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Chapter 111: Those who seek death shall live (1)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

Gasp! Haa!

Muyoung took a big breath in and out.

His stamina and mental power were being used rapidly.

However, he couldn't just stand there and be absent-minded.

If he received few thousand streams of lasers on his bare body, an attack that could be called a natural disaster, his whole body wouldn't survive.

Above all…

A shape that seemed like a scaled down planet, the few thousands of eyes on the shape looked for Muyoung.

Baron was supposed to find the summoner first.


However, an attack from close up. There would no way for the attack to not reach the Malignant Tumor.

Although it recovered, as if it was extremely mad, the malignant tumor spurted out red spores.

The red spores flew towards Baron and stuck to it.


They exploded instantly as they stuck to it.

Baron, that was looking for Muyoung, couldn't help but hesitate.

Although it looked for the summoner first, it couldn't just ignore being attacked.

Soon, all the undead made by the Malignant Tumor and the three offensive tumors, all started to move to annihilate Baron.

Even though it was only attacked once, the Malignant Tumor realized that the most dangerous being at this place was Baron.

All of Baron's eyes also focused on the Malignant Tumor.

Clang! Crash! Craaaaaank!

Even if it was so, since the area of attack was quite large, it was hard to just spectate.

As if meteors had fallen, numerous craters were created all around.

'It's a relief.'

Either way, it meant that the summoning of Baron was the right choice.

He seemed to understand why it was forbidden.

Even if it was the first time he saw it, he realized he needed to use it more carefully.

"Make way. Get back!"

From every direction, undead gathered and the Reign's Invincible Force started to quickly leave their position.

With Esen's order, they resisted the wave of undead.

While reducing his presence as most he could, Muyoung quietly followed the path that they opened.

But, Esen didn't just avoid the undead.

To use this opportunity, Esen used his head.

'I'm better off with this situation.'

The Malignant Tumor and the unknown monster's fight.

Within that time, the main body, the Disordered Terror was defenseless.

Of course, there was one defensive tumor.

The thing that protects the Disordered Terror with its huge mountain like form.

It had the immunity effect on almost every attack.

Not just that but the Malignant Tumor continuously kept a close eye on the main body.

That was why there was a need to get rid of the Malignant Tumor first.

However, due to the fight with the malignant tumor and the monster, the main body was now defenseless.

The defensive tumor was like the name itself for defense.

'If it's me, I can get through it.'

Esen specialized in breaking through barriers or seals.

He thought that he could get rid of the defensive tumor while the Malignant Tumor was occupied.

Esen took out a talisman.

"Our target is the Disordered Terror. From now on, we will resume our plan."


As he ripped the talisman, a fog like substance appeared on every member's body.

The fog slowly removed their existence.

Afterwards, no one could find them as they completely disappeared into their surroundings.

Except for one person.

After finding out the movements of the Reign's Invincible Force, the corners of Muyoung's mouth rose.

He quickly found out where they were headed.

'They are planning to attack the Disordered Terror during this time.'

It wasn't a bad decision.

Since they would know more information about the Disordered Terror than him, they were going to freely take the Disordered Terror while the Malignant Tumor fought the Baron.

But, would that really go their way?

"Tacan, it's now your turn."

After stopping for a moment, he called over all the undead that survived.

Tacan raised his sword. His turn had finally come.

"What do I need to do?"

"Hunt all the humans hiding in the surrounding mountain."

The soldiers of the Five Great Clans who were hiding within the mountain range.

If they were to be left alive, they would become variables.

He refused to worry about that afterwards.

And to assign this work, Tacan was the right choice.

Since he had the highest intelligence among the undead and could use numerous evil spirits.

"Human hunting…"

He didn't seem to like it very much but it wasn't completely unacceptable either.

Since he had mostly been watching until now, his body was itching.

"Take Sword Three and the king mutant. You will need to move as effectively as possible."

"It's sufficient for me to go alone."

"I'm not doubting your skills. But, there are a larger number of people hiding. Tacan, what I mean is for you to give orders and strike the locations where the humans might be hiding at once."

"You mean for me to use both strategy and tactics? Well, for an intellectual king like myself, the two are both indispensable things."

Tacan had a grand goal, to raise his own empire in this world.

This was also the reason why he called himself 'king' and was stuck up.

In reality, Tacan was strong.

Muyoung knew that he had become much stronger than when he was fighting against the Sword Bone Trio.

And Tacan didn't really hide it either.

'When it comes to secret weapons, he is one.'

As if he now had some interest, Tacan nodded his head.

"Wait for me. I will hunt down every last one of the humans hiding in the mountains."

Within that 'human' range, Muyoung was also included but, Tacan didn't think Muyoung was a human.

He thought that the reason why the horns disappeared was a type of side effect.

Soon, Tacan quickly moved with the king mutant and Sword Three.

"Heidegger and… Sword Two. You two follow me."

Heidegger and Sword Two also faced a lot of changes.

'A Talisman. The key item needed to make a miracle, an item that can also produce divine energy.'

At first, he thought it was odd for the soldiers of the Five Great Clans to show up at this mountain.

Even after knowing that the Disordered Terror was like a bomb that could explode at any minute, they sent their elites and searched for the thing that they were after.

He realized that their goal was a 'Talisman'.

If it was a Talisman, it was totally worth the trouble.

Rather, if this information was to spread, worst men would come to this mountain.

Muyoung was most worried about the actions of the Holy City Mulalan.

