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Chapter 103: Disordered Terror (1)

TL: Yoni

Editor: Lesurous

But how?

'Two different worlds were connected.'

It was because of Muyoung.  

It was because Muyoung himself had heard the sound of the world itself that King Slayer was able to come to the Underworld.  

King Slayer looked at Muyoung.  

And slowly raised his sword.  

"Look carefully. This is a 'sword'."


Sword One ran towards him. It was in an instant.  

With movements like flashes of lightning, he aimed for King Slayer's throat.  

But, he wasn't holding a sword. In his hand, a condensed energy soared up like a sword.  

Sword Stars!  

A formless sword made by condensed energy.  

A move that is known to be sharper than any sword.  

It was a skill, beyond unique, that only a select few among the Five Great Clans could use.

Whatever touched the Sword Stars, no matter if it was steel, it was sliced like tofu.  

At least from Muyoung's understanding, it was so.  



It was blocked.  

That wasn't all.

The Sword Stars were cut off.


Sword One murmured as he looked at his hand, unable to believe that it was sliced off through the Sword Stars.  

It was impossible.  

On top of that, the sword King Slayer used wasn't even special.  

It was a long greatsword but he couldn't feel any type of energy.  

It wasn't even covered by King Slayer's power.  

It just sliced.

And his hand was sliced off.  

"Grains exist in all the things in the world. Seek slowness and look at the grains. Then, there won't be anything you can't slice."

King Slayer posed for the next movement.   

"I will show you. The strength of those who you need to face."

In front of the top 10 humans, Muyoung was no different than a young child.

Right away, Muyoung realized what King Slayer was talking about.  

Demon God.

King Slayer was trying to teach him the true power the 72 Demon Gods had.  

It was to show him that the opponent he needed to face wasn't the humans who were in front of him.  

"My entire life has beenabout swords. 56 years! I will not acknowledge you!"   

Sword One ground his teeth.  

He seared his wound and with the other hand, he once again extracted Sword Stars!  

Sword Bone. Those who were crazy about swords.  

It was obvious his pride about handling swords would rend the skies.  

That pride, that title as one of the top 10 humans, were being toyed with.

Heat shimmers started to form on Sword One's whole body.

He was using his life and turning it into his strength.  

It was a desperate determination to kill his opponent and himself.  

'He's fast.'

Sword One accelerated at a speed which Muyoung couldn't catch with his vision.   

It looked like he had one sword. But within it, there were dozens of sword strikes.  

However, King Slayer didn't move a step.  

Like child's play, he blocked all of Sword One's sword strikes and attacked the weak points of all the Sword Star's attacks.  

All of his attacks weren't just blocked, they were destroyed.  

"It isn't possible, this isn't possible!!"

What was Sword Stars?

It was a move he gathered to be perfect and simplified.  

The one swordsmanship he completed by being the experimental subject of numerous martial experts for many years.  

He had mastered it better than anyone else so there shouldn't be a gap.  

But, there was.  

As if there was nothing perfect in this world, he pierced it.  

On top of it all, it wasn't even swordsmanship.  

There was no structure. It ignored all pathways of basic swordsmanship.  

He couldn't accept it.  

For someone who doesn't follow the structure of swordsmanship to exist.  

However, on the other hand, Sword One couldn't stop King Slayer's attacks.  

Slow sword.  

Sword One also couldn't stop the sword that attacked Muyoung numerous times.   


Muyoung shuddered.  

King Slayer. It felt like he could also modify time.  

His own world and a completely different time.  

It wasn't even destructive.  

Normally, attacks from strong people tend to destroy everything in their surroundings.  

However, King Slayer focused everything to a single point.  

With pure swordsmanship, he overturned reason and truth.  

Just calmly stab and destroy the opponent.  

A sky above a sky.  

This was what a sky above a sky would be like.  

Even if Muyoung was at his prime state, he wouldn't be his opponent.  

Even if it was Muyoung, he couldn't cut the sky.  

