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KotB Chapter 161

Chapter 161: God-Killing Spear (2) 
Translation: Nadu
Edit: Lesurous

‘Status Bar.’

Muyoung took the box and after completing all the trials, he turned his Status Viewer to check his results.

There weren’t many changes overall but in regards to stats, there was quite a bit of change that was noticeable.

Stats ->

Strength 515 (300 + 215)   Agility 504 (315 + 189)

Stamina 491 (321 + 170)   Intelligence 500 (245 + 255)

Wisdom 410 (275 + 135)   Fighting Aura 340 (180 + 160)

Magic Resistance 525 (125 + 400)   Spirit Ability 410 (260 + 150)

Evil Tendency 450 (300 + 150)   Divine Powers 330 (230 +100)

Total Level: 491

Among the primary stats, the pure stats related to the body greatly increased.

It seemed on average, they increased by 30.

Especially agility and stamina, they increased a lot.

Was it due to the body’s balance and repeated training?

It was an amazing result for just investing a month of time.


Strength, agility, intelligence, and magic resistance!

These four stats were over 500.

He was touched.

500 was the standard.

The unknown world where barely anyone in the top 10 has ever reached.

It was the entrance.

What scared Muyoung was the fact that his future development was boundless.

However, that 500 wasn’t the end.

There was still a lot of pure stats Muyoung could raise.

If he continued to develop like this without any troubles… he might even be able to step into the 6th metamorphosis which was known to be unreachable.

‘This is fine enough.’

Muyoung nodded.

There were countless things he had earned after coming to the Sun Guild.

On top, he had confirmed everything Alexandro had hidden.

Now, he needed to prepare to take the next leap.

Muyoung stayed ‘mysterious’.

He never exposed himself to others.

This enriched and expanded the rumors and solidified Muyoung’s position.

Of course, it wasn’t like there weren’t any groups who made malicious slanders but most of the people raised their voices and called out an angel’s name.

‘The moment my mysteriousness ends, my human nature will show.’

Mysteriousness was important. Human’s imagination was truly a fickle weapon.

If Muyoung became a guild master or wanted to rise to a certain position, it was highly likely that his mysteriousness would end right away.

He would be revealed to be a human and adoration for him would disappear.

However, if he stayed still, his mysteriousness would continue to grow and he would be a more powerful influence.

And so, Muyoung selected the people who would meet him.

The talents who crossed the Blue Temple.

“More than I expected.”

“I have chosen them accordingly to the criteria you gave me.”

Oscar spoke as he raised his chin.

There were about 150 people gathered in the drill hall.

Although their age and sex were all different, they didn’t really seem like beginners.

‘Lightspeed Ipin, Dualist Gafelt, White-eyed Yata.’

Among them, there were also some familiar faces.

Compared to the past, they were quite different but as their distinctive figures didn’t easily change, he was able to recognize them.

Although they weren’t in the top 10, they were easily within the top 100 humans.

‘This month is a good month.’

It was quite rare to have these many talents to come over at once.

And wasn’t there a saying that those who would become famous later would be known from their childhood?

A fight for survival in the Demon God’s Territory. And, there were quite a few who would transform into worthy warriors after they finished the 100 trials Alexandro made.

“That person is the angel?”

“I came became someone told me to but what is the reason you only wanted us to gather?”

People murmured.

Of course, they would be curious.

Since they weren’t told of other reasons.

Muyoung also felt the gaze of the third person who entered the drill hall.


She didn’t fully open her heart to Muyoung.

Muyoung’s true face. She invested everything to find out about this truth.

From here on out, every word he spoke of was important.

“Do you want to return to Earth?”

“Is there a way to return?”

“If there is please!”

Everyone in the Underworld had the instinct and desire to return.

Alexandro did and Muyoung aswell.

Those who have only been here for a month, that feeling would be at its peak.

Since they were suddenly dragged here, if there was a way to return they would do it.

Muyoung, who had instantly grab hold of the mood, slowly talked.

“Kill the 72 Demon Gods. Then, you can return.”

“Demon gods… what are they?”

Muyoung made a short reply.

“Source of evil.”

The start of all evil. That was the demon gods.

Muyoung continued to talk.

“There are about 180 million devils in the Underworld. And the 72 Demon Gods are those who rule over those devils and they only exist to destroy things. We need to fight against them.”

Everyone’s jaw dropped.

He could even feel Seraphina shaking.

The specific number of devils was only found out after the Great Calamity.

Currently, at this moment, no one was aware that their numbers were about 180 million.

It was truly a big number.

Currently, it was a bigger number than the human survivors in the Underworld.

“Does it seem impossible? However, don’t worry. Because god has given you guys power to fight the devils.”

Muyoung wore the mask.

He even sold a god he didn’t even believe in.

However, it wasn’t exactly wrong either.

Since the system of the Underworld was made by the collection of godly beings.

“The devils want to eliminate all beings. They will even swallow up the Earth eventually. Soon, in the near future, every human being on Earth will be summoned here and they will be exposed to the devils. Your families will be ravaged and their heads cut off and rolling on the ground.”


“A, angel. Is, is that true?”

Everyone was shocked.

As if they didn’t think the scale of this summon would be that massive.

In their point of view, Muyoung was an ‘angel’. There was credibility in his words.

And another person was also surprised.


‘How did he?’

Her pupils shook continuously.

The possibility for all humans to be summoned was now just being discussed by the upper classes.

Before a prophecy came about, Muyoung forestalled.

If they waited for a prophecy, it would be too late.

Even if they were to start preparing now, they wouldn’t have enough time but how could he wait another 4 years?

Although he only said it to about 150 people, rumors would spread soon.

Muyoung planned to not tell people directly. This is because he knew that the power of rumors was stronger than that.

“Prepare. I will teach you how to fight against them. I will give you strength for you to enter their base and stab their hearts. The power for you to protect yourself and your families.”

People tend to exert more family affection in extreme circumstances.

It might be different for someone who has lived in the Underworld for quite a while but as these people were just summoned from Earth, it wouldn’t be odd if they became emotional.

These 150 people performed well at the Blue Temple.

They knew how to survive at least.

Also, they were aware of the law of the jungle.

Since they knew that they would die if they were weak, they were most likely to grab hold of the robe that Muyoung gave them and not let go.


Muyoung spread Gabriel’s Wings.

The divine powers poured out and instantly surrounded the place.

A gentle light shined on Muyoung’s entire body.

The effect gave the illusion that he was not human.


In the end, everything visible was all production.

Moving people was also 90% production.

“You guys are chosen to be warriors to fight against evil.”


Their faces loosened up.

It was the moment their hardships started.

Muyoung declared war on evil.

As if he himself wasn’t evil, he created a facade.

Seraphina felt a more extreme confusion.

As there was nothing incorrect about what Muyoung had said and he even knew about something no one else was aware of.

Since there were no lies in what he said, it would be more confusing.

‘Was he really an emissary of a god?’

Seraphina bit her nails.

He was truly a mysterious being.

However, the more she looked at him, he seemed to be far from evil.

He always insisted on the annihilation of evil. He showed his goodness. He was worried about the future of mankind.

How could someone like him be evil?

She gave everything to catch him when he let his guard down.

She even gave up her virginity. Muyoung seemed off guard at a glance.

Seraphina had no idea that even that was Muyoung’s intentions.

The boundary between good and evil collapsed increasingly.

A problem where there was no answer.

When she wanted someone to give her the answer, Muyoung drove a wedge in.

“The demon god’s strength is continuously getting stronger. Seraphina, we need to prepare.”


While they were dining, Muyoung spoke.

“Do you know why I came to this place?”

“I don’t know.”

Seraphina spoke politely. It was to pretend to be devoted after that day.

Muyoung put down the fork.

“For gods, a moment is like an eternity to us. Some prophecies have already arrived but there is a possibility that those could have already happened. In fact, prophecies are something you have to manage before they occur. And I came to solve those a step ahead before those occur.”

Muyoung closed his eyes.

His appearance seemed like he was sad.

And he continued to talk.

“I’m the only one. That’s why I need to open up all possibilities. This is the reason why I have all types of wings. The reason why I’m saying this now… is because the time is imminent.”

“The time… is imminent?”

A man with black wings would destroy the world.

Perhaps, the man with black wings might not be Muyoung.

Since Muyoung had white and grey wings as well.

That’s why the reason sounded so good.

Muyoung opened his eyes.

“The demon gods will start their activities soon. However, don’t worry. There is a weapon to keep them in check. If I have the ‘God-Killing Spear’, I can keep them in check.”

Seraphina flinched.

This was also something that only the leaders knew of.

Actually, they were preparing to take actions related to it.

Seraphina was shaken.

The actions Muyoung showed and what he said.

If everything was true, there was no time to hesitate.

Then suddenly, Muyoung warned.

“But, this conversation can’t be leaked.”


Seraphina was curious.

His intention to get the spear cannot be leaked.

There was a possibility that Wung Chunglin would notice and withdraw himself.

It was because he never took risks.

And so, he gave a reasonable excuse.

“It’s because there are enemies on the inside. Didn’t ninjas break into Mulalan recently?”

“…You’re right.”

It was news she heard a few days ago.

That ninjas broke into Mulalan. And that they took a person who was in prison.

However, Mulalan was impenetrable. It was definitely not a place where ninjas could easily enter.

Unless there was an enemy on the inside.

“If they know I want the spear and if I failed to gain it, there will be a huge impact on the people. I don’t want that to happen.”

Muyoung was urging Seraphina to make a choice.

Seraphina clenched her fists hard.

Although it was forced, it was like giving her a choice.

Her shaking stopped little by little.

Numerous circumstances. Muyoung knew things that no one else knew.

Perhaps, he might also be aware of her confusion and the prophecy.

And so, she made a choice.

“…I understand. Let’s keep it a secret and act. However, if you are planning to take the spear quietly, you need to hide and become my ‘First Knight’.”

A First Knight!

It referred to the knight who protected the cult judge from very close by.

All cult judges kept a First Knight but only Seraphina had the position vacant.

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