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Chapter 109: Undead vs. Undead (2)

TL: Nadu

Editor: Lesurous

The Talisman was at the place where the Disordered Terror was created.

The Disordered Terror took the Talisman and escaped.

And when the other clans became aware of this truth, they sent their forces in secret.

As three clans have already arrived at this place, it meant that there was a chance for many more strong people to come to this place as time passed.

At least, the results were certain through this process.

'However, a Talisman's power is a power that cleanses evil.'

That was something he couldn't understand.

Undead have some relation to darkness, the Disordered Terror's an embodiment of the element, but darkness is the complete opposite of the Talisman's powers.

How was it able to solve this problem and exhibit its true strength?


The tumors.

By coughing up five tumors, it emptied its main body.

It was to completely focus on suppressing the Talisman's strength.

After reaching this thought, Muyoung couldn't help but the knit his brows.

'If the Disordered Terror was to really suppress the Talisman's powers…'

It might truly gain the power of a demigod.

This might become the starting place of the Great Calamity that only existed in literature.

On top, it would also be impossible for Muyoung to claim Bae Sungmin.

"Follow me."

"I, understand."

One living corpse of the Reign's Invincible Force was now on Muyoung's side.

By now, they would have realized that one of their members had disappeared and would have strengthened their guard.

Muyoung turned around and walked.

Muyoung's widened eyes sunk deeply.

The malignant tumor followed the orders it received from the main body, its 'mother'.

To kill all enemies and to evolve using them as food.

However, for the first time, the malignant tumor felt curious.

It was born with all the powers of darkness.

It created undead out of those it killed and ordered them around as it expanded its territory.

But… a new type of undead appeared.

He didn't know where they came from.

They just suddenly appeared and indiscriminately destroyed the undead it created and moved forward.

Suddenly it became curious.

Who would be stronger?

The undead at the outer edges were all weak.

But, in the inner parts where the malignant tumor was located, the level of undead greatly steeped.

Even in number, it had dozens more undead.

Out of a hundred undead, it might not find any of them strong enough for the position..

However, evolution is about giving up quantity and seeking quality.

The malignant tumor wanted to check which undead were stronger with the same condition.

And if the newly appeared undead were stronger, it wanted to absorb their advantages and make them its own strength.


The malignant tumor spurted out spores.

Numerous spores reached the ground and ordered the undead.

Stop them.

Only the undead with a 'number' go and face them.

The offensive tumors are to eliminate humans.

Muyoung could also feel that the tides of the war were slowly changing.

Numerous undead were slowly backing away.

If he didn't continuously check the battle, it wouldn't have been noticeable but all of the enemy undead were acting in a similar manner.

'Their orders have changed.'

Muyoung rubbed his chin.

It was hard to estimate what the Disordered Terror's intentions were.

However, it wasn't like they completely backed off.

It was because new undead appeared to replace them.

Even the number of undead were similar to how many undead Muyoung had sent.

It took back its weaklings and brought new undead.

He wasn't sure of its true intentions but he understood what it was trying to say.

In short…

'So you want to fight?'

Muyoung chuckled.

Not a child but for a monster from the Underworld to act this way, it was not expected at all.

All humans and monsters acted only to win.

In it's situation, the best way was for it to use numerous undead, attack them at once, and end it.

However, it wanted an equal fight.

'Quite a funny one.'

It challenged Muyoung with the same number of undead.

Challenged Muyoung, who had succeeded to become the Death Lord, a Lord Class.

It seemed like the Disordered Terror couldn't resist the challenge to its necromantic ability.

As long as Muyoung used the strength of his Death Lord class, there was no way for them to have an 'equal' fight.

Even so, it wanted a fight.

It was so obvious that he was suspicious for a moment but it didn't seem like a high-level strategy or tactic.

Not just that but the three huge lump of flesh that were the offensive tumors were moving and attacking the humans.

But this place.

But the place where only Muyoung was located, it didn't attack.

It was for a fight between the undead.

'I can't turn down the fight.'

If it provided him with these conditions, how could he not accept?

At last, from the opposite side, a skeleton styled as a king popped out and stirred up the battlefield.

"I'm the skeleton king! I'm the fifth strongest undead. Where is my opponent!"

Its ability to speak was also excellent.

A skeleton at least 5m tall with a ragged but sharp horn like bone on its head was dual wielding swords made of its bone.

"A king mutant."

As Muyoung took out and shook a talisman, a huge mutant appeared.

An undead that still had traces of stitches all over its body and shaggy hair on its face.

A thing that was blazing in flames and had a rare 'king' title.

A king mutant.

When he faced the Dark Dragon Barca, most of the flame mutants died or were greatly damaged.

He gathered their leftovers and created this thing.


"Give me your command."

A foreign and completely shady voice hit his eardrums.

It was a voice that naturally gave people goose bumps but Muyoung didn't pay attention.

"Face their skeleton king."

"I will execute your order."

They both held the title of king.

Typically, they both would have equal strength but the authority of the Death Lord wasn't ordinary at all.

Thomp! Thomp!

The king mutant approached.

'Fifth it says.'

It meant there were four stronger than it.

Muyoung looked at all his cards.

