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Chapter 989 - Inside the Pagoda

As the beam of light carried Mu Chen into the ancient and mottled body refining pagoda, he could clearly sense the terrifying and violent Spiritual Energy surging around him. The horrifying Spiritual Energy undulations left him fearful in his heart and he did not dare to make any movements. That’s because the slightest leak of that terrifying Spiritual Energy could leave him heavily injured.

At this moment, Mu Chen had realised how fearsome this Primordial Body Refining Pagoda was. So it turned out to be true that even Lesser Earth Sovereigns did not dare to carelessly charge into this place.

The beam of light carried Mu Chen through the Spiritual Energy tide and about ten-odd breaths later, Mu Chen’s body jolted as chaotic spatial ripples emanated from him and his surroundings immediately changed…

As the darkness resided, a massive desert was revealed before his eyes. There wasn’t any wind and this entire region looked dead without the slightest vitality.

Mu Chen was slightly at a loss as he looked around and realised that the place that he was on was an ancient stone stage with spiritual light emanating from it, which formed into a light barrier that enveloped him.

“This is the Body Refining Pagoda?” Mu Chen murmured to himself. He then suddenly sensed something and raised his head. Thereafter, he saw a wine-coloured sun above the endless desert, blazing like a ball of fire as an extremely hot ray of sunlight shone down, as if it could incinerate the earth.

“This sun…”

Mu Chen’s eyes were fixed on the wine-coloured sun and his expression gradually turned grave. Although the stage had blocked out the outside world, he could sense the heat in this desert wasn’t at all inferior to a sea of magma.

“Mhm?” When Mu Chen spread his perception out into this massive desert, he suddenly looked at another direction before infusing his Spiritual Energy into his eyes. He could see one stone stage after another appearing far away with figures standing on those stages. They were the nine others that had obtained the qualifications to enter this Primordial Body Refining Pagoda.

When those people appeared, the desert was extremely quiet. Judging from the looks of it, it seemed to be expecting them.

Buzz! Buzz!

When the ten of them appeared, the light barrier formed by the stone stage suddenly fluctuated and light gathered before them, before it formed into an ancient text.

“The Body Refining Pagoda is divided into five levels. There are no rules in the pagoda, and anyone that manages to enter the fifth level could obtain the opportunity of a Divine Ability…”

With just those dozens of words, Mu Chen’s eyes had become heated because, this Body Refining Pagoda actually possessed genuine Divine Abilities!

It was something that was even stronger than Perfect Rank Divine Arts; even Earth Sovereigns would be extremely tempted by it!

If he could cultivate it, then he could suppress any opponents on the same level.

Mu Chen licked his lips as his eyes drooled. Although he did not look at the rest, he could tell, without thinking, that the nine others were all feeling the same as him.

A Divine Ability was something that even the geniuses of the various Spiritual Beast Clans couldn’t practice so easily.

The text lasted for a while, before it gradually faded. As the text faded, Mu Chen could sense the light barrier around him starting to dim, as if it was about to break.

“It’s going to start!”

Mu Chen’s eyes flickered and he did not dare to slack. With a single thought, he had circulated the Spiritual Energy in his heart and spread it out to envelope him.


In that moment when Mu Chen had completed his defences, the light barrier before him couldn’t last any longer and had dissipated away…


In that instant when the barrier disappeared, the scarlet sunlight shone down and a horrifyingly high temperature instantly enveloped him, making Mu Chen’s face drastically change.

Under the terrifyingly high temperature, before he could even circulate his Spiritual Energy again, the clothes on his body had been burnt to ashes and the Spiritual Energy that enveloped him was gradually evaporating at a speed that was evident to the naked-eyes.

A terrifying temperature poured over, causing Mu Chen’s skin to turn red and the blood in his body was showing signs of boiling. His entire body was practically being burnt up under the sunlight.

“What a terrifying temperature!”

Mu Chen’s body lightly trembled as he took in a breath. This was the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda? It’s truly frightening, it’s just the first level and it was already such torment. Mu Chen wondered what astonishing test awaited them next.

According to Mu Chen’s speculations, if it was a Fifth Grade Sovereign that came to this place, they wouldn’t be able to last an hour under this temperature and they could be lit into flames.

Turning his head towards the nine other stages, he could see smoke rising from the heads of the others as their bodies turned red, looking like steamed prawns in an extremely pathetic manner.

