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Chapter 108: Undead vs. Undead (1)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

Level: 250

Type: Beast Ghoul

Strength 211   Agility 299   Stamina 208

Intelligence 101   Wisdom 195

Magic Resistance 222

3 Sexagenary cycles of Qi>

+ The Beast's Summit Cultivation Technique

+ Tracking expert

+ Enhanced senses

+ Fast Movement

Then, the finished undead of ten slyly and quietly walked towards Muyoung.

Like masters from a clan, they all had polished their cultivation techniques.

Most people, including Muyoung, used magical power. These people, however, learned cultivation techniques to harness qi, and use it as a substitute for magical powers.

If it was 3 Sexagenary cycles, it meant they had a total of 180 years of cultivated qi and were at the level of superior masters.

Even with these powerhouses, they couldn't be all of it.

Muyoung summoned the rest of the undead at once.

Soon, around a 100 undead appeared behind Muyoung.

'I should be able to balance the strength with this much undead.

The warriors from the clans might consider them as the same undead, but he had to see if the Disordered Terror would see them as its own.

Unlike the Disordered Terror that revived whatever it consumes, Muyoung's undead had class.

Muyoung didn't create undead out of anything.

Because no matter how good the material was, if the art score was low, it had low efficiency, therefore he always needed some sort of standard.

On the other hand, the Disordered Terror made undead every time it made a corpse.

It was a fight between quality and quantity.

'Sword Bone Trio.'

And although they weren't among the undead he summoned, he had the existence of the three that would increase his 'quality'.

Those who were killed by King Slayer.

Among them, Sword One was one of the top 10 humans.

As King Slayer knew of Muyoung's powers, he didn't greatly damage the dead body.

Instead, as if it was his parting gift, he left it in front of Muyoung before he disappeared.

'The problem is that it's too strong.'

The Sword Bone Trio. Especially Sword One was strong.

It was the most exceptional undead out of all his creations and this was wrong in terms of fairness.

After making Sword One into an undead, Muyoung realized the limits of 'Art of Death' skill for the first time.

Level: 470

Type: Sword Devil

Strength 463   Agility 477   Stamina 451

Intelligence 380   Wisdom 366

Magic Resistance 332

10 Sexagenary cycles of Qi>

+ Martial Emperor Cultivation Technique that has reached the realm of sword masters.

+ Shunpo, Resonance of a Sword, Swordsmanship of the Martial Emperor, and Revert skill are usable.

+ The one that sees the extremes of Swords.


Muyoung had created a devil.

It was the first time he realized that the Art of Death skill can make other species.

He also realized its limit but this was due to a great difference in their strength.

To summon Sword One, he needed to give up his stat and a sacrifice.

Of course, he was worth more than the things Muyoung needed to give up, strong beyond measure.

He could even face a decent dragon.

However, it was irrational to give them up right now.

'Pure stats' and 'A rank equipment' were both too good to give away.

'Like it says, I might only be able to summon him.'

He needed to be suspicious and careful.

There was a possibility that he would only just be able to summon it, but to make him move, he might need something else.

So, Sword One was his last bastion.

Something that could turn whatever situation around.

"Wipe out everything in our surroundings."

The undead moved.

Muyoung released his undead and hid on the other side of the forest.

He wasn't interested in weaklings.

Muyoung was only determined to hunt the 'real' thing.


The Disordered Terror writhed.

The mountain shook greatly and the resulting echoes reverberated.

However, the things stuck 'inside' were constantly tormenting the Disordered Terror.

In the end, the Disordered Terror gave all of its authority to the malignant tumor, as it could only focus on controlling the things inside.

There were a total of two things stuck inside it.

The mind of the body's real owner was still alive.

However, the bigger problem was the thing that the humans placed inside the owner's heart.

But, the Disordered Terror resisted.

The intense collision generated a power of great chaos.

During the struggle, five tumors were generated and yet still the power of great chaos hadn't been controlled.

The Disordered Terror devoted and focused all its power on trying to correct itself.

It was the existence that gave terror.

The ancient spirit that ate a world tree and exhibited powers of a half god.

An item that humans placed cannot suppress it.


Then, the malignant tumor reacted.

The malignant tumor was the lump of flesh that was entrusted with all authority from the Disordered Terror.

It became a 'tower', the size of a mountain, and looked down on everything.

But, the malignant tumor reacted to the appearance of a new enemy and was asking the Disordered Terror on its opinion.

It seemed like it didn't know what to do as a similar undead appeared.

As the malignant tumor was just born, it was weak in making decisions.

Inevitably, the Disordered Terror gave a few absolute guidelines.

Annihilate all enemies.

Use all the enemies as food.

Evolve endlessly.

And in doing so… become a world tree.

Muyoung, who had released his undead and spoke of the chaos, was also moving busily.

First, Muyoung hindered the Lawless, Beast, and Reign clans'.

Other groups were indolent and didn't act.

Only the clans' secretly entered and were looking for something.

Muyoung was very curious about what that 'something' was.

Since it was top secret, inside information, it was highly unlikely for those who came here knowing of the exact circumstance but they would at least know what they are after.

'A job that the elites of the Five Great Clans need to act on.'

