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Chapter 144: Evil Spirit Sovereign (2)

TL: Tay

Edit: Lesurous

The Luminescent Guild was considered to be one of the Nine Great Guilds.

A place situated in the Great City and also the group Kim Taehwan belonged to.

"There's evidence of a battle."

Upon arriving, all that remained were countless traces of battle.

However, there was not even one corpse.

'A strange energy.'

Woo- woo-

The specters led by Muyoung cried out creepily.

Similar to the specters' aura, a different kind of energy was in the surroundings.

"What in the world happened?"

Hyacinth asked with a serious expression.

After Lennon and the Fire Dragon Knights had disappeared and the guild was at risk of being shaken, the Sun Guild was still intact.

If it had collapsed just from that, it couldn't be called the strongest guild.

"The Command Clan. They attacked this place."

That kind of energy was unique to none other than the Command Clan.

To say the least, it meant that the Command Clan, or the Sky Devil's followers, had raided this place.

'They are continuously increasing.'

It was an event that couldn't be handled lightly.

If a group as big as the Luminescent Guild was already defeated, it was only a matter of time before the number of people who volunteered to become the Sky Devil's followers would drastically increase.

However, the ranking of the 'Top 10 Influential People' had not changed.

It meant that the Luminescent Guild's guild master 'Bahamude' was alive and well.

After a moment, people with search skills began to pop up and investigate the surroundings.

Soon after, one of the people investigating the surroundings shouted.

"I've found traces of massive movement!"

He was a searcher who slowly scrutinized the memories of the ground.

His eyes turned blue and scanned the surrounding ground like a radar.

As everyone approached, he explained.

"Nearly five thousand people moved to this place. Facing south west, to be exact."

"Five thousand people? By any chance, were they Luminesect Guild members?"

The man shook his head when Hyacinth asked.

"I'm not sure of that much."

Even if he scanned the memories of the ground, he couldn't find out about everything. Only the approximation of the composition could be seen.

Still, he had measured the movements of five thousand people and even as a seeker, it was quite impressive.

"If it's south west isn't that where the Sky Library is?"

"There is also the arena there."

"If it was the Luminescent Guild they would have thought the same thing as us. Since Bahamude is not such a stubborn person. There is no reason to go to the Sky Library."

Hyacinth tapped her forehead with her finger.

It was surprising but Hyacinth was developing day by day.

The uniqueness of the battlefield and the release from repressed circumstances seemed to have produced synergistic effects.

"The possibility that the group headed towards the arena is the Command Clan is high. Perhaps, our worries could become reality."

"By worries you mean…?"

"In two days. The Blue Temple's gates will open. Everyone is aware of that, correct?"


As if he had just realized, the seeker shook his head.

The same was true for Muyoung. He hadn't thought about that at all.

He thought that the temple was disconnected due to becoming the Sky Devil's domain in the Sky Devil's trial.

However, what if, as usual, new people came in through the gates?

'A massacre.'

The Command Clan's power would grow by that much.

The Sky Devil's devotees would also be strengthened with greater rewards from hunting.

However, one thing that was certain was that around this time, many people appeared and become heroes.

One year after Muyoung's arrival, the typical hero that crossed the gate…

'The Mountain Sovereign Bombar!'

He, like the Dragon King, was a man who started a revolution.

As long as there was the slightest chance of someone with the strength of a mountain to cross the gate, it would be a waste to let him die.  

"We have to go to the arena."

Muyoung briefly uttered.

It didn't seem like Hyacinth's thoughts differed.

If this fight was prolonged, the gate associated with the Blue Temple might be the only rescue plan.

The enemies continued to grow.

The allies continued to decrease.

Although they were weak because they just arrived, the battlefield was a shortcut where they could quickly get strong.

If appropriate aid and support was given, they would rapidly develop and become a strength to them.

If there came a point where they had to conduct defense tactics, there weren't as many places where it would be as easy to stop the enemy as that place.

The Sky Library was also close by, so it was a good place for an attack.

"Let's move to the arena."

They couldn't lose that place.

Muyoung didn't hide his own strength.

If his adversary was a devil, he acted even crazier than it.

It was the same when he fought with the Command Clan, who had occupied the arena.

Those who died were turned into jiangshis controlled by the corpse sorcerer, and there were also a lot of the Sky Devil's followers.

When combined with the thousand Command Clan members, it became approximately five thousand people.

