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Chapter 151: Authority Predator (End)

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Moon was already in a weak state.

Even after he had been attacked by Luciferre, he still had to face Bae Sungmin, Tacan and even Calla.

“Luciferre… it’s not him.”

Everyone’s reactions were not different from Moon’s.

It seemed that even Tacan and Calla couldn’t believe that Luciferre had disappeared from the ‘surface’.

Just one person.

Only Bae Sungmin was excluded from the surprise.

“My Lord, you’re out.”

Bae Sungmin was struggling with the Asura King’s Left Arm that Muyoung had given him, now half ripped.

By looking at how he wasn’t able to regenerate, he had used up all of his magical powers.

Nevertheless, Bae Sungmin was peaceful.

No, he became peaceful when he saw Muyoung.

As if he knew that Muyoung would overcome Luciferre.


Muyoung pulled Anguish out and gripped it.


He was the god of music and was one of the Eight Deva Guardians that protected illegality.

Originally, he had discarded his arrogant personality and modestly crawled, calling it  ‘Service  Behaviour’, but it seemed that Moon was far from things like that.

He now knew as Luciferre was inside.

He was something else that was covered in Moon’s shell.

So that was why he was called ‘fake’.

“This can’t happen!”


Moon took a big step.

A hole formed in the ground, and from there, all sorts of sounds flowed out.

Something Moon didn’t expect happened.

Moon was in a great panic about this unforeseen disaster.

Did he perhaps think everything would move according to his plan?

If that was so, then he looked at the world too easily.

Although he had succeeded in setting up the situation, the world was full of variables.

At least, he had induced it in the worst way for himself.

“The play is over.”

Muyoung said.

This series of events itself was nothing short of a cheap skit.

He wanted to swallow up the Great City and create a god?

Even more, through everybody’s false faith.

If someone had heard it, they would have smirked.

His work was likened to a skit?

Moon’s expression hardened, and he raised his lute.

“You, who are a human, couldn’t have fully gained the powers of a demigod. It’s probably nothing more than a bluff!”


Moon played the lute.


Then, a fierce typhoon raged and aimed for Muyoung.

But it wouldn’t be like the Hellhorse and the unicorn to just watch him.

The Hellhorse decided to follow Muyoung ever since he had been defeated once, and his sense of loyalty had increased when Muyoung got the unicorn.

The same was true for the unicorn.

Muyoung had saved it from being manipulated by the devil, and it was now repaying that kindness.

They were both top rank monsters.

They were both beneath Moon’s level, but if they combined their entirely different powers, they were able to fight back.

1+1 was not equal to 2, but 4 or more! Because their powers were so different, akin to yin and yang, that combining them had a much larger effect than if they were similar.


The Hellhorse compressed space.

The unicorn’s horn lit up and sent the compressed space flying towards Moon.

“How dare such insignificant creatures attack me!”

In a way, his tendency seemed similar to Luciferre.

With his features in a frown, Moon rapidly flicked the strings of the lute.

Jijik! Jijijijijik!

A number of notes came out and soon became a din.

It was a sensation of penetrating the flesh and piercing the heart.

It was a sound that made the body automatically cower.

Kwang! Kwakwakwang!

The compressed space and sound met, creating a large number of vibrations between them.

Everything in the surroundings began to get sucked in.

In the meantime, Muyoung moved.

It wasn’t just the ‘Authority Predator’ that was earned after  experiencing the battlefield and meeting Luciferre.

Muyoung’s eyes were stained jet black.

Soon, the power of death came out of his entire body.


What was also closely associated with corruption.

<’The Dance of Death (0)’ has been created.>

The quality was different to the death that Hyungbish used.

Muyoung became able to encounter death itself.

The power to transcend space.

To be precise, it was the technique of seeing the ‘soul’s grain’.

If severing grains destroyed matter, severing the grains of the soul severed the intangible.

In Muyoung’s jet black eyes, Moon’s death was seen.  

He also saw the envoy that was linked to him.

That envoy…


He knew the moment he saw it.

That he was Mahoraga!

‘He stole Moon’s body.’

Similar to what Luciferre had tried to do to Muyoung, Mahoraga had stolen Moon’s body.

At any rate, what Muyoung saw was a world of death.

Now it was possible for him to even see gods.

Although he had a link to Asura, this was the first time he had seen a god.

A god!

He didn’t feel that much awe.

Wishing for belief from Muyoung was a luxury.

Muyoung believed only in himself.  

‘The Dance of Death really makes it possible to kill even gods.’

Mahoraga transcended life and death.

However, he saw it.

His death. The extinction of his soul.

Muyoung, who had degraded his existence and spat upon his effort, ran towards Moon and Mahoraga.

He would cut him down.


Horns rose.

When two horns rose, the world slowed down and it was possible for him to ‘see’ in increasingly more detail.

There were even grains in sound.

To be precise, sound was transmitted through matter.

If he could read the direction of the matter, it wouldn’t be hard to attack.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwaaang!

Each time Anguish hit the notes, a large amount of explosions were created.

Even so, Muyoung didn’t stop, and advanced.


Finally, he reached him.

But it wasn’t Moon.

It was Mahoraga who was behind Moon.

Mahoraga trembled violently.

Although he barely cut his collar, he had cut his soul.

He had hurt a god.

“You bastard, what have you done?”

Moon, or rather Mahoraga, asked.

In an exceedingly surprised voice.

Even Luciferre was unable to detect his true self.

But how had a mere human seen him and cut him?

