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Chapter 152: Absolute Nothing (1)

Translation: Tay

Edit: Lesurous

The Sky Devil didn't move.

While he was entangled in the black hole by the majesty of a great mountain, he only continued to scream out loud.  

However, even that black hole was falling apart little by little.

"The fairy king made a huge mistake and fell into the Void. Our fairy world was also broken with this event. That's what Woohee's mother said."

Woohee's body trembled as she climbed on top of Muyoung's shoulder.

And then she hugged Muyoung's throat tightly.

Fairies had no houses of their own.

That meant they had no such land, like the humans had, for them to exist on.  

Therefore, they would make trials and receive homes as a reward.

That instigator had now appeared before his eyes.

'Alexandro Quintart!'

Muyoung was unsure of what he was about to do.

The Sun Guild's guild master.

One of the top ten strongest humans.

It was a move prepared by him, who had gone by numerous other titles than that.

Muyoung thought that perhaps even his own death had been faked.

The Alexandro Quintart that Muyoung knew was a guy that would do anything that would benefit him.

A cold-blooded fellow.

But he had disappeared. Only carrying the Sun Mirror.

Perhaps, through the death of his body, he had concealed his existence and hidden something like his evil machinations or soul in the Sun Mirror.

The Sun Mirror was a mirror, as the name suggested.

It could absorb or store what was reflected in it.

But without knowing it's existence, Moon had disregarded it.

If his largest obstacle - the Sun Guild, and it's master died, he thought that the success of the trial was natural.

However, a variable named Muyoung had appeared, and even Alexandro had hatched a final twist.

Yes, a twist…

There was no way he would have done such a complicated thing for no reason.

A plan. This was definitely something that had to be done in order to avoid Moon's attention.

Muyoung activated the Dance of Death.

And he saw Alexandro, who was in the form of light, move as if he were being absorbed by the Sky Devil.  


The Sky Devil screamed aloud.

The king, who was created, cast away the black hole that restrained him and wailed.

He made a desperate attempt to push out what had entered him.

'Spirit assimilation!'

Muyoung frowned.

Alexandro's soul was covering the Sky Devil's unstable soul.

Then it seemed as if Muyoung knew what his move was.

The Sun Mirror could hold or store a reflection. And, it had the powerful power to expel evil.

Now, Alexandro was no different from the Sun Mirror itself.

That was the reason why the Sky Devil's spirit, which was controlled by evil, was forced to react strongly.

'Alexandro's goal was the Sky Devil from the start.'

The hair on his whole body stood on end.

What was he to do?

If Alexandro swallowed up the Sky Devil, what would follow?

"Ah, that can't happen. That can't happen!"

Woohee suddenly rose.

She flapped her wings and tried to fly away.

However, the Sky Devil's surrounding were dangerous.  The Sky Devil had the ability to damage even the soul. Even if it was a fairy without a physical form, it would die if it was hit.

Muyoung seized Woohee.

Then, Woohee, who was on the verge of tears, spoke.

"Something different is coming. If the two are combined, then they will just become a different creature!"   

"A different creature?"

"Woohee doesn't really know either. It just feels very dangerous. Mother said that Woohee's senses for this kind of thing were very good."   

Who Woohee called 'Mother' was the fairy queen.

Muyoung frowned.

It would become a different creature?

Woohee never acted like this before.

However he couldn't figure it out.

If it wasn't the Sky Devil or Alexandro, who was it?

"An absolute nothing… a doppelganger."

Woohee's eyes became glazed for a moment.

As if she was possessed by something.

Soon, the Sky Devil stopped screaming.

Then, something surprising started to happen.

The hulking figure that had exceeded 100m gradually began to shrink.

By half.

By half again.

It continuously shrunk until a human's figure was formed.

The body was certainly Alexandro's.

However, as if it were made of light, his face had no features.

There was only a mouth on his face.

"It's strange. Why doesn't he have a face?"

It wasn't the Sky Devil, and it wasn't Alexandro Quintart.

