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Chapter 14
The Inverted Dragon’s Scale: Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen – Quickly Test Me!
Fishes swimming,colourful birds chirping, morning dew dripping and flowers were blooming.
LiMuYang woke up early in the morning, his mind was roused up due to waking up to such a bright dawn and a great day. This scene was worlds apart from the times when the sun would shine on his buttocks and his sister had to drag him from his bed. He would even refuse to eat breakfast and snatch a bun and stuff it into his school bag. His head would still be extremely sleepy as he ran off to school.
After performing the last checkup on his body, the doctor ripped the bandages off his head.
LiMuYang pressed his hair which looked like a bird’s nest, looked at the doctor who was earnestly studying the wound on his head and asked: “Mr ZhuGe, are my wounds alright?”
“No problems.” Dr ZhuGe shook his head and said: “there are already no problems.”
“I have troubled you over the past few days, Dr ZhuGe.” LiMuYang said with a grateful expression. Although treating an illness requires money, Dr ZhuGe really has been meticulous in his treatment. LiMuYang was a kind hearted person. He was also someone who lacked love from others. He would be extremely grateful to anyone who went out of their way to take care of him.
“No trouble at all.” Dr ZhuGe extended his hand to untangle LiMuYang’s hair and asked: “I remembered at the time there was a wound on top of your head, was there not?
“That should be the case.” LiMuYang nodded and said. At the time he was wounded by the fruit tray and his forehead was bleeding no small amounts of blood.”
“Then where is the wound?” Dr ZhuGe asked.
“The wound disappeared.” Dr ZhuGe said with a solemn expression.
“Dr ZhuGe, if the wound disappeared, does that not mean that the healing process went well?” LiMuYang swallowed a couple mouthfuls of saliva and finally forcefully suppressed the dissatisfaction in his heart. What kind of doctor is this? How could he curse his own patient’s health? If the wound disappeared then it obviously means that I’ve recovered. Unless it ran off on it’s own?”
“Recovering is one thing. The original wound on your forehead was not serious, it’s just that young miss Cui begged me to repeatedly examine you, which is why I expended so much time. However, the wound should not have disappeared and vanished, it should have left a scar.” Dr ZhuGe said with a face full of suspicion: “There isn’t a trace of scarring at the moment, even I have forgotten where the wound was originally. This recovery speed really is shocking.”
“So that’s what it was.” LiMuYang smiled and said: “it might be because I have a good constitution and Dr ZhuGe, you, were willing to spare me good medicine to use. Which explains why my rate of recover was so quick.
Dr ZhuGe, in the end, could only accept this explanation and said: “You may get off your sickbed and start walking today, but do not strain your bones in the short term.”
LiMuYang knew that CuiXiaoXin was showing her gratitude for her life debt and aided him the cost of treating his wounds, which is why he would not try to rectify with her over this matter and said: “Alright then, many thanks to Dr ZhuGe.”
Dr ZhuGe waved his hand and said: “We will not meet again. Meeting with a doctor isn’t a good thing.”
After sending Dr ZhuGe away, LiMuYang took a shower and changed into a set of clean clothes that he had prepared earlier.
His right hand was still bandage

d. Dr ZhuGe had advised that the injury sustained were too heavy and is classified as a ‘hole piercing wound’, every seven days medicine must be changed.
Looking at his reflection in the bronze mirror, LiMuYang felt a little bit of unfamiliarity.
Before he was as pitch-black as charcoal, just like a inkstone that was one hundred percent pure.
Right now, LiMuYang felt that he had become a little whiter. No, more like a little dull yellow. Just like as if he had been left under the sun for a prolonged period of time.
His skin was just as great as it had been in the past, like a piece of gold over flowing with colour, under the shining rays of the sun.
He felt extremely content with this change. He even thought that in the future, he should prepare a medical face mask everyday. With the passing of time, who knows? Maybe the black essence within his body would be fully absorbed out.
He looked towards his arm once more. Except for the slight change in the tone of the skin, there were no other visible changes.
However, how did he manage to do all those unrealistic feats?
It didn’t matter that he had sent ZhangChen flying with one hit or sent that assassin in black attire away in one punch, that kind of strength was something that he did not previously have.
Also, those strange thoughts, thoughts that were on and off, scenes as if seperated by several centuries, as well as the methods of solutions that shocked CuiXiaoXin, where did they all come from?
LiMuYang can put his personal pride and honour as stakes, he had never studied the things he knew.
“Could it be, I am the lucky youth that was selected by the Goddess of Destiny to slaughter the dragon?”
Sure enough, while thinking about the possibility, LiMuYang really did become a little excited at heart.
The appointed time has arrived, LiShiNian and CuiXiaoXin came into LiMuYang’s room together.
LiMuYang noticed the couple that walked in hand in hand and asked in surprise: “How come you two arrived together?”
“We made an appointment yesterday night.” LiShiNian replied with a ‘you’re an idiot’ and an expression full of disdain. “We agreed that we would both accompany you to school today.”
LiMuYang smiled wryly and said: “I was only asking out of curiosity, can you not be so proud of yourself? I’m already prepared, are we leaving straight for school?”
“Of course.” LiShiNian nodded and said. “It’s almost time for the examinations, you can’t skip anymore lessons. What if the one in ten thousand chance occurs and the heavens didn’t grow any eyes, and somehow you managed to guess all the right answers? Just think about it, if you can even be struck by lightning, then the chances of that happening isn’t completely out of the question.”
CuiXiaoXin looked at LiShiNian with a strange expression, a face of wanting to speak by couldn’t.
LiShiNian thought that CuiXiaoXin was blaming her for attacking her brother’s self-esteem, waved her hand and said: “Big sis XiaoXin don’t worry, we are already used to the way I speak to my brother. He is really resistant to these kind of attacks. Do you want to have a go?”

