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Chapter 106: Disordered Terror (4)

TL: Yoni

Editor: Lesurous

He learned to see the grains.

And as he saw the grains, he was able to catch a small glimpse of the world.

Muyoung's movements slowed down further, and in the midst of it, he found himself able to see his own 'grains'.

It was a indescribable beauty.

Two of them were wound together like thick threads of rope; one as a human, and the other as a dokkaebi with the power of Asura.

And the moment Muyoung saw them, he was able to take it step further and was able to affect space and time.

'Another horn grew.'

A change in form.

However, horns weren't the only thing that changed.

'The world…'

Muyoung looked around.

Everything moved in slow motion.

Was this the world King Slayer usually saw?

With his two horns, he stayed in a world that was 4 times slower.

He was leagues behind King Slayer's ability.

'With my current body, 1 minute is the limit.'

However, he couldn't permanently be in that state of space and time, nor could he decelerate the world to King Slayer's level.

At most about a minute. It was due to his magic powers being drained so severely.

So Muyoung touched the other side of the grains.

Precisely his grains as a human.

Surprisingly, when he chose it, the horns retracted.

His skin color changed and he changed into a familiar form.


He had regained his human form.

From then on, Muyoung was able to choose his own form.

'Was it because I awakened the grains of the dokkaebi form? When the horns sprout, time and space automatically slowed down.'

He was able to change forms freely but the problem was, that if he was to change into the form of a dokkaebi, his magical powers and mental strength would drain in the blink of an eye.

Although it wasn't clear, it became necessary to distinguish between human and dokkaebi forms.

So, if it wasn't for a special reason, he decided to stay in human form.

'The top of my head feels empty.'

Since Muyoung was originally a human being, it shouldn't feel awkward but for some reason, his head felt a bit empty when the horns disappeared.


And when exactly 1 minute passed, he was forced into his human form as all his gastric fluids reversed.

He dropped to the floor and shook his body like a leper.

Even for Muyoung, it was unbearable, so that explained everything.

Every time he experienced a slower world, severe panic overcame him.

And to get used to it, he needed time.

When two weeks had passed, Muyoung left the Demon God's Territory.

'Twilight Village.'

A place well known for seclusion.

There weren't people who were that strong but right behind it there was an endless cliff and due to that peculiar beauty, quite a lot of people stayed there.

Disordered Terror was heading towards an unnamed mountain range nearby.

Muyoung's goal was to find the Disordered Terror.

It was doubtful whether or not it would follow him but if Muyoung was to stop his madness, there was still a possibility for the Authority of Death to be properly activated and for it to become his subject.

'If it was the same case as Baltan, it would have considerable power.'

Baltan, who could be considered weak, was able to gain infinite potential through the Authority of Death.

The Guardian of a Territory!

He had already seen a case like this, so how could he give up?

Once he knew that the source was a lich, he couldn't pass it up.

Above all, there was a chance that the lich was not a normal lich.

A monster considered to be a one man army!

Many said that one lich had the power of a small city.

If it was to follow Muyoung, it would play a big part in enduring the "Devil's Long Night'.

And as he entered the mountain range, a message popped up.


It kindly informed him of the Disordered Terror's goal and a strategy to defeat it.

It was probably the influence of the Authority of Death.

However, the method was tricky.

'I need to get rid of the undead and the tumors at the same time.'

The number of tumors was fixed to five, but the undead were different.

If there were living creatures around it, undead could be created infinitely.

This meant that he'd have to remove the undead and tumors first, then attack the main body.

So, if he wanted to stop the undead from being created, he'd have to stop by Twilight village first.

If Muyoung's memory served him right, Twilight village was quite formidable.

It would not have been attacked already.

'I need to join the townspeople.'

Muyoung thought simply.

That it would just be an extension of the war between the dwarves and Dark Dragon Barca.

It would go a bit differently, but the dwarves were changed to humans, and Dark Dragon Barca was the Disordered Terror, that was all.

Everyone looked at Muyoung warily.

That was to be expected.

In these conditions, who would welcome a stranger who suddenly arrived?

It was to an extent that even though they needed help, no one had reached this place.

Powerful guilds and clans?

They were silent from the get-go.

The dangerousness of the Disordered Terror. It was because they were especially well aware of the risk of a sudden death.

They were rather wanting it to explode here.

"Where are you from? I need to know why you came all the way here."

"You are scared."

In a small log cabin, Muyoung sat comfortably in a chair.

The chair and the entire house were sprinkled with holy water.

If Muyoung was an undead, his entire body would have burned or would suffer pain.

The atmosphere was akin to that of an interrogation, but he didn't care.


The man that asked him the question, the veins of his neck bulged.

"Are you an informant of a large guild? They want us to die with the enemy. I already know everything. If you're trying to use us to do something…"

"I came to warn you."

Muyoung cut him off.

They were isolated for more than a month.

It was obvious for their distrust to grow in a period where their comrades became undead and attacked them, and powerful guilds stayed silent.

However, even that had nothing to do with Muyoung.

From the beginning, Muyoung didn't come here to help them.

