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Chapter 113: Those who seek death shall live (End)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

Muyoung took a deep breath and calmed himself down.  


And struck with Anguish.

He wasn't trying to kill the Disordered Terror.  

He slit his own wrist to overcome the terror that appeared due to the Disordered Terror.  

Blood spattered on his cheek and his mind cleared.  

His stamina and energy were lost but he became much more cool-headed.  

In time, Muyoung's eyes started to read the 'grains' of the Disordered Terror.  

The grains are like traces. The passing of time branded on everything. It was like a stamp that was imprinted on their souls.  

"Even if you do that it's nothing more than squirming!  Just give in and give up your body!"  

"You're in a hurry."

Muyoung's eyes shined.  

It had become very clear why the Disordered Terror made the barrier, showed up inside it, and was after his body.  

The Disordered Terror wanted Muyoung to give up.  

It waited for Muyoung to destroy himself and give it his body.  

Because within that overwhelming size, the hidden content inside it was extremely lousy.  

"A worm. Although the exterior is strong, the inside is no different than a bug."

While holding his right wrist, he couldn't help but smile.  

The Disordered Terror's true form was like a worm.  

It couldn't trick Muyoung's eyes as well.  

The truth was hidden within the huge shadow.  

If he hadn't got back to his senses, Muyoung would have also been blinded by its outer appearance.  


The Disordered Terror didn't speak with words.  

It let him know by showing that it was mad.  

Muyoung barely avoided it but his expression was much more relaxed.  

"This place isn't really reality. It's inside your dream."

A demigod!  

An individual stronger than the Demon King.  

However, Muyoung remembered.  

How the Disordered Terror looked after the defensive tumor disappeared.  

Wasn't it just curled up and unable to do anything?  

It wasn't able to absorb the world tree.  

How can that form be called a demigod?  

So, what Muyoung saw right now was all an illusion that the Disordered Terror wanted.  

It hoped to become a true demigod and go wild.  

"It's like you said. However, if you die here, you will truly die."

Even if the Disordered Terror was found out, it still spoke oppressively.  

Muyoung shrugged his shoulder.  

As it admitted, it wasn't like there was no way for Muyoung to win.  

"It isn't like you're the only one that dreams."

'I will face a dream with a dream.'

This was a world of an illusion.  

Even if it was the Disordered Terror's dream, there was still room to fight.  

As if it realized what he was thinking, it spoke as if it was ridiculous.  

"Do you think you can win against my wish? My mass that I have built for thousands of years?! There is no way for a human, who has lived only a few years, to be able to!"

An ancient darkness spirit.  

Like the name, it was a spirit that existed since ancient times.  

With only one desire of becoming a demigod.  

'I can't remember the last time I had a dream.'

Dreams were basically imaginations.  

To Muyoung, he lacked this part in being imaginative.  

It was possible for him to sincerely make plans and act on them but to draw things in his mind about things he hadn't experienced, it was difficult.  

It could only be that way.  

Since Muyoung's time had basically stopped since 40 years ago.  

He lived by doing things he was told to do.  

He only thought of what was the best action for a given situation.  

Although he had returned in time, not much time had passed.  

It meant that it was hard to move the clock again which had basically stopped 40 years ago.  

But, he was clearly aware of one picture.  

An image he believed was his future although he didn't experience it.  

Muyoung closed his eyes.  

He slowly lowered Anguish to his waist and in an instant, he stretched his sword out as if it bounced away.  

"I'm the absolute."

He released the light of the Star of Absolute.  

The red light encroached the surroundings and in time, it fell on Muyoung.  


The wind blew.  

The sword energy had been released.  

A single attack that assembled all the grains.  

However, it was an absolute blow that was made by the absolute.  

The sword energy that stretched out from the sword split space.  

The energy split the Disordered Terror's body and broke the barrier.  

Although it was only once, once was good enough.  

A feeling as if all his energy had been lost.  

