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Chapter 112: Those who seek death shall live (2)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

The Disordered Terror was truly grotesque.

A giant creature over 10 meters tall was curled up, and as if it had received burns, its entire skin was peeled off. A spear full of light was stuck in it.

Although its eyes were both closed, blood continuously flowed down.

A form that resembled more of a mummy than a monster.

However, the wings on its back caught more of his attention.

'Was it a hybrid?'

There were wings, one black and the other white.

A form that reminded him of a mixed race of an angel and a devil.

However, it was the first time Muyoung saw wings like these besides Saint Snow.

But, the Disordered Terror was helpless.

After removing the defensive tumor, there was only a weak monster that was continuously in pain.

The shining light spear near the heart would probably be the Talisman.

As Muyoung approached, the very first to notice was Esen, the Big Master of the Reign's Invincible Force.

"You are…!"

Esen's eyes widened.

The man who had fought the malignant tumor and released the strange spirit was in front of him.


Were their goals the same?

Although he looked similar to a human, Esen didn't think he was one.

It was because humans were unable to control undead freely like him.

He also gave off a strange vibe.

Even if the man was human, Esen thought that the man would try to get rid of the malignant tumor first, but that didn't seem to be true either.

"What is the Reign clan trying to do with it?"

As Muyoung asked while pointing towards the defenseless Disordered Terror, Esen knitted his brows.

"You seem to know about us?"

"I know everyone who hides like some rat. It seems like the Disordered Terror was made in collaboration of the three clans. No?"

Muyoung spoke of his hypothesis.

However, he believed it was highly likely.

The Reign, Lawless, and Beast clan weren't hostile towards each other.

On top of that, for one clan to cultivate spirits and to find hosts, they would have to endure lots of blood loss and sacrifices.

Unless they truly did find Bae Sungmin by good fortune, at least few hundreds to some few thousands of people would have died.

An act that would eventually be discovered by others.

Once discovered, it would become a reason for them to be attacked by all the other groups.

Would one clan be able to bear that alone and resolve it?


Muyoung inwardly shook his head.

No matter if it was a clan from the Great Five Clans, if they didn't have the cooperation of the other clans, it would be impossible.

Even more…

Within that mummy-like monster, there were three things.

The Disordered Terror, the light type spirit, and Bae Sungmin!

The three didn't blend in together and continuously produced division.

Either way, there was no way for the Lawless clan to find and cultivate the Disordered Terror and the equally strong spirit of light alone.

At least Muyoung knew better than anyone else that they didn't have the structure to do so.

'Joint work of the three clans. However, they failed and all three took a different route.'

This was most reasonable.

Even the fact that only members of these three clans out of the Five Great Clans appeared and that there was no other military strength around was all circumstantial evidence.

"You bastard, who sent you?"

Esen's voice got quieter.

His reaction was enough.

He was skilled at hiding his emotions but he couldn't be better than Muyoung.

An extremely subtle tremor was found in his breath.

Muyoung didn't seem to be incorrect at least.

"The composition of power would be interesting from now on."

And due to Esen's reaction, Muyoung couldn't help but chuckle.

The three clans tried but they all failed.

However, they would continuously be suspicious of one another.

They might even start a war.

It was possible that they would send military forces to investigate the situation, and in doing so there was a probability that they could find out about Muyoung's existence. But, as they were deeply suspicious of the other clans, they would fight to find out 'who's clan he belonged to'.

Of course, even their alliance would disappear.

If coincidently related information was to be released, they would be busy trying to point each other out as suspects.

If the Holy City Mulalan was to also act, at least one out of three clans would definitely be destroyed.

The same thing might happen even if other guilds were to be aware, but there was a possibility for a transition of power to occur.

Humanity was dormant.

They resided in their territory and were busy seeking their own profit.

Although they had produced many of great strength, this strength was gradually left to rot.

If Muyoung's predictions were correct and the bloodbath was to happen, then this wasted strength would be refocused on other things, opening up the possibility of a new wave.

'Out of all the big groups, one would disappear. If that happened, the competition would become fierce.'

And to fill in the gap of that group, a countless number of groups would rise.

Of course, it wasn't just optimism.

In the worst case, a large group would come to an agreement but that possibility was extremely low.

Since there would be more than one group that would want to show off the strength that they've reserved for decades.

"This would be interesting?"

Esen was puzzled.

He spoke as if he was a third party who didn't care at all.

In reality, it didn't really matter, Esen had no doubt in his mind that Muyoung belonged to either the Lawless or Beast clan.

Muyoung held Anguish.

"Heidegger, Sword Two. Besides that man, get rid of the rest."

"I understand."

"I will execute your order."

Heidegger was the man who kidnapped people and kept them as slaves in the territory Muyoung was currently ruling.

However, he became an undead because of Muyoung and was faithfully following him.

He was able to switch his heart and depending on the heart used, he was able to use a different ability.

And currently, Heidegger was using the twin head ogre's heart.

Compared to other undead, it was slightly lacking but Heidegger was fully able to complete one man's worth of workload.

The rest of the lacking parts would be fulfilled by Sword Two.

"I'll take care of that man."

Anguish pointed towards Esen.

At the remark that seemed to disregard him, Esen's eyes trembled.

"Since I have a lot of things I'm curious about, I won't kill you."

So, Esen reacted to his remark.

He held a long black spear and pointed the shaft towards Muyoung.


The two instantly disappeared.

Esen's spear was sharp.

His skills had been polished over a good 20 years.

Not everyone could become the Big Master of the most elite troops.

One throw of the spear was so exact that it could even take someone's life away.


The sword and spear clashed.

Sparks flew and their positions changed.