All the people who were gathered on this mountain were elites.

Top elites who wouldn't act unless it was a top priority concern.

The elites who receive special privileges and only follow the orders of the head, the master of the clan.

Quite a few of these teams were sent by each clan.

The ten people from the Beast clan were the lowest in rank and didn't even know what they were looking for, so he needed to distinguish the real gem from the fakes.

Of course, he believed the cause of it all to be the Lawless clan, who sent the Sword Bone Trio to find a world tree but he first needed to find out what the other clans' were trying to achieve for their own gain.

From the shadows, spying on a new group, Muyoung looked at them from the front one by one.


"What's wrong?"

"I can feel someone's gaze."

About twenty people wearing blue hemp clothing.

Among them, the man in front stopped walking.

Then, all twenty-people held their breath and even slowed their heart beat.

There was only silence and when Muyoung recognized them, he knitted his brows.

The shoulder part of the hemp clothing had three blue dragons overlapped like a mapae[1].

'The Reign's Invincible Force.'

The three groups that were the best of the Reign clan were gathered.

The Reign's Invincible Force was among these three.

'I never expected for them to even send the Reign's Invincible Force…'

They even had the authority to use force on their own clansmen in case of an emergency.

If they didn't think it was right, they even had a strong authority to ignore the head of the clan's orders. Why would they appear at this place?

'Were they not concerned about the possible explosion of the Disordered Terror?'

Through Muyoung's mind, like a scene that flickered, he felt a strong vibe that the strong men were reluctant to face the Disordered Terror.

It was because the Disordered Terror was dividing in real time and they didn't know when it would explode.

If it was to explode, a land the size of the Great City would be annihilated. Unless they were near the top 10 humans, they would be no way for them to survive the blast.

So, they drove the Disordered Terror to this place and waited for it to self-explode.

From Yang May's explanation, he knew it as so.

"It's strange."

"Should we search the surroundings?"

"No. That 'tower' could be the cause. Since that unpleasant tower is watching us."

A man called the Big Master looked at the tower of flesh from afar.

The lump of flesh that continued to grow was the malignant tumor.

Few thousands of undead surrounded it, and the three offensive tumors were also blocking the path to it.

"It is us, the Reign clan, who must take care of this situation. Before other guilds notice…. we need to continuously move."

The Reign's Invincible Force started to move again, without a sound.

Muyoung followed their trail.

'It's impossible to face them at once.'

And he objectively judged their fighting power.


It was his chance of winning if he was to fight them all at once.

Of course, the 1 was him.

It was irrational to face the 20 people altogether.

If he was to face 10 people, the ratio would decrease to 6:4.

To increase Muyoung's win rate to 9, 3 was the appropriate number of people.

That was how great their levels were compared to the 10 people from the Beast clan.

'Divide and conquer.'

But among these scenarios, the best way was, of course, 1 vs. 1.

If it wasn't for the Big Master, he had a 100% win rate in a 1 vs. 1 fight.

Muyoung liked challenges but he liked victories that were certain that much more.

After calculating all possible scenarios, Muyoung nodded his head.

After one person disappears, their level of alertness will instantly steep.

The Reign's Invincible Force would instantly gather and be cautious of their surroundings and it would be that much difficult to get a second chance.

However, he needed one person for now.

Also, even if they were alert, if he had time, he would be able to go between the gap and get a chance.

Muyoung hid within the darkness and continued to track their trail.


Blood gushed out.

He covered his lips and stabbed the back.

After following them for 30 hours, the Reign's Invincible Force separated and went to complete their tasks. Muyoung was after that chance.

Muyoung then dragged the man to a secluded place and used his Art of Death skill.

'Living corpse.'

Before the man died, Muyoung made him into a living corpse.

As he left his vocal organs alive, it was also possible for him to talk.

'He should at least know some basic information.'

The Reign's Invincible Force.

The Big Master would know of all the information but the members at this place were all people of virtue.

They wouldn't have participated in something this big without any information.

"Why is the Reign clan after the Disordered Terror?"

The man that became a living corpse slowly opened his mouth.


Muyoung moved his eyebrows once more.


An item that is necessary to perform a true miracle.

It was an item used to produce divine energy..

'To think that they were after a Talisman.'

He thought he heard him wrong.

The Talisman was an item that didn't lack anything to be called legendary.

The man spoke of it.

From his Infinity Pouch, Muyoung took out an item that was the shape of a small cloud.

The Little Wish.

He still had a small wish left.

If a Talisman was added to the Little Wish, it might be possible for him to receive a true 'Wish'.

A Talisman had that much worth.

'It's understandable for the clans to send their elites.'

After grasping the before and after of the situation, Muyoung couldn't help but chuckle.

For it to be a Talisman.

If it was known, not just the Five Great Clans but the Nine Guilds and the 100,000 priests of the Holy City Mulalan would all participate.

Since all of the priests in the Holy City wouldn't want them to create a true Wish.

That Talisman was currently in the Disordered Terror.

Muyoung clenched his fists tightly.

'Another reason why I need to capture it at all cost.'

[1] mapae - It is sort of like a badge like item that was used in Korea long ago for officials to borrow horse when they went to another place. It has a picture of horses overlapping each other.


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