The absolute's sword, the sword energy, was something like that.  

Muyoung was able to succeed with one demonstration as he truly put his fighting power within that one blow.  

Those who seek death shall live?

However, Muyoung was able to capture everything as he truly threw all his strength towards death.  


Soon, the barrier started to fall down.  

The part of the Disordered Terror's body that was cut off fell down in pieces.  

Between them, there was a worm that squirmed.  


Muyoug approached it and stepped on it without any hesitation.  

The worm's body popped and announced the end of the barrier.  

<'Elimination of the terror' has been added to your history.>

An endless sound that rang in his mind continued.  


Muyoung's body shivered.  

He had collapsed after spilling out all his strength but as if it didn't happen, he became conscious again.  

Afterwards, when Muyoung slowly opened his eyes, he noticed someone with a black cope[1].  

'Who is he?'

A slouched body, and helmet that soared up like a horn.  

Both sections of his arms were loose and the lich wore a necklace with a gem.  

Light and dark lines that resembled a haze went around him and he had a pair of small wings, with a mix of white and black feathers.  

Muyoung turned his head.  

He was still on the mountain.  

'My arm… has regenerated.'

Then, he looked at his body once again.  

Through the 2nd metamorphosis, his body has fully recovered.  

The Asura King's Left Arm laid on the ground all by itself.  

He felt he was born again.  

He sought death but was newly birthed.  

"Who are you?"

"I'm your faithful servant."

The lich went down on one knee.  

Then Muyoung realized that the lich in front of him was Bae Sungmin.  

As the Disordered Terror's madness ended, he had returned to his original form.  

As he just got up, he was hazy and because he wore a helmet, Muyoung was unable to recognize him.

However, Bae Sungmin had died and the Contract of Death had activated.  

Now, he was just an undead.  

Bae Sungmin had memories of when he was human but had lost all emotions.   

As he took a closer look, information about him followed.  

Level: 380

Type: Arc Lich  

Strength 200  Agility 200  Stamina 300

Intelligence 400  Wisdom 400 Magic Resistance 450 Chaos 450> 

+ Strength of Great Chaos (Immunity against light and darkness)

+ Able to use all Necromancer skills (A rank)

+ Due to 'Lineage of Light', Saint skills are useable (B rank)

+ Necklace 'Talisman (Intelligence & Wisdom +80)' Useable

+ Coexistence of light and darkness. Infinite Strengthening Potential  

An arc lich!  

It was hard to imagine a lich immune to light.  

It was rare for an undead to have 'arc' within its name.  

On top, for it to be 'saint'.

Although it was only a B rank, a saint was recognized as very high-level even among priests.  

You could say there was one among ten thousand.  

But, he was able to use both necromancer and saint skills at once.  

'That necklace is the Talisman.'

Muyoung motionlessly looked at the necklace Bae Sungmin was wearing.  

The gem in the middle of the necklace seemed to be the Talisman.  

It emitted bright light and as it joined the necklace, a strong synergy was produced.  

Bae Sungmin became a lich on a different level as his intelligence and wisdom increased by 80.  

'For now, I can let him keep it.'

Muyoung could use the Talisman when the time comes.  

Instead of leaving it to waste until then, it was better to have Bae Sungmin wear it and be of use.  

By looking at it, it seems like the necklace was effective only for Bae Sungmin.  

"Take it."

Muyoung passed the Asura King's Left Arm to him.  

Bae Sungmin still didn't have arms.  

Bae Sungmin slowly got up and put on the Asura King's Left Arm.

Soon, tentacles stretched out from the arm and united with Bae Sungmin, as if it was part of his body.  

"Thank you."

"But, the Lineage of Light should be Bae Suzy's skill, no?"

There were things he was curious about.  

The Lineage of Light was the name of the skill Bae Suzy learned from the Sky Library.  

"It seems like it's a characteristic that is transferred by blood-relations."

