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Chapter 150: Absolute Predator (3)

Translation: Tay

Edit: Lesurous

You halfwit?!

Luciferre's eyes shook.

In his entire existence, he had never been this humiliated.

Even when he tried to become a god and failed, everyone was afraid of his strength.

But this guy, who the hell was he?

This place was a seal and a spirit world.

In this place, Luciferre was able to use his true strength.

Of course, Muyoung would have also felt his strength that reached a demigod's level.

However, Muyoung didn't even blink his eyes.

As if he dared him to act.

"Do you want to die?"

Luciferre spoke.

However, Muyoung just made a smile.

'He's no different than a scared dog.'

The more frightened a dog, the louder the bark.

Luciferre. Why would you make threats you won't be able to keep?

This is why Muyoung said he was no different than a child.

From when he was born, Luciferre was strong and had tremendous divine powers in his hands.

He lived his life with no worries and troubles.

Due to this, no matter how long he had lived, he wasn't as good as Muyoung who lived a single century.

"Keep trying to endure it, halfwit. If you're not going to give me control, I can just steal it from you."

"You say you're going to steal it from me? Ha!"


Lucifierre laughed at Muyoung.

He only suffered before because he didn't know Muyoung's soul was invading his, but since he now knew, he was able to fully defend himself.

How could a savage human invade his soul any further, he who had reached demigod level?

He was bluffing. It was obvious that Muyoung was in a hurry.

Muyoung's soul would be mixed together with his huge soul and it would soon not even have a form.

"If you can't stop it even after you know, you're really a halfwit, a fool."

Muyoung didn't care and once again exited into the darkness.

Muyoung was a great assassin.

He was the greatest assassin, one who killed Wung Chunglin and became number 0.

Even if the opponent knew of the impending assassination, Muyoung was the type to still succeed.

There was only a difference in time, and he had never failed.

Muyoung was able to obtain four different classes.

He had the potential to do so.

It was because his soul was that vast.

Class. The strength related to it was placed in the soul.

Normally, they say if you obtained one type of class, your soul was used up completely.

If you considered it simply, Muyoung's threshold was four times the norm.

Even more, if you consider the fact that he could combine other tendencies, he was an owner of a vast soul that surpassed simple calculations.

However, Luciferre didn't know this truth.

A human's soul desired a demigod's soul?

Ofcourse a human wouldn't be able to withstand it. It would destroy itself.

That was common sense.

However, Muyoung was a being outside of common sense.

It didn't take long for him to realize that his thought of self-destruction was a mistake.

"How dare a mere human?!!"

Muyoung was darkness.

He also mastered hiding his body within his mind's territory.

How in the world?

A spirit, a soul didn't have a form from the beginning.

It didn't make sense to hide it.

But, he had done it.

He assimilated into his surroundings and when there was an opportunity, he would extract some of Luciferre's soul.

The amount was very little but it was extremely unpleasant.

'You're more used to managing souls than me, the Evil Spirit Sovereign?!'

It wasn't possible.

Although the soul didn't have a form, it had a basic color.

The life of the person. The color changed depending on his ups and downs.

Even if he wanted to hide it, it wasn't possible due to this.

If he was to hide it, it would be because his soul was white.

However, a person with a white soul couldn't exist in this world.

But, Muyoung's soul had different kinds of color.

If he combined them all, it became an opaque white. It was absurd.

'His protective color…'

Luciferre thought of a chameleon.

An animal evolved to assimilate to its surrounding color to protect itself.

He was proficient enough for it be like a natural ability.

Luciferre's thoughts were mostly correct.

Muyoung had evolved like that to instinctively protect his character and his soul.

He protected his identity by looking at other people's stories after taking their Status Viewers.

On the other hand, it meant Muyoung couldn't remember who he was exactly.

It was the reason why he couldn't help but have different colors.

On the contrary, it was the reason he could become a white color.

"Are you afraid?"

He suddenly appeared.

From behind, he whispered quietly in his ears.

When he turned around, Muyoung wasn't there.

Luciferre searched within the darkness.

Of course, he was unable to find Muyoung.

"Come out! You stupid rat!"

The spirit world greatly shook.

However, there was a very small amount of 'insecurity' mixed within his voice.

To Luciferre, Muyoung was the unknown.

There was no one like him until now.

Even when he fought against numerous specters, he had never seen someone like him before.

The unknown was fear.

Luciferre was currently feeling fear.

Because he didn't want to admit it, he struggled more.

His bloated body was easier to become a target.

A boundless vicious cycle.

Luciferre's last hope was for Muyoung to self-destruct as he tried to take a demigod's soul.

However, he didn't create any cracks at all.

He absorbed whatever he took in.

What kind of a person could handle a demigod's soul?

Was he… truly a human?

Luciferre couldn't catch him. He couldn't find him.

He couldn't see him or feel him.

Like a ghost. No, not a ghost.

Something unknown.

A mysterious existence.

It was unthinkable for him to feel this sort of emotion towards a human.

"There is no color. No scent. No form…"

"I'm not your delusion."


He approached.

However, Luciferre was not able to budge.

He was caught. His thoughts were read.

Luciferre tried to treat the unknown existence of Muyoung as his delusion.

It was because if this was all a product of his imagination, everything was explainable.

