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Chapter 145: Evil Spirit Sovereign (3)

TL: Nadu

Edit: Lesurous

At the same time, he shot out a murderous spirit.

It was a more refined intent to kill than anyone else had in the underworld. An energy that kept saying that he would kill you was like a silent lion's roar that made people unable to move an inch.

In reality, the crazy mage's face began to change into a bright red tomato.

"If-if you want to kill me, it would be better to kill me fast. Or else, I will poke out your eyes, feast on your heart, and burn your corpse to crisp someday!"

It was like a frantic effort.

However, there was still quite a bit of malice.

There would only be a few novices that could receive and withstand Muyoung's murderous spirit closeup.

Of course, if he was to really release his murderous spirit, their bodies would burst.

Nevertheless, while it was quite good, he didn't like it.

"Why did you come out already?"

Being Merlin's successor meant that the person needed to stay at the Blue Temple until he was ready.

No matter how great of a talent you had, 1 year was absurd.

He ran away.

Merlin wouldn't have been easy with his training and he would have run from the Blue Temple because he was sick of it.

"Wha, what… gulk!"

Muyoung held his neck and raised it.

The man struggled as he shivered his whole body before he flipped his eyes.

Muyoung's eyes were filled with silent anger.

Merlin's successor. This title was enough to produce a disturbance in the Underworld.

The 'Great Magician' was a title for those who could kill a Demon King, and even Demon God's depending on their skills.

He had thrown that away.

Before that hope was completed, he ran out as a defective product.

How could he not be furious?

He would have just died before he realized that he had received an undeserving blessing.

If this arena had still been occupied by the Command Clan and not Muyoung, this man would have become a good material to make jiangshi with.


Muyoung frowned as he threw the man on the floor.

"Cough! Cough!"

"Listen carefully."

Either way, he was a man who learned magic from Merlin.

A man who learned authentic 'magic' and not 'skills' used by people!

If he could let him live and use him, he would become quite useful.

Then, as he looked around his surrounding, few thousands of eyes watched Muyoung.

"This place is the Underworld."

Beginners. What could they know?

Even more, the current situation was the worst for them.

As soon as they came out, they were once again put into a war.

Muyoung looked at the sky of the arena.


Soon, wyverns made up of bone flew up and started to break the barrier spell placed on the arena and enter the arena.


Muyoung took out Anguish.

And he spoke.

"This place is a battlefield."

The followers of the Sky Devil had all sorts of different skills.

Besides the skills given by the Sky Devil, they also had the skills they already had.

Muyoung couldn't predict all of their skills. Only, because he thought of the worst-case scenario, he had already predicted the magical barrier of the arena would break soon.

And so, around five hundred were attacking from the air, the rest started to attack from the ground.

However, the members of the Sun Guild and Muyoung were tired of fighting.

The beginners were frozen as they couldn't help but to just watch a fight between gods.

"…is he the same person?"

"They say one thing after another. Fuck."

"Who are these people?"

"The monsters in the Blue Temple were nothing."

Amazement, shock, and deep sighs.

The feeling each of them felt was different but they were all unable to take their eyes off.

A month was difficult at the Blue Temple.

The monsters invaded every day and the lacked food supply.

But, the current battle was so dynamic that they didn't feel their days at the Blue Temple were nothing.

The fighting style of Muyoung was especially desperate. It was very aggressive with no backing up.

At the very front, he destroyed the enemy's frontline and made a way.

If he succeeded, he could reduce the damage to a minimum and annihilate the enemy, but if he was to fail, it was a tactic that would only lead to a useless death.

Something that no one else could easily do, he had succeeded.

Not just that.


He was able to control death.

The ones who were killed by him rose as undead.

If there was someone who was more of a monster than a monster, it was him.

Muyoung hid his powers because of his position as the Commander in chief of the Sun Guild, but after the Sky Devil trial started and when Lennon disappeared, he exhibited his powers.

However, surprisingly no one reacted.

It had been a disputed question fom some time that he could control specters.

They acted as though there wasn't anything particularly strange for him to have a skill like that because he had so many skills.

A strong blood scent surrounded the place.

Corpses were lined up in rows and there was no hesitation in killing a human.


The Underworld was that sort of place.

"I need to live… in this sort of world?"

"I have to kill to live…?"

"What if they kill us?"

However, it was a shock to them.

It couldn't be helped.

They thought everything would end when they get out of the Blue Temple.

However, that was only the start. They just only finished their beginner's training.

Especially Oscar was greatly shocked.

'Merlin's words were true.'

He said there were many strong men.

However, Oscar considered himself the strongest.

As there were no enemies in the Blue Temple, it was an obvious matter.

Oscar felt like he became an absolute master and life was so dull when he was trapped in the Blue Temple.

As Merlin wasn't human, Oscar wanted to win against other strong humans.

'He was self-satisfied.'

He became small.

In this place, Oscar wasn't anything.

In their eyes, Oscar was just one of many beginners.

However, he was unsure who was the devil.

If any of the two wanted to kill them, as beginners they wouldn't have any way to stop them.


At last, Muyoung who cut off the last follower's neck pulled Anguish back.

Then, the blood on Anguish was absorbed by Muyoung.


If there was a devil among them, it had to be that guy.

Muyoung's image made it seem so.

A man who tramples and kill humans like ants and gave off a vicious energy.

Oscar was certain as he repeated a spell.

He thought he needed to do something first before Muyoung killed him.


