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Chapter 163: God-Killing Spear (3)

Translation: Nadu

Edit: Lesurous

"I had a reason to travel nearby. But, by the way, Seraphina you seem to have become more beautiful."

Hansung was overly chatty.

He was connected to a dragon and his senses were enhanced.

His eyes and ears made it possible to hear and find out everything near him.

So, Muyoung even decreased the sound of his heartbeat.

He was happy to see the Dragon Lord but right now he was currently hiding his identity.

If Hansung found out the truth about Muyoung, it might be a pain.

"Stop your lip service."

"No, you really did become more beautiful. You became a lady since I last saw you about 10 years ago. Now, you can even become my wife, haha!"

"Hansung-nim, you're still the same."

"Of course, I'm the same as always. Please call me the man who doesn't change. Either way… if you're headed this way, are you going to the Saintess's Palace?"

Hansung looked at the opposite direction.

If they went for one more day, they would arrive at the Saintess's Palace.

At that place, Muyoung was planning to complete the test and become a First Knight.

Originally, cult judges needed to hide their movements.

However, Hansung was an exception.

Seraphina was affirmative.

"Yes, how about you, Hansung-nim?"

"Actually, I also have a need to go to the Saintess's Palace as well. There was a bit of strange incident in the Demon God's Territory."

Hansung scratched his head.

The man who was known to be the closest to the title "strongest of mankind".

However, he was free like the wind as he didn't keep enemies anywhere.

Seraphina spoke as if she was slightly surprised.

"It seems like even you have worries, Hansung-nim."

"Ehh, Seraphina. Even I have feelings. Either way, the movements of demon gods are unusual. Even other transcendental beings are trying to avoid them. Be careful."

The demon gods weren't the only ones that were classified as the strongest.

The owner of all mountains, the king of all dragons, and the child of the moon!

There were even stories that these four didn't fall behind demon gods when compared.

Just, that these four tended to not act. There was also rarely anyone who survived after seeing them.

Although the story was mostly considered a legend, because there were people who confirmed their identities, rumors were passed down.

However, if it was Hansung who was active in the Demon God's Territory, he might have seen them.

At least, he would have met the 'King of Dragons' at least once.

Since he would have sworn in front of him for the dragon contract.

Sniff! Sniff! Sniff!

It was at that moment. Arkisa, the master of an active volcano that spewed darkness started to wiggle its nose!


As he slowly moved, as if the sea divided, the paladins and the priests stepped back.

"It seems like Arkisa found something."

Hansung was relaxed. It was because he knew that Arkisa didn't act like that without a reason.

Magical dragons were naturally cautious.

Then, Arkisa went in front of Muyoung.

"Seraphina, who is this man?"

"He's my attendant."

"Arkisa is reacting to an attendant? Hmm."

As Hansung spoke, Arkisa looked down on Muyoung for a while.

An overwhelming size.

Two pairs of eyes opened and closed vertically.

However, Muyoung didn't shake. He just faced Arkisa through the small holes on his helmet.

Arkisa was a magical dragon.

A dragon that controls death.

In the past, Muyoung took a lot of time to try and kill it.

Among all the people he needed to assassinate, Arkisa took the longest to kill.

A dragon's senses, especially a dragon-like Arkisa, couldn't be thought of the same as a human.

However, now he had no reason to kill it.

Muyoung wasn't an assassin like in the past. He no longer moved by someone else's instructions.

'I will live free, like  a hero.'

Hansung was like an  example of a hero.

If he was successful in his revolution after the Great Calamity, humanity would have been able to move a few steps further.

In reality, if Muyoung hadn't assassinated him himself, it was fair to say that there was no one who could assassinate Hansung and Arkisa.

Was it because the Dragon Lord could control death like Muyoung and he had seen him for a long time?

For some reason, he felt a sense of kinship.

Muyoung stretched his hand.

And rubbed the side of Arkisa's nose.

Krung. Krung.

Arkisa cried softly. However, it was a pleasant sound.

"…Amazing. For Arkisa to allow someone else to touch her beside me."

Hansung widened his eyes.

Not just Hansung. It was the same for Seraphina.

When Seraphina was still a candidate for a saint, Hansung had lived in Mulalan for a few years.

As a friend of a sage king and a great guest.

Arkisa stayed as well but it didn't allow anyone else's touch.

There was even a person whose shoulder was bitten off because he tried to touch it forcefully.

If Hansung didn't stop it, the person would have been eaten by it.

Afterward, no one tried to touch Arkisa.

It was a pie in the sky. It only allowed people to look upon it's majestic figure.

But, Muyoung touched it as if it was nothing.

Arkisa accepted his touch.

It was the first time Seraphina and Hansung saw this.

"It seems like he is also related to dragons. The scent of a dragon killer comes from him."

Muyoung had inherited the Dragon Hunter effect.

He earned it after he killed the Dark Dragon Barca.

However, it was a title that stirred hostility towards dragons. Arkisa's actions were clearly antagonistic.

"Dragon Hunter…?"

"Yes. This scent, it's Barca! No wonder!"

As if now he understood the reasons for Arkisa's actions, he nodded.

"What is Barca?"

"It's a baby dark dragon. It was a little guy that was good at being annoying. Arkisa said it was thinking of giving it a good beating. But, as Barca's blood can be smelled on him, he feels close to him."