The unidentifiable figure tilted its head while touching its face.

But who was it?

When Muyoung looked at him with the Dance of Death, he was formless.

Absolute nothing.  

A character that could become anything.

Was it really a doppelganger?

A doppelganger was the name given to the imaginary monster that could change its appearance into any form.

In the Underworld, a monster such as the doppelganger didn't exist except in stories.

If it existed, the humans would not have been united and would have been destroyed in the end.

'It's ominous.'

However, it was ominous.

It wasn't only Muyoung who felt that way.

Tacan, Calla and even Bae Sungmin became very tense.  

It wasn't a god.

For some reason, they were filled with a sense of foreboding.

Sure enough, he stood, looked sideways and clapped his hands.

"Genetic information. Yeah, that is lacking. Since this body was made with only soul information, I need the genetic information to fit the soul in order to complete it."

A monolog.

He didn't seem to like his incomplete body.

The guy looked to one side.

To be precise, he looked at the arena where the Sun Guild guild members were gathered.

Muyoung scowled.


He withdrew Anguish and quickly moved.

This fellow was an ominous being.  His instincts were warning him.

If he left it as it was, he wouldn't be able to undo what would happen.  

Although he has used up his mental energy dealing with Moon, he still had some left.

He could remain in a world that was four times slower for five seconds.

Two horns rose, and Muyoung advanced with all his might.



He cut off his arm.


He pierced his chest.

He cut him into pieces.


His head fell to the ground.

However, he wasn't dead.

"You use an interesting technique, huh?"

The guy, whose face alone was left on the ground, grinned.

At the same time, his scattered parts gathered and formed a whole body once again.

'Even his grain regenerates?'

He had cut his grains.

He had done that so that he would have no choice but to die.

However, he had been restored.

It looked like…

'He restored the time of his body.'

If the grain was cut, death was certain. That was the case with living things.

However, if the body's time could be restored, it could be said that the impact would be 'nothing whatsoever'.

It meant that there was no use cutting the grains.

"How did you do that? Like this?"

The creature mimicked Muyoung's actions.

And then the world's time slowed down.

"Ah! It was this way. However, it's not all that effective. Don't you get tired of this quickly?"

He said inside a slowed world.

Like Muyoung achieved, a world that was 4 times slower.

'He's dangerous.'

Somehow he was even more dangerous than a Demon God.

He had to kill him now that he was just born.

His senses were screaming.

Muyoung wielded Anguish for the second time.


A dragon's soul wailed and attacked the fellow as it was.

If he turned him to dust before he even had time to recognize it, he wouldn't be able to restore his body's time.

2 seconds remained.

Muyoung poured everything into it.


He moved so quickly that an after-image remained.

"St-Stop! Stop!"

The doppelganger shouted.

Muyoung ignored him.

Eventually he had broken him up like powder.

Muyoung frowned and took a deep breath.

That moment.



The powder gathered once again and took form.

Did it mean that even if it was to this degree it wouldn't work?

But it seemed that Muyoung hadn't failed entirely.

The recycled guy frowned. He trembled and stepped back.

There was no expression, only the actions of fear itself.

It seemed he did not know that Muyoung could do that much.

"Sc-scary! You're scary!"

The doppelganger ran away.

In the direction of the arena.

In the direction where the Sun Guild members and Hyacinth were!

However, the horns retreated inside Muyoung's forehead.


Muyoung knocked on the soul door.

Deafening silence.

If Luciferre would lend him some strength Muyoung might have been able to do something, but because he had been forced into yielding leadership, it didn't look like he had any intention of helping right away.


Muyoung inwardly retched.

'I have to stop him.'

He couldn't stand there and do nothing.

Muyoung summoned all the undead.

He called even the Sword Bone Trio and King Mutant.

"That guy… Kill him!"

He was blocked off. If he was beaten by Muyoung, the other undead could not be ignored either.

The Sword Bone Trio moved their swords. The other undead, led by Tacan, also quickly joined in.  

"Please stop! Guaaak!"

