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Chapter 127: Gremory (End)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

Sponsored By: Andrew M. and Arlos

"…… Who are you?"

A soft voice tickled Muyoung's ear.

Even if it was just a simple 'sound', it had the peculiar power to attract the opposite sex.

If he was even a bit careless, he felt like he would be bewitched by the sound.

And now Muyoung was just listening in a dark space.

'A mental world.'

The black space was Muyoung's mind.

In other words, this conversation was akin to telepathy.

But he couldn't be helped but be surprised when he thought how he came to be in this mental world.

The call of the devil.

Was it a book that allowed you to contact a particular devil?


Soon Muyoung realized who he was connected to.

A message popped up which definitely said, 'You have connected to Gremory'.

The 56th seat Demon God, who lead 26 Demon King legions!

It was unlikely for there to be another being who could sway his rationality just with their voice.

Also, Muyoung also had an inextricable relationship with her.

The qualifications to become the Demon King of the 27th Legion and the weapon, Anguish, were both related to Gremory.

However, he never thought that he could get in contact with her at this moment.

"I'm Muyoung. Are you really Gremory?"

He couldn't help but ask.

Even though his voice was firm, internally Muyoung was taken aback.

He was just checking his rewards after the fight ended, when all of a sudden, a connection with Gremory had occurred…

After a moment of silence, Gremory replied.

"You're right. But, it's strange. I can't see it but I can feel my blessings on you."

It was an obvious thing.

From the moment he discovered the Star of David from the Blue Temple, Muyoung's path was decided to a certain degree.

And the owner of the Star of David was Gremory.

There was nothing weird if Gremory had felt her blessings on Muyoung.


Muyoung took out Anguish.

Then, the sword cried more loudly and announced its presence on its own.

"It seems like it's because I have the qualifications of the Demon King to lead the 27th legion."

"The 27th legion…? Ah!"

Gremory's surprised voice filled the air.

She was a Demon God and it was very easy to distinguish the truth.


Soon, the sword ripped the area.

While producing the sound of a leather ripping, few hands popped out.

Gremory's mental world had pierced through and into Muyoung's.

Although they weren't meeting each other face to face and were very far away from each other, the mental landscape was influenced just by the exchange of a few words.

'I can't avoid it.'

However, it was fast.

Soon, numerous hands wrapped around Muyoung.


But, none of the hands were able to touch Muyoung.

A barrier of light was raised and it warded off numerous hands.


The Armful's Cradle spirit hopped madly on top of Muyoung's head.

Although its outer appearance was a mere lump of light, it was still an ancient spirit.

Even if it was just born, it was a great existence that could influence the Disordered Terror.

He wasn't sure why it was with him at this place but it seemed like he could exhibit his true strength in his mental world.

"What are you doing?"

"A prehistoric spirit… you have made a contract with it. I'm sorry. But, I need to be certain. If you really are the person I was waiting for."

In Gremory's voice, he could feel her desperation.

And Muyoung was surprised.

'For a Demon God to apologize.'

Never in his life had he heard it before.

The Demon Gods who invaded humanity were all pure evil and they invaded without a word.

Only ruins were left in the places where they passed.


He hadn't heard anything similar to that.

But, how could he not be surprised when the 56th seat Demon God personally apologized.

Of course, even if it was so, it was true that she suddenly invaded his mental world.

He couldn't help but feel unpleasant.

"If you truly are the Demon King of the 27th Legion, I request that you won't reject my touch."

Muyoung pondered.

Muyoung thought about what the reason might be for a Demon God, like Gremory, to request from him as if she was in need.

If she wanted to, didn't she just needed to act?

Muyoung looked at the numerous hands that hung around on the other side of the light barrier.

'They said she was the only female Demon God but it seems like she is an aberration.'

There were stories that Gremory was the only woman out of the 72 Demon Gods and had a friendly attitude towards humans."

Although they said her beauty was so great that it could bewitch all the gods, by seeing how she expressed those many hands as her 'touch', this also seemed to be an exaggeration.

Either way, even if Armful's Cradle was stopping her, if Gremory exhibited her true strength, it would not have any chance of stopping her.

'If it is a process he has to undergo then…'

Due to the Demon King of the 27th Legion skill, it was a process he had to undergo at least once.

Didn't someone say, 'the sooner it happens, the better'?

Boing! Boing!

Muyoung calmed the Armful's Cradle that was still angry on top of his head.

As he placed his hand and roughly pet it, the guy that was hopping around madly slowly calmed down.

It seemed like the meaning had still gone across even if he didn't say it.


Soon, numerous hands wrapped around Muyoung.

The feeling wasn't all that great but the touch was really soft.

Although it just passed by, it was enough to sway his mind.

If she was able to influence Muyoung this much, it was obvious how others would react without even looking at them.

'Enchanting. But, Gremory isn't human.'

In Muyoung's head, Gremory already had an appearance which was far from human.

As he recalled she was a monster with numerous hands, he was able to escape a bit from being enchanted.

A moment later, as if the confirmation process had ended, her hands moved back.

"You truly are someone with my blessing."

"Did you think it was a lie?"

"Honestly, yes. But, since I have confirmed you were not lying, please excuse my discourtesy."

The Demon Gods are 'evil'.

It was the truth everyone agreed on.

They were born from evil and were incarnations that were raised by eating evil.

However, the feeling Gremory gave off was definitely different.

"You are an odd Demon God."

"I'm just hiding my 'evil'. In reality, I'm more vile than anyone else. But… the thing I'm going to talk about is much more important than that."

