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Chapter 149: Absolute Predator (2)

Translation: Tay

Edit: Lesurous

There was a huge wall surrounding the Sky Library.

This was also made by the Sky Devil's power.

A 'condition' was imposed wherein entry was possible only after receiving the Sky Devil's permission or by gathering 20 essences.

However, Luciferre was not a being that received anyone's permission.

He existed alone and had the divine power to accomplish everything without conditions and the like.

"What a shallow move."

It was not bad for something made by a guy impersonating a god, but it was still laughable.

To Luciferre, everything he saw was weak and fragile.

He gently touched it.

That's all Luciferre did.

And then the wall that rose to the sky began to shake.

Crumble! Crumble!

However, it didn't disappear. On the contrary, the Sky Devil's strength increased.

"Stupid half-wit!"


He placed both hands on the wall and shredded the wall as it was.

The wall gradually broke, creating a way for people to pass.

However Luciferre's expression did not relax.

It was because he was only able to make cracks instead of removing the wall completely.

If he was his true self, he would have destroyed such a wall at once.

Since all of his divine power was gathered in Muyoung's body it seemed as if he was limited to this degree.

'Let's see how far his desperate attempts go.'

But this was enough.

It did not occur to him that a hopeless half-wit could beat him.

In addition, the fellow who had caused trouble for Muyoung and Tacan.

That fellow would not be safe from Luciferre.

Luciferre took a glance up at the sky.

There was nothing there, but he could feel signs of magic at a certain spot.

He was being watched.

He'd known from the start, but had purposely ignored it.

Since from the start there was nowhere for him to run to anyway.

As he went inside with his hands clasped behind his back, Tacan, Calla, and Bae Sungmin followed.

Moon was watching every scene.

It seemed like Luciferre was also conscious of that.

But it was unexpected.

"Luciferre… are you saying Luciferre was inside?!"

There were signs of someone being sealed inside.

A very powerful being. If he was to wake up, Moon thought he would swallow up Muyoung, the Asura's vassal.

However, Moon, or rather Mahoraga, didn't think that being would be Luciferre.

He thought that at best an ancient monster or a spirit would pop out.

'Why did Asura take him in? And for what reason was the fallen angel hiding inside him?'

Among the Eight Deva Guardians, no one was on good terms with Asura.

Rather, they were eager to kill each other.

It was the first time for Asura to adopt such a vassal.

He was worried.

That ill-tempered, wicked, self-involved fellow accepting a vassal was an unprecedented situation.

More than that, the existence of the fallen angel was suspicious.

An angel was an entity that could never exist here, in the Underworld.

Lemegeton was a type of 'door' that sealed Demon Gods.

A door that connected Earth and the Underworld, the spirit world, and all other worlds.

However, the celestial world was excluded. The 72 Demon Gods emerged and killed all the angels in Lemegeton, and shut the door to the heavens.

Consequently, there were no angels in this place.

No, it was normal for them to not be there.

Since the Demon Gods would not allow that to happen.

If angels existed in the Underworld, it could become a 'catalyst'. It meant it could serve as an excuse to connect Lemegeton to the heavens.

Even if it was a fallen angel.

Because of this, as soon as the Demon Gods knew this fact, they would try to destroy Luciferre by any means.


The devil of creation!

Although he was not included in the 72 Demon Gods, and his power was also corrupted and was significantly weakened, such a being could sufficiently open the door.

If the door to the heavens was opened, once again the war of genesis would start.

'If the door to the heavens is opened, the world will eventually be united…'

Nobody knew who would win.

Re-establishing and merging dimensions was comparable to the Big Bang.

'Asura… What kind of trick are you trying to pull?'

If, Luciferre somehow made his entrance, he would be after the main body.

Furthermore, he would try to get rid of even the Sky Devil that was turning into a god.

Of course, they had preparations for this matter.

An arrangement to control and absorb that guy, Luciferre, was complete.

Moon was not an ordinary human. He was Mahoroga wearing a human mask.

To be unprepared and be beaten by the likes of a fallen angel was a laughable matter.

It was a terrible smell.

The Sky Devil. That bastard really gave off a foul smell.

What else in the world gave off such a foul smell?

"Muyoung! It's Muyoung!"

"He's the number 1 target to eliminate?"

"He was the man who beat the temporary leader of the Sun Guild and became the number 1 to be eliminated."

Inside, there were powerful devotees.

Those who entered seeking the Sky Devil's power. Although their faith wasn't that big, they gained stronger powers through the Sky Devil's blessing.

<50,000 points are offered per body part of Muyoung.>

It was the most extraordinary reward.

Through the points given by the Sky Devil, battle gear could be bought, or his blessing could be strengthened.

Also, the blessing was like a drug. If it was experienced once, it would become addictive.

If each part is worth 50,000 points, considering his hands, feet, head and torso, the minimum would be 300,000 points.

The devotees eyed Luciferre and surrounded him in an instant.

The stench they radiated made Luciferre's eyebrows furrow.

"Don't stand in front of me giving off that kind of smell."

However, to Luciferre, everyone was ridiculous.

They were still, after all, humans. Trash wasn't recycled just because it received half of a blessing.


Luciferre swung Anguish.

The wind pressure alone decreased their number by half.


The enormous flames of a dragon burned.

