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Chapter 126: Gremory (3)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

What would be the probability to get crystallizations continuously from noble devils?

He was certain that it was extremely rare.

Truly, point tens of a millionth of a probability.

It was still theoretically possible, but from a common-sense point of view, it was hard to think it would occur.

However, in reality, it did occur and another crystallization was in Muyoung's hand.

It was an additional effect created after the achievement effect 'Devil Hunter' became an A rank.

It was to take away the title from the noble devil opponent after killing.

Even if Muyoung didn't kill them himself, if Muyoung's undead killed them, it seemed like the same effect was placed.

'I'll take it.'

There was no reason to reject it.

Soon, a grey haze appeared around Muyoung.

An evil tendency stat…

Muyoung grinned.

Either way, he was far from light.

And after a bit later, the surroundings became loud.

"Euhahahaha! Devils, don't even think about coming back here!"

"We give this victory to Oom!"

The dokkaebis became excited.

With Seohan at the front, they were tasting victory with their weapons raised.

It was so.


They had suppressed all the devil soldiers and won.

The losses were big, but currently, the sweetness of their victory was much greater.

However, not everyone was tasting the sweetness of their victory.

The expression of the fire tars, especially Ogar, didn't seem to get brighter even though they had won.

They just stood and prayed quietly in front of their great chieftain with their fists clenched.

'The great chieftain has died.'

It seemed like in the end, he didn't survive after being hit by Bastro's final blow.

It was enough to make even the great Ogar be silent.

Muyoung didn't meet with the great chieftain that many times but he also didn't really know what sorrows were to lose someone special.

And so, he couldn't align with Ogar's sadness. It was impossible for him to empathize.

However, Ogar was the closest person to Muyoung among the people who were alive in the Underworld.

So, Muyoung made a proposal.

"I have the power to bring back people who are dead."

"To undead… you mean?"

Ogar reacted.

As Muyoung affirmed, Ogar shivered his body.

"Muyoung, I hope you're joking. Even the great chieftain, and even all the fire tars that died at this place, wouldn't want to live as undead."

He was totally serious.

If Muyoung wasn't the one who spoke of this, then he felt like Ogar would have thrown a spear right away to kill him.


Muyoung looked towards one side and saw the king mutant chewing on a devil soldier.

The King Mutant's main material was assassins.

The assassins of the Forest of Death raised by Wung Chunglin.

In the past, they were Muyoung's colleagues. That's why they were revived as avengers.

However, amongst them, there wasn't any kind of sadness or sentimentality.

If they were really that close, there would truly be feelings of wanting to revive them.

Even if that means turning them into undead.

However, Muyoung took a step back.

He knew that his common sense and his ideas weren't normal.

How could they be normal if he lived 40 years as a puppet?

'Staying in the middle of the living and the dead. It would be hard but, this also would be a stepping stone in my development.'

So, he needed to develop his disjointed sense of balance.

If he could just balance them, he would become closer to becoming the 'absolute'.

Afterwards, a message popped up explaining that the battle had ended.

Muyoung just concentrated at the message.

Impossible achievement.

It was an achievement he received for when they found it 'impossible' for Muyoung to achieve in his current state.

And it was difficult for Muyoung to achieved a fight against six noble devils, including a duke.

It would be the same even if he had the help of the great chieftain and the fire tars.

Did the situation get overturned a few times even during battle?

Maybe because the achievement was that difficult but unlike the last time, the Star of 12 Zodiacs gave him two gifts.

Muyoung nodded his head and looked at the two things that appeared from mid air.

Name: Helmet of Taurus

Rank: A+++

Classification: Equippable type

Endurance: 100,000

Effect: One of the 12 Zodiac Stars. A helmet placed on Aries.

* Magic Resistance +100

* Taurus's Good-naturedness (Symbol of Wealth. The rate of growth for the user's territory greatly increases.)

* Able to quickly rush

** When you collect 3 out of the 12 Zodiac Stars, all stats +30

** When you collect 6 out of the 12 Zodiac Stars, it ignores skills below A rank

** When you collect 12 out of the 12 Zodiac Stars, achievement effect, 'King of 12 Zodiacs'.

The first one, the Helmet of Taurus.

It was the second set equipment after the Belt of Aries.

On top, the Helmet of Taurus was a territory equipment.

Normally, this type of equipment that gave a good advantage to the owned territory was used by the leaders of guilds or clans, and it was rare.

'Very good.'

Since it would take a long time to recover from the damages received from this battle.

This territory equipment was something that could reduce that time greatly.

Next, he looked at the cape.

Name: Cape of Gemini

Rank: A+++

Classification: Equippable type

Endurance: 80,000

Effect: One of the 12 Zodiac Stars. A cape placed on Gemini.