And King Slayer was currently showing Muyoung who he needed to face in the future.  

To cut the sky.

To kill gods.  


Not long after, Sword One's head soared away into the sky.  

This was an unusual scene but Muyoung found enlightenment every time King Slayer moved.  


His body shivers died down.  

Muyoung sat down and closed his eyes.  

He reviewed King Slayer's movements and tried to bear a similarity to his slowness.  

Eventually, a change occurred to Muyoung's body.  

Above his head, a red snake like haze rose.  

The red snake circled around Muyoung before it penetrated his head.  

It was the Gem of the Sage.  

It reacted to the dragon's heart and changed into that a similar form.  

Also, the red snake was the world which Muyoung saw. It was a form based on the sound he heard from the place and King Slayer's movements.  

However, it was dangerous.  

Muyoung knitted his brows.  

If he was to overstrain himself and try to accept everything, he could lose it all as a consequence.  

King Slayer approached Muyoung.  

Then, he placed his hand on Muyoung's forehead.  

Then, slowly Muyoung's expression brightened.  


King Slayer spoke briefly.  

The red snake became a red dragon and slowly went around Muyoung.  

Once again, his body started to reconstruct.  

When Muyoung opened his eyes, he was inside a cave.  

He felt like he had just dreamt a long dream.  

The destroyed cave was restored and Swell was looking at someone was a very nervous face.  

"You're up."

King Slayer!  

It wasn't a dream. With his silver colored helmet and armor on, he greeted Muyoung.  


Right beside him, the Hellhorse was also with them.  

It was nagging at its owner who it hadn't met in a while.  

Muyoung tried to get up but placed his hand on the floor.  

His entire body had no strength.  

"Don't push yourself. You have overcome a great wall. You will need to recuperate a few more days."

King Slayer advised him.  

A great wall. Muyoung nodded his head. He faintly remembered how he overcame another wall.  

"I saw a red dragon."

"Swordmaster's wall starts with you being able to see that snake. If what you saw wasn't a snake but a dragon, you could become a much stronger being than the Swordmaster."

"How did it appear?"

It was a short question, but it contained a lot more connotation.  

King Slayer got up and clasped his hands behind his back.  

"I'm the main body but not the main body. To be exact, you could say that I'm a part of a memory from the world tree. Didn't you call me?"

"I did…?"

Muyoung knitted his brows.  

He instinctively called King Slayer after listening to the sound of the world?

King Slayer spoke.  

"I can't stay long in this current world. For the next 7 days, I will show you my sword. Your task is to absorb it all."

It was an announcement.  

For Muyoung to just watch and take in.  

King Slayer spoke as if it couldn't be helped that Muyoung wouldn't be able to discern it all.

Muyoung heavily nodded.  

Then, he looked at Swell.  

Swell was strangely keeping in check with King Slayer.  

"My master said that the Masters of Darkness couldn't come out. If they did, a grave catastrophe would occur. But, as you came out to the Underworld, what are you going to do from now on? Did you come to the Underworld, just to teach that dokkaebi?"

Surprisingly, Swell knew about the Masters of the Darkness.  

Swell who was full of pride spoke politely.  

"Merlin, that half devil?"

"Do not speak of him that way. Master hates evil more than anyone else."

"I don't care what happens to the world."

King Slayer shrugged his shoulders.  

His sword didn't have any trace of hatred or revenge.  

He had already risen above it all.  

This might not be true for other Masters of the Darkness, but it was true for King Slayer.  

Instead, he just wanted to see the future of Muyoung.  

Muyoung said that he would not break. Truly, up until now, he showed no sign of wavering. That was why he was more interested.  


"Do you know that Merlin tried to make the person in front of you his disciple?"

"Is that true?"

Swell widened his eyes.  

He made a look as if he couldn't believe it even if he looked at Muyoung.  

"Merlin hated evil. I'm not fond of evil either. However, different from Merlin, I don't care which path he takes."

Swell's eyes were blurred with conflict.  

