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Chapter 107: Disordered Terror (End)

TL: Yoni

Editor: Lesurous

Reupeune held the posao in a reverse grip and flew towards him.

He had the confidence that he could never lose in close combat.  

Muyoung held Anguish at a diagonal slant.


When Anguish's blade touched the posao, an explosion occurred with a thick cloud of smoke.

It was a sword destruction skill.

However, Anguish was completely fine as the smoke lifted.

Not a single mark was created.


Reupeune placed a hand on the ground, twisted his body, and tried to attack at an angle that wasn't expected at all.

'One of the top 1%.'

Reupeune had the skills to be one of the top 1%.

Even more, since the element of dirty fighting was added, it was quite difficult.

However, that was before Muyoung could see the 'grains'.

Was this what they called 'all flows become one'?

His will to attack was also the same.

No matter what attack it was.

And it was hard to say that the top 1% was truly worth being called the strong.

There were too many in number and there was a much greater gap compared to those who were at a higher level.

Muyoung raised his left arm.

'Asura King's Left Arm.'

Up until now, he refrained from using it to control his strength but now, this wasn't necessary.

The corner's of Reupeune's mouth went up as he approached Muyoung from all around by stepping on the ground as if he was dancing.

He was certain of his victory.

In Reupeune's eyes, Muyoung seemed to be having difficulty just trying to block his attacks.

However, when Muyoung raised his left arm, that illusion instantly died down.


Muyoung's left arm accurately punched Reupeune's abdomen.

He barely blocked it using the posao but that was all, he couldn't defend against the strength of the blow.

Like a spring, his body bounced off and Reupeune was slammed into the building's wall.

Having a strength of 300 was the standard for the top rank. A fist with that much strength struck with maximum efficiency. It was obvious for a result like this to happen.


Reupeune coughed up blood.

Within the rubble of a collapsed building, he looked as if he couldn't believe what had happened.

Just one strike.

It was bulky and truly a powerful blow.

'I still have a long way to go.'

There was no way he would just let go of a prey he caught.

Muyoung only knew how to kill his enemies.

And after realizing and becoming acquainted with grains, Reupeune was a quite decent opponent he had encountered.

To just end it like this, it seemed a bit dull.

"Haa! Haa!"

Reupeune came out of the rubbles as he felt self-conscious.

Due to the pieces of wood being stuck in his skin, blood poured out.

Reupeune shivered his body as he felt Muyoung's excitement pouring out.

'Lion… No, he's a dragon.'

A dragon was currently trying to eat him up with it's mouth open in hunger.

With an exchange of one blow, he could feel their difference.

Muyoung was just watching Reupeune's cute tricks.


But, he didn't even have time to continue his thoughts.

Muyoung instantly moved and Reupeune blocked another attack of Muyoung's as he clenched his teeth, but like last time, that was all he could do, as Muyoung's power crashed down on him..


The posao shattered.

Like a mirror, it created a crack before it shattered into pieces.

Reupeune's eyes greatly widened but the next part was the problem.

It was impossible to fight against Muyoung without a weapon and just bare hands.


Although he was trying to scream stop, Muyoung was one step faster.



It pierced his eye.

As Muyoung took out Anguish, his eye came out as well.

Muyoung didn't care if Reupeune screamed, he held his eye with his left hand.

"Does anyone else want to test me?"


As he placed his strength, the eyeball was crushed hopelessly.

As if he was provoking others, he looked at each and every person.

"This time it ended with just one eye, but from now on, I will take the person's life."

The silence continued.

It couldn't be helped.

Reupeune was the strongest person among those who were left.

And the fight ended without allowing him to oppose Muyoung even once.

It seemed like he was doing well at first but that was nothing more than an illusion.

What was scarier was Muyoung's composure.

The composure that can only be felt from the strong!

Although Twilight village was at the outer edge of the Great City, you needed to have some degree of fighting power to come to this place.

Everyone who went there had lived in the Underworld for at least 3 to 5 years.

Of course, this gave them a form of 'insight' on these kind of people.

