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The Inverted Dragon’s Scale: Chapter Fifteen

“This guy is an idiot.”

In regards to LiMuYang’s scores, the truth has already been determined by the endless amounts of mocks and big examinations.

He did not pass any subject in class, he had even failed the simplest ‘Westerly Winds’ quotations. Obviously, even the God of Destiny would not be willing to stand next to him, scared that the toxic air might rub off him.

Otherwise, would a normal person do something like this?

ZhangChen’s friends by his side followed suit and laughed. The whole class all followed and laughed.

ZhangChen pointed at LiMuYang and said: “LiMuYang, I’ve heard that the past few days you were sick. Did your head go bad due to the fever? If not, how are you able to do something that’s so insane? Let me test you? Test you on what? What do you know? Originally you were still fine, why would you do such a thing to humiliate yourself?

“That’s right, being students, we should help each other out and reach greater heights together. Chen bro, pull out some easy questions to test LiMuYang and who knows? He might even correctly guess some right.

ZhangChen’s lackeys all started to jeer.

ZhangChen lifted the book up, looked at LiMuYang suspiciously and asked: “you really want me to test you?”

Although it had seemed like LiMuYang had casually threw over a book, but in reality that was the book that he had the most profound understanding in <>. The past few days CuiXiaoXin had thoroughly went through it once with him, some important details and content were once more explained and comprehended.

ZhangChen opened the book, searched within and then asked a loud: “Where did the name of the first Emperor appear, in what page and what paragraph?”

“Of course. Wasn’t this confirmed by you? Letting me casually ask.” ZhangChen smiled wretchedly and continued to ask: “when was the so called ‘Holy Light of the Chosen One’s birth date? And on what day did he become deceased?”

“Who knows? What if one in a million chance occurs and the supervisor inserts these type of questions in the examinations? You’re not the teacher in charge of looking after the examinations, how would you know that these type of questions won’t occur?” ZhangChen said with a face full of disdain: “how many people were, when empire’s flying great general BaiYouWei attended the ‘Battle of the Clear Lake’, killed? Who were the names of the individuals that were slain?”

ZhangChen felt extremely pleased, looked to his left, signaled and said with a huge laughter: “everyone look, look, it was he who had forced me to test him. Until I really did produce questions to test him, he couldn’t answer any single one.”

ZhangChen threw the textbook on top of the desk, looked at LiMuYang and said: “LiMuYang, as a human being, its a good thing to be happy. Everyone should do what they excel at. Since you like sleeping and excel at sleeping for long periods at a time, then just sleep. The examinations are in a couple of days. If you suddenly jump out and produce an expression saying ‘I love studying’, everyone will think that it isn’t suitable. Am I right?”

The smile on ZhangChen’s face congealed, tilted his head, stared dead on at LiMuYang and said: “LiMuYang, so what if I’m bullying you? What about it? Do you think you still have a sliver of hope? In a month’s time, after one month, everyone will go to their own desired academic’s institution. And you? You are only able to return to your mother, rolling knead? But that’s still quite nice, being a small boss of a pastry store. Those days must go by quite comfortably and easily, am I right?”

“A foolish man dreaming.” ZhangChen very rudely cut off LiMuYang’s speech and said: “enjoy this. These moments are the last time you can be together with us as students. After one month, you will be nothing.”

ZhangChen turned around and faced ZhaoMingZhu and explained with a face full of smiles: “Miss Zhao, LiMuYang wanted me to pull out some questions to test him, after I asked he couldn’t answer any. He is now currently ashamed and in anger, making trouble for me.”

“Miss Zhao, I am wrong.” ZhangChen apologized in a hurry, looked over at LiMuYang and said: “I had originally thought that being students, although LiMuYang’s scores aren’t great, but we still can’t leave him to break the vase himself. He had the heart to put in the effort to push through this one time. Being the class manager, I obviously had to especially take care of our class’ bad seed.”

However, although this time she did not mention LiMuYang’s name, everyone in the class knew who she was alluding to.

ZhaoMingZhu placed the examination papers that she was carrying onto the desk, stared at LiMuYang with an icy cold expression and said: “this is counted as the last mock exam before the finals, I hope that a certain someone would perform well and not grab hold of the last place in class, unwilling to hand it over to others. Can that person please give others a chance?”

Hearing what ZhaoMingZhu had said, he also felt that he had occupied that position for too long. He had won the cup every time, no one else had the qualifications to take that away from him.

LiMuYang took care of his emotions and focused on answering the problems.

“How strange, I can solve this problem myself.”

“How strange, I seem to have also seen this question somewhere before.”

An hour’s worth of questions had only taken LiMuYang half an hour to complete.

After LiMuYang had completed his paper, he became to revise it earnestly.

But there are also other questions that did not feel right, he felt that after skimming through, he still could not make sure whether these were the answers that were completely correct.

If the examination contained questions that were all similar to these two, then what chance does he have?”

More than just redoubling!

When her eyes drifted to the student that she was most unwilling to lay eyes on, she could not help but be dazed.

“Useless acts.” ZhaoMingZhu thought to herself with disdain. From the meeting on the first day and breaking her ruler, the two of them had forged a deep and intractable enmity. She had also completely given up on this student, similar to what the other teachers had done.

“LiMuYang” ZhaoMingZhu called out. “Are you done with your paper?”


She had thought that he would act in panic like he had done in the past, and then, with a red face, hand over a blank paper that was stained with his drool or some other substance.

She had never thought that LiMuYang did not play his cards according to what he had always done in the past, and in fact, replied to her normally and said ‘I am done’.

“Actually, not really.” LiMuYang said embarrassingly: “there were two questions that I couldn’t solve.”

“Bring up your paper for me to see.” ZhaoMingZhu said.

After ZhaoMingZhu received the paper, the smile on her face quickly froze.

“Lets have a look at the answers then talk.” Was what she thought within.

“This is also correct. Yup, LiMuYang’s luck isn’t bad this time.”

After looking at all the answers, ZhaoMingZhu’s expression on her face turned into ashen.

She slammed her palm on her desk and shouted: “LiMuYang, how dare you cheat?”.

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