However, they were nothing compared to the Sun Guild. Both in quality and quantity, they were of no match.

"The Sky Devil's Grace!"

"I give this humble life to the Sky Devil!"

Then, their choice was self-destruction.

A martyr blew up his body like a bomb.

As they used the geographical advantage for defensive tactics. It was quite a pain in the ass.

Thus, Muyoung also chose to take the bull by the horns.

'Thorn Formation.'

Thorns rose from his entire body. Even though his agility decreased, it was a technique that drastically increased defensive power.

It was a skill gained from hunting demon nobles.

Actually, Muyoung had a very high Magical Resistance.

Unless they were within the top 10 humans, there weren't many people who had Magical Resistance exceeding 400.

However, using the Thorn Formation skill, it greatly exceeded 500 and reached 600.

Using most skills it was impossible to land a blow on Muyoung.

Physical attacks didn't work either.

As it was, Muyoung charged to make a path.

"He really isn't human."

"How many skills does he have?"

Everyone watched Muyoung and their tongues wagged.

If there was a battle, Muyoung ran to it.

The incarnation of a battle demon; a devil who was crazy about battles.

<10th place (500 points) -> 9th place (1,000 points)>

A change had occurred.

The intervention of the Sky Devil. Muyoung didn't think that it could even make a new rule.

'He's in a hurry.'

Muyoung clicked his tongue and spread ice crystals around the surroundings.

Kwang! Kwakwakwang!

The crystals soon began to vibrate and shatter.

In an instant, the believers were swept away.

However Muyoung was fine.

'Magical Resistance of 600.'

He had never had such figures before, even in the past.

Although there was help from his skills, it felt like he was in a new world.

As the people that had been blocking the entrance were cleared up, Muyoung stopped using Thorn Formation.


And he withdrew Anguish.

"Stop him!"

"Muyoung! If you kill Muyoung, you gain a thousand points!"

Enemies swarmed in like moths.

From the moment he lifted his foot, Muyoung became a devilish killer.

At the end of the battle, the arena was regained.

The gigantic circular arena had all kinds of defensive magic placed on it, so it wouldn't budge an inch from outside attacks.

Intrusions by air required high ranking flying skills.

It was like a well-made fortress.

Also, at the end of the arena, dozens of black spheres were floating around.

That was the gate. It was being activated gradually and forming the shape of a door.


Not long after they had reclaimed the arena, Woohee suddenly appeared.

Come to think of it, he hadn't seen Woohee at all in the Great City.

And so he had completely forgotten about her.


"It's a fairy!"

"Oh my word…"

People were startled at the sight of Woohee running in Muyoung's direction.

It was natural.

You couldn't catch a fairy even if you wanted to.

The person that a fairy chased after was usually touted as a hero.

"Husband, you've missed Woohee all this while, right?"

"So your name was Woohee."

As Muyoung pretended that he didn't know her, Woohee whined.

"Sheesh, even when you brush me off it's charming. But once you find out what Woohee has learned, you will see Woohee differently."

"Weren't you just playing around?"

"I wasn't! This trial. I think it's made by a fairy!"

In an instant, there was silence.

The Sky Devil's trial.

Of course, he thought it was made by the Sky Devil.

A fairy made it?

'Usually trials are made by a fairy. Also Abdullon said that the Sky Devil was not a god.'

Even Muyoung felt as if he had taken a blow.

If the Sky Devil was not a god but was a fairy, he could now understand Moon's 'god-making' work a little.

"To be honest. When she enters this city something smells very coppery. Woohee can't stand that, you know… So she just prodded around here and there and found some fairy homes."

"Fairy homes. You said they were given when fairies create a trial."

"Yes, but they don't leave them behind. And there were no inhabitants. See, Woohee… Thought it was strange… So when she searched some more! There was a house that was occupied. It was a very dangerous fairy's house!"

"A very dangerous fairy?"

"It was the Fairy King."

Muyoung frowned.

He'd heard the story of a new fairy queen.

But it was his first time hearing about a king.

As if she read Muyoung's mind, Woohee explained.

"Ah! Not the Fairy Queen! A very long time ago there used to be a Fairy King and he disappeared. He did something wrong, lost his dignity and fell into 'The Void'. However, why is the Fairy King's house here in the first place? Doesn't something smell fishy?"

Woohee shrugged her shoulders.

The fairies lost their world.

Because of the long absence of their king.

And if the king in 'The Void' was summoned…


He had summoned him.