It burned without leaving even ashes.

"Mon, monster…!"


In the blink of an eye.

The devotees felt a marked difference in 'class'.

'That guy is not someone we can deal with.'

A monster. He was a monster even among the monsters.

Luciferre, who had cleaned up the surroundings so that not even one person remained, looked upwards.


Specters were approaching.

The Sky Library was like a guardian that protected the Great City. In any case, it seemed it was under the Sky Devil's command.


It was a silly move.

It was merely stalling for time.

At most, it was only a few minutes.

"Did you use all of your cute tricks?"

Luciferre asked.

Everyone in the Sky Library died.

The believers and the Lawless Clan, everyone.

Now only Moon remained.

Instinctively, Luciferre identified that Moon was the culprit behind this.

An excessively terrible smell was coming from him.

However, Moon was relaxed.


"So you are a bastard that knows me. Then you should know that you shouldn't be so relaxed."

"Of course, I know. If Lucifer is the opponent, even I can't be careless."

"You bastard…"

Luciferre's eyes fell on Moon.

As if he was scrutinizing his every detail.

And then he smiled lightly.

"So you're a fake too. What are you group of fakes trying to pull?"

Out of everyone, fakes were conspiring together.

It was absolutely ridiculous.

But no matter how much a fake tried, the fake couldn't become real.

"Luciferre, do you know where this place is?"

"If you're trying to stall for time, stop."

"This place is the Ancient King's castle. To be exact, it's the 'tomb' of the Ancient King."

Moon raised his lute.

The Great City was essentially a place to honor the Ancient King.

The point from which all was arranged and the start of everything.

The tomb of the true king that had been the first to be given the title of 'king'!

"The tomb will be the means of your sealing and eventual death. You are to be sealed here and become nourishment for the Sky Devil."


There was a sound of wind when the lute was played.

At the same time, wind raged all over the Great City.

Sensing that something wasn't right, Luciferre moved.

Tacan, Calla and Bae Sungmin moved as well.


Moon was defenseless.

Luciferre's sword cut off his right arm.

Originally, he'd wanted to cut off his head, but the sound of the lute made his movements sluggish.

But Moon did not drop the lute.


Eventually, hundreds, if not thousands of hands popped up from the air.

The hands grabbed hold of Luciferre in an instant.

"How dare you! You think you can swallow me up with something like this?!"


In that condition, Luciferre took a step forward.

Moon could only be surprised.

The Ancient King's castle was a powerful seal sphere that could restrain even demigods.

But Luciferre, who had borrowed a human's body and had his divine powers weakened,  was withstanding that seal sphere.

The dragon's fire shot out his entire body and attacked Moon.

Moon couldn't avoid it. His entire body was torn to pieces as it was.

His head was aflame and his skin melted off.


Soon, Luciferre drove Anguish into the ground.

Before he knew it, he was being led away by the hands.

"Do you think that you could imprison me, Luciferre, in something like this?!"


The Sky Library trembled.

Energy spurted from Luciferre and split the ground.

The Sky Library began to crumble and fall.

While being held by the seal sphere, he produced that much power.

It was truly not a joke that he almost became a god.

However, Luciferre was soon sucked into the black hole.

"So he's the fallen angel Luciferre…?"

Moon, whose body was burnt, mumbled.

He withdrew his disdain for the fallen angel.

If he faced that guy's true form, even Mahoraga would not be able to guarantee his victory.

It was darkness.

Dense darkness.

Luciferre was enraged.

How dare he! The likes of that half-wit fake!

He came out of Asura's Path but was sealed once again.

How could he not be upset about it?

Then, the other side lit up like a lamp.



Someone walked over.

"You're really such a moron."

A man who approached with a cold-hearted insult.

Luciferre knew him too.

He was similar to his own appearance and he was the one whose soul he had devoured.

"How could you…?"

That fellow was precisely Muyoung.

But his soul had been destroyed, so how could he exist?

It wasn't an illusion. He could actually feel Muyoung's spirit.

To be more precise… Muyoung had already penetrated the deepest part of Luciferre's soul.

Now he couldn't be removed either.

When in the world had he done this?!

"So what if you have power? After all, the user is no different from a child. Because I'm so annoyed the word moron naturally comes out."

It was a reprimand for only being able to use his strength to only that degree.

Muyoung had been watching all of Luciferre's actions from the beginning.

Yes. If he had been smart, if he had been able to perfectly control his power, he would not have been crossed by that annoying piece of work, Moon.

Even though Muyoung had been caught by the trap using Tacan, didn't he look for a way to fix it?

However, Luciferre just kept swearing.

He was furious.

"You bastard…!"

Luciferre's face turned red.

Because it was true to an extent.

But he couldn't touch him.

If he destroyed that bastard Muyoung's soul again, his own soul would not be unharmed.

He couldn't tell how, and when, he had burrowed in.

"If you have no desire to spend eternity locked in here, hand over leadership. You half-wit."  

Muyoung knew it well.

One thing Muyoung didn't want was to continue to be trapped in here.

Time couldn't be exchanged for anything. It would be too late if he was to absorb all of Luciferre's soul.

It could take dozens of years, maybe even a century.

So Muyoung started to negotiate.

With the bad-tempered, self-righteous and selfish Luciferre.

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