Even Muyoung didn't know the specifics about Mulalan and their 100,000 priests.

They barely involved themselves in foreign relations and only those who had permission could enter Mulalan.

It was a territory of non-aggression and a holy place so there was no way for Muyoung, an assassin, to request or enter the place.

'Everything's mine.'

Either way, the Disordered Terror had a Talisman.

Since the Disordered Terror's parent was naturally Muyoung's, you could say the Disordered Terror and the Talisman were both his.

And with Heidegger and Sword Two, it should be enough for Muyoung to attack the Reign's Invincible Force from behind.

Bang! Bang! Rumble!

The fight between the Malignant Tumor and Baron devastated everything in their surroundings.

The top ranks of monsters were categorized into five stages and among them, they were both monsters that would be considered to be in the very last one, the fifth stage.

As these two monsters, monsters they could not be a match against unless they were among the top 10 strongest humans, fought each other, the very first to act were the humans within the mountains.  

The Lawless, Reign, and Beast clans!

"This is our golden opportunity. We will take back the spirit of the Armful's Cradle."

The elites of the Lawless clan came here just to take back the spirit.

Of course, not the ancient darkness spirit, the Disordered Terror.

To suppress the Disordered Terror, they gave it the spirit of the Armful's Cradle.

From the beginning, the Lawless clan produced the Disordered Terror but they were also cultivating other spirits.

Among them, the Disordered Terror and the Armful's Cradle were two that produced the most results.

However, the spirit of the Armful's Cradle wasn't fully cultivated. In the end, it wasn't able to fully suppress the Disordered Terror.

They needed to regain it. The spirit of the Armful's Cradle… To be exact, a Talisman.


As they were quickly moving, there was a shadow that suddenly swarmed in from their surroundings.

At first, they thought it was a shade, a shadow form monster, but it felt strange.

It felt darker and close to evil.

They were evil spirits.

And the evil spirits gathered to create a black circle and a death knight appeared as he was created from above the circle.  

A knight that had a sword and thin black armor.

"A Death knight!"

"Did the Malignant Tumor even make a death knight?!"

"It's just one monster. Get him!"

The elites of the Lawless class started to attack the death knight, Tacan.


Tacan took out his sword.

Then, the sword resonated.

It was similar to Sword Three's resonation but slightly different.

Tacan was resonating with the world.

It was to try and minimize all his movements.

What was considered totally impossible as an undead being, he had done it himself.

Not just that.

The wind flowed beneath Tacan's feet.

Tacan stepped on the wind. He assimilated with the wind.

This was the skill Sword Two used to run, a light body technique.

Clang! Clank!

Tacan's sword moved fluently, like a flowing stream.

He showed perfect sword-play as if he was going to destroy everything.

He moved without the slightest error and ignored the attacks of his enemies.

It was an example of Sword One's self-controlled swordsmanship.


Tacan's sword instantly slowed down before it sped up.

'This is still a bit hard.'

He was able to replicate everything else except Muyoung's ability to manipulate time. That, he couldn't copy.

A method where you seemed to be moving slowly yet overpowering the enemy in an instant.

It was marvelous the more he looked at it.

Although the source was from King Slayer, King Slayer's movements were harder to get the feel of than Muyoung's.

Either way, if he was to learn this, he felt like he could understand a bit of the king mutant's 'way of storing time', but it seemed like he needed more time to achieve understanding.

As he smacked his lips as if he felt sad, before he was aware of it, dead bodies piled up.

"I, Tacan, wasn't defeated. I am just paving the road to become much stronger."

Then, Tacan turned around and looked at the king mutant and Sword Three.

Tacan was the king of evil spirits. A king who preyed upon evil spirits and ruled over them.

You couldn't call someone a king if they stagnated.

You also couldn't say that being in deep despair because of defeat was a quality of a king.

Tacan was getting stronger even in this moment.

Like Muyoung's speed, steeply.

He had no qualms about getting rid of the old and accepting new things.

Since it was Tacan's goal to become a much stronger and much firmer king.

If the king faltered or was ignorant, the country would also breakdown.

Although it hadn't been long since he was defeated fighting in vain against the Sword Bone Trio, compared to back then, Tacan was definitely much different now.

It felt like the screams echoed in the mountain range.

Muyoung soon dismissed his concerns.

If it was Tacan, he would surely complete Muyoung's orders.

'Tacan is somewhat like me.'

That he tries to become stronger.

That he doesn't disregard any means of gaining strength.

Muyoung left him alone. After learning from the Sword Bone Trio, Tacan even tried to steal his way of controlling 'grains', but it wasn't something that could be copied even if he saw it.

Instead, Tacan became anxious and couldn't help but to follow Muyoung.

Perhaps, he might continue to be a faithful slave for a longer time than Muyoung expected.


Muyoung turned his head.


The defensive tumor, rivaling the size of an entire mountain, screamed out.

The defensive shield was broken through.

The Reign's Invincible Force had succeeded.

Although they had exhausted close to half of their stamina, they were uplifted.

Soon, the main body of the Disordered Terror appeared.

The middle was shining.

It was a trace of the Talisman.

"Let's go."


Muyoung took out Anguish.

Although they freely aimed for the Disordered Terror as Muyoung summoned the Baron, they ignored the fact that behind them, there was Muyoung.  

Even if they did know of Muyoung's presence, it didn't seem like they thought any further, that Muyoung was after the Talisman and their backs.

They were in a hurry and Muyoung was laid-back.

This difference would make an irreversible result.


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