As the name 'The Void' suggested, it was a void zone.

A place where the last days of those who couldn't become gods were regarded.

The only existing person that could summon those that resided there was Moon.

'The fairy king designed the trial and the Sky Devil aims to realize godhood.'

The pieces of the puzzle were coming together.

Trials were originally best made by fairies, the original gods not being very elaborate.

Even in the trials that were left by the Masters of Darkness and Asura, he could see their flaws.

"How'd I do? Woohee did well, right?"

Then, Woohee cleared her throat and leaned her head closer.

Muyoung raised his hand slightly.

The enemy was not a god.

That one belief had a great influence on everybody.

<9th place (1,000 points. -> 6th place (2,000 points)>

Muyoung chuckled aloud.

His mere suspicion that the Sky Devil was not a god made him move.

Maybe it was because if everyone believed you weren't a god, you really couldn't become a god.

Woohee's opinion made the Sky Devil impatient.

'A guilty conscience needs no accuser.' [1]

Muyoung firmly rejected it.

A fierce two-day long battle.

Surprisingly, up to ten thousand cultists, Command Clan members, and jiangshi assaulted the arena.

As they attacked day and night without pause, every Sun Guild guild member had no choice but to be exhausted.

However, they defended it.

The Blue Temple and the connected gate were unscathed.


Two days later, when it was morning again, the gates began to activate.

And people started popping out one by one.

Most of them were haggard and weak. Still, they had adequate aggression left.

However, they could not help but wonder when they crossed the gate and saw the Sun Guild and Muyoung.

After enduring a month at the Blue Temple and crossing with such difficulty.

There were a lot of people staring at them.

From their time at the Blue Temple, most of them had already learned that they shouldn't trust people even from the same place.

The tension increased and… suddenly one of those who had arrived suddenly stepped forward.

"Here I am! Here I am! The great wizard Oscar has arrived! Geuhaha! Who are you guys? Are you the enemy? If you don't step back soon, you will soon see a terrible sight!"

A madman had appeared.

A fireball appeared in the hand of the madman.

A spear of ice formed in his other hand.

"Amazing… except for the fact that he is a bit weird."

Hyacinth said.

He was handling skills of two different elements at the same time.

A novice who had just come out of the Blue Temple.

If another guild or clan saw this scene, all of them would be eyeing him.

He seemed crazy, but where in the Underworld was personality important?

More than that, in this place strength and potential ranked far higher.

"Merlin's best pupil! Who can stop me, the great wizard Oscar?! If you don't get lost immediately… Keok!"

Muyoung seized the madman by the head.

It happened in a flash.

"This, this guy really wants to die! Let go!"

The madman threw the ice spear and the fireball in Muyoung's face.

Muyoung didn't even try to avoid it.

The skill burst with a great 'Bang!' sound, but Muyoung was unscathed.

There was not even a mark.

The madman's eyes widened. He couldn't believe it.

"Oh, how did you get hit by my spell and remain unscathed? Okay! So, you are the devil!"

"Did you say Merlin?"

"Don't say his name without permission, you devil!"

The madman seemed to have already classified Muyoung as a devil.

No matter how good of a beginner he was, in the end, he was still a beginner.

It was also absurd to think that a beginner could hurt Muyoung, who was already classified within the strongest rank.

Muyoung looked around the surroundings.

The gate that the madman had passed through was crowded.

Most of the people had made it through.

Seeing that, it seemed that he might be mad but he wasn't a villain.


However, more than that, the thing that surprised Muyoung was Merlin's name.

When he heard the name, Muyoung's mind sparked.

The great wizard of the Blue Temple!

The real wizard that had grabbed the ankles of three Demon Gods in the past was Merlin.

The battle back then had been fierce enough to shake the Underworld.

Originally, Merlin had tried to make Muyoung his disciple, but Muyoung had rejected him.

So, he had a new disciple?

Muyoung's eyes turned to the madman for the second time.

[1] TL Note:

In the original version, the writer puts - '도둑이 제 발 저리다고 했지.'  This directly translates to something like: 'The thief's legs go numb.' It is a Korean idiom, and the only thing I could relate it to was a Jamaican idiom which goes "Throw a stone in a hog pen, and the hog that gets hit squeals." meaning those who are affected or have something on their conscience react when the thing is merely mentioned, with no actual accusation necessary. Editor here, reminds me of the Tell Tale Heart.


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