They exchanged attacks ten times.

'He's strong.'

They were basically poking around.

Also, Muyoung was trying to figure out about how much of his current skills would work against him.

Esen was a big shot who could definitely be in the top 500 humans.

However, Muyoung blocked Esen's attack every time.

'I can see.'

Muyoung was able to see the grains.

Simply by stats, Esen would be superior but Muyoung had the eyes that could see grains.

The grains were arranged in a certain direction.

Everything had their own unique grains.

Esen's attack also showed a certain wave.

As his attack continuously got blocked, Esen withdrew his spear.

"I acknowledge that you have quite a decent skill. But, not enough."

And changed his spear.

As he stretched his hand, a crack was created in midair and a brown spear came down.

"There was no one who I couldn't beat with the 'Life-Eating Spear'. If you don't want to become pierced by this spear like a skewer, it's best for you to surrender even now."

A spear that gave off a completely ominous feeling.

Truly, it felt like it wasn't going to be an easy fight if he used that spear.

However, it wasn't like Muyoung also didn't have any cards up his sleeve.

Muyoung was able to see grains.

He accelerated grains.

Soon, the whole world started to become slower.


His body changed and two horns appeared.

Like a beast, a growling sound naturally popped out of his mouth.

"A dokkaebi…?"

Esen's eyes widened.

He wondered if it was a transformation related skill but, his presence alone had changed.

He was similar to a dokkaebi but he was incomparable.

A duaxini? It felt the same.

He had no idea what that appearance was supposed to mean.


As if he stopped, he stood there with Anguish in his hand.

And after that moment, Muyoung was near Esen in no time.


As Anguish and the spear met each other, it created an explosion.

Esen's body also shook.

'He's fast.'

Esen felt a big impact.

The opponent he thought had stopped was attacking him before he knew.

Esen fixed his eyes on Muyoung.

And once again, Muyoung disappeared.

Bang! Bang!

Although he was barely successful in blocking Muyoung's attacks, his hand had become crushed.

Esen ground his teeth.

"You bastard!"


They missed each other once.

Esen wasn't naïve enough to be attacked with the same attack continuously.

Esen's spear pierced Muyoung's chest.

"You are too absorbed in attacking. Aren't you too negligent in blocking?"

Esen mocked as he smiled.


Muyoung coughed up blood.

However, Muyoung's spirit didn't die off at all.

"He doesn't even know he had already died."



Both of his arms were cut off, and his body started to fall apart into dozens of sliced pieces.

Blood poured out from his whole body, drenching his surroundings.

Afterwards, Esen's body that had turned into mere slices of meat fell to the ground.

'55 seconds.'

If he took 5 more seconds, he might have been too late.

In a world that was 4 times faster, he doubled the time for a short while by using his Hermes's Boots.

It didn't multiply by 2 but the world became a total of 5 times faster, however, this was enough to win against Esen.


Muyoung took out the spear that was in his chest after looking at the corpse.


And after tossing the spear on the ground, he used his Cry of Fire skill to cauterize his wound.

He felt a grievous pain but he endured it.

Instead, he turned his head and looked at his surroundings.

Sword Two and Heidegger were performing very well. They were almost finished.

Once again, as he returned to human form and retracted his horns, symptoms of severe dehydration followed.

All his muscles quickly constricted.

But, he didn't pass out.



Muyoung walked properly.

The Disordered Terror plodded.

And it was at that moment when he faced the Disordered Terror.


The darkness imprinted within the heart of the Disordered Terror became intense.

The darkness ate up the light and as if it was going to encroached the world, it extended its scope and afterwards even engulfed Muyoung.

"I'm now complete. I have eaten up the Talisman and the spirit of light, and became an existence with the strength of a demigod!"

There was nothing besides darkness in his surroundings.

In the middle of it, the Disordered Terror cried out loud.

A huge shadow that looked like it touched the sky.

A black whirlpool of emotions that didn't feel anything else besides evil.

"Offer your body to me. The body that fits me most in this place!"

The shadow stretched its feet.


Muyoung quickly moved back.

He lifted his left arm and breathed out the Asura King's Breath.


However, the Asura King's Breath didn't produce a big blow.

"Useless. I'm already an existence of a demigod! I won't be harmed by an attack produced by a mere human."

This black space seemed to be similar to a distinct barrier.

Inside it, the Disordered Terror was basically undefeatable.

Muyoung bit his lips.

He had already used most of his strength in facing Esen.

He thought that the Disordered Terror would become completely defenseless but he never expected that it would absorb more strength in the meantime.

Once again, he summoned all his undead.

However, as the Disordered Terror stretched out its hand, all the souls of the undead were all swept away.

The Hellhorse was stuck outside the barrier that it was unable to enter.

'This will be difficult.'

There was no answer like this.

It didn't seem like he could fight.

If he was to lose like this, the Disordered Terror would steal his body like it said.

It was when he just realized his defeat.


From Muyoung's bosom, a talisman shined.

'This is?'

Muyoung took out the talisman.

There were four letters written on the talisman.

Seek life, instant death.

Those who seek death shall live.

After looking at it, Muyoung raised a shudder for a moment.

It was the talisman Saint Snow gave to Muyoung.

Or rather, the gatekeeper of a world tree, Swell, gave it to him instead.

Could it have been left to be used at this moment?

'Those who seek death shall live.'

Muyoung nodded his head.

It was better to fight with his life on the line than to give up his body.

He had never admitted his defeat.

It seemed like he was out of his mind for a moment due to the unknown terror the Disordered Terror released.

The moment he realized, his shoulders became lighter.

Fighting fiercely.

Wasn't that Muyoung's usual way?


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