The repetition of his death and return to life ensued.

They would see how far he could recycle himself!

It would not be possible to regenerate infinitely.

It was when he had been killed and regenerated scores of times.

His body suddenly shone.

Alexandro's powers!

Among them was the use of concealment and teleportation.

Those skills were why Alexandro, who did not die even when he was killed, survived to the end.

In terms of his Teleport skill, it was limited to one use per day, but it was the perfect skill for escaping danger.

When he felt fear that surpassed death, he used it instinctively.

Inside the light, his body became transparent.

And when the light faded, his body wasn't there.

The doppelganger had run away.

He was just like a newborn baby.

He was a being that had made a living in the Void.

However, he only had a little knowledge.

Of course, he was very curious and he was deeply interested in Muyoung, the person he first met.

But at the same time, he learned 'terror' too.

He was scary. Muyoung's gaze, the feeling of his flesh being cut. The doppelganger was afraid of everything.

He had become dust dozens of times.

He'd thought he couldn't come back again.

'It's because I wasn't complete. I only have to become complete!'

If he didn't want to suffer from this kind of thing, completion was the only recourse.

A body wrought by soul information.

However, it lacked the genetic information that shaped the body.

And that was close at hand.

'Hyacinth! A human made by my original genes!'

Alexandro's memory.

If he absorbed Hyacinth, he could perfectly assimilate her body and soul.


The doppelganger teleported inside the arena.


And he landed on the ground.

"What is that now?"

"It doesn't have a face?"

"Is that thing a spirit too? First let's kill it!"

Thousands of Sun Guild guild members were gathered in the arena.

They drew their weapons to kill the doppelganger that had suddenly burst in.

'The man wielding a weapon. Kill him!'

Was it because he was beaten once by Muyoung?

The doppelganger was enraged.

It seemed as if they weren't even strong like Muyoung.

It was because the strong persons had gone out to hunt the colored spirits.

Inside the arena, there were very few that could really be called strong.

Soon after, the doppelganger's hand changed into a weapon.

And he copied and reflected the skills the humans used as they were.

Ice, flames, and lightning. He commanded all skills quite freely.


"He's reflecting the skills as they are!"

"No. He's taking them! He's taking our skills!"

When they realized what was happening, it was already too late.

"Get lost!"

The doppelganger was gradually growing confident.

I am not weak!

Furthermore, he was confident that if he caught and consumed Hyacinth, he could become even stronger.

Thump thump.

He took a sniff.

The girl that smelled the same as him was a short distance away.

As the humans stepped back slightly in fear, the doppelganger ran into the giant tent.

"Hyacinth! My genes!"

Hyacinth turned her head.

The interior was an infirmary.

Numerous patients were lying down, and Hyacinth was treating them.

However, she thought the disturbance outside was merely the usual fight with the spirits.

Without warning, Hyacinth heard the voice of the intruder that entered and spoke.


"I need your blood!"

There was no time to think.

In the blink of an eye, the doppelganger approached.

And bit Hyacinth's throat.


Muyoung entered the tent.

With a splash!

Blood pooled on the floor.

Before Muyoung had approached, the doppelganger had escaped, and as a result, someone had fallen to the floor.



With a face that had turned pale, the girl gave a small smile.

"You were… okay."

Muyoung quietly approached.

After closing her neck wound, he felt her pulse.


His hand bounced off the moment he touched it.

A strong curse.

The curse engraved in the doppelganger's tooth had formed on Hyacinth.

'I was too late.'

He forced himself to look at Hyacinth through the curse.

He immediately shook his head.

It wasn't simply sucking her blood.

It was sucking her life, the spirit of her source.

Because of the strong curse, even if he brought an elixir, it would be difficult to revive her.

Even with the blessing of a saint or the horn of a unicorn, the results would be the same.

Furthermore, they had to be in a refined form at once.

Time was too short.

I'm glad… you are… okay."

Hyacinth stretched out a hand.

However, she wasn't able to touch Muyoung.

Hyacinth lowered her head as it was.


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