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Chapter 125: Gremory (2)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

Sponsored by: Anonymous, Sean L., and Andrew M.

At that moment, Sword One's sword was covered with black colored energy.

Although Muyoung lost some agility and lost the effect of the Lunatic Sovereign's Set's effect of an increase in all stats by 5, the use of Sword One was greater than he expected.

The energy that could be felt by Bastro, who stood right in front of him, exceeded that of the great chieftain's.

Bastro also didn't lack compared to Sword One.

If he could just hunt him, Muyoung was certain to receive a reward greater than what he sacrificed.

The work of killing tens of thousands of devils and getting rid of all the nobles, including Bastro.

It wouldn't be just a half decent reward.

"I will kill you all!"

Bastro was truly going berserk.

As if all restrictions had been released, he didn't differentiate between friend or foe.

For someone who wasn't even a Demon King to marry a Demon God's daughter.

He felt like he could understand the reason why.

'Incomplete strength.'

Although it was a form created by combining all 7 clones into a main body, it was incomplete.

For some reason, his form was extremely unstable. It was because the seven grains didn't combine properly.

Even so, he was exhibiting that much Herculean strength.

An authority even the Demon Kings and Demon Gods would have their eyes on.

However, no one could stop that obstinacy.

Other fire tars were also in chaos.

Especially Ogar…

He stood still like a hardened statue.

"Is my opponent that monster?"

Sword One spoke as he raised his sword and pointed towards Bastro.

Maybe because he had the tendency of a 'devil' unlike normal undead, his way of talking was extremely cold.

It was definitely a different tendency compared to other undead.

Sword Two and Sword Three approached near Sword One, one after the other.

These three people were labeled by the name 'Sword'.

When the three were gathered, an additional effect was received.

The three swords resonated and spread out in a triangular form.

Sword One stood at the front and looked at Muyoung.

Muyoung spoke slowly.

"Work together with the other Sword Bones and kill him."

"I understood. If it isn't the 'sword's source', I will not lose."

The sword's source…

It seemed like he was talking about King Slayer.

Although Sword One became a devil, he remembered his fight against King Slayer.

Even how greatly he lost.

Since it was sad to even call it a fight.

Maybe because of this reason, Sword One treated King Slayer as the 'sword's source'.

However, that was because King Slayer was such an unconventional being.

The Masters of the Darkness. Although he didn't know them well, didn't even the Great Magician Merlin think highly of them?

So, unless it was that sort of unconventional being, Sword One wouldn't be easily defeated.

When people say top 10 strongest humans, they are talking about the ones who can fight equally against even a Demon King.

'There are quite a few who could be within the top 10 humans. But, they can't all fight against a Demon King.'

Demon King. The end of all Authorities.

Only those who could face them had 'strongest' added to their title.

Now, the meaning slightly changed and was now called 'the top 10 humans', but in reality, the original meaning was the '10 heroes who could face against a Demon King'.

Either way, it meant that the top 10 humans were that much of a master at figuring out the Demon King's authorities.

All those who were among the top 10 humans got stronger by having pure skills as their foundation.

Even if the meaning had changed, only those who passed the minimum requirements were called the top 10.

'Purity is used as the base for true strength to figure out authority.'

And Sword One only got stronger by practicing his 'sword'.

That's why he was the best opponent for Bastro.

If the great chieftain had fallen, in reality only Sword One could face Bastro.

But, Muyoung wasn't planning to just sit aside.

"Bae Sungmin."


A black circle appeared on the floor and out of it, Bae Sungmin soared up.

Bae Sungmin lowered his head as he popped a devil's heart he was holding with his hand.

"Did you call?"

"Place a Saint's Blessing on me."

"It will harm your body. I don't recommend it."

A Saint's Blessing was a strong light type skill.

On the other hand, Muyoung was filled with powers of the darkness.

Oom and Asura, and Gremory's Anguish…

There was not one thing that would make you think of light.

If he was to receive a blessing, it was definitely possible to expect for the power to reject Muyoung, possibly harming him.

'But, I still need to.'

The progress of the battle had turned once again.

It was because all the fire tars were swept with shock with the great chieftain's fall.

If the tide didn't change soon, a loss was crystal clear.

It would be the same if Sword One killed Bastro.

Since, during the time of their fight, other allies would drop like flies.

Muyoung spoke again.

"10 minutes is enough. I can withstand that much."

Bae Sungmin closed his eyes.

If it was some other undead, he would have acted without question but Bae Sungmin was reborn as a lich through 'Authority of Death'.

For instance, the Guardian of the Territory, Baltan, was all about protecting the humans. Unlike other undead, they had inherent goals.

Muyoung thought the reason why he asked for Muyoung's opinion might be because of these 'distinct characteristics'.

A moment later, Bae Sungmin, who opened his eyes, nodded his head.

"I understand."

At the same time, he held Muyoung's hand.

And then from Bae Sungmin's hand, a sentence of light was written and started to place an energy of blessing.


<'Saint's Blessing' has been placed.>

10 minutes was enough.

10 minutes for Muyoung was longer than for others.

Muyoung started to move not long after the Sword Bone Trio left.

His horns sprouted and the world started to become slower.

Ogar couldn't believe the scene in front of his eyes.

The great chieftain. He had fallen.

He might have even died.