"That why it's called a 'lineage'."

He nodded slightly.  

Muyoung never thought that the lineage skill would allow Sungmin to use even saint skills but there was nothing bad about it.

After recognizing Bae Sungmin's existence, Muyoung straightened his arm.  

'I've become stronger.'

Muyoung could feel the aftermath of the metamorphosis through his skin.  

You could say it was just the 2nd metamorphosis, but it was different from a normal 2nd metamorphosis.  

'I didn't think it was time for a 2nd metamorphosis yet.'

What was most surprising was that his pure stats were quite from what was needed for the 2nd metamorphosis.  

It seemed like he was forced into the 2nd metamorphosis when he saw the Wall of the Absolute.

'The Belt of Aries?'

Afterwards, Muyoung tilted his head after seeing how his belt had changed.  

Soon, after realizing that it was a present from the 'Masters of the Darkness', he took a closer look.  

Name: Belt of Aries

Rank: A+++

Classification: Equippable type   

Endurance: 50,000

Effect: One of the 12 Zodiac Stars. A belt placed on Aries.  

* Magic Resistance +40  

* Spirit Ability +40

* It ignores skills below B rank (excluding some)

* Ability to fly

** When you collect 3 out of the 12 Zodiac Stars, all stats +30

** When you collect 6 out of the 12 Zodiac Stars, it ignores skills below A rank

** When you collect 12 out of the 12 Zodiac Stars, achievement effect, 'King of 12 Zodiacs'.


He couldn't help but be inwardly surprised.  

Although he might disregard other things, he couldn't disregard the skill immunity and related options that were added.  

Let alone, it was a set equipment and even had the potential possibility of being immune to skills below A rank.  

'It is very rare to find equipment with skill immunity.'

Not to mention skills below B rank.  

From Muyoung's memories, among the existing equipment, the highest immunity was B+.  

Also, it was used by Wung Chunglin.  

Muyoung's half a level lower than his but the potential possibility was higher.  

His heart raced fast.  

Soon after, Muyoung turned on his Status Viewer.   

He wanted to check the changes with his own eyes.  

Achievement Effect ->      

Star of Purity (S+, All stats +30, the Wall of the Absolute)  

Stats ->     

Strength 305(187+118)   Agility 242(143+99)   

Stamina 276(136+140)   Intelligence 266(171+95)    

Wisdom 247(172+75)   Fighting Aura 212(102+110)  

Magic Resistance 300(90+210)   Spirit Ability 200(90+110)

A '+' was added to the Star of Purity.  

All stats increased by 10 and through the effects of metamorphosis, his strength, intelligence, and wisdom greatly increased.  

'Since I've completed the 2nd metamorphosis, the pure stats will rise more quickly.'

He wanted to move at once and train but he didn't have time to spare.  

He needed to return to his territory and prepare for the 'Devil's Long Night'.


While that went on, a lump of light flew near Muyoung.  

The lump of light gently went on top of Muyoung's head.  

'The Armful's Cradle spirit.'

The lump of light whispered its name.  

However, that was it.  

It didn't tell him anything else besides that.  

"What is the Armful's Cradle spirit?"

"It was the existence that was mixed inside me. It was cultivated to keep the Disordered Terror in check.  It isn't fully developed so no one knows of the specifics. They said they found it by chance at the 'Temple of Light'."

A spirit placed inside to keep the Disordered Terror in check?  

As no information popped up when he looked at it carefully, it meant that it was an unknown spirit that even the Sky Library had no information of.  

Since it didn't seem like it would cause any evil, he left it alone.  

Boing. Boing.  

The lump of light continuously moved as if it was playing on top of Muyoung's head.  

'It's time for me to return.'

As if he couldn't care less, Muyoung turned his body.  

He quickly ended the current situation and it was now time for him to return.  

[1] Cope: A cope is a long, loose cloak worn by a priest or bishop on ceremonial occasions.


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