It was one of the basics expected from an adventurer.

Even in their eyes, Muyoung didn't show his full strength.

If he did, there would be no way to explain his composure.

As Muyoung felt all the eyes looking at him, he laughed quietly.

"The house I'm staying in and the information about the 'Disordered Terror'. Give me those two things. Also, it is best to not forget about my advice."


Was he talking about the advice to not leave the village?

Or was he talking about the warning he gave with his actions?

Either way, this person was dangerous.

The villagers all made that tentative conclusion.

However, they couldn't turn on him either.

Literally, you could say they were scared into submission.

Over a thousand people just looked at Muyoung without a sound.

A small cabin at the end of the village.

It was the residence given to Muyoung.

'Not bad.'

He thought a few would resist and complain but it seemed like they decided to compromise with reality, as they quietly gave him this place.

If there were to be more victims, they would instantly make a path for the undead.

It was definitely crude but effective.

If he was to try and persuade them through conversation, it would have taken a long time.

This method was perfect for Muyoung.

"My name is Yang May."

In addition, there was a woman assigned to Muyoung.

A young, pretty woman with a heart full of malice.

She appeared with her long hair tied up and wearing a bracelet and a necklace.

Her actions were well mannered, but her hidden intentions were better kept than expected.

But to Muyoung, her intentions were obvious. Using tricks like her beauty to get rid of him when he becomes dangerous.

However, Muyoung wasn't the type to be swayed by a woman.

As Muyoung looked at her with an expressionless face, Yang May spoke.

"I will give you the information about 'Disordered Terror'. What are you curious about?"

"How many were attacked?"

"A bit over 1,500 people."


It was a smaller number than he expected.

It meant that they didn't just thoughtlessly waste lives.

The undead Muyoung took care of on his way here, were less than 50.

Within the mountain range, there were still a lot of undead left.

'On them, the Authority of Death doesn't work.'

Since they weren't undead made by him, the Death Lord's skill also didn't work on them.

It had it's own personal undead related skill and was using it, preventing Muyoung from converting them to his side..

Muyoung continued to talk as he felt a bit sad about being unable to take control over them.

"How much do you know about the 'tumors'?"

"The Disordered Terror has a total of five tumors which it uses as its subordinates."

"Be more specific"

"The tumors are like a huge assembly of strength that came out of the Disordered Terror's body. So, that's how the five tumors were produced and all five tumors had shown different characteristics and movements."

May closed her eyes gently.

It was a very coquettish behavior and it seemed very natural.  

It didn't seem like she made calculated moves.

In Muyoung's eyes, May fundamentally had the tendency of a well.

A well.

It meant it would be hard to come out of loving her once men fell in love.

It would have been her nature and she might have come to this secluded place, the Twilight village, as it became too tiring for her.

While looking at Muyoung who wasn't swayed at all by her, May made a look as if it was unexpected.

Then, she got very serious and spoke.

"Three tumors are offensive. They endlessly coughed up a lump of flesh and produced dust explosions(?). The other two are called Malignant Tumor and Defensive Tumor. The Defensive Tumor protected the parent, the Disordered Terror and the Malignant Tumor controlls the three offensive tumors."

Did it mean they weren't simple tumors?

The information May gave him was extensive.

"You know more detail than I expected."

"They were all discovered by risking lives. On top of that… we also have connections to a few guilds."

May spoke sadly.

These few guilds actually went on an expedition into the mountain range.

However, they couldn't even properly attack one offensive tumor.

But, there was a good reason.

"The problem is the malignant tumor. It spurts out spore like things which contain poison and can limit the magical powers of others. People with low resistance couldn't even closely approach it. However, if you can get rid of the malignant tumor, the rest of the offensive tumors should beeasy. In reality, the malignant tumor basically takes on the role of its parent."  

It seemed like it would be more difficult to manage them.

For a mere spirit, the Disordered Terror, to have this much fighting power…

'It's beyond my expectation.'

As it became harder, Muyoung got more excited.

If he ripped off the madness from Bae Sungmin, it would become entirely his.