It seemed like she had something to say.

Muyoung quietly listened.

Then, Gremory continued to talk.

"Do you know of the items called 'Fragments of the Fissure?"

"I have heard of it."

In the past, it was an item that the Demon Gods used to invade.

He still clearly remembered when a fissure was suddenly created in the sky and the Great City and the Blue Temple were attacked.

The item used back then was the Fragments of the Fissure.

"Please find the Fragments of the Fissure. 'Anguish' which you are holding, will show you the way."


"Yes, and if it's within this space, no matter how far apart you are, you are able to send me the fragments. If you bring me the three fragments, I will acknowledge you as my demon king. I will even give you the authority myself."

Her voice became quiet.

Even the hands in front of him returned to their original location.

And as if Gremory realized it, she quickly spoke.

"We don't have time. If you are planning to protect humanity, please help me. We can't let Baal follow through with his plans…"


Soon, silence followed.

Like a blackout, it was a sudden occurrence.

However, he had heard everything he needed.

'It seems like the situation isn't all that good.'

He thought about Gremory's words and painted a picture of the situation.

If the Demon King legions under her command acted, they should be able to find whatever they were looking for.

However, she started her search by 'requesting' Muyoung's help, a person she met for the first time.

From a common-sense point of view, it wasn't logical.

It meant that Gremory was forced into a corner.

'My predictions were right; the Demon Gods were fighting over the fragments.'

Muyoung was certain.

The Demon Gods were currently unable to easily leave their territory due to their own reasons.

Two factions, or perhaps more,  were divided and in conflict.

This fight would last for a few years from now and within those few years, a conclusion will be made.

And Gremory's faction would be defeated.

That would be the reason for the Great Calamity to occur.'

This was the golden opportunity.

By entering their crowd, he could stall for time or eliminate his opponents.

And to do this, it was a must for him to find this Fragment of the Fissure.

He couldn't let Gremory's party be easily defeated.

Muyoung was the only existence who could change this past.

Boing. Boiiing.

Muyoung gently tickled Armful's Cradle.

Gremory called it a 'prehistoric spirit', not simply an ancient spirit.

At the same time, she was surprised and changed her attitude towards Muyoung.

Thanks to this, they were able to progress the conversation smoothly.

Not just that but Gremory knew right away that Muyoung was human.

Even though she knew he was human, she had acknowledged that he had the qualifications to become a demon king.

It was the hardest obstacle, but he overcame it well.

'I need to keep going without stopping.'

Since he had overcome the obstacle, now it was time to run.

He was pressed for time.

He now had about 9 years, at most.

Within that time, he needed to change the Demon Gods game or break it.


Not long soon after, with the sound of wind, Muyoung returned to reality as his mental world closed.

Gremory opened her eyes which had been closed.

Her deer like beautiful eyelids slightly shook as they went up.

Numerous devils were watching this scene.

That was right. They were just watching her.

No one was allowed to touch her, it was a taboo.

'Facing those who absorbed the fragments. It would definitely be a brutal trial.'

From what she had confirmed, Muyoung's skills weren't at a level she was pleased with.

However, Gremory had hopes for what Muyoung held onto.

She wasn't exactly sure who those beings were but she felt a few who were in a 'level' similar to Demon Kings or even higher than Demon Kings.

Meaning, she could say he had infinite potential to develop.

'Muyoung, the one I blessed. I wish good luck for your future…'

Gremory wished sincerely.

However, it was nothing but a voiceless echo.

Numerous people pray to a god and wish for them to be answered but who could gods wish to and want from?

The hearts of all of the devils in her surrounding pumped as they watched her woeful figure.

That she was someone they must protect.

Tens of millions of devils were ready to protect Gremory with their lives.

As she was that much of a noble and beautiful being.

The battle was a complete victory.

But, in its aftermath, numerous corpses were left.

"I will allow you to bury them near the Poom tree."

Ogar spoke.

It was a privilege to be buried near a Poom tree which only true warriors could earn.

He meant that he was going to grant everyone who participated in this battle that privilege.

The great chieftain was buried first, followed by the rest.

"Muyoung, what is a king?"

Late evening.

As they watched the moon up in the sky, Ogar suddenly spoke to Muyoung.

Muyoung didn't reply.

Then, Ogar continued to talk.

As if he was making a promise to himself.

"I'm going to make a fire tar kingdom. The great chieftain taught me to always look at a much wider world."

"You would be able to do it."

Ogar definitely had the qualities.

The question of what a king is could be thought over when he became one.

Ogar stared at Muyoung.

And then talked.

"Would you share the Cup of Brother with me?"

The Cup of Brother.

It was something he never thought about.

However, there was nothing bad in befriending Ogar.

Ogar laughed out loud as Muyoung nodded his head.

"Haha! Good. From now on, Muyoung, you and I will be in a much stronger relationship than blood. In general, brothers need to help each other. Even if our positions change, this relationship will not be swayed."

Was it because the great chieftain who Ogar thought was closer than his blood ties had died?

He was more emotional than usual.

Ogar clenched his fist.

Afterwards, he opened a lid of a bottle of liquor and squeezed out blood as if he was squeezing a lemon.

Muyoung also did the same.

"From now on, we are brothers."

After exchanging the bottle of liquor, they drank it at once.

Then, Ogar smacked his lips as if it wasn't enough to fulfill him.

It was because even if it was a bottle of liquor, it was not much compared to Ogar's size.

Muyoung grinned.

A new relationship.


It didn't sound bad.


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