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Chapter 146: Evil Spirit Sovereign (4)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

Hyungbish continued to perform his duties for the Command Clan.

In reality, however, he was acting as a secret informant after destroying the hexagrams and infiltrating the Sky Library.

Although he was an undead, he was highly utilizable because it was Muyoung who made him.

As long as he doesn’t get noticed by Moon who would smell Asura’s scent, he would be able to sew even greater chaos.

“Hyungbish-nim, did you hear? Alexandro has died.”

“Shit. We are the ones who are loyal, but why would he give such an important mission to that guy…”

“Shouldn’t we do something? I think it would be difficult to gain any more contribution even if we stay here.”

Hyungbish was strong power within the Command Clan. Of course, there were a lot of people who followed him. However, he was now just an undead after losing to Muyoung.

Hyungbish shook his head.

If he left the Sky Library, he would be unable to send Muyoung information in real time.

In this type of situation, time was of the essence.

Information was also the same.

“It’s important… to protect this place.”

As Hyungbish spoke as if he squeezed his voice out, the surrounding mood quickly became gloomy.

If you wanted an even greater blessing of the Sky Devil, you needed to contribute. However, they would lack it, just by protecting the Sky Library.

“Did Moon not say anything?”


“Ateuka-nim and Runepapa-nim have already left the Sky Library. Now, when Alexandro’s death is confirmed, they say it’s the best time to destroy the Sun Guild.”

“It seems like Tacan will also soon head to the Arena.”

Ateuka and Runepapa did?

Like Hyungbish, the two were both super strong within the Command Clan.

Two of the three most influential people left the Sky Library.

Additionally, Tacan would join?

It was already a level past overkill.

More than half of the soldiers stationed at the Sky Library were now focused on one place.

The new devoted were slowly gathering.

Even powerful specters and jiangshis.

They numbered roughly 50 thousand.

On the other hand, the Sun Guild only had about 14 thousand people left. There were also the beginners but it was hard to say they would be of great help.

Muyoung who was within Hyungbish’s conscience inwardly was concerned about it.

If he could just delay the time even for a bit…

“Okay. We will also join them.”

Since this happened, there was only a muddy fight left.

<1st priority target for elimination (15,000 points) – Hyacinth>

<2nd priority target (10,000 points) – Bahamude>

<3rd priority target (5,000 points) – Ootsuki Yuka>

<4th priority target (3,000 points) – Muyoung>

Lawless Jin disappeared from the rankings.

Instead, Muyoung went up the ranks.

Also, the Sky Devil betted an S rank weapon on Muyoung.

He couldn’t help but grin.

By comparing with Hyacinth, it seemed like the Sky Devil only made these offerings to Muyoung.

‘The one with the least faith. To the Sky Devil, I’m a dagger and poison.’

Even if the Sky Devil was a real god, Muyoung would still ignore him.

Muyoung would only believe in himself and had no faith in illusions.

So, to the Sky Devil who needed to seek faith, Muyoung was the most difficult opponent.

Of course, it did appeal to his taste.

S rank Sky Devil Sword.

If Muyoung was to receive the Sky Devil’s blessing on top, he could enter the ranks of the top 10 humans without having to use acceleration.

But, to believe what it says plainly?

There was something he didn’t mention about.


To be exact, Muyoung was already devoted to Asura.

The moment Muyoung became a Sky Devil’s devotee, Asura would rage.

He couldn’t be a devotee of both gods.

From that influence, the Sky Devil couldn’t protect Muyoung.

It wasn’t really a benefit either. It was better to cut down its faith to the ground and receive a reward from Asura.

“MuMuyoung nim. I have completed 500 flags. Hehe.”

Oscar, whose face was swollen like a goldfish, cautiously approached him.

Oscar was beaten so brutally that his whole body shivered in fear.

Of course, it would only be temporary but to Muyoung, it was enough for him to just follow his instructions during the battle.

In reality, Muyoung was good at torture.

Not killing them but only making them feel pain.

He just didn’t like torturing but, if he wanted to do it, he could do it more cruelly than anyone else.

“Place the flags on top of the arena.”

“Okay! Thanks to the sky blessing from Muyoung, this Oscar will definitely place all the flags at the ends of the arena and show the enemy our discipline…”

“That’s a long and unnecessary comment.”

“I’ll go and place them!”

As Muyoung shook his fist once, Oscar felt appalled and ran off.

Was Oscar rambling? Anyhow, Oscar’s color was strong. It seemed like his nature didn’t die through this much. So, that’s probably why he ran from Merlin.

Afterwards, Muyoung turned his gaze.

500 large flags with the Sun Guild’s mark were placed at all the corners of the arena.

Each was made by a beginner.

Afterwards, they were placed at all parts of the arena and made visible to all around.

The enemies were already aware the Sun Guild was within the arena.

It meant that he didn’t really need to advertise it like this.

However, what about others who weren’t enemies?

As long as there was a slight chance that people moved to join them, it was something they needed to do.

Either way, someone would come after seeing the Sun Guild’s mark.

‘I have no time.’

Just, time was the problem.

Enemies were gathering.

The situation at the Sky Library Muyoung saw through Hyungbish was tough.

Even if they delayed as most as they could, they would raid within 10 days.

On the other hand, the Sun Guild’s fighting spirit was continuously dropping.

Especially after confirming the message that Alexandro died.

To change the wind again, he had no choice but to rely on pure luck.

And those thoughts of Muyoung were fortunately correct.

“Hyacinth! No, do I now have to call you guild master?”


Hyacinth greeted him with a friendly smile.

The Luminescent Guild!

The guild master of that place, Bahamude appeared.

The five thousand people he brought were all members of the Luminescent Guild.