“How did an insignificant little thing do this, to me, a god…?!”

A storm was formed around them.

A storm of sound that swallowed everything.

It collided with the compressed space that the Hellhorse and the unicorn had discharged, and hit the Great City and caused great damage.

Then, Moon discarded his lute.

As soon as he lifted both hands, a transparent sword was created.

“You must be killed.”

Mahoraga felt ‘threatened’ by Muyoung.

For a mere human to have the authority to cut a god… He couldn’t acknowledge it.

If he left it like this, it would ruin him someday.

So, before it started, he had to nip it in the bud.

Any more commitment was a bit irrational, but Mahoraga made up his mind to try his best to kill Muyoung.

Kim Taehwan, Hyacinth, the Sun Guild and the Luminescent Guild, they were all looking at the Sky Library.

A huge boom. Storms that formed everywhere.

‘Please be safe.’’

Hyacinth muttered.

There was nothing she could do for Muyoung, who was in the Sky Library.

The battle was so fierce she couldn’t even get close to it.

If she got drawn in, she would not be able to escape.

Those who were classified as super strong had left for reconnaissance, but returned while shaking their heads.

That was because the Sky Devil’s wall had been rebuilt.

It was blocking invasions from the outside.

Already a few days passed.

They only watched as they eradicated Family Ordinances.

Also, they were amazed. Sometimes they were in awe and occasionally they let out a cry of sadness.

They didn’t know how the fight would progress, but the scale itself was different.

If those who had reached into the top 10 strongest fought, it seemed it would progress in that way.

The strongest 10 weren’t violent between each other. It was like a tradition from long ago.

“It’s like watching a battle with the Demon King.”

Abdullon came up beside Hyacinth.

“A battle with the Demon King? Have you seen it before?”

“Before the Great City was established, battles between the humans and the Demon King were plentiful. It was the same for me. Alexandro as well… huh.”

It had been peaceful for over dozens of years.

The humans had stagnated when the demons and even the devils were no longer seen.

As if in reproach of that, the Sky Devil’s trial had been given.

The humans who were drunk on safety were powerless in the trial.

If it had been like it was before, if it had been those who had fought the Demon Kings at that time, a trial like this would have been overcome in an instant.

Even imagining how it would be now if not for Muyoung was enough to make him break out in goosebumps.

“If this trial passes, we have to wake up. Forget about past comforts.”

Abdullon emphasized.


A black thunderbolt struck.

Hyacinth looked at the Sky Library and started to talk.

“I hope Muyoung is okay.”

“He is a strong man. Please believe in him.”

Muyoung was still shrouded in a veil.

Even Abdullon could not see Muyoung’s end.

And the divine power that was last seen. Wasn’t it enough for him to be revered as the emissary of the Sun God?

‘I believe in you.’

Hyacinth bit her lip.

He was someone who he had to kill at all costs.

But he couldn’t kill him.

After a battle akin to a natural disaster, the one that fell to his knees was Moon.

The body that had received the strength of a god was slowly starting to melt away.

Moon cried out.

“It can’t be! This kind of thing can’t happen!”

Muyoung read his every move.

Even if the weakened Moon received the power of his god even more, there was a limit as his body was already weakened, and breaking his weakened attacks was easier than Muyoung thought.

He was overloaded and in the end was even melting down.

Of course, even so, in a simple contest of strength, Muyoung was behind.

However, there was a lot of things Muyoung could use to his advantage.

“You bastard! Who the hell are you? You’re not the kind of fellow to be Asura’s vassal!”

Asura, the Death Lord and King Slayer.

Muyoung had gained a lot of strength.

Asura would only be one of them.

It seemed like even the unbeatable Mahoraga was unable to read him entirely.

That was his contradiction.

Muyoung sliced Moon’s throat.


As his connection to Mahoraga snapped, his life disappeared.

He hadn’t been able to kill Mahoraga, but Moon who was connected to Mahoraga had been eliminated.

Because Moon had been killed, Mahoraga wouldn’t be able to easily run wild like before.



Moon had been killed. His heart stopped.

However, he hadn’t been annihilated completely.

Though it was weak, a slight connection was made with Mahoraga.

With his eyes wide open, he spoke to Muyoung.

“I will use this body as nourishment and revive the Sky Devil. Try to block this as well.”

Mahoraga wanted to kill Muyoung by any means.

If it was difficult using Moon’s body, he would just borrow the Sky Devil’s strength.


In an instant.

Moon’s body turned to dust and began to scatter.

The dust blew up into the sky, and the sky turned more and more purple.

Kuaaa… Kuaaaaaa!

A sound like a shriek was heard.

However, when Muyoung heard the scream his heart raced quickly.

It was the feeling he had when he first encountered Luciferre.

Trembling. Overwhelmed.

Shortly after, something came down from the sky.

An enormous leg was the first thing that appeared.


Well over 100 meters!

He wore a golden helmet, but both hands were fettered to an iron ball.

Like a criminal.

However, nothing could compare to that being.

“He’s the fai-fairy king.”

Woohee’s body trembled.

She instinctively felt dread.


At that moment, the Sun Mirror began to shine.

“Eh? Why is this… to me…?”

A light flowed out from Tacan’s cape.

It quickly took shape.

He’d been waiting for this moment.

It was difficult to determine who it was just by the shape of the light alone.

However, he seemed to know the voice that flowed from there.


Muyoung glared fiercely.

However there was no time to think.

As if it was shot out, a light in the shape of Alexandro was launched towards the Sky Devil.

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