If a person taught by King Slayer was to follow a truly evil path, it would indeed be nothing different than a catastrophe.  

He started to think about if he needed to stop them from potentially becoming master and pupil.

Of course, he wasn't certain if King Slayer would remain a spectator.  

At least he couldn't just stand and watch evil rage before his eyes.  

Then, Muyoung raised his head.  

There was something else that bothered him more than the relationship between Swell and Merlin.  

"Why were they after the world tree?"

The past had changed.

There was no reason for the Sword Bone Trio to look for the world tree now.  

If Muyoung didn't come looking for it, the world tree would have been robbed.  

The owner of Oris's Throne would have also changed.  

Swell answered as he clicked his tongue.  

"They were after the spirits of the world tree. There is no way humans would have known about the spirits of the world tree, so they probably awoke the ancient darkness spirits. They had the similar scent as them."

"The ancient darkness spirits?"

"The darkness spirits were even forbidden in ancient times. And if the ancient darkness spirits were to eat up the spirits of the world tree, they would obtain a power of a half god. However, ancient darkness spirits should all be sealed up… for mere humans to wake them, it isn't easily believable."

As if he couldn't understand, Swell shook his head as his expression hardened.  

Even from his position, something unusual had occurred.  


From a dark secret room, a man screamed out loud.  

His hair turned white and from his mouth saliva drooled out.  

His whole body was tied up by chains and behind his back, a huge black heart was throbbing.  


Every time the heart pumped, he let out a scream.  

As the heart throbbed, dark powers crazily flooded out.  

Everything in the surroundings encroached with darkness as it showed traces of a curse.  

A man without both of his arms.  

From his body, from all of his holes, black tentacles stretched out.  

Moment by moment, it swallowed up living things and as it did, the black heart moved more rapidly.  

"'Disordered Terror'. Quite a name for a spirit."

There was a man who looked at it from afar.  

The head of the Lawless Clan, Lawless Jin!  

Few thousands of warriors, among them, the man on top. He was looking at it with interest.  

"Will the Sword Bone Trio really be able to bring the spirits of the world tree?"

And behind Lawless Jin, a man who wore a white coat spoke.   

Lawless Jin answered.  

"If it's the three, they can even face a transcendental being. If they are able to bring the spirits of the world tree, we gain a weapon that has the power of a half god."  

A tip of Lawless Jin's lip went up.  

If they were able to control the power of a half god, they would have a very strong secret weapon.  

"But the host wouldn't be able to withstand for long."

"Do everything to keep him alive. Out of a thousand candidates, he was the only one who stayed alive. It would be hard to find a host who is more fit for the 'Disordered Terror'."

"I am trying my best."

"Alright. You must try your best. If we want to become the only clan and not the Five Great Clans."

Lawless Jin clenched his fist.  

The Disordered Terror will be the cornerstone for them to become the only clan.

t was no different than a nuclear bomb, a weapon none would have an answer to.  

Now, it didn't seem like that place was far.  


The man without both arms screamed more desperately.  

He was Bae Suzy's father.  


Chapter 104: Disordered Terror (2)

TL: Yoni

Editor: Lesurous

"Mister, are you really gonna leave?"

Kim Taehwan.

The young man with a bright future, the one who has the Shield of Eradication and the unique class the Guardian of Eradication.

Most people thought of him that way.

He was at the Blue Temple with Muyoung and accomplished quite a significant number of things following him.

In reality, Kim Taehwan's results were surprising among the 'rookies'.

"I must go. I can't just leave my daughter be."

Bae Suzy's father, Bae Sungmin spoke.

Likewise, he was also from the same temple as Muyoung, the Blue Temple, but he lost his both arms and barely survived until now through the support of his daughter, Bae Suzy.

However, his daughter Bae Suzy was kidnapped by the 'Fighting King'. Right in front of his eyes.

He couldn't imagine a life without Bae Suzy.

In this world, Bae Suzy was Bae Sungmin's only family member.

A treasure worth more than anything else!

The apple of his eye?

It wasn't even at that level.