The living legend of the fire tars and Ogar's idol.

Ogar was who he was now all thanks to the great chieftain.


Normally, the fire tars were stubborn.

They hated change and had strong tendency to be satisfied with their current situation.

On the other hand, Ogar didn't fear challenges.

Even if he failed, he just laughed it off.

That nature didn't just get created all of a sudden.

It was only possible because he grew under the great chieftain.

The great chieftain taught things about freedom and also stressed responsibilities and duties.

He continuously stressed for Ogar to not be prejudice and be on guard about becoming arrogant after taking power.

He fulfilled the role of a good father and a strict teacher at the same time.

But, he, who Ogar didn't think would ever fall, was currently lying down on the ground.

The world stopped and Ogar couldn't hear anything.

"Are you going to stop because of a tragedy? If you are, then I'm disappointed."

Muyoung spoke.

With just that message behind, he ran into battle.

Ogar wanted to stop fighting but Muyoung told him not to.

Afterwards, his eyes bulged he was so surprised by Muyoung's actions in this battle.

In a short time, he became the center of the battle as he received the gazes' from every devil soldier.

With the light's blessing, he showed overwhelming martial art skills.

It was unlike Muyoung but Ogar knew it was to 'show others'.

It was so.

He was showing them.

To the fire tars, and to Ogar.

As he didn't need to make a big deal like that.

"Oom is dominating the battle!"

"Don't yield to mere devils! We have the much greater Oom and Hoom!"

"A-Oom! A-Hoom!"

"We need to save the lord!"

"To the thick of the battle… shit, let's go!"

Small living creatures made a fuss over it.

Muyoung was using himself as bait to change the winds once more.

No one knew if it would become a headwind or tailwind.

At least to those small living creatures, it definitely worked to stir a strong typhoon.

'I need to move.'

The great chieftain had fallen.

The only one left was the vice chieftain, Ogar.

If Ogar stood stupidly, other fire tars would lose their direction.

Even the 'weak' creatures tried their best to fight, the fire tars couldn't just stand by and watch.

'From now on, I'm the great chieftain.'

Now, when he confirmed the great chieftain's absence, Ogar needed to quickly rise to that position.

So, his role was to remove this chaos.

The great chieftain always wanted it.

The great chieftain raised Ogar with this free spirit for only one reason.

To make a fire tar kingdom and not merely a fire tar tribe.

Now, it was time to move on to pursue his wishes.

Sword One's sword trapped space.

Sword One's sword ruled over laws.

Bastro, who was chaos itself, was like a natural enemy.

"You who isn't even a human or a devil! Do you think you can win against me?"

"A dog that's losing a fight tends to be loud."

The six tails attached to Bastro shook the land.

However, Sword One's swordsmanship scuttled even the tail attacks.

Although he didn't end it, with Sword One's endlessly pure swordsmanship, he had cut the tails with authority.

Like a huge dominant mountain, Sword One moved forward with each step.

Bastro could only be in a hurry.

However, he couldn't withdraw either.

He was confined in the area ruled by Sword One.

In this space, which was weaved together like a spider's web, all he could do was struggle, entrapped.

"How long are you planning to confine me?!"

The six tails stood up like a straight line.


Like pillars, they struck the ground and produced a lot of black smoke.

Afterwards, tons of circular objects started to pour out from the tail.

Clash! Clash clash clash!

Everything touched by the circular objects exploded.

And nothing was left after the explosion.

As if something had taken a bite, it disappeared cleanly.

Due to the shockwaves, Sword One momentarily wobbled. The barrier created by Sword Two and Sword Three was broken.

"You are not a source."

However, it still was an unstable incomplete being.

Someone that wasn't even a source couldn't win against purity just because it pretended to be so.

Of course, Sword One also wasn't at that level but he wouldn't lose to someone that wasn't a source.

He wouldn't have been called one of the top 10 humans for no reason.

Sword One organized his energy as he held his sword.

At the same time, the sphere that flew from Bastro's tails clashed with his sword.


With Ogar's awakening as the start, the battle turned around once again.

There was no other word besides awakening to describe it.

As if he never stopped, he moved his feet faster than anyone else.

He killed without fearing death itself.

And the fight ended.

The moment when the evil soldiers were dominated, Bastro and Sword One's fight had also ended.


Sword One's sword sliced Bastro's body.

The six tails had already been severed.

As if the scene was showing how fierce the fight was, there was no land left in their surroundings.

Only a thick smoke that settled around their battleground, and within it, the two crazily fought each other.


A sound that rang people's ears.

It was the sound that alerted the end of the battle.

In time, Bastro started to turn into ashes and disappeared.

Afterwards, Sword One approached Muyoung with his one arm and one leg lost and wings ripped.

He moved using his sword as a cane instead of his leg.

"I have completed my contract."

Like the start, a completely emotionless expression.

That short message was all he said.

Sword Two, Sword Three, and Sword One's form slowly started to break down.

Then, they returned to their talisman form.

The content of the contract was to merely kill Bastro and since he had completed it, there was no reason for him to stay.

Also, to recover his damaged body, he needed to return to his talisman form.



A black marble dropped to the ground as Sword One disappeared.

He didn't need to think to know what it was.

'Bastro's Crystallization.'

With this, six.

All noble devils gave out crystallizations.

As if it was destiny.


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