Almost half showed signs of battle.

“I have heard the news. It’s unfortunate. I also liked him quite a lot.”

“Thank you. However, I’m okay. I decided to be sad when this trial is over.”

“The flower has now bloomed!”

Bahamude was greatly pleased.

He was 2m tall and his whole body was muscular as if he had taken steroids.

However, there was no hair on his entire body.

In many ways, he was a figure of strong impressions.

“Also… It seems like you are Muyoung.”

Bahamude turned his gaze and looked at Muyoung.

From the beginning, it wasn’t really a good impression.

He gave off a strong fighting spirit and energy and pressured Muyoung.

He gave off a refined invisible energy, that even surprised Muyoung.

However, Muyoung didn’t even budge.

He just looked at Bahamude with completely calm eyes.

Then, Bahamude was surprised instead.

‘You don’t counter it but just brush it off? My energy?’

If Muyoung had countered it, Bahamude wouldn’t be this surprised.

However, he had brushed all of it off. In other words, Muyoung had assimilated his energy.

Everyone’s energy was different. If there were five thousand people, there were five thousand unique energies. Since the life they lived were different, the energy couldn’t be the same.

But, he could assimilate to his opponent’s energy and their fighting spirit?

Where would such person exist in the world?!

‘As expected. They said there was a whirlwind that stirred up the Sun Guild. Now as I look at it, it seems like it was actually a typhoon.’

Bahamude took back his energy.

“Take care of your life. I am very excited to fight with you!”

After leaving a challenging remark, he entered the arena,

Followed by the five thousand people.

‘Kim Taehwan.’

Among them, Taehwan was also included.

By seeing how he was near the front, it seemed like his contributions regarding the interaction with the Sun Guild were acknowledged.

Taehwan lowered his head slightly. Muyoung answered with his eyes.

“Muyoung-nim, don’t take what he said to heart. Bahamude always acts like that when he meets a strong person. If he acts like that, it’s really the best reception.”

Hyacinth replied.

“I don’t mind.”

“Even if he talks rough, Bahamude is kind. Even Alexandro had acknowledged it. Bahamude was the only guild master who was friendly to Alexandro.”

Alexandro had a lot of enemies.

You could say there was virtually no group that viewed him favorably.

However, only Bahamude acknowledged and approached him.

Yes, Bahamude…

He had that sort of personality.

Muyoung was also aware of it.

How could Muyoung not know since he was the one who killed him before he returned to the past?

It was just ironic because it was Alexandro who plotted against Bahamude and placed a request to the Forest of Death.

Quite a few survivors gathered in the arena.

Soon, the number of people gathered reached 30,000.

They removed the beginners from their number. There were almost 50,000 beginners but they were relegated to rear support.

“The Command Clan is storming in! Es-estimated number 70,000!”


It was more than expected.

Muyoung knitted his brows.

And he climbed the top of the arena.

“Lawless Jin! There is Lawless Jin among the enemies! I, I don’t believe it!”

“What? Lawless Jin?”

“Are you saying that the entire Lawless Clan became followers? This is crazy!”

There was a commotion.

70,000. Perhaps, there were more enemies than that approaching the arena.

Among them… there was Lawless Jin. The head of the Lawless Clan.

It was definitely unusual for one of the Five Great Clans to surrender.


Muyoung took out Anguish.

Things already happened and they couldn’t be taken back.


Lawless Jin. The Command Clan. Soon, they disappeared out of his sight.

However, the one who Muyoung imprinted in his eyes continued to be visible.

Tacan. It seemed like after Bae Sungmin escaped, he became brainwashed.

However, since he had appeared as an enemy, Muyoung couldn’t just stand by and be attacked.

If he wanted to kill him, he would kill him.

Lawless Jin was relaxed.

This fight. It was a fight impossible to lose.

Others within the clan expressed their worries but Lawless Jin spoke with certainty.

“We won’t lose.”

However, their reactions were lukewarm.

“Our opponent is the Sun Guild. Plus, if the Luminescent Guild has joined forces, their power…”

“You’re correct. Having superior numbers isn’t everything.”

“We didn’t need to follow the Sky Devil, no?”

Tsk tsk.

Lawless Jin clicked his tongue.

These ignorant bastards.

Of course, he understood.

However, it wasn’t right to show worry after coming this far.

But, as the head of the clan, he needed to explain to his members who he had somewhat forcefully dragged to this fight.

“Listen. Do you guys know why Alexandro wasn’t on the list to be eliminated?”

“Wasn’t he just missing?”

“Stupid. The reason why he hasn’t appeared as one of the people to be eliminated was that he was already a devoted of the Sky Devil.”


There was silence.

They were surprised but weren’t able to say anything.

However, he really did have a point.

If someone was a devotee, they didn’t appear on the list to be eliminated.

It meant they could disappear like the wind.

After seeing everyone’s reaction, Lawless Jin continued to speak.

“Alexandro had already thrown away the Sun Guild! He acted like that as he was certain that the Sky Devil would win. I also see it that way.”

However, Alexandro died as a traitor.

He was directly punished by the Sky Devil.


Lawless Jin believed it was of Alexandro’s own doing.

As Alexandro was a greedy man, he would have obviously brought disaster.

Either way, the Lawless Clan was also greatly weakened.

They lost the Sword Bone Trio and the ancient spirit.

To make up for their lost, they needed to win.

“We can have other thoughts after we end the trial. However, I’m certain of one thing, that those who are gathered within the arena will all die.”

Thump! Thump!

Tacan held his sword.

Soon, as a black fog came out from his sword and swept its surroundings, the specters started to attack the arena first.

“So… kill them all.”

Lawless Jin laughed menacingly.

This fight, he couldn’t lose.

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