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Chapter 16-Killing Words



Anyone who knew Li Muyang’s consistent grades when seeing this exam paper would have a similar thought.

Before, Li Muyang apart from randomly filling in the simplest questions in the paper, other parts of the paper would practically be blank. However, this time the majority of the paper were answered, but even worse than that was that it was all answered correctly.

You must know, Zhao Mingzhu said before with her mouth that this kinds of question weren’t difficult, and were all done in class before, but she was very clear that this time the questions in the mock exam were quite difficult, she even set up a few common traps in the test.

Even those trap questions were perfectly done by Li Muyang, even the answer he gave out were even more accurate than the answer she had made.

Is this not cheating? Can Li Muyang who had neither learned nor skill in anything be profounder than a teacher who has been employed for 20 years?

It was still exam time, most of the students were racing against time to answer the question on their desk. Except for Li Muyang who had handed in his paper, they looked up and glanced at the snorting sound emitted outside, while others could only concentrate on their exam paper. They now didn’t even have time to ridicule Li Muyang.

This time’s questions were difficult, this time there was also a large amount of questions, besides Li Muyang who deliberately left two questions blank, many weren’t able to completely answer everything.

Even the first in the class Cui Xiaoxin had just finished carefully answering the last question, putting down the pen on the table and started checking her paper.

After hearing Zhao Mingzhu’s roar, everyone looked up in astonishment at the platform.


Zhao Mingzhu’s butt hit the chair out of the way, grabbing Li Muyang’s paper and stood up, staring viciously at Li Muyang, shouted: “Li Muyang, explain to me, what the hell is this?”

Hearing Zhao Mingzhu’s question, everyone’s eyes moved towards Li Muyang’s face.

Their face gloating, thinking, how can anyone in the whole class not know about your grades——-no, even everyone in the Renaissance High School know, what’s the point of cheating at this time?

Besides, twenty and thirty what’s the difference?

Cui Xiaoxin was the only one leisurely checking her paper, didn’t move and catch a glimpse of this hilarious scene. She had already expected this to happen.

LI Muyang returned to his position, and looked up at Zhao Mingzhu and said: “Ms. Zhao, I don’t what you’re talking about.”

“Do you not understand?” Zhao Mingzhu sneered aloud. “How do you not understand? Answering all this questions correct, you give me an explanation, what’s going on here?”

“All correct?” Li Muyang revealed a happy smile on his face, and felt like the huge stone hanging on his heart came down. There were many question that he felt like he saw the solution, but the memories were very distant and blurred, so he wasn’t sure if he got it correct—-now, when Zhao Mingzhu said that it was all correct, it proved that his test got a very good result.

“Li Muyang—-“ Zhao Mingzhu grabbed a ruler, wanting to hit the tabletop on the platform. But thinking of the last time when the ruler accidentally broke, she forcefully restrained to do this barbaric act. She didn’t want to make her name be associated with Li Muyang. “I asked you to give me an explanation, do you think I’ll let you avoid answering this?”

“Teacher——–“ Li Muyang’s restrained his smiling face gradually disappearing, said: “I just got it right, why do I need to explain it to you? Explain what? Because I tried, so I got it correctly?”


Zhao Mingzhu slapped the desk, shouted with a harsh voice: “Li Muyang, when were we all stupid? The papers, I who chose the question, know clearer than anyone the difficulty of it—- You not only hand in the paper in half an hour, and answered completely all 48 question, but the explanation for each question were all completely correct.”

Zhao Mingzhu scanned the whole class, and words with sarcasm asked: “Can you believe it? I can’t.”


The audience was in an uproar!

“Come on? Li Muyang actually answered 48 question? I haven’t even relax for a moment, but still haven’t finished half of it—-“

“All correct? Was he trying to fool a ghost? With his results how can that happen?”

“This guy’s stupid, even if he cheat he still had to deliberately answer a few questions wrong, no combat experience——-“


Cui Xiaoxin finally looked up to the platform, her delicate slightly twisted eyebrows, resembling that of the cool breeze from outside the window, pure and honest.

Looking at Li Muyang’s expression, she once again lowered her head to handle her own matter.

“Ms. Zhao—–“ Li Muyang sitting on the chair, thin physique was straight. At that moment, those who have been ignoring him or his black appearance discovered that Li Muyang seemed to have grown a little, stronger physique, and even his skin color wasn’t brightly black anymore.

He became a copper-skinned boy, eyes like the stars, lips like cherry, black jade hair was tied with a snow white ribbon, radiant, glowing. He was no longer the one they humiliated who resembled an abnormal monster.

A withered sapling suddenly started to sprout a bud, giving people an unexpectedly bright feeling.

At this moment, Li Muyang’s face was very serious, and seemed like it was saying this was a huge matter. To a student, being wrongly accused of cheating in the exam by the teacher, isn’t that a huge matter?

“Your student answered the questions correctly, and——he had made a huge progress, as his teacher, shouldn’t you be happy for him?”

“if he had worked hard learning, and bit by bit achieved such progress and achievement, I would naturally be happy for him, but if the student’s progress and achievement were because of cheating by copying, I would be disappointed of him, his character would also be disappointing—-in my opinion, such students are truly hopeless. I feel ashamed of having such students.

Zhao Mingzhu had decided to drive him out. Drive him out because of cheating. She didn’t want to make him stay in class again, didn’t want to make this bad apple affect his other schoolmate’s studies again. The exam considering everything, there were only one month left, she and her students must make full use of this short time, and can no longer get angry or waste a minute of her time for this waste.

Get Out!

Making such a decision, Zhao Mingzhu quieted down, she waved and said: “Li Muyang, don’t say anything you pack up, go to the school library and wait there for a while. In a while will have the results. It’s still examination time, don’t bother other students answer.”

“Ms. Zhao—-“ In Li Muyang’s eyes there was a hint of red, even his voice became hoarse. It was anger, he was wronged, being treated coldly that he didn’t deserve.

From infancy to maturity, except for his parents and younger sister, nobody was intimate with him, nobody cherished him, nobody would rush and suddenly drape over his shoulder and say, ‘Brother let’s take a break from school and go play soccer together’.

He was always a man, an isolated person. The world standing opposite of him, pointing at him standing a distance away from him saying: look, it’s a monster.

He wasn’t a monster, he was just a child, a young person.

He was also eager to have friends, eager to be recognized. Desired for the class to pass a note to him, eager for being away from school with some people who draped over his shoulders and eating bean cake together——–even those students passing notes deliberately avoided him, as if, if he touched it the writing inside the note would disappear.

He didn’t do anything wrong, why would everyone treat him so cruelly? This wasn’t fair to him.

“Ms. Zhao—–“ Li Muyang stubbornly upturned face, didn’t let the collection of tears in his eyes fall down. Otherwise, those guys would say, look, the black sheep in our class is crying——–

Li Muyang never cried, since according to these people, even forcefully riding a sheep it still wouldn’t cry.

This was the only thing he could do to defend their dignity.

“Ms. Zhao, even if you suspected me of cheating, shouldn’t you still need to check to confirm it, and then issue to put this type of person to death?” Li Muyang looked at Zhao Mingzhu, stressing each syllable: “You don’t have any idea, your words———What it means for me?”

Li Muyang’s voice choked, he worried himself that he couldn’t be justified, he was worried that he couldn’t persuade them: “Zhao teacher, you must kill me.”

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