What was scarier was the fact that Muyoung didn't demand it.

He just ate up little by little off Luciferre's soul endlessly.

If a few decades or centuries were to pass by like this, Luciferre's soul would disappear without a trace.

To humans, a hundred years was a long time but to Luciferre, a hundred years was like an instant.

Due to the difference in perception, it made Luciferre more frightened.

Not an entire 100 years, but only a 100 years.

To humans, it was like knowing you'd die in a year.


He just needed to hand over control of the body.

Afterwards, the soul controlling the body couldn't consume Luciferre's.

However, would he be able to escape this place just because he simply gave him control?

Muyoung's strength was like a drop in the ocean compared to Luciferre's.

If Luciferre wasn't able to get out, Muyoung also couldn't.

"Do you have a way to get out of this place?"

"Of course I do. Unlike your empty head, I'm one who thinks a lot."

All of his words were insulting.

Muyoung was insulting Luciferre.

He had never been insulted this much in his life before.

"What is that method?"

"I'll tell you if you hand over control."

"…Alright. However, you also need to give me something."

"Tell me."

"Your identity! Tell me your true identity."

Luciferre couldn't accept it.

The fear he felt.

He found that his fear was based on the unknown.

So, if he could just figure out Muyoung's identity, this fear would also disappear.

Muyoung grinned.

His true identity.

There was one thing.

"The absolute."

There was no distinct characteristic and identity like this.

At the same time, Muyoung's mental landscape was filled with red light.

Like the Sky Devil's, but it wasn't a disgusting light, rather it felt sacred.

What he said was funny but he couldn't laugh.

'He's chosen by the star?'

Even more, the Star of Absolute had chosen him.

Luciferre was taken back. However, Muyoung was quite far from being an absolute.

Nevertheless, he didn't think it was false.

It might be that he was rationalizing.

That because he was the chosen one of the Star of the Absolute that he could manage his soul.

He detested playing this hide and seek game any further.

Luciferre bit his lips and declared his defeat.

Luciferre became small once again.

It seemed like he didn't think the superiority of his soul would fall behind.

It was because Muyoung's elusiveness that even hid his soul made Luciferre sick.

If it was a physical fight, there was no way for Luciferre to lose against Muyoung.

"Then, I'll get out."

As if his victory was obvious, he moved freely.

Muyoung was reckless.


It seemed like he studied quite a lot about the Great City.

He probably thought that the Ancient King's castle was a good place to summon the Sky Devil.

However, Muyoung knew a lot more about this castle.

There would probably be no one else who knew the Ancient King's castle better than Muyoung.

'This place is a graveyard. So, there must be a gravekeeper.'

A gravekeeper managed graves.

Of course, they could also remove the seal.

And the gravekeeper of the Great City was the Sun Guild.

It was because it was the Sun Guild who unlocked the seal of the Ancient King, captured him, and built this Great City.

The Sun Seal!

That was the key.

Muyoung had the seal.

Bae Sungmin had fallen.

Tacan and Calla were also unable to stop Moon.

A slight difference.

Because Moon had also lost a lot of strength, he wasn't in the position to be relaxed.

"You wretched bastards. Die and become nutrients for the Sky Devil."

They fought for three long days.

Probably because they were already dead, they didn't die.

Nor did they did get tired.

An endless war of attrition.

To end this seemingly endless fight, Moon raised his lute.


At that moment, the black sphere split.

When a sword popped out and split the sphere, Muyoung jumped out from that place.

"Ho-how did you?"

Moon widened his eyes.

That seal was his critical move.

It was even strong enough to seal Luciferre as well.

But, was there a way to escape the seal?

Even if there was one, how could Luciferre know about it?

However, when he looked carefully, it seemed like he changed a bit.

He wasn't Luciferre.

He was…

"Hellhorse. Unicorn."


Soon, two horses approached from the sky while they spread their wings wide.

The black Hellhorse.

The pure white Unicorn.

The two only followed Muyoung.

They were able to see the nature of the person and when Luciferre came out, they hid themselves.

However, since the real Muyoung came out, there was no reason for them to stay put.

Moon spoke as the Hellhorse and the Unicorn stood beside Muyoung.


Yes, it was Muyoung.

Not Luciferre!

After realizing this, Moon lightly trembled.

It wasn't possible.

A mere human drove away a demigod like being?

How could a mere human do that?!

If he had really driven away Luciferre, it was no small matter.

There was no way Moon wouldn't know the true meaning of it.

A completely unexpected move.

Even more, a move that he didn't make any preparations for had appeared before him.

"Are you afraid of me?"

Muyoung spoke.

It was the same question he asked Luciferre.

It was so.

To Moon, Muyoung had once again become the unknown.

The unknown would produce fear and Muyoung knew about this better than anyone else.

He also knew how to use it.

It was no different than resuscitation.

A crisis had become an opportunity.

On the other hand, Moon was facing the backlash of his own trick.

Because if he hadn't placed that sort of trap on Tacan, Muyoung wouldn't have gained this sort of strength.

Luciferre wouldn't have appeared and he might have even lost the fight against Moon.

Muyoung's eyes sank bleakly.

Fragments of the Fissure.

And the Authority Moon had.

'I'll eat it all up.'


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