* Agility +50

* Two antibodies (Immunity against poison and disease)

* Two's development (Choose one and greatly increase his developmental speed.)

** When you collect 3 out of the 12 Zodiac Stars, all stats +30

** When you collect 6 out of the 12 Zodiac Stars, it ignores skills below A rank

** When you collect 12 out of the 12 Zodiac Stars, achievement effect, 'King of 12 Zodiacs'.

Immunity to poison and disease!

It was the perfect equipment to prepare for a curse.

With this, he was able to receive an additional effect as the 3 of the set equipment were added.

Even if he had lost the effect of Lunatic Sovereign's set, it was a much better effect.

He lost one and earned two.

'Now, all that's left is…'

Muyoung looked at the crystallization he held in his hand.

The devil's strength gathered in one and became a crystallization.

If it was Duke Bastro's crystallization, the strength which Muyoung had seen, it was great enough for anyone to desire it.

Before he had a taste of victory, he first gulped the crystal.


At the same time, he shivered his whole body.

His veins bulged across his whole body.

His body rose into the air.


Then, from Muyoung's side, a black book appeared.

It was the item earned from the underground arena.

The item the mid level devil was desperately looking for!

The book that needed the strength of a top level devil to lift the spell was reacting to Muyoung!


A huge temple.

A woman was afloat in the middle of a lake.

The woman who wore a fluttering white dress showed extreme beauty that made everything else in the world dull.

Anyone in the world would fall in love with her at first sight.

She had the looks to even embrace gods but for some reason, she showed hurriedness in her face.

"The extinction of 'Bafura', the one who was with us in our goals, was confirmed."

Around the lake, millions of devils were thrashing.

It was the same for the 26 Demon Kings.

"Are you speaking of the 60th seat, Bafura?"

"Oh, my goodness…"

"Are you saying that the War party is being active even though the red moon is going on?"

A Demon God had become extinct.

This was something that could never be ignored.

On top, if it was Bafura, he was the one who was leading the Peace party with her, Gremory.

The plan to destroy every living being besides devils in the Underworld.

Additionally, to flip and crush a planet's principle of causality.

The Peace and War parties' had sharp conflicts of opinions on this matter.

And although Bafura wasn't a combative Demon God, he still was a Demon God.

The strength of a Demon God couldn't be simply calculated generically.

However, his extinction was certain.

Gremory's eyes finely shook.

"We need to hurry. If we stay like this for any longer, the barrier of this temple could instantly collapse. There is a need to combine our strength,"

"What if we join forces with the Neutral party?"

"As long as Dantalion is with them, we cannot have that happen. That Genius of Lies… if we work with someone who we don't know what they will do behind our backs, our work might be greatly spoiled."

26 Demon Kings agreed at the same time.

Dantalion. The Genius of Lies.

The neutral party was with him.

He was the most dangerous one who they could never join forces with.

Gremory bit her lips as she continued to speak.

"We need to correct the collapsed fissure. For the Peace party to gain strength, this is the only way."

"Would that be possible? The agreeing party wouldn't leave us be and if we aren't careful, the location will be found out…"

"I need you guys to exert your powers. We need to gather the Fragments of the Fissure."

Gremory interrupted a Demon King's words and spoke.

The crossroad of a decision. Before the red moon ends, they were planning to move and act first.

Currently, all of the War party members were scattered.

Normally, the Demon Gods had their own designated territories and were unable to leave their area.

Besides one, Baal, the 1st seat Demon God.

Basically, they were able to exhibit their godly powers so long as they were in their designated territory.

To exhibit their powers outside of their designated territory, another step was needed, which was to turn on the fissure and to connect it to the area outside.

However, Baal had shaken this fissure and made it chaotic.

The fissures that connected to the Peace party were twisted and they couldn't help but fight on their own.

To fix this fissure, they needed the 'Fragments of the Fissure'.

And the fragments could only be found outside of their territory.

It was definitely possible for others to instantly find the Demon Kings' locations once they left this territory, but they had no other way.

'To gather the strength, we need to take risks.'

The Peace party was currently cornered.

If they were gathered in one place, the story would be different but since they were all scattered, they really had no choice in this situation.

If they were to fight on their own, they would lose or be absorbed by other Demon Gods.

If Baal didn't stand in their way, it would have been worth a fight.

Unfit for a  Demon God, for the dignity of the 1st seat, Baal messed around with them.

Gremory knitted her brow.

At the same time, a huge goat's horn appeared.

The horn was the symbol of Gremory's power and a type of search device.

It was a search device that could sense danger in the surrounding and could read the nature of all things.

It was to open the gate at the safest place.

But, as the horns sprouted, Gremory's expression became more serious.

"…Who are you?"


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