Just by looking at her, he felt alive.

After Bae Suzy was kidnapped, he felt like the sky fell down.

Even now, he could clearly see the situation at that time when he closed his eyes.

When he dreamt, Suzy reproached him for not being able to save her.

It was a continuation of days of wanting to die.

But, he couldn't.

At least…Suzy must be saved.

That was why, like Muyoung suggested, he went up the Sky Library and mastered the Study of the Darkness Spirit.

"Are you really alright?"

"I know what you're worried about. However, I am able to protect my own body. Although I don't have both arms, I can substitute them."

As Bae Sungmin smiled, haze appeared on both sides of his empty arms.

"It's amazing every time I see it. How it's a darkness spirit but it produces a shining feeling…"

Kim Taehwan glanced at the haze with wonder.

Certainly, the darkness spirits didn't fit the name.

However, that was because of Bae Suzy's 'Lineage of Light' skill she learned.

Lineage was something passed on by blood.

Even to Suzy's father, a similar effect would have been left.

Since he was her only family, that effect would have appeared more strongly.

As the two didn't know of this truth, they couldn't help but find it odd.

"By the way, are you really thinking of entering that guild?"

"Yes, I'm going to enter the 'Glow Guild'."

Like the Sun Guild, the Glow Guild was also one of the 9 Great Guilds.

At that place, they proposed a deal to Taehwan and Taehwan accepted it.

At first, he was planning to start a guild himself but as Muyoung and all other key members left, it was a decision that couldn't be helped.

Taehwan's face hardened as he continued to talk.

"I'm going to go in… and change it. From the inside. I'm going to stop the few guilds and clans from dominating and change this selfish humankind. I will make a world where it is no longer strange to combine strength. Didn't we also accomplish it?"

"True, if it's you, it can be done. I trust you."

"Watch me. The current association is too chauvinistic, and so became rotten. Though it wasn't a long time since we've arrived, I understand. That if we go on like this that we will eventually be destroyed. But, within it, there should surely be people with the same thought as me. I will work my way up… and change it."

It was his promise to himself.

Sungmin nodded his head.

"When we meet again, I hope it does happen."

"Mister… please come back in good health."

Their eyes met.

That was how the two promised to meet again in the future before they parted ways.

Sungmin roamed about aimlessly.

As he followed the Fighting King's footsteps, his skills also improved.

The weak died in this world. Only the strong could achieve what they want.

It was one of Muyoung's sayings which he heard enough about.

Then, coincidently he entered the City of Elves.

The elves were amazingly kind.

If they were normal darkness spirits, they would have excluded Sungmin, but Sungmin dealt with light type spirits.

Elves welcomed Sungmin, a spirit master who managed that sort of spirits.

And through the help of the elves, Sungmin's skills improved each day.

It could be said that it was a steep rise.

Since he was able to instantly make both arms and was able to attack and block.

However, he couldn't just continue to stay with the elves.

With a lot of stories, Sungmin left… and was caught by the Lawless Clan.

He was forced to become the host of the forbidden ancient darkness spirit, 'Disordered Terror'.

Afterwards, he had no memory.

Just pain and hate.


"Are the Sword Bone Trio not here yet?!"

Lawless Jin angrily yelled.

It had been already 3 months since the Sword Bone Trio left the Lawless Clan.

They should have already entered the Demon God's Territory and achieved their goal.

However, there was no news of them.


A man beside him wearing a white coat started to speak as he was taken back.

"W-well, we can't get in touch. It has already been a week."

"How does that make sense?! Are you saying that something happened to the Sword Bone Trio?!"


It didn't make sense.

The trio was quite capable of even facing a transcendental being.

Of course, since it was the Demon God's Territory, no one could be assured of the place, and a transcendental being like monster could be common.

Lawless Jin tapped his chin.

"If the 'Disordered Terror' goes wild, the damage would grow out of control. Do you know of this?"

"There…there is a way."

"There is a way?"