Noticing that CuiXiaoXin didn’t want to try, LiShiNian waved her hand at LiMuYang and said: “lets go to school.”
Afterwards, she affectionately pulled onto CuiXiaoXin’s hand and walked out.
LiMuYang felt helpless and could only carry his schoolbag and a couple of fruits, following closely behind.
“Yo, I’m still a sick patient alright? I’m hurt in the head, my right hand is bandaged, can you guys help and relief some burden for me?” LiMuYang shouted aloud. 
LiShiNian turned around, took a banana from LiMuYang’s fruit bag and said: “you’re my most favourite brother, of course I will help relief some burden for you. I’ll eat a banana.”
CuiXiaoXin followed suit and took an apple from the bag, waved it in front of LiMuYang and said: “I’m also helping, see?”

LiMuYang’s house was not far from Renaissance High, the three of them arrived quickly while laughing and talking.
It was the period where students began to enter the school. LiMuYang, together with the two heavenly beauties LiShiNian and CuiXiaoXin appearing within the crowd of people, was extremely eye-catching. After all, the three of them where the movers and shakers of the whole school, and even so their images were so drastically different, even if they didn’t want to be eye-catching it was impossible.
“My God, isn’t that guy out school’s black charcoal?” Who are the two maidens beside him?”
“Ah, my female goddess. How is CuiXiaoXin walking together with that trash?”
“LiShiNian isn’t dating, is she? I’m about to be heart-broken.”

The students all pointed at the three of LiMuYang, LiShiNian and CuiXiaoXin. LiShiNian and CuiXiaoXin’s admirers were all heart broken and grief stricken.
“Are you dumb?” someone smart began to explain within the crowd of people. “LiShiNian is LiMuYang’s sister, blood sister, how could the both of them be dating?”
“Ah? LiShiNian isn’t that asshole’s girlfriend? Thats great…”
“Of course not, LiMuYang’s girlfriend is just CuiXiaoXin alone. This was personally confirmed by LiShiNian. I’ve heard that they were frequently together, I’m only telling you this, don’t tell anyone else….”

LiShiNian took a glance at the surging crowd of people, suddenly felt guilty and said: ” Big bro, big sis XiaoXin, it’s almost time for class, I won’t send you off to your classroom.”
She waved her hand towards the two of them and quickly disappeared within the crowd of people.
LiMuYang watched her leave with a face full of smiles, face CuiXiaoXin and said: ” Don’t mind her, her temper has always been like this.”
“I don’t mind.” CuiXiaoXin smiled and said. “I understand her temperament.”
“My God, did you guys see? Our goddess just smiled!”
“Could it be that the rumours were true? CuiXiaoXin really is dating LiMuYang?”
“Its very probable, rumours has it that when LiMuYang was sent out by his teacher, CuiXiaoXin followed after him.”

When LiMuYang and CuiXiaoXin entered the classroom side by side, they immediately attracted and stirred the entire class’ attention.
Watching the couple walking together, laughing and talking, everyone felt transfixed.
ZhangChen was in the middle of making a ruckus with his friends, when the classroom became silent, he could not resist turning his head to have a look.
“LiMuYang, how dare you come back? I thought that would would be simply too embarrassed to take the examinations and f*cked off from school already. We all know that you will get the same results whether you participate or not.”
LiMuYang placed his schoolbag and fruit bag on top of his desk and walked step by step in front of ZhangChen.
“What do you want?” ZhangChen had an expression of dread. From experiencing the events in the lake tour, he began to fear LiMuYang’s fists.
“Test me.” LiMuYang said each word slowly.
“What?” ZhangChen looked at him dumbfounded.
“Test me.” LiMuYang said once again. He casually produced a textbook, threw it over to ZhangChen and said: “quickly test me.”

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