However, this situation was clearly temporary. The nine of them quickly reacted and carried out some countermeasures.

The first to recover was Zong Teng of the Sky Roc Clan. He waved his hand and a golden light flew out, forming into a golden umbrella that went above him. It had the design of a golden roc soaring in the sky on it. A golden light emanated from that umbrella, which blocked out the sunlight.

Clearly, the golden umbrella wasn’t an ordinary item. Although it couldn’t completely block out the high temperature, it had managed to block out the most terrifying portion of the scarlet light. This way, Zong Teng would have an easier time travelling through this desert.

When Zong Teng had used his means, spiritual lights had also blossomed from the geniuses of the other Spiritual Beast Clans. They were using various means to block out the scarlet light…

Evidently, those people came prepared!

When Mu Chen saw this scene, his eyelids couldn’t help twitching. Those bastards were cheating with those means!

Mu Chen took a deep breath in and looked at Mo Feng’s direction. The latter did not use any special means, but there were scarlet phoenix wings unfolding behind him. As the scarlet light flickered, it had turned into flames that had enveloped him. This way, he could block himself from the high temperature that had initially made it hard for him to move a single step.

This way, only Mu Chen was the only one amongst the ten stone stages that did not have any methods. He could only envelop his body with his own Spiritual Energy as the scarlet light continued to exhaust him. Compared to the nine others, who all had it easier, he was undoubtedly more miserable.

Sensing his misery, nine gazes had looked over and aside from Mo Feng’s helpless look, the rest, more or less, had joy on their faces.

Especially Zong Teng and the black-robed man from the Thunder Crow Clan. Both of their eyes flashed with ridicule. Did that brat really think that he could compete with geniuses of the various Spiritual Beast Clans like them with only his Spiritual Arrays?

He had simply overestimated his strength.

“Haha. Everyone, let us see who wants to reach the fifth level the most!” Han Shan of the Demonic Rhino Clan laughed, before he turned into a dark light and flew off.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

After him, the rest had also increased their speed in an attempt to get out of this desert at the fastest speed and enter the second level. They were competing for the opportunity for the Divine Ability.

Mo Feng was the last to leave. He had cast a distant glance at Mu Chen, then briefly hesitated, before his voice resounded, “The scarlet light in this place has the effect of burning Spiritual Energy… If you’re unable to hold on, just think about leaving and you’ll be able to leave this Body Refining Pagoda.”

In the Body Refining Pagoda, one could only rely on themselves. Therefore, Mo Feng had no ways to provide help to Mu Chen and could only give him a reminder.

“Thanks, Brother Mo, you go ahead.” Mu Chen replied with a smile on his face.

Mo Feng nodded his head, then no longer hesitated. Phoenix feathers appeared and enveloped his body, before he turned into flames and burst forth.

Once everyone had left, this region returned to silence. Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the scarlet sun, then he slightly frowned his brows.

He could sense that the Spiritual Energy in his body was swiftly being burnt by the scarlet sunlight. If this went on, he wouldn’t last for very long before the Spiritual Energy in his body was exhausted.

The Body Refining Pagoda was not forged by humans. So in this place, Mo Feng, Zong Teng and the rest who were genuinely from the Spiritual Beast Clans would be like fishes entering the water.

Mu Chen stood on the stage and as his was Spiritual Energy constantly being exhausted, he felt his body getting hotter and the intense pain from his burning body was spreading throughout his body as it eroded his blood and flesh.

“Does this Body Refining Pagoda really require the use of external powers to make it out…?” Mu Chen murmured to himself before seeing his hand. Shortly after, his eyes gradually became relieved.

Since the Body Refining Pagoda was used to refine the body, then it naturally had to be passed through with purely the physique alone. How was the torment not a form of refinement of the physical body?

The initial reason of why he came to this Body Refining Pagoda was to make his physical body stronger. As for the opportunity of the Divine Ability, it was something that came after.

Since that’s the case, then as long as he could complete his initial wish, then it would be sufficient.

After he thought about it, Mu Chen spat out a long breath and gently smiled, before the Spiritual Energy around him gradually faded. Opening his hands, he allowed his body to be revealed under the terrifying scarlet light.

Thus, the intense temperature started to erode him like a wave of magma.

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