As Lawless Jin looked at him with doubtful eyes, the man with the white coat swallowed his saliva.

"We didn't just cultivate the Disordered Terror."

"The host wouldn't withstand it."

"That host has a strength to resist the Disordered Terror. If we feed him a spirit that weakens the strength of the Disordered Terror, we could suppress it temporarily."

"Suppress it. Suppress it…"

Lawless Jin pondered for a moment before he nodded his head.

There were many spirits they were cultivating. Among them, the Disordered Terror was the most superior, but there was something quite useful among the spirits of opposite tendency.

"Give him the 'Armful's Cradle'."

"Isn't it a spirit that isn't fully cultivated?"

"Either way, there isn't another spirit that could suppress the strength of the Disordered Terror. Since it has both Armful and Cradle in its name, it probably could suppress the strength of the Disordered Terror."

First, weaken its strength before making a new plan.

They needed to first take care of this most urgent problem.

"…I understand."

The man with the white coat heavily nodded.

The two spirits were too great of an existence for a person totake in.

But, he said to mix the two spirits at once.

No one could predict what would happen next.

King Slayer's movements were infinitely slowed.

Each move, one by one, Muyoung just watched as if he was dissecting them.

A week had passed.

His sense of time had become weird. Slowly, the world became slower.

It was a slightly different feeling than when he used 'acceleration'.

He couldn't explain it in words but it felt like the world that King Slayer saw.

Slowly, more slowly, and more perfectly.

'At most 128 times.'

King Slayer was able to move in a world at most 128 times slower.

It was the conclusion he made after watching him for a full week.

His eyes couldn't help but to widen.

Even for acceleration, 2 times was the limit. And even that was usually only available in equipment over A rank.

However, King Slayer ruled over an area.

Within a specific area, he could manage time freely.

Everything was placed below his hands.

The thing that made it possible for him to read the grains of area and time.

And in the center… there was a sword.


He started to see in full detail.

He was understanding King Slayer's movements.

Why he needed to move slowly.

It was to look at the 'grains' of all things in the world.

With only this strength, he didn't overlook the world.

He tried to kill all the kings and create a new world.

'I just stepped into the world of swords.'

He was embarrassed of himself for being confident in his swordsmanship.

It was like Muyoung just stepped into the world of swords.

However, he was satisfied with being able to just seethe potential.

He couldn't see it all but it was important that he could see bits.

It was a small enlightenment.

This also led to changes in Muyoung's body.

<'Gem of the Sage' has melted further into your body.>

Muyoung grasped his shaking arm.

His heart beat rapidly and produced strength.

Moment by moment, it was a continuation of development for Muyoung.

That had occurred for a week already.

To check what had changed, he turned to his status viewer.

Achievement Effect ->

Dragon Hunter (A+++, Dragon's Enemy)

Gremory's Anguish (A+, +5 to all abilities)

Stats ->   

Strength 255(147+108)   Agility 232(143+89)

Stamina 266(136+130)   Intelligence 230(141+89)

Wisdom 211(142+69)   Fighting Aura 202(102+100)

Magic Resistance 250(90+160)   Spirit Ability 150(90+60)

Besides Spirit Ability, all stats were above 200.

Due to the heart of the Dark Dragon Barca, his pure stats had greatly increased.

If it was like this, he basically had the strength of an elite in a huge guild.

'I need to get stronger.'

However, Muyoung couldn't be satisfied.

He faced enemies on the level of King Slayer, a super strong being, how could he be pleased with just this much?

But, he couldn't hurry.

Following the grains, slowly moving to become the absolute of all things in the world!

"You can now see 'grains'."

King Slayer spoke as if he was quite surprised.

It seemed like he wasn't even certain if Muyoung could learn to see the grains in just a week.


Muyoung slowly took out Anguish.

"Ha! If a person sees the grains for the first time, they would be oppressed by the grand and vast strength. Up for a fight?"

King Slayer willingly started the last fight.

After taking out his greatsword, he continued to talk.

"The sword that you hold. Its strength isn't fully obtained."