The king mutant, Heidegger, the Evil Spirit Predator, Sword Two, and Sword Three.

He couldn't recklessly use Sword One due to his restrictions, so the number was a perfect fit.

"Single combat! This is quite interesting."

The Evil Spirit Predator Tacan who stood beside him laughed.

"You might have to fight so get ready."

"Wouldn't it be easier if you sent me out first? I can destroy that bonehead in a slice."

"It seems as though you've forgotten your recent death and subsequent revival."

Tacan shut his mouth.

It was because he still remembered how he was destroyed by Sword One.

If it wasn't for Muyoung, he would have just died.

It was truly a humiliating event, and was why he couldn't say anything about what had happened.

"Ehem! Either way, if you sent me out, things would be easier. That thing's barely worthy to be called an undead can't be me, the Evil Spirit Predator's, opponent."

Even though he almost got destroyed, he still talked big.  

At that moment, Woohee twirled and went on top of Muyoung's shoulder.  

"Woohee saw. It had its arms and legs sliced off and had just its eyes opened~ No. Were they closed? Well, it was that shabby anyhow, wooheehee!"

"Shut up, you noisy fairy."

"Did you forget how Woohee found and brought you your arms and legs? I was going to leave them to be buried in the snow but since you seemed so pitiful, Woohee generously found them for you. Right, husband?"



Muyoung silenced everyone around him and at the same time watched the battle.

The fight between the skeleton king and the king mutant had started.

'The king mutant, assembled from all of the avengers."

Past relationships that had originated with Wung Chunglin, he had gathered all of their strength.

Honestly, this was the first time Muyoung had truly used the king mutant.

He wondered what sort of fight it would show off.

He was quite eager.  

Behind the king mutant, a huge shadow appeared.

The shadow created smaller versions of itself.

"They are still fake! It isn't enough to face me, a skeleton king!"

The skeleton king went wild.

It's two huge swords sliced a shadow every time it moved.

The ten imitations suddenly disappeared and the king skeleton smirked.

"With just imitations, this would be the limit. Is this all you got?"

It was clear that it was disregarding and looking down on its opponent.

However, the king mutant didn't reply.

Instead, it once again created more versions of itself.

"Hmph, imitations again? It's useless."

The skeleton king swung his two swords again.


The two swords twirled and eliminated the imitations one by one.

When it did, the king mutant created more versions of itself once again.

It continued to maintain ten imitations.

It was to the point where it was questionable as to why it kept creating imitations that didn't work.


'It's strange.'

The skeleton king couldn't help but become cautious as he continued to eliminate its imitations.

It didn't seem like it had any effect even if he removed it's imitations.

So, skeleton king averted his gaze from the shadows, and looked passed them.  

The main body.

If it was to eliminate the main body, the imitations would also become useless.


Sparks flew up from the skeleton king's sword.

With fiery flames, it charged towards the king mutant and sliced at its neck.


The king mutant's body fell.

"It really sucks."

It had some expectations but the king mutant's skills were awful.

It was enough to make it feel embarrassed for sharing the 'king' title.


Afterwards, something surprising happened.


The king mutant stood back up with it's head reattached before the skeleton king knew it.


The skeleton king felt it was odd.

It was sure the king mutant died, but it still came back to life.


The king mutant let out a horrible shriek as it ran towards the skeleton king.

Thump! Clang!

'It became stronger.'

After it's revival, it became stronger.

There was also something else that was odd.

The ten shadows became nine.

The edges of Muyoung's lips subtly went up.

The king mutant had the will of avengers.

To avenge, its prerequisite was to die.

And the king mutant grew stronger as it resurrected from death.

By the exact number of shadows, at most, it could resurrect 10 times.

It wasn't making shadows of itself but was showing the number of lives of the main body. A type of bait.

'It seems like for the skeleton king, it's limit was the fifth resurrection."

The king mutant revived after dying for the fifth time.

"Are you immortal? This is impossible!!"

The skeleton king was appalled.

But, that was the end.

With an overwhelming difference in strength, the king mutant dismantled the skeleton king's bones.


The king mutant cried out.

It was a cry of great victory that echoed through the entire mountain range.

The malignant tumor's mind was completely focused on Muyoung's undead, having lost interest in the late skeleton king side.

An undead with the authority of an immortal.

Was that even possible?

It didn't simply recover. It really did 'revive' itself.

A power strong enough to reverse time happened due it's creation as an undead.

Afterwards, the malignant tumor noticed that the ten shadows were reduced by half.


It then realized.

Each of those ten shadows reflected the king mutant in a different time.

It divided the time and fixated it.

If it died, it just needed to return to a different time of another shadow.

However, was that possible?

Just by making it into an undead, was it able to perform that way?

It was beyond its imaginations.

The malignant tumor became confused.

It was impossible with the strength of darkness it had.

The strength of darkness that the ancient darkness spirit had was beyond one's imaginations, but…

It didn't even know how to take in this information.

It needed a bit more information.

As the malignant tumor became confused, a nearby undead got up from its spot.

"Now it's my turn."

A vampire knight.

A knight of blood walked up as it wore a blood-red cape and helmet.  


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