It was plain as the nose on his face that it would become a great help.

However, there was something that was bothering him.

'All of the guilds have given up. Was this really true?'

If the Twilight villagers knew this much information, other huge groups or those who are interested in this would already know everything.

And the Malignant Tumor was quite an attractive monster.  

Would there really be no way to use it instead of just getting rid of it?

'There is.'

Muyoung remembered the path he walked.

Numerous traces were mixed but that doesn't mean it could escape Muyoung's eyes.

There was clearly one.

People who escaped everyone's eyes and used all kinds of traces as a shield.

'At least three places.'

They were never trying to help Twilight Village.

They all moved for their own gain.

'They are probably after the parent or the malignant tumor.'

Muyoung nodded his head and made a tentative conclusion.

There were at least three places and they were poking around Muyoung's prey.

'It's my prey.'

Muyoung had no plans of getting it stolen.

"Was there any sign before this happened? It should have started from the Great City but why is it here?"

And information was power.

He would have a rough idea as to which specific group was after the Disordered Terror the more he listened to May's information.

Even May tried to explain it to him the best as she could.

It was because she realized that Muyoung's true intentions were about the Disordered Terror.

'He will die either way.'

But, she didn't have the slightest bit of expectation that Muyoung could solve this problem.

For May, it was like passing time.

Or else, she would worry and have her heart in her mouth, wondering when the undead would attack them next.

At least, she could remove those thoughts when she explains things to Muyoung.


Those who painted blood on their faces like a tattoo were moving as they stepped on tree branches.

They all wore lion skin and grew long nails.

The Beast Clan.

Like the name itself, a place where beasts were gathered.

Even among the clan, they were the ones who acted only when they were given a secret order from the head of the clan.


As one flew up after stepping on a tree branch, a dagger instantly flew towards him from afar.

The man who was struck by the dagger dropped down to the ground and died.

He had died instantly.

The man who was in the lead looked towards the direction where the dagger flew in.

"A dagger faster than the wind. It's an ambush of a special assassin.'


The nails had gotten longer.



A group of ten men quickly headed towards a location as they dodged the daggers that were continuously flying towards them.

However, within the bush, there was no one.

"Where did he go?"


Before he could finish his thought, a man let out a death cry.

'A dokkaebi?'

He quickly turned his head to check his opponent.

However, that wasn't all.

The dokkaebi with two horns moved slowly.

No, it seemed like he was moving slowly.

However, before he was aware of it, the dokkaebi was pushing a sword towards his collar.


Blood gushed out like a fountain.

The dokkaebi with two horns was, of course, Muyoung.

After getting rid of the ten people, Muyoung returned to his original form.



Muyoung breathed heavily.

He felt completely deprived and his stamina disappeared.

Although he got rid of the ten people at once, it seemed like this was his limit.

'Secret Beast Squad.'

After noticing their identity, Muyoung smiled.

'Those who only moved from the orders of the head of their clan came here. With this, three from the Five Great Clans.'

The Beast Clan was one of the Five Great Clans.

Muyoung believed that there were at least three clans from the Five Great Clans.

'Lawless, Beast, and Reign Clan… The culprit is among them."

He thought that the culprit that kidnapped Bae Sungmin and made him into the Disordered Terror was among these three clans.

It was quite interesting.

Was this work that worthwhile for three of the Five Great Clans to act secretly?

It seemed like there was something more which Muyoung didn't know about.

However, he could act rashly to show off his identity.

He would approach them more quietly than anyone else.

So that they couldn't do anything by the time they sense him.

'Art of Death.'

From the tips of Muyoung's hand, a dark energy stretched out.

Afterwards, it permeated into the ten corpses and the corpses got up and became undead.

It wasn't just the Disordered Terror that could make and control undead.

Muyoung as well, rather you could say Muyoung was his senior in this field.

'Let's see if you are a step above me.'

Undead vs. undead.

Either way, the Lawless, Beast, and Reign Clan would only be Muyoung's prey.

In the end, you could say that the fight is between Muyoung and the Disordered Terror.

It was quite an interesting composition.


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