"You mean there are other functions?"

"Did you find the Star of David?"

As Muyoung nodded, King Slayer continued to talk.

"The Star of David was a place created when the demon gods were born. What that means is that the sword isn't small. If it was a sword in the place of the core, depending on what you do with it, it could even be a sword that could cut through a demon god."

Muyoung looked at Anguish.

For it to be able to cut through a demon god.

However, it was now an A+ rank sword.

If it absorbs other swords, it might be possible someday but currently, it was a long way to go.

'There is that much underlying strength?'

Of course, he couldn't easily believe it.

Although it could absorb swords, every weapon has its own limit and class.

If it could cut through gods, it must be above S rank.

If it's an EX rank sword, which was not seen by any human but was used by Demon God Baal who held the 1st seat, it could easily cut through any and all demon gods. But Muyoung was skeptical whether or not Anguish could develop that much."

However, there was no reason for King Slayer to lie either.

He was truly a master of swords.

He was able to figure out strengths which Muyoung could not see.

And it was at that moment when Muyoung was finding a new aspect of Anguish.


Chapter 105: Disordered Terror (3)

TL: Yoni

Editor: Lesurous

Bae Sungmin. Contract of Death?

Muyoung momentarily knitted his brows.

There was a video that passed by his head.

A video of a huge 'lump of flesh' that recklessly massacred a city as it became loose.

It was plastered with eyeballs and from its huge mouth, there was an endless division of light.

So, people were unable to easily approach it.

It was truly like a bomb, and if they were to approach it, there was a highly likely chance that it would disappear with the city.

Soon, the lump of flesh spurted feathers of a bird and then flew off far away.

However, for some reason, it was a familiar figure.

'Bae Suzy's father.'


Muyoung nodded his head.

If it was Bae Sungmin, there was a time when he made a Contract of Death with Muyoung.

He didn't want to become Suzy's baggage and so asked Muyoung to find a way to become stronger.

As in exchange, Muyoung had told him about a skill he could earn from the Sky Library.

But, for him to turn into that form, it felt strange.

'He probably became a victim of an experiment.'

He probably turned into that form due to reckless experiments performed by eccentrics.

As there were quite a few people who performed cruel experiments with the grounds that it was for a great cause.

However, if he became an undead through the Contract of Death, it would be in an enhanced form.

Originally, he was supposed to become a normal undead but it seemed like its madness and division was preventing it.


However, Muyoung knew what that lump of flesh's original form was.

The Contract of Death was still fully activated.

Just that although it was activated, due to a lot of things being jumbled up, something weird came.

At the roots of that lump of flesh, there was a 'lich'.

As a top rank monster, it wasn't weird at all to call it a one-man army.

But, he couldn't say it was a normal lich.

Light and darkness coexisted and it was divided infinitely.

It was to a degree where it was understandable for it to pop at any time.

'Where was it headed?'

The lump of flesh.

The Disordered Terror spread its long wings.

And started to head towards a certain place.

It flew by jumping from space to space.

Even the strong men who followed it didn't risk it.

It wasn't in their interest to tragically die with it.

'Nest. It's trying to make a nest.'

Muyoung anticipated the Disordered Terror's next move.

Even if it was mixed, it didn't seem like the Lich's trait disappeared.

A lich was a monster that was known as an army unto itself.

If it was to start being active, it would produce numerous problems.

"Can we start now?"

King Slayer asked.

After noticing Muyoung's change, he had just stood there.

However, he also wasn't relaxed.

Today was the last day. Afterwards, he had to leave Muyoung to do the things he needed to.


Muyoung took the initiative.

He moved his feet, and following the grains of the wind, he went in towards King Slayer's chest slowly but accurately.

The time Muyoung had now was more important than anything else.

He was growing every minute, every second.

Muyoung also knew this very well.

It was okay to think about the Disordered Terror afterwards.

King Slayer was surprised. He couldn't be helped but be surprised.

The speed in which Muyoung learned was beyond one's imaginations.