Water and wind, earth and fire, and golden energy were merged together into one.

It was the strongest magic Oscar could currently use.

Even a devil wouldn't be safe after receiving this blow.


A blue sphere with the energy of five elements flew towards Muyoung.

Then, Muyoung slowly turned around.

He raised Anguish and within a blink of an eye, he cut through the blue sphere.

From the moment the energies were gathered, Muyoung was aware of it.

It was a strong wave of magical power than he had expected, but that was all.

Seeing Muyoung's actions that flowed naturally like water, Oscar opened his mouth wide.

"They say a stick is the medicine for a mad dog."

Then, Muyoung placed Anguish back.

He didn't kill him.

Merlin's successor. Even if he only learned for a year, he was someone who could use authentic magic.

It meant that his skills were quite good as well, and would be of help in improving his territory.

Of course, even if they had skills, it was normal for Muyoung to instantly kill them when some attacked him.

If he wasn't the successor of 'Merlin', the one who devoted himself to the humanity and tried to stop Demon Gods until the end, Muyoung would have done so.

It seemed necessary for Muyoung to fix his state of mind.

'I'm fucked.'

Oscar instinctively felt what was going to happen from now on.

And a moment later, Muyoung had become a devil itself to Oscar.

Hyacinth's eyes were dreamy.

After finding out a fairy followed Muyoung, she trusted him more.

Now, it didn't matter if he was a knight or not. Just by 'knowing' Muyoung her heart fluttered.

Fairies only followed true heroes.

So, Muyoung was a hero.

'Even him hitting people is cool.'

And so, she was blinded by love.

Although everyone else clicked their tongue when they saw Oscar get beaten by Muyoung, not Hyacinth.

'Even him getting blood on his fist is cool.'

Even when Muyoung's fists were covered in blood and Oscar's whole body became a rag, Hyacinth looked at Muyoung breathing with loving eyes.

Even in the Underworld, there was love.

Especially for a girl, those emotions can't be killed.

And for Hyacinth, she was in her prime.

If just one message didn't pop up.

Hyacinth's eyes greatly widened.

What the hell was that about?

When a human who is close to a hero dies, everyone was sent this sort of message.

They weren't sure if this truth was told so that people could be more hopeless or for them to work harder, but just by his influence, Alexandro Quintart was someone who was greater than a hero.

His death was, of course, told to everyone and it approached them as something greater than a shock.


Hyacinth plumped down on the ground.

The color of her face changed to blue.

"The guild master is?"

"No way…!"

"It, it has to be a lie."

The Sun Guild was also freaking out.

Even to a normal guild member, Alexandro Quintart was a myth.

The person who rose to the top from the very bottom.

A man who didn't seem like he would die even if he was killed.

And so even when he disappeared, there was an implicit trust that he would return.

It was also the reason he wanted to quickly take care of the situation with Lennon.

Since it was obvious that the leadership would be taken by Alexandro when he returned, Muyoung planned to take some of the authority beforehand.

But… he died.

'The future has changed.'

Muyoung also couldn't help but harden his expression.

Alexandro Quintart was originally a figure who survived until the very end.

One of the top 10 humans.

He was so proficient in working behind the scenes that he utilized the Forest of Death the most.

It wasn't possible for him to already depart this world.

Something went wrong. And as a result, he died.

Alexandro definitely had a plan. He purposely hid himself and waited for the last blow.

But… that should have happened.

From where and who?

Muyoung's eyes glowed once.

Tacan took back his sword.

And held the arm that was dropped and once again placed it on the injured part.

"This humble servant has taken down a traitor."

Soon, a purple light was created and the arm was put back together.

On the other hand, the corpse didn't answer.

Alexandro Quintart fell to the ground after spitting out a handful of blood.

This was the underground capital.

A secret place that was connected to the Sky Library.

However, the surrounding place was destroyed.

Through Tacan and Alexandro Quintart's fight, the terrain had changed.

'You are strong.'

Tacan acknowledged him.

If he wasn't careful, he would have been killed himself.

How was Tacan in this underground capital…

Moon currently couldn't leave the Sky Library.

So, he ordered Tacan to kill him. Now, the fruit has come to bear.

The specters' and the Sky Demon's strength were well matched.

This might also have been the reason why Asura and the Sky Demon had similar tendencies.

As if that wasn't enough, he earned a new sword.

The 'Lunatic Killer's Sword' that gave off a black energy.

A sword whose abilities depended on the user.

The closer they were to death, its abilities greatly increased and as Tacan used it, it instantly became an S rank.

Thanks to this, Tacan was able to grab hold of powers close to those of a transcendental being.

If someone other than Tacan arrived at this place, they wouldn't have been able to kill Alexandro.


Then, Tacan grabbed a mirror that fell nearby.

The Sun Mirror.

It was the Sun Guild's godly object.

The only item Alexandro took.

When Tacan saw it, he couldn't help but be zoned out for a moment.

He felt like his soul was being sucked in.

He couldn't even let out a scream.

He felt like he was wandering around inside of it for a long time.

However, in the end, he returned.

There was no change in his outer appearance. His spirit was also similar.

But then, Tacan hid the Sun Mirror within his cape.

He didn't know why he did it. He didn't even sense it. He instinctively hid the mirror and forgot about it.

"Next target is the arena. The Sky Devil wants it reclaimed."

As if nothing had happened, Tacan moved.

One thousand jiangshis followed behind him.

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