"Just keep quiet and stay put."


The man's eye twitched.

Muyoung spoke as he looked towards the mountain range.

"That's my prey."

The Disordered Terror.

Only Muyoung could take down it.

Muyoung came to this place so that they wouldn't act recklessly.

It was to stop the unnecessary increase of undead.

'All the living creatures inside the mountain would probably be eaten by now. Just this place is left.'

On his way here, there were only undead.

The last target of the Disordered Terror was just this Twilight village.

So, it was best for him to move alone.

If there was something different this time than the Castle War, it was this.

It was good to fight together but if the number of enemies was to increase due to this, wouldn't it be useless?

At the same time, the crowd that looked at Muyoung started to murmur.

"Does it mean he came to hunt the Disordered Terror?"

"Who is he? A soldier?"

"He doesn't seem like he's from a guild or a clan…"

But Muyoung didn't care, he just clearly expressed his will.

"Don't leave the village without a reason. If you do, the number of enemies will just increase. You guys are of no help."

Each word was like an arrow to their hearts.

But, it was the truth.

Those who seemed strong had died already.

Currently, there were about 1,500 people left in the village.

When you think about the 3,000 people who were originally here, it was reduced by half.

Even more, within that half, most men from the village were included.

Even the aces who were staying low.

All he did was take a quick look around, but he was still able to see.

That the man in front of him was an ace among those who were left.

"Haa, you are speaking nonsense. I don't want to hear such words from an outsider. We have survived over a month against their attack. On top of that,"


The man ground his teeth.

"Without the certainty that you can take down that monster, we can't stop our activities just because an outsider says so. All the village supplies ran out. Are you telling us to just stay here and starve to death?"

They believed it was better to die fighting than to die starving.

However, Muyoung shook his head.

From the corpse which Muyoung brought, it seemed like half died from trying to leave the village.

A reckless death. Nothing more or nothing less.

Things might have been different if the whole village tried their best to escape, but at this rate, there would never be a solution.

That was why he said they were scared.


Disordered Terror.

Like the name, it seemed like it had influenced them.

Muyoung took out a talisman from his Infinity Pouch.

When he shook the talisman once, strips of jerky began to endlessly pour onto the ground.

"I will give you food to live off for a month. What you need to do is to make the wall thicker and protect the village. Also, you need to hand over the information you have about the 'Disordered Terror'. There should be stacks of records you have kept until now, right?"

The man gulped his saliva as he looked at the jerkies that were piled on the ground.

Everyone was starving.

If they gained that food, the current situation of the village would get better right away.

If this situation continued any further, there was also a possibility that it would lead to cannibalism.

The man looked at Muyoung.

"I will see your skills, to see if you really can hunt the Disordered Terror. If you can't… you will need to leave all your food and get out of here."

Eyes glistening with greed.

They were words they wouldn't speak of if they knew how Muyoung went over the mountain range.

It was because their hunger had even paralyzed their reason.

Muyoung nodded his head without hesitation.

Instead, it was what he wanted.

When there was a spot prepared for him to go wild, Muyoung wasn't the type to stay still.


A red dragon wrapped itself around Muyoung's whole body.

'The soul of Dark Dragon Barca.'

At first, he didn't know what this dragon was, but after understanding grains, he was able to figure out what dragon entered his body.

Barca. Its physical body had all disappeared but its soul left behind and entered its heart.

As Muyoung fully absorbed the heart, the dragon's soul had also became his subordinate.

As long as he had magical powers, it was quite useful as it automatically blocked and attacked once.


"It's probably just a skill."

"Reupeune wouldn't lose."

The last hope of the village.

It was the man who questioned Muyoung.

Everyone thought that the man wouldn't lose.


Muyoung rubbed his chin as he looked at the weapon the man took out.

He was holding an unusual looking pudao[1].

The blade had become rusty and it had been overused, to the point that it resembled a club more than a sword.

It looked like it was specialized for close combat.

"I only know how to fight dirty. I don't know how to hold myself back. Don't blame me even if you die."

Reupeune, the man started to talk.

A dirty fight. It was the type of fight he practically had no experience in.

Like the word itself, it was basically a dogfight.

Muyoung enjoyed fighting using restrained attacks and blocks.

A dogfight was far from his preference.

However, it was also the first time he had seen a person who specialized in dirty fights.

He also seemed like he spent quite a long time in the Underworld.

No less than 20 years. Muyoung thought he might have arrived at a point when the humans were starting to protect their territory.

No matter how starved he was, his eyes shifted to find Muyoung's weakness.

It was certain that he was an expert.

Muyoung shrugged his shoulders.

"I learned a few things here and there. I won't kill you."

He spoke as if it was not a big deal.

He wasn't going to kill him.

Since he needed a person to control the village.


Muyoung took out Anguish.

From binging, the strengthened Anguish sparkled as it was reflected by light.

'I probably need to take an eye.'

Of course, Muyoung had no intentions of letting him slide.

The eyes that glistened with greed.

Muyoung was planning to take one of his eyes as compensation.

[1] podao/pudao: An edged infantry weapon


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