Even if you started from scratch, it would still be slower than this.

After realizing his own problems, he had been growing day by day.

He tossed his original swordsmanship and was taking a step forward.

'Just by watching.'

He could see the grains, feel them, and correctly figure them out.

Was this really possible in a week?

It wasn't normal.

Even himself, a Master of Darkness, felt this way.

If he was to fight against the Demon Gods, this speed was a must, but, it was a development speed that even freaked out King Slayer.

'It's too bad.'

King Slayer smacked his lips.

It wasn't important to him if Muyoung was evil or good.

What he wished to see was whether or not Muyoung would break after gaining his strength.

However, after teaching him for a week, he felt a bit sad.

It was because if he had a bit more time, he would have shown him more of the skills he had.

It didn't seem like a bad idea to watch Muyoung quickly learn and get stronger.

'A master and pupil relationship… am I trying to become a teacher?'

He laughed quietly.

Although it was only one week, that was enough to make his heart flutter for a while.

As if he remembered a memory which he forgot for a very long time, it made him smile.

If he had a pupil like Muyoung, it would be a pain but wouldn't it be great as it is?

But that would only be possible if he was to overcome the difference in time and world.

It seemed he needed to be satisfied with just the one week.


Late at night.

A day where the moonlight was in the middle of the sky.

The Hellhorse came down and mournfully cried.

He rubbed his face against King Slayer, as if begging King Slayer to take him with him.

However, King Slayer was determined.

"Don't avoid a fight with him."

King Slayer was understanding of the relationship between Muyoung and the Hellhorse.

Even what Muyoung was after.

Before his last favor, he was going to overpower the Hellhorse.

And to be at that level, he wasn't that far.

King Slayer looked up at the sky.

"I need to find out. what this twist will bring. Demon Gods… whatever Baal is planning,here is something that the Masters of Darkness are unaware of."

It was unusual.

For now, everything seemed to be nothing more than a flap of butterfly wings, but he couldn't know of what that would lead to in the future.

So before they really start, he needed to know about them.

He couldn't just stay not knowing anything and get caught off guard.

"It is this world's, Solomon's law, that the Masters of Darkness can't interfere. Have you forgotten?"

That moment, Swell approached with only common courtesy.

Swell was full of pride about his blood line, but a Master of Darkness? His existence alone was sufficient enough to be treated well.

"I know."

"If you really think about it, it was against the law to teach him yourself for a week. I don't know why everyone else let that pass but if you go any further it will be dangerous."

The other Masters of Darkness remained idle at King Slayer's actions.

It shouldn't be possible, but it was, as it involved King Slayer.

The noblest one.

Since even the Masters of Darkness respected him.

Swell might not be aware of this but either way, doing more than this was dangerous.

If the laws of the world get tangled, there was a possibility that his existence itself could disappear.

"Oris spoketo me."

"To be exact, as I traced back the memories of the world tree, there was a message left by him. 'The world will be twisted once, and that twists will produce illness. Stop the prevalence of illness.' He must have seen something we didn't."


The leading role that led the Twilight Era, when the elves were most powerful.

It was told that he was a strong being who almost reached the level of a half god.

On top, he had the insight to read the stars and see the future.

If he said illness it would mean evil. And only the Demon Gods were pure evil.

It might be linked to the Demon Gods' movements which King Slayer felt strange about.

"So are you saying you will ignore the law?"

Swell's hostility towards him was beyond description.

Masters of Darkness needed to be examples, role models of Solomon's Law.

However, currently, that existence was trying to break the law.

Once again, King Slayer looked towards Muyoung.

After an intense fight, Muyoung passed out. He purposely made him pass out.

It was to quietly leave him.

He spoke quietly.

"Don't I need to buy time for you to bloom?"

Wouldn't he need to leave behind hope after the epidemic?

Twilight village existed on the outskirts of the Great City.

As a small village with a population of about 3,000 people, it was located at the edge of a cliff.

Like all villages and cities, their main source of income was hunting and farming.

