?"

"Because angels are good and devils are evil."

"See that's stupid. Darling husband is just darling husband. Why don't you understand that?"

Woohee said easily.

However it seemed that Woohee didn't realize that that was the most difficult problem.

Seraphina asked in a heartfelt wish.

"He… is he really hope?"

"Yep. He's Woohee's hope and everyone's hope. No one, not even darling husband, knows darling husband's heart, but Woohee knows. He loves and cares about you guys more than anyone else. Although the way he expresses it is intense, Woohee is even envious of it."

Woohee spoke confidently without an ounce of hesitancy.

'He loves us.'

Seraphina's body trembled lightly.

Muyoung wore a helmet that hid his face.

He wore armor and concealed his wings.

Having learned to manipulate his wings by solving 100 trials, he was now able to hide and reveal them at will.

And together with a procession of about a thousand people, he departed for the Holy Saintess's Palace.

However, no one in this procession knew that Muyoung was the commander-in-chief of the Sun Guild.

Seraphina merely described him as the 'new seed'.

A seed.

Something like a knight's servant.

He couldn't immediately become a First Knight. It meant that for now he had to start as a seed.

However, until now, Seraphina had not kept even seeds.

It was because she had solved everything by herself.

"That man. Who is he?"

"Have you seen him?"

"For Seraphinnim to keep a seed, huh."

"How dare he become Seraphinnim's…"

Because of this, he received the glares of everyone around them.

Muyoung was walking slowly, a little distance away from Seraphina.

Woohee was sitting on top of Muyoung's shoulder and humming.

"You look happy."

As he spoke quietly, Woohee whispered in Muyoung's ear.

"That Seraphina woman. She doesn't seem like a bad person."


Woohee laughed.

Muyoung merely tilted his head.

Up until now, she had been wary and jealous of every woman that approached him, so this was the first time she was acting like this.

However, he soon became disinterested.

As soon as they arrived at the Holy Saintess's Palace, the test to become a First Knight would begin.

'The purity of divine power.'

The first and the most important test.

Truthfully, Muyoung was also curious.

He had received Gabriel's power, but in the same way, other paladins and holy saintesses also inherited god's powers.

He was not sure whether or not he could exceed their purity.


It was that moment.

The sky became dark.

To be exact, an enormous shadow covered the ground.

Muyoung turned his head.

And his eyes widened.

'That dragon…'

The shape of a familiar dragon soon descended to the ground.

A black dragon.

Arkisa, the master of an active volcano that spewed darkness!

It was the only dragon trained by humans.

His frame was 100m in size and from on top of him a man came down.

All eyes were on him, but he immediately approached Seraphina.

"Seraphina! What a coincidence."

"Hansung-nim, it has been a while. But, I don't think it's a coincidence."

It seemed that Seraphina also knew him.

Just that there was a little bit of a thorn in her tone.

At that moment, it hit him like a flash of lightning.

Yes, Hansung. It was a name like that.

That appearance. It was like that in the past.

He was the only human dragon contractor. No, a dragon tamer.

Through a contract with the dragon, he was able to maintain a youthful appearance for a very long time. All wounds were recovered in an instant, and he was even able to use the dragon language.

Rumors of eternal youth and immortality circulated.

'The Dragon Lord!'

The Dragon Lord Hansung!

He had been the most difficult assassination target for Muyoung.

A man in the top 10 humans and a revolutionary.

The man who was the closest to a 'hero' in the past was now in front of Muyoung.


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