Hansung was greatly pleased and approached Muyoung.

"Did you kill Barca?"


He couldn't hide it now.

He would only beg suspicion if Hansung was to notice him lying.

And normally, while dragons were strong beings, it wasn't like hunting them wasn't possible.

"Why would someone who killed a dragon be satisfied with a mere attendant position? If there is something you want, tell me. If it's something I can do, I'll do it. This is not my will but Arkisa's."

It seemed like Arkisa had a bad relationship with Barca.

However, Muyoung shook his head.

Hansung. He wasn't planning to receive anything from him.

It was just enough for him to go his own way.

"Hansung-nim, he is now my attendant but he is a candidate for my First Knight. Please don't say strange things without my permission."

"What? A First Knight?"

Hansung should have been well aware of what the First Knight meant.

And so, as if he saw them differently, he looked at Muyoung and Seraphina again.

The priest and paladins who were watching them were also surprised.

He wasn't just a normal attendant but a First Knight candidate?!

"I heard that you were the only one without a First Knight. Actually, while I see you, I wanted to introduce you to a nice kid…"

Swoosh! Swoosh!


At the same time, from the sky, a huge wyvern appeared.

Compared to Arkisa, it was very small but this also was a monster that couldn't be ignored.

A red wyvern!

A predator that was at the top of top rank monsters.

On top of it, a strong young man came down.

"Master, whew. I finally caught up."

The young man shook his head.

Then, he cleared his throat after seeing Seraphina.

He was certainly shy.

"Talk of the devil. Anyways, this is my disciple, Pendragon. Although he's 2nd generation, I raised him after his parents died when he was young. You probably have seen him once."

"I think I have seen him in Mulalan."

"If that attendant is a candidate, could you place this child also within the candidates?"

"How could I take your disciple…"

Seraphina took a step back.

But, Hansung kept insisting.

"It's this child's hope rather than mine. When he was young, he said he fell greatly in love after seeing you. Although it might seem like I'm boasting about my disciple but Pendragon is considered strong wherever he is. He's handsome and has a great personality like me."

"The last part gets me the most."

"Either way, what do you think? If you're worried about his holiness, you don't have to worry. Since the Mother of All, Idea, has placed a blessing on him personally."

Seraphina looked at Pendragon surprisingly.

Mulalan served four gods.

The God of Clouds 'Soon', God of Seas 'Ryung', God of Earth 'Han', and their mother 'Idea'.

However, in reality, the true god was only Idea.

The other three were served well because they were children of Idea.

However, there were very few priests and paladins who gained Idea's power. Instead, if they were blessed with her powers, they exhibited tremendous power.

You could tell by looking at the overwhelming proportion of those who became saints or sage kings by receiving Idea's blessing in the past.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Pendragon."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Seraphina. Your name is unusual."

"It's the name my father gave me. Please allow me to become your First Knight."

Pendragon kneeled on one knee as his face became slightly rosy.

And looked at Seraphina with intense desire.

It was hard for Seraphina to reject Hansung's request.

Hansung was a longtime friend of the sage king and was also a benefactor of Mulalan.

The problem was Muyoung.

As long as Muyoung was there, it was all just false hope.

It would have been better to refuse him from the start but to do that, she felt uncomfortable about Hansung.

Seraphina cautiously looked at Muyoung.


As Muyoung gave permission, Seraphina spoke.

"I understand. I'll place him as another candidate. However, I will judge fairly."

"That's what I wanted. Rather, it would be difficult if you didn't."

Hansung was confident.

The Dragon Hunter. As he didn't think the title was earned by himself. Even if he considered it, it was amazing but Pendragon was also a tough opponent.

Pendragon glanced at Muyoung as he showed off his competitive spirit.

'Pendragon. Hansung's disciple. Thinking about it, I think there was one in the past.'

When Hansung was assassinated, Pendragon took the rest of the soldiers and rampaged.

However, Muyoung remembered him being instantly subjugated by the privileged class.

Like Hansung, his sense of justice was high and he was truly a strong person.

"Ah well, it seems like Arkisa has interrupted your passage. I'll follow from above."

Hansung read the countenance of Seraphina's followers and left sneakily.

It was to give Pendragon some more time with Seraphina, as well.

After Hansung left, Pendragon took an active approach.

"You're still beautiful."

"Thank you."

"Although I have only seen you once when I was young, I haven't forgotten you since. It's all thanks to you for me to serve Idea and receive her blessing."

"You're too kind."

Muyoung followed the two from a distance.

Muyoung wasn't really used to that sort of atmosphere.

The Saintess's Palace.

It was a temple the size of a small city.

Only priests and palandins lived in this place, numbering a few thousands.

As Seraphina, Hansung, Pendragon, and Muyoung entered the temple, they quietly welcomed them.

The saints had also heard the news already and ran out to greet them.

A woman wore a crown adorned with world tree ornaments and a plain dress.

"Nice to meet you, Hansung-nim and Seraphinnim."

The woman was holiness itself.

There was a mood that only true saints gave off.

As if he had entered a thorny field, Muyoung was totally uncomfortable.

It might be because he had a tendency that didn't fit with this place.

'This is the start.'

However, Muyoung didn't care.

He couldn't avoid it just because it didn't match him.

He had already entered the place of testing to become a First Knight.


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