They had a bit more affection than the Great City and also strong people frequently visited the Twilight Village to lay low.

"The mountain is dried up."

"Shit. The Great City will also be chaotic."

"What should we do? We would die if we stay here like this. There is a limit with just us."

And to enter the Twilight Village, you needed to pass over a small mountain range.

The problem was the that the entire mountain range was full of monsters.

And it was a problem since they weren't just normal monsters but undead.

So, everyone gathered in the center of the village and continued to have a furious debate.

"Help from other cities?"

"They are all passive. I think it happened near the Great City… but no one knows of the details."

"Meaning the shit they made blocked that mountain range."

Twilight Village was in a remote place.

The mountain range was dangerous and it was an awkward place to enter with mass military forces.

On top, there were no groups that actively tried to get rid of the unknown cause of the undead.

It was because if they weren't careful and were to bother a lich, they wouldn't get the chance to  regret their actions.

"So? Are we going to stay here and get attacked?"

"If we get their help, it might be possible to break through and leave this place."

"But, what of our honor?"

"Don't. First, let's try to take care of it on our own."

The people they talked about were the strong people who were laying low.

However, the strong people who laid low were a help to the city just by staying.

The reason why the Twilight Village could exist without being reliant on another place was all thanks to them.

Even more, like a rite of passage, they spent loads of their wealth while they stayed in the village.

"I was wondering why it was so loud in here, seems like you need some help?"

Unexpectedly, a big figure appeared in the debate room.


"Aman? Aman of Blood and Iron?"

Those who saw him widened their eyes.

Aman of Blood and Iron was a very prideful soldier. A man who was strong enough to be considered as one of the strong people.

He also was laying low in this place.

"I was actually observing the problem in the mountain range. We probably need to do something before the area of undead broadens. A few people, including myself, should be able to handle them."

Aman was confident.

In reality, there were a few strong people who were willing to help him.

If they were to work together with the village people, it didn't seem like a bunch of undead would be a problem.

"Ahh, if you would step up for us, there is no more reason to be concerned. However, would it be okay? There wouldn't be much we could give as payment."

"I don't need it. I just want to live a quiet life."

Aman placed his greatsword over his shoulder.

And his appearance exuded the aura of someone dependable.

"50 strong and quick men. And prepare a week's worth of food and water. It's been awhile since I hunted undead."

Aman smiled.

The next day.

About 60 men left the village.

And they didn't come back.

A month.

The village was isolated.

Most men who left the village to hunt the undead never came back.

No, there were times when they did come back.

They came back as undead and attacked the village.

It seemed certain that they would be defeated. The once lively village was now full of cries of the dead.

There were times when other villages said they would help but they weren't able to break through the mountain range.

For Twilight Village,there was… no hope.

It was tough enough to just to stop the undead that attacked every day.

When they hit the walls, they were splintered further,infinitely repeating itself. However, it didn't seem like it would withstand for long.

Ding- Ding-

The bell rung.

It meant that someone was close to the wall.

Late at night, everyone rubbed their eyes as they got up from their spot.

Since they lacked men, even women had to be on guard at night.

Those who were protecting the wall were all tensed up.

Undead invaded every 2 to 3 days.

Every time they invaded, they ranged from a few dozen to a few hundred..

But, not this time.

There was only one undead that invaded.

However, something was odd.

The undead wore a robe that covered his whole body and brought along a wagon, and it was full of faces of undead.

And they were all faces they were well aware of.

"Aman! It's Aman's face!"

"Haas! My son, Hass has….ahhhh!"

Everyone wailed as they focused their arrows towards the undead.

Then, the undead took off his robe.


"It looks like a person. You can feel the liveliness from the face."

"He went over… the mountain range?"

"Wait, isn't that a fairy?"

As if they couldn't believe what they were seeing, they looked at the man.

It was amazing for the man to come over the mountain range but he even had a fairy that flew around him.

"Open it."

The ultimate expressionless face!